ICMHA Invited Lecture:

On Estimating HIV prevalence in North America

B. D. Aggarwala
Professor Emeritus
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Calgary, Canada

We present mathematical and statistical models to estimate HIV prevalence in the three countries of North America namely, Canada, the United States and Mexico. The estimates in Canada and Mexico are seen to agree with official estimates while those in the United States could be higher than the estimates of CDC.


Information About the Speaker

Prof. B. D. Aggarwala is Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary. He has taught Mathematics at McGill University in Montreal, and then at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada since 1960. He served for two years as the Chairman of the Division of Applied Mathematics here at the University of Calgary and as chairman, he designed both the undergraduate and the graduate curriculum in Applied Mathematics. Numerical solutions of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations being one of my areas of expertise, Prof. Aggarwala has considerable experience with the Mathematical Software called 'Mathematica'. He has published more than seventy research papers in the area of Applied Mathematics and Engineering. Currently his interests are in mathematical modeling for HIV/AIDS epidemiology.