International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2006

Hong Kong, 20-22 June, 2006


The 2006 IAENG International Workshop on Operations Research (IWOR'06)


The IWOR'06 workshop is held as part of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2006. The IMECS 2006 is organized by the International Association of Engineers (IAENG), and serves as good platforms for the engineering community members to meet with each other and to exchange ideas. Extended version of the papers under this workshop can be included in the special issue of our journal Engineering Letters. And, further extended version can also be included in a book called "Current Trends in Operations Research" to be published by IAENG.

Operations research involves the use of mathematical models, statistics and algorithms to aid in decision-making. It is most often used to analyze complex real-world systems, typically with the goal of improving or optimizing performance. Operations research techniques are a major part of the toolset of the industrial engineering.


The topics of the workshop include, but not limited to, the following:

Management Science

Managerial economics

Systems thinking and analysis


Integer programming

Linear programming

Nonlinear programming

Assignment problem

Transportation network design



Statistical Analysis

Stochastics Modelling

Reliability and maintenance

Queueing theory

Game theory

Graph theory

OR algorithms and software developments

OR applications and case studies


Important Dates:

Draft Manuscript / Abstract Submission Deadline (extended): 6 April, 2006

Camera-Ready papers & Pre-registration Due (extended): 8 May, 2006

IWOR 2006: 20-22 June, 2006


IWOR'06 Workshop Co-Chairs and Committee Members:

Yousry H. Abdelkader
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
Alexandria University, Egypt

Daoud Ait-Kadi
Professor, Departement de genie mecanique
University Laval, Canada

Javier Alcaraz
Professor at the Department of Applied Statistics, Operations Research and Quality
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

Ali Allahverdi (co-chair)
Professor, Department of Industrial and Management Systems Eng.,
Kuwait University, Kuwait

Carlos Henggeler Antunes
Head of the R&D Institute INESC Coimbra
Associate professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computers
University of Coimbra, Portugal

Alan Hoi-shou Chan
Associate Professor, Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Resteanu Cornel (co-chair)
National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, Romania

Chuangyin Dang (co-chair)
Associate Professor, Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dr. Eduardo Fernandez
Autonomous University of Sinaloa, Mexico

Professor of Applied Mathematics and Statistical Deparment
de la Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

Dr. Nalan Gulpinar
Research lecturer in the Department of Computing
Imperial College London, UK

Salim Haddadi
Professor, Department of Computer Science
University of the 8 Mai 1945, Guelma

Chi-Kuang Hwang (co-chair)
Associate Professor and Chairman of Electrical Engineering Department
Chung-Hua University, Taiwan

George P. Karatzas
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies (DPMS)
Department of Environmental Engineering
Technical University of Crete, Greece

Hideki Katagiri (co-chair)
Associate Professor, Department of Artificial Complex Systems Engineering
Hiroshima University, Japan

Graham Kendall (co-chair)
Reader in Computer Science
University of Nottingham, UK

Kensaku Kikuta (co-chair)
Professor, School of Business Administration
University of Hyogo, Japan

Dr. Mohan Krishnamoorthy
Research & Business Leader, Decision Technologies
CSIRO Mathematical & Information Sciences Division, Australia

Wen-Hung Kuo
Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management
Da-Yeh University, Taiwan

Xueliang Li
Deputy Director and Professor
Center for Combinatorics, Nankai University, China

Baoding Liu
Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Tsinghua University, China

Liping Liu (co-chair)
Professor of Management and Information Systems
University of Akron, USA

Nikolaos Matsatsinis
Associate Professor, Decision Support Systems Laboratory
Technical University of Crete, Greece

Dr. Ludmil Mikhailov (co-chair)
Senior lecturer in the School of Informatics
University of Manchester, U.K

Herman Monsuur (co-chair)
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Operations Research
Netherlands Defense Academy, The Netherlands

Javier Montero
Associate Professor at the Department of Statistics and Operational Research I,
Faculty of Mathematics, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

Associate Professor, Department of Finance & Quantitative Analysis
University of Otago, New Zealand

Dr. Joaquin Rodriguez

Carlos Romero PhD, FORS, FWAPS (co-chair)
Professor of Economics
Department of Forest Economics and Management
Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Tadeusz Sawik (co-chair)
Professor and Head
Computer Integrated Manufacturing,
AGH University of Science & Technology, Poland

Yannis Siskos (co-chair)
Professor of decision science at the Department of Informatics
University of Piraeus, Greece

Yuri Grigoriyevich Stoyan (co-chair)
Chief of Department of Mathematical Modeling and Optimal
Design, Institute for Problems in Machinery of National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
Professor at the chair of Applied Mathematics,
Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics, Ukraine

Toshiyuki Sueyoshi
Professor at Department of Management,
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, USA

Jiuh-Biing Sheu (co-chair)
Associate Professor, Institute of Traffic and Transportation
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Shey-Huei Sheu (co-chair)
Professor, Department of Industrial Management
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,Taiwan

Lin-Yu Tseng
Professor, Department of Computer Science
National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

Manoj Kumar Tiwari
Professor, Department of Forge Technology
Chairman, Research Promotion Cell
National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology (NIFFT), India

Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng (co-chair)
Distinguished Chair Professor of Kainan University, Taiwan
National Distinguished Chair Professor (Highest Honor offered by the Ministry of Education Affairs, Taiwan) and Distinguished Research Fellow (Highest Honor Offered by NSC, Taiwan)

Lev V. Utkin, PhD, DSc,
Professor, Dept. of Computer Science
St.Petersburg Forest Technical Academy, Russia

Dr. Ismael Vaz
Departamento de Producao e Sistemas
Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Frank Werner
Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg, Germany

Susan H. Xu (co-chair)
Professor of Management Science and Supply Chain Management
Smeal College of Business Administration,
Penn State University, USA

Hui-Ling Yang
Professor at Hung-Kuang University, Taiwan

Po-Chung Yang
Professor in Industrial Engineering and Management
St. John's University, Taiwan

Zhe George Zhang
Adjunct Professor in Management Sciences
Faculty of Business Administration
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Constantin Zopounidis (co-chair)
Professor of Financial Management and Operations Research,
Department of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Greece
Editor-in-Chief in two journals: Operational Research: An International Journal; The Journal of Financial Decision Making