ICB Sessions

ICB I [ Day 1 (9:15 - 10:20) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Dr. Lin Gao
An Algorithm for Finding Frequent Patterns in a Large Sparse Graph
Dr. Lin Gao
Discrete-Time Model Representations for Biochemical Pathway Modeling
Fei He
ICB II [ Day 1 (10:45 - 13:00) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Dr. Cheng-Yuan Liou
Wavelets for FTIR Cancer Data
Dr. Yihui Liu
Exhaustive Search of Maximal Biclusters in Gene Expression Data
Dr. Yoshifumi Okada
Peptide Classification with Genetic Programming Ensemble of Generalised Indicator Models
Dr. Ron Yang
Comparative Analysis of Alternative Splicing Events in Humans, Mice and Rats
Dr. Fang Rong Hsu
Pseudo-Reverse Approach in Genetic Evolution: An Empirical Study with Enzymes
Dr. Cheng-Yuan Liou
A Novel Method Providing Exact SNP IDs from Sequences
Yu-Huei Cheng
Hybrid GA-IBPSO for Feature Selection Using Microarray Data
Dr. Li-Yeh Chuang
Poster Session
Carapace 1.0 for Multimedia E-mail System
Bhavesh Patel