ICCS Sessions

ICCS I [ Day 1 (9:15 - 10:20) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Dr. Zhang Yanlong
An Analysis of Public Key Cryptography based Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
Firdous Kausar
Design and Analysis of a Modified Digitally Controlled Programmable Delay Element
Dr. Zhang Yanlong
A Noise-Robust Voice Activity Detection Algorithm Using Wavelets and Support Vector Machines
Shi-Huang Chen
ICCS II [ Day 1 (10:45 - 13:00) at Seminar Room G ]
Document Filtering Based on Spectral Clustering for Speech Recognition Language Model
Dr. Shinya Takahashi
A Markov-chained Evaluation Method for Availability of Survivable Storage System
Wang Yanlong
Speaker Recognition in an Emotionalized Spontaneous Speech Using Empirical Mode Decomposition
Yu-Shuo Liu
An Efficiently Hardware-Software Partitioning for Embedded Multiprocessor FPGA Systems
Yang-Hsin Fan, and Dr. Trong-Yen Lee
B Spline Wavelet Based Medical Image Edge Extraction
Dr. Wang Anna
Spam Mail Templates Using Genetic Algorithm
Dr. Aranya Walairacht
ICCS III [ Day 1 (14:00 - 15:30) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Prof. Alexander Kozhevnikov
On Numerical Solution to the Cauchy-Dirichlet Problem for the Heat Equation
Dr. Alexander Kozhevnikov
RP-Index: Reverse Path Index for XML Data
Umaporn Supasitthimethee
A Research on Medical Image Interpolation Based on Cubic Convolution and Adaptive Interpolation
Dr. Wang Anna
Collaboration Business Processes Modeling Based on Petri Nets and Pi Calculus
Fei Xu
Why LP Cannot Solve Large Instances of NP-complete Problems in Polynomial Time
Radoslaw Hofman, EUR ING
ICCS IV [ Day 1 (16:00 - 18:00) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Radoslaw Hofman, EUR ING
Complexity Considerations, cSAT Problem Lower Bound
Radoslaw Hofman, EUR ING
Simulation of Wireless Local Area Network
Fei Yu
Low Power Bus Encoding Technique Considering Coupling Effects
Lin Hsin-Wei
Online Thai Handwritten Segmentation Using Water Reservoir Technique
Anuchin Chatchinarat
Extraction of Information Based on Experts Knowledge Rules to Recognize Ganoderma Infection in Tomography Image
Mazliham B. Mohd Su'ud
Extraction of Plant Identification Keys Using Approximate String Matching for Species Properties Classification
Sharifalillah Nordin
ICCS V [ Day 2 (9:00 - 10:40) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Dr. Walter Dosch
On the High-Level Synthesis of Combinational Circuits for Contiguous Pattern Matching
Dr. Walter Dosch
An Improved Algorithm of Pattern Matching for Information Security Audit System
Fei Yu
Automatic Construction of FSA Language Model for Middle-size Vocabulary Speech Recognition
Dr. Tsuyoshi Morimoto
A Global Optimization Algorithm Based on the Breeding Idea and Its Implementation
Zheng Xiaoping
A Wireless Sensor Networks Route Protocol Based on Hierarchical Minimum Spanning Tree
Chao Xu
Automated Layer 3 Discovery of Devices in Heterogeneous Networks
Dr. M L Dhore
ICCS VI [ Day 2 (11:00 - 13:00) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Prof. Ganesh D. Bhutkar
Health Support Intelligent System for Diabetic considering User's Motivation
Dr. Kazuya Mera
Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Alarm Modeling Based on Wireless Local Area Network
Fei Yu
Using Similarity Flooding for Extracting Similar Parts of Proteins
Sara Salehi, and Hassan Sayyadi
A CMOS VCO with 2GHz Tuning Range for Wideband Applications
Shih-Yi Huang
ICCS VII [ Day 2 (14:00 - 15:40) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Dr. Tsuyoshi Morimoto
An Ultra Wideband CMOS Power Amplifier with Active Input Matching
Zheng-De Huang
Design of a Hardware/Software Co-Simulation/Verification Platform
Ye Wu
A Novel High Speed Chinese Abacus Multiplier
Lin Yi-Chieh
A Secure and Efficient Time-Bound Hierarchical Key Assignment Scheme
Ying-Lun Chen
A Multi-Agent Intelligent Conceptual Framework For Modeling Enterprise Resource Planning
Kaveh Pashaei
ICCS VIII [ Day 2 (16:00 - 17:30) at Seminar Room G ]
Programming Language for the Development of Distributed Real-Time Applications Dedicated to Embedded Systems
Dr. Horia Ciocarlie
An Agent Based Approach for Intrusion Detection and Prevention in Mobile Networks
Sankeerth Rampa
A High Coversion Gain Mixer for 3.1~10.6 GHz UWB System
Jhih-Yuan Lyu
A Hybrid Markov Model for Accurate Memory Reference Generation
Rahman Hassan
ICCS IX [ Day 3 (9:00 - 10:40) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Dr. Ka Lok Man
A Wide-Band CMOS LC VCO for Multi-Standard Transceiver
Yen-Chun Liu
3D Shape Retrieval Using the Filtering Method
Yingliang Lu
Correction of Distortion for Images of Printed Materials
Mahendra Pratap Singh
Analysis of a Mixed-Signal Circuit in Hybrid Process Algebra ACPsrt
Dr. Ka Lok Man
Word Based Text Compression Using Encryption
Dr. Ashutosh Gupta
ICCS X [ Day 3 (11:00 - 13:00) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Dr. Pichayotai Mahatthanapiwat
Join Signature with Reference Sharing
Dr. Pichayotai Mahatthanapiwat
A Low Power and High Gain LNA for 802.11a WLAN
Chien-San Wu
New Transform for Improving Compression Performance in Natural Language Text
Dr. Ashutosh Gupta
Algebraic Attack on A5-type Irregularly Clocked Key Stream Generator
Mehreen Afzal
Behavioral Study of MAODV Routing Protocol under Various Network Scenarios in MANET
Dr. Gowrishankar Surendranath
Modelling Thread Semantics of Object Invocation with OOPN
Dr. Yi Lin
Model Driven Performance Analysis of Human Machine Interface Framework for In-vehicle Infotainment Systems
Hemant Sharma
ICCS XI [ Day 3 (14:00 - 15:40) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Dr. Yousuo Joseph Zou
Analysis of Feature Extraction Methods for Emotions Recognition Using Pattern Recognition Approach
Dr. Rajesh Prasad
Need of Customer Orientation in IT Domain
Dr. Ganesh Bhutkar
A High Slew-Rate and Low-Power Buffer Amplifier for High Resolution TFT-LCD Drivers
Hsin-Chi Lai
A Review of Cryptanalytic Attacks on E-STREAM Submitted Stream Ciphers
Mehreen Afzal
Tuning Cartesian Ad Hoc Routing Protocols (CARP) by Traffic Monitoring
Dr. Imran Raza
Interactive Virtual Camera Control in 3D Character Animation Authoring
Koichi Emura
ICCS XII [ Day 3 (16:00 - 17:00) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Dr. Yousuo Joseph Zou
The Influence of Computer Visualization and Graphic Technology on Learning Effectiveness
Dr. Yousuo Joseph Zou
Student Expectations and Good Lecturing in IT Education
Dr. Ganesh D Bhutkar
Theoretical and Practical Challenges of Online Education for Life-Long Learning
Dr. Yukiko Inoue
Poster Session
A New Weighted Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Bing Liu
A Simulation-Based Study of 2-level TLB and Cache Performance of the SPEC CPU2000 Benchmarks
Dr. Mohammad Hossein Rezvani
Systematic Mapping of Uniform Recurrent Equation onto Linear Systolic Array
Mohammad Mosleh
Vehicle Shadow Exclusion for a Vehicle Velocity Detection System
Roozbeh Zabihollahi
An Efficient Threshold Group Signature Scheme
Hu Chengyu
An Interactive Telecommunication System for Home-based Rehabilitation
Dr. Shumei Zhang
Wavelet Decomposition for Universal Approximation Based Financial Forecasting
Sunil Kumar
Discussion of One New Symmetric Algorithm
Dr. Guangzhong Liu
Research System and Flow of Dynamic Alliance Based on Grid
Dr. Jie Cao
Constructing Multiuser Shared 3D Distributed Virtual Environment
Dr. Weibin Liu
A Secure Distributed Symmetric Key Generation Scheme
Jianwei Shang