ICIE Sessions

ICIE I [ Day 2 (9:00 - 10:40) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Jiann-Shu Lee
Faster JPEG2000 Encoding With Apriori Rate Allocation
Dr. Sven Grottke
The Bowl Result Detection for Bowling Game Videos
Dr. Shing-Tai Pan, and Jiann-Shu Lee
A Graph-Based Algorithm for Circular Arcs Recognition in Scanned Drawings
Dr. Jinhe Wang
Difference of Gaussian for Speed Sign Detection in Low Light Conditions
Cao Tam Phuong
Optical Character Recognition for Degraded Text Documents
Dr. Sudip Sanyal
Wavelet Vector Flow: A New External Force of Snakes for Medical Image Analysis
Dr. Yihui Liu
ICIE II [ Day 2 (14:00 - 15:40) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Yung-Sheng Chen
Study on Line Recognition in Scanned Engineering Drawings
Dr. Jinhe Wang
Chinese Seal Registration
Dr. Yung-Sheng Chen
A Scalable, High-resolution Tiled Display System
Dr. Yong-Bin Kang
Towards Increasing the Robustness of Image Watermarking Scheme Against JPEG Compression
Dr. Vikas Saxena
ICIE III [ Day 2 (16:00 - 17:30) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Hsi-Chin Hsin
A Hybrid SPIHT-EBC Image Coder
Dr. Hsi-Chin Hsin
Efficient Shape Matching for Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Perceptual Grouping
Dr. Tian-Luu Wu
MCLAS: An Image Segmentation-based Alarm System for Manhole Cover Loss
Ying Cheng
An Affine Invariance Contour Descriptor Based on Filtered Enclosed Area
Dr. Mingqiang Yang
ICIE IV [ Day 3 (9:00 - 10:40) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Hsien-Wen Tseng
Image Retrieval Using Connected Color Region And Moment Invariants
Dr. Orachat Chitsobhuk
Image Enlargement Based on a Mapping from Low- to High-Frequency Components Constructed by LS-SVM
Dr. Takashi Aso, Dr. Hideaki Kawano, Dr. Noriaki Suetake, and Dr. Byungki Cha
Query Modification from User Relevance Feedback by Multiple Alignment for Image Retrieval
Dr. Tian-Luu Wu
A Zero-Watermark Scheme Based on Self Reference
Dr. Hsien-Wen Tseng
Multilevel Thresholding Using Ant Colony Optimization
Yueh-Chuan Yin
ICIE V [ Day 3 (11:00 - 13:00) at Seminar Room A ]
Polychromatic Pattern Recognition with Mach-Zehnder Joint Transform Correlator Using Quantized Reference Functions Based on the HSV Color Space
Dr. Chulung Chen
Color Pattern Recognition Using Mach-Zehnder Nonzero Order Joint Transform Correlator with Image Encoding
Chungcheng Lee
A Synthetic Method for Wafer Character Recognition
Dr. Xiaobing Wu
Internet-Based Visual Snow-Cover Measurement Using Virtual Measuring Scale
Gook-Hwan Kim
Performance of RGB and HSV Color Systems in Object Detection Applications under Different Illumination Intensities
Settha Tangkawanit
ICIE VI [ Day 3 (14:00 - 15:40) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Miri Weiss-Cohen
3D Reconstruction of Solid Models from Engineering Orthographic Views Using Variational Geometry and Composite Graphs
Dr. Miri Weiss-Cohen
Image Registration Using Hough Transform, Phase Correlation and Best-first Search Algorithm
Dr. Orachat Chitsobhuk
An Adaptive Thresholding Method for Binarization of Engineering Drawing Images
Mr. Shih-Chang Liang
ICIE VII [ Day 3 (16:00 - 17:00) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Wang Anna
An Improved Wavelet Coefficients Symbols Coding of Embedded Zero-tree Wavelet
Dr. Li Hua
An Analysis of Adaptive Filtering and Double Filtering on the Enhancement of Images in the Wavelet Domain
Dr. Bob Paul Raj
The Application of Orthogonal Wavelet Packets Based on 2v-SVM to Medical Image Fusion
Dr. Wang Anna
Poster Session
Multiscale Linear Feature Detection in Noisy Image Based on Beamlet
Yi Zhang
Interpreting Line Drawings Based on Constraints between Edges and Vertices
Qiuping Cao
Reliable High Speed Iris Detection For Video Based Eye Tracking Systems
Ramy Youssef
A Flexible ANN System for Handwritten Signature Identification
Dr. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Phase-Lock Loops (PLL) Wireless Image Transmission Application for Flow Visualization in a Radically Rotating Rectangular Channel
Ping-Jui Huang
A Simple and Fast Algorithm for the Automatic Localization of Optic Disc in Digital Fundus Retinal Images
Dr. Venkatachalam Chandrasekaran
High Fidelity Medical Image Compression Based on Modified Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees
Dr. Yen-Yu Chen
Segmentation of Color Food Images by Hue and Intensity Attributes
Dr. Ying-Wen Chang
An Efficient DCT Filter Using Four Adjacent Shift Blocks
Dr. Ying-Wen Chang
Image Metasearch Engine Based on Clustering and Genetic Algorithm
Dr. Jiankun Wang
Face Recognition Using Fractional Multiple Exemplar Discriminant Analysis
Mohammadreza Hajiarbabi