ICINDE Sessions

ICINDE I [ Day 2 (9:00 - 10:40) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Sittichai Kaewkuekool
Economic Load Dispatch and Optimal Allocation of Reactive Power for Loss Minimisation in Power System
Bisharathu beevi.a, Abdulmajeed
A Comparative Anthropometric Study between Culture and Modern Bamboo Chairs
Dr. Sittichai Kaewkuekool
The Evaluation Study of Customer Satisfaction Based on Gray - AHP Method for B2C Electronic-Commerce Enterprise
Minghe Wang
A Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing Facility Layout in a Wafer Fab
Dr. Meei-Yuh Ku
ICINDE II [ Day 2 (11:00 - 13:00) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Hans-Otto Guenther
An Approximate Net Profit Model for a Fixed-Life Perishable Product in a Two-Echelon Inventory System
Dr. Kanchana Kanchanasuntorn
Design of a Smart Pressure Transmitter with FF Bus
Kong Zhao-lin
Determination of Makespan for Zero Wait Batch Processes: A Novel Method Using Matrix
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib
Supply Network Planning with Dynamic Spot Sales Pricing: A Case Study from the Chemical Industry
Dr. Hans-Otto Guenther
The Effect of Predeformation Level on the Variability of Forming Properties of Low Carbon Steel
Dr. Samy Oraby
On the Effect of Heat Treatment on the Forming Properties of Pre-Deformed Low Carbon Steel
Dr. Ayman Alaskari
ICINDE III [ Day 2 (14:00 - 15:40) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Mirka Kans
The Application of Distributed Cooperative Decision System based on Electronic Whiteboard in the Implementation of the Fuzzy Preference Decision-making
Jinqi Su
A Model to Describe the Relationships Man - Machine - Maintenance - Economy (MMME)
Jacobsson Martin
A Novel Process Approach to SEITON: A Case Study
Dipak Ranjan Jana
Case Study on a Comprehensive Approach to the Supplier Assessment
Dr Vladimir Modrak
The Development of Computerized Maintenance Management Support
Dr. Mirka Kans
Three Dimensional Acoustic Analysis of Acoustical Silencer Chamber
Dr. Sia chee kiong
ICINDE IV [ Day 2 (16:00 - 17:30) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Chien-Wen Shen
Production Smoothing Study of the Electronic Parts and Components Industry in Taiwan
Dr. Chien-Wen Shen
Evaluation of Suppliers and Green Suppliers Based on the Fuzzy-Extended Analytic Hierarchy Process
Hung Hsiao-Chu
Preliminary Modeling for Technology Transfer of New Equipment Using Fuzzy ANP
Tasi-Ying Lin
Composition Method of Weighted Dispatching Rules for Multi Objective Dynamic Job Scheduling
Dr. Tomohiro Murata, and Xili Chen
ICINDE V [ Day 3 (9:00 - 10:40) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Shinn-Liang Chang
Simulation of Gear Shaving Machine and Tooth Contact Analysis of the Shaved Gears
Dr. Shinn-Liang Chang
An Implementation of the AHP Method for Supplier Selection: A Case Study on Thai Auto-Part Factory
Dr. Panub Jarukorn, and Dr. Chackthong Thongchattu
Experimental and Theoretical Study of a Humidification-dehumidification Water Desalination System Using Heat Pump
AnMin Wu
Investigation of Extraction Controls for the Production of Herbal Medicine Concoctions
Chong Hiu Fung Johnson
ICINDE VI [ Day 3 (11:00 - 13:00) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Hamdi Bahir
Three Dimensional Model and Parametric Analysis of Internally-cooled Liquid Desiccant Absorber
AnMin Wu
Manufacturing Decision-support Using Interactive Meta-Goal Programming
Hao Lin
Condition Monitoring Of Surface Grinding Wheel Using Machine Vision
Dr. Mohammed SARCAR
Modeling and Application of Railway Safety System through Object Petri Nets
Zhang Ye
Adaptive Control Charts with Variable Parameters for DOE-based APC
Liang Ye
Testing the Feasibility of Adapting Cellular Manufacturing in an Early Stage of Design
Dr. Hamdi Bahir
A Novel Multi-agent Architecture for Manufacturing Systems
Peide Liu
ICINDE VII # Special Session: Human Factors and Ergonomics [ Day 3 (14:00 - 15:40) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Alan Chan
Researches on Symbol-Training Methods: Past and Present
Dr Annie WY Ng
Enhanced Features of VIsual LObe Measurement System (VILOMS)
Cathy HY Chiu
A Comprehensive Research Framework for Investigation of the Use of Hand and Foot Controls in the Context of Spatial Stimulus Response (S-R) Compatibility Effect
Ken WL Chan
An Overview of Population Stereotypes for Common Control-display Configurations in Human-Machine Interface
Dr. Wilson WH Chan
Ergonomics, Safety and Health Issues in Magnetic Particles Inspection and Dye Penetrant Inspection
Dr. Bing Lam Luk
Evaluation of Tile-wall Bonding Integrity Based on Wavelet Domain Impact Acoustics and HMM
Dr. Bing Lam Luk
ICINDE VIII # Special Session: Human Factors and Ergonomics [ Day 3 (16:00 - 17:00) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Alan Chan
Improved Inspector Performance by Computer Based Feedback Training
Anucha Watanapa
Coopetition Strategy in the Hong Kong Industry
Leung Chan
Poster Session
A Contact Element Adopted for Simulation of Interaction between Pile and Frozen-soil
Liyun Tang
Analysis of Circular Reinforced Concrete Long Columns Confined with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Sheets under Small Eccentric Compression
Ren Qingxin
Design & Realization of embedded systems in Monitor and Control System of Boiler
Xiao-Jin Fu
Massive Storage Management Strategy Based on Storage Pool and Volume
Dr. Desheng Wen
The Quality Selection Problem for Process with S-Type Quality Characteristics Optimised by Genetic Algorithm
Dr. Khadiza Tahera
Applying Forward/Backward Scheduling to Multi-Colony Ant Algorithm in Solving Scheduling Problem
Dr. Apinanthana Udomsakdigool