The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2016 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (A_C)
Contact Authors
A Cartography and Information System of Hydrochemical DataMr. Vladislav Sherstnev, Miss Kristina Beym
A Collaborative Group Developing Method of Open Source Software by Mimicking Altruism Behavior of Army AntProf. Takumi Ichimura, Mr. Shin Kamada
A Comparative Study of IGP and EGP Routing Protocols, Performance Evaluation along Load Balancing and Redundancy across Different ASMr. Mujahid Tabassum
A Discrete Robust Adaptive Iterative Learning Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Control DirectionMr. Chun-Hung Wang
A Framework for Model Driven Transformation Engineering towards Software Architecture and PerformanceMr. Ahmed Mateen
A Fuzzy-Neural Adaptive Iterative Learning Control for Freeway Traffic Flow SystemsProf. Ying-Chung Wang
A High-Gain Switched-Coupled-Inductor Switched-Capacitor Step-Up DC-DC ConverterProf. Yuen-Haw Chang
A Hybrid Image Compression Technique for Medical ImagesDr. vikas yadav
A Literature Survey on the Accuracy of Software Effort Estimation ModelsDr. Tharwon Arnuphaptrairong
A mathematical model of two phase Newtonian layered renal blood flows in capillaries remote from the heart and proximate to the kidney with special reference to DiabetesDr. Harish Chandra
A Multi-agent Simulation Study for End-of-period Discount Clearance with Consideration of Reference Price EffectMr. Takeshi Koide
A New Weighted Restriction Method for Data Envelopment AnalysisMiss Asama Supanimitcharoenporn
A Novel Coupled-Inductor Switched-Capacitor Inverter for High-Gain Boost DC-AC ConversionProf. Yuen-Haw Chang
A Novel MAC Protocol for Improving the Throughput in Multi-Hop Wireless NetworksMr. TAKUMI SANADA
A Peg Free Hand Based Identification System Using Geometry and Wavelet Based FeaturesDr. Sampada Dhole
A preliminary study of the effect of visual angle on upper body posture of computer usersMs. Prattana Niramol
A Proposal of Back Propagation Learning for Secure Multi-Party Computation MethodsProf. Hiromi Miyajima
A proposed solution to enhance mobile telecommunication infrastructure in Kuching, SarawakMr. Mujahid Tabassum
A Prototype to Internet of Things: Connected Home Using Raspberry PiDr. vayyasi suresh
A Reinforcement Learning for Marshaling of Freight Train Considering Collective MotionsDr. Yoichi Hirashima
A Relaxed explicit Extragradient-Like Method for Solving Generalized Mixed Equilibria, Variational Inequalities and Constrained Convex MinimizationProf. Ching-Feng Wen
A Review on Case Study Regarding Distributed Data Aggregation Service (DDAS)Dr. Ganesh S. Thorat
A Sample Size Calculation of Bayesian Design for Superiority Trials with Rare EventsMiss Patumrat Sripan
A Tool for Generating Test Case from BPMN Diagram with a BPEL DiagramMr. Chaithep Nonchot
A Tool for Test Case Impact Analysis From User Interface Changes in Android Mobile ApplicationMr. Chatchawan Prongsang
Acoustic sensor as a diagnostic tool for leakage detectionM. Pushpendra Pandey
Actively Synthetic Floating Inductor Using Voltage Differencing Buffered AmplifiersMiss Orapin Channumsin
Adaptive Search Range Determination for H.264 based Disparity and Motion estimation of MVCMr. NARASAK BOONTHEP
Advanced task scheduling in Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems Using Evolutionary AlgorithmsDr. G.Krishna Chaitanya
An APP System for a Wieless Control Power Saving SystemDr. You Jyun Chang
An Application of Partitive Clustering Algorithm for Landslide Hazard ZonationMiss Monalee dela Cerna
An Efficient Authentication and Payment Method for M-CommerceDr. Bosubabu Sambana
An Implementation on 3D Positioning Aquatic RobotMiss TANANUCH RATANAJARATROD
Analysis of Bluetooth and Zigbee Signal Penetration and Interference in FoliageMr. Mujahid Tabassum
Analysis of Relation between Entropy and Factors in Image Based CAPTCHAsDr. Rahul Saha
Analysis of Unfair Means Cases in Computer Based Examination SystemDr. Shariq aziz butt
Application of CIELuv Color model for Color Pattern Recognition by Simulated AnnealingProf. Chulung Chen
Applying Information Retrieval Technique for Security Requirements Verification based on Security PatternsMr. Chatchapong Changadwech
Applying possibilistic linear programming to multi-objective new ship of sign on proceeding project management problemMr. Chang Yun-Hsiang
Applying Sensor Node with Zero Standby Power to Door MonitorProf. Akira Yamawaki
Appropriate Variance Mean for Sorting Based on a Reversible Watermarking AlgorithmMr. Chaiyaporn Panyindee
Artificial Neural Networks and Time Series Models for Electrical Load AnalysisMr. Ronnachai Chuentawat
Astaticism in Tracking Control SystemsMs. Maria Smirnova
Automatic Classification and Tagging of Blog Articles with the Aim of Supporting Caregivers of Depressed Family MembersMs. Toshihide Saito, Prof. Keiji Hirata
Automatic Detection of Tagalog-English Code-Switching PointsDr. Nathaniel Oco
Automatic Recipe Metadata Generating Method by Considering Users' Various MoodsMr. Natsuhiko Takata
AZ model for software developmentMr. Ahmed Matin
Beam-Plasma Technologies for Bio-Safe Hydrolysis of Natural PolysaccharidesDr. Tatiana Vasilieva
Bragg Scattering Mechanism Effect on Potential Velocity of Water WaveMr. Wikaria Gazali
Braille and Text-to-Speech Technology-kit for Visually Impaired Individual and Improvement of their Socio-Economic StatusDr. Jenny Lyn V. Abamo
Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Biography Based Neural Clustering (BBNC) And Genetic Processing For Medical ImagesDr. Chandanpreet kaur
Business Process Improvement Using Model-Based And Integrated Process Improvement Methodology in SBU GMF Power ServicesMs. Virda H. L. Saputri
Capacity Constrained Job-Shop Scheduling for Just-in-time Production with Cost OptimizationDr. Huiwen Lu
Channel Allocation Method for Multi-radio Wireless Mesh Networks based on a Genetic AlgorithmMr. LI YING XIONG
Comparative Study of Arnoldi Methods for the solution of Quadratic Eigenvalue ProblemsDr. Usman Sanusi
Comparative Study on Prediction of Fuel Cell Performance using Machine Learning ApproachesDr. Lei MAO
Computer Simulation of Semi-Passive Walking Robot with Four Legs and Verification of It's Validity Using Developed Experimental RobotMr. Hiroki Iba
Computing Correlation Model Between EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IQ (Intelligent Quotient)Mr. Mouneshachari S
Concealing Digital Image with Multilayer Security Using CrystographyDr.Amar Partap Singh Pharwaha
Conformal Wearable Antennas for WBAN ApplicationsDr. Mark Leach
Constrained Pairwise Test Case Generation Approach based on Statistical User ProfileMr. Sompong Nakornburi
Construction of an Appropriate Membership Function Based on Size of Fuzzy Set and Mathematical ProgrammingDr. Takashi Hasuike, Dr. Hideki Katagiri
Control systems of a non-stationary plant based on MPC and PID type fuzzy logic controllerMr. Igor Nadezhdin, Mr. Anton Ochoa Bique