The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2016 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (D_N)
Contact Authors
Data Analysis with Fuzzy Measure on Intuitionistic Fuzzy SetsDr.Ka Lok Man
Data Warehouse use Geographic Information System for OrnamentalsMiss Benjapuk Jongmuenwai
Data-Driven Approach of Fault Detection for Customized ManufacturingProf. Yaw-Jen Chang
Decision-Making of Supply Chain Finance, based on Inventory Financing Procedure under Default Risk and Market RiskMrs. Shiying Chen
Design of an Secured Online Voting System for electoral processDr. Igbajar Abraham
Design of Food Exchange List for Obesity using Modified Local SearchDr. Achara Dholvitayakhun
Design, Analysis, and Implementation of Meta Search FunctionsDr. Bhagyasri Canumalla
Determinants of Bank Shareholders Value: An Innovative Non Linear FrameworkProf. Venkateshwarlu Masuna
Determination of the milling parameters of a high talc containing oxidised copper-cobalt ore using a pear-shaped ball millDr. Meschac-Bill Kime
Development of a Sustainability Model for Manufacturing SMEs based on the Innovative Doughnut Economics FrameworkProf. Markus Stopper
Development of Simulation Dynamic Models for Improvement of Efficiency of Technological Devices of Low-temperature Gas SeparationDr. Igor M. Dolganov
Digitizing Buzzing Signals into A440 Piano Note Sequences and Estimating Forager Traffic Levels from Images in Solar-Powered, Electronic Beehive MonitoringDr. Vladimir Kulyukin
Dynamic Response of Inclined Isotropic Elastic Damped Rectangular Mindlin Plate resting on Pasternak Foundation under a Moving LoadDr. MICHAEL AGARANA
Dynamic sharing of files from disconnected nodes in peer to peer systemsDr. Venu Smile
EbIDAM: Efficient Data Mining Java LibraryMr. George Gatuha
Effect of program design computer language in children with autismDr. Luaay abdulwahed shihab
Effective Internet Traffic Management by Reducing Congestion in TCP CUBIC through Proactive ApproachMr. Ahmed Mateen
Elastic-Plastic Deformation of a Rotating Solid Disk of Exponentially Varying Thickness and Exponentially Varying DensityDr. Manoj Sahni
Electricity production using Smart PiezoElectric CrystalsDr. Surya VN
Emissivity Measurements of Reflective Materials using Infrared ThermographyDr. Navaphattra Nunak
Energy Efficient Wireless Networking and Computing InfrastructureMr. Ahmed Mateen
Establishing novel drug leads for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis using in-silico methodDr. Puneet Sivananda
Evaluating Knowledge Management Processes: A Fuzzy Logic ApproachDr. Kuan Yew Wong
Evaluation and Optimization of Quality of Service (QoS) of Mobile Cellular Networks in NigeriaSir/Madam
Evaluation of Causal Discovery Models in Bivariate Case Using Real World DataMs. Jing Song
Experimental Measurement of Strain Rate when CuttingDr. Andrey Proskokov
Experiments of NDT-Based Localization for a Mobile Robot Moving Near BuildingsMr. Shohei Kita
Explaining Item Ratings in Cosmetic Product ReviewsMs. Yuuki Matsunami
Explanation Based Why Question Answering SystemDr. Chaveevan Pechsiri
Explicit Expressions of Average Run Length of Moving Average Control Chart for Poisson Integer Valued Autoregressive ModelMiss SUGANYA PHANTU
Exploring User Behavioral Intention Of The Tourist Guiding System By Users' PerspectiveProf. KUO-WEI SU
Extended formulations for representation of logic based optimization problemsMr. Dhananjay Karandikar
Extensible Real Time Software Design Inconsistency Checker: A Model Driven ApproachMr. G RAMESH
Extracting Relationship of Meeting Minutes Generated by Speech Recognition SystemDr. Motoki Ito, Dr. Seikoh Nishita
Fast Learning Algorithm for Fuzzy Inference Systems using Vector QuantizationMr. Hirofumi Miyajima
Fault Tolerance for Input Faults in a Class of Asynchronous Sequential MachinesProf. Jung-Min Yang
FDNC Realization and Its Application to FDNR and Filter RealizationsMiss Sasitaporn Theingjit
Feature Selection Techniques for Breast Cancer Image Classification with Support Vector MachineMrs. Kedkarn Chaiyakhan
Floating Capacitance Multiplier Circuit Using Full-Balanced Voltage Differencing Buffered Amplifiers (FB-VDBAs)Mr. Jirapun Pimpol
Formal Verification of Web Service Orchestration Using Colored Petri NetMr. CHANON DECHSUPA
Fractography of Fatigue Cracks in Aluminium Alloy AA7050 Subjected to Interrupted Ageing and Retro-Ageing Heat Heated TreatmentsDr. Alexander Korsunsky
Fully Adaptive Thermal-aware Routing for Runtime Thermal Management of 3D Network-on-ChipDr. Xin Jiang
Gender Difference of Self-Efficacy and Attitudes Towards the Use of Technology in Learning in Hong Kong Higher EducationDr. Yau Hon Keung
Generalized Impedance Function Simulator Using Voltage Differencing Buffered Amplifiers (VDBAs)Dr. PRATYA MONGKOLWAI
Geo-Log Mobile: Development of Mobile GIS Application Based on New Geological Database Framework for Eruptive History and InformaticsDr. Shinya Takahashi, Dr. Masaru Okumura, Prof. Naoyuki Tsuruta
Global Localization of Mobile Robots Using Signal Strength Readings from Floor-Installed RFID TranspondersProf. Christof Roehrig
Gravitational stabilization and reorientation of a dumbbell shaped artificial satellite on the principle of swing in a circular orbitProf. Sergey Bezglasnyi
Gravitational stabilization of a satellite using a bounded control of a movable massProf. Sergey Bezglasnyi
Heart Rate Analysis and Monitoring of Patients from Offsite through Wireless Sensor NetworkMr. DEEPAK CHOUDHARY
How Responsive is China's Stock Market to the Monetary PolicesMr. XinKai Chen
H-TOPSIS Vertical Handover Decision Making Algorithm for Telecardiology ApplicationDr. Yew Hoe Tung
Human Tracking by a Multi-rotor Drone Using HOG Features and Linear SVM on Images Captured by a Monocular CameraMr. Yusuke Imamura
Impact Analysis to Database Schema and Test Cases from Inputs of Functional Requirements ChangesMs. APIRAK KAMPEERA
Implementation of Biography Based Neural Clustering (BBNC) with Genetic Processing for tumor detection from medical imagesDr. chandan gill
Implementation of Hybrid Security Layer of Steganography and Visual Cryptography for Secured Debit/ Credit Card PurchaseDr. Uma.s.
Improve Accuracy of Defect Severity Categorization Using Semi-Supervised Approach on Imbalanced Data SetsMr. Teerawit Choeikiwong
Improved Max-Min Hill Climbing algorithm based on small sampleDr. Hu Huijun
Improved Methods on PCA Based Human Face Recognition for Distorted ImagesMr. Bruce Poon
Improved Process on Development Phase of Outer Tube Component from a Shock Absorber StructureMr. Alexandru-Marcel Moldovan
Improving the Resolution of the Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer (CMA) by SegmentationProf. David Edwards Jr
Industry Based Regression Testing Using IIGRTCP Algorithm and RFT ToolProf. Namakkal Balasubramanian
Integrated Assembled Production Inventory ModelDr. Ming-Feng Yang
Integrated Supply Chain Inventory Model with Progressive Carbon TaxationMs. Yam-Ying Zou
Interactive Decision Making for Multiobjective Fuzzy Random Simple Recourse Programming Problems and Its Application to Rainfed Agriculture in PhilippinesMs. Rongrong Zhang
Interference Mitigation for Femto Deployment in Next Generation Mobile NetworksMr. Hilary Frank
Inverse Sine Function Circuit with Temperature CompensationMr. Perm Apisitticharoonlert, Dr. Wandee Petchmaneelumka
Investigation of Challenges in Dynamic Integration of Heterogeneous ServicesMs. Makaziwe Makamba
Key Advanced Research of Electrical Electronic Machines and Networks - Magical ComputingDr. Shaik Kareem Basha
Key Factors Affecting User Experience of Mobile Crowdsourcing ApplicationsDr. Woonkian Chong
Knowledge Management Systems for Information Technology Operations CenterDr. Yohannes Kurniawan
Light Tail Approximations for Waiting-Time Asymptotics of the M/G/2 Queue with Heterogeneous ServersDr. Sulaiman Sani
Linguistic Predictors of Rumor Veracity on the InternetProf. Alton Chua
Linkage pattern mining based on causal relationshipDr. Yoshifumi Okada, Mr. Yusuke Okubo
Long-term Generator Maintenance Scheduling Using Shuffled Frog Leaping AlgorithmDr. G. Giftson Samuel
Low-Ripple Output Interface Circuit for Electrical Conductivity MeasurementDr. Apinai Rerkratn
Material Inventory Control of Al-Oxide in the Division Part Repair GMF Power ServicesMs. Finda Arwi Mahardika
Mathematical modeling of EDM method of water purificationMr. Igor Nadezhdin
Maximizing Procedures Covering Conduct of Examination in a Potential World Class University using Operational Research TechniqueDr. MICHAEL AGARANA
MethmiRbase: a database of DNA methylation and miRNA expression in human cancerMr. David Agustriawan
Method for Extraction of Chord Progressions from Pictures by 2D FFTProf. Hidefumi Kawakatsu
Modeling and Simulation of Wind Power Generation System Using AC to AC ConverterDr. Sirichai Tammaruckwattana
Modeling Ontology Semantic Constraints in Relational Database Management SystemsProf. Kavi Mahesh
Modeling the Goodness-of-Fit Test Based on the Interval Estimation of the Probability Distribution FunctionDr. Konstantin Petrov
Modelling of Threat Evaluation for Dynamic Targets Using Bayesian Network ApproachDr. Vivek S. Deshpande
Modular detecting device to find direction to the gamma-ray sourceMrs. Elena Ryabeva
Monte Carlo Method in Atmospheric AcousticsDr. Yulia Burkatovskaya
Motion Control of a Three Active Wheeled Mobile Robot and Collision-Free Human Following Navigation in Outdoor EnvironmentMr. YOUSIF ELSAMANI
Multi Time Ignition Concept of Four Stoke Gasoline EngineMr. JIRAWATH PARNKLNG
Multiobjective GA for Real Time Task SchedulingMs. Myungryun Yoo
Multi-stage Pseudo-packing-based Mechanism for Area-minimization Rectangular PackingDr. Chi-Kong Chan
Multi-vendor and multi-buyer collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment modelDr. Chien-Min Su
Muscular Dystrophy Disease Classification Using Relative Synonymous Codon UsageDr. Sathyavikashini.K
Nash Equilibria in a Multiple Stage Inspection GameDr. Shera Marie C. Pausang
Neural Network-Based Analysis of Precipitation and Remotely Sensed DataMiss Supaporn Bunrit
Noise Reduction in Speech Signals using Discrete-time Kalman Filters Combined with Wavelet TransformsMr. Ranieri Franca
Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring and Analytics for Device PredictionProf. Kavi Mahesh
Numerical Integral Equation Method of Average Run Length of Cumulative Sum Control Chart for Long Memory Process with ARFIMA ModelMiss Wilasinee Peerajit