The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2016 are listed here:

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Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
Obtaining titanium dioxide of rutile form of crystal lattice from the solutions contained fluorammonium titanium complex saltsMiss Anna Lashtur
ONU-Initiated Transceiver Mode Energy-saving Mechanism in SIEPONMr. Andrew Fernando Pakpahan
Optimization of a Wireless Power Transmission SystemDr. Kim Ho Yeap
Optimization of Cu(II) ion extraction and stripping through liquid membrane by response surface methodologyDr. Siu Hua Chang
Optimization of the Size of Minimal Invariant Ellipsoid with Providing the Desired Modal PropertiesMs. Maria Smirnova
Outlier Identification using Nonmetric Multidimensional Scaling of Yeast Cell Cycle Phase using Gene Expression DataProf. JULIE ANN SALIDO
Parse XFiles, generate POJOs out of XFiles, provide Reflection and XQuery like features to XFiles in Java without writing any boilerplate code (P2RX)Manik Jain
Perfect Gaussian Integer Sequences From Binary IdempotentsProf. Chongdao Lee
Performance Analysis of Series Configuration Queueing System with Four Service StationsMr. Yu-Li Tsai
Performance Evaluation of 3.5 kWp Rooftop Solar PV Plant in ThailandDr. Jukkrit Kluabwang
Performance Evaluation of Matched Filter Detection Based on Non-cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio NetworkDr. yawada semba
Plant Identification in the Closed-loop Control SystemMr. Igor Nadezhdin
Predicting the Elastic Properties and Deformability of Red Blood Cell Membrane Using an Atomistic-Continuum ApproachMr. Adesola Samson Ademiloye
Predictive Policing Using Hotspot AnalysisMiss Johanna Leigh
Processing Medical Images by New Several Mathematics Shearlet TransformDr. Luis Cadena
Product Redesign Decisions for Remanufactured Products in a Recoverable Manufacturing SystemDr. Swee Kuik
Rainfall Estimation Models Induced from Ground Station and Satellite DataDr. Nittaya Kerdprasop
Random Multiple Key Streams for Encryption with Added CBC Mode of OperationDr. P.Penchalaiah
Realization of Gyrostat Program Motion with Cavity Filled with Viscous FluidProf. Sergey Bezglasnyi
Real-time Surface Acquisition of Tire Sidewall for Reading Embossed InformationDr. Taweepol Suesut
Recall Test for Keyboard LayoutDr. Alan HS Chan
Redefine ERP Implementation Success: A perspectives from CIO�s in IndonesiaDr. Sevenpri Candra
Redesigning Car Shock Absorbers Using Parameterized Components for Improving Functioning QualityMr. Alexandru-Marcel Moldovan
Reducing Network Bandwidth Cost on End User Resources Consumption in Cloud EnvironmentDr. Buchanagandi Enock Nyamajeje
Regional Differences in Miyagi Prefecture Road Recovery Following the 2011 Tohoku EarthquakeProf. Noriaki Endo
Regression Tree Analysis of CO2 Emissions and Environmental Factors to the Survival Rate of Population in Thailand and ChinaDr. Nittaya Kerdprasop
Resonant Inverter with Inbuilt Boost Converter For High Frequency ApplicationsDr. M.Gayathri
Resource Allocation Model to Find Optimal Allocation of Workforce, Material, and Tools in an Aircraft Line MaintenanceMr. Rillo S. Wahyudin
Reviewing Privacy-Enhanced Social Survey System That Employs Combinatorial Anonymity MeasureDr. Atsushi Iwai
Robust PID Tuning of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle using Harmonic Search Algorithm Based on Model Order ReductionMr. Ankush Rathore
Routing Issues in Internet of Things: A SurveyMr. Amol Dhumane
Secure Electronic Medical Records Exchange System implementation based on Secure MIME and RESTful ServiceMr. Chien Hua Wu
Security for Mobile Application and Its Data Outsourcing in the Cloud InfrastructureMr. Buchanagandi Enock Nyamajeje
Semi deterministic Hybrid Path loss model for improving the prediction accuracyDr. A.Bhuvaneshwari
SFG Actualization of General nth-Order Voltage Transfer Functions Using VDBAsMiss Sumalee Unhavanich, Dr. Worapong Tangsrirat
Significance of Intelligent Power Factor Controller for Energy Management in Spinning MillDr. G. Giftson Samuel
Simulation of Refinery-Supplier RelationshipMr. Fitra Lestari
Simultaneous selection method of query items and neighbors in a recommender systemDr. Yoshifumi Okada, Mr. Koki Miura
Software Communication Reengineering regarding Organizational Business and Business ChainMr. Ahmed Mateen
Software-Defined Assisted PON Multi-DDF Protection and RecoveryMr. Andrew Fernando Pakpahan
Speech Recognizing for Microsoft Powerpoint Navigation using Backpropagation Artificial Neural NetworkDr. Nur Hasanah
Stability of a new modified iterative algorithmDr. Manoj Sahni
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to Improve Quality Management System (Case Study: SBU GMF Power Services)Ms. Violita E. Puteri
Static Hand Gesture Recognition Using Combinational Features and Compressive SensingMr. Huiwei Zhuang
Steam Generating Prediction of a Biomass Boiler Using Artificial Neural NetworkDr.Choosak Pornsing
Stock Selection and Trading Based on Cluster Analysis of Trend and Momentum IndicatorsMr. Ratchata Peachavanish
Structural Aspects of Propositional SATProf. Stefan Porschen
Study of Strength of Rotating Discs of Innovative Composite Material with Variable ThicknessDr. Tajinder Pal Singh
Study on the Influential Factors in the Fusion Splice Loss of SMF-28 and MP980 FibersMiss Pennapa Khamdee
Swarm Computational Intelligence Design for a High Integrity Protection SystemDr. Kayode OWA
Swarm Intelligence based Support Vector Regression for Gold Price ForecastingDr. M.Venkateshwarlu
Swing-up of an Inverted Pendulum on a Cart Using a Modified Energy Based ApproachProf. Hien Tran
Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Bending Strains in Magnesium Alloy AZ31B Processed by Severe Plastic DeformationDr. Alexander Korsunsky
Table-Top Projector-Camera System with Transparent Water Detection for Interactive ArtDr. Takanori Koga
TAR(p)/ARCH(1) Process: Guaranteed Parameter Estimation and Change-Point DetectionDr. Yulia Burkatovskaya
Techno Economic of Cantula Fiber as a Material of Electric Vehicle InteriorDr. Citra Kusuma
Techno-Economic Analysis Of Lithium-Ion Battery For Motorcycle DevelopmentMs. Indah Kurniyati
Techno-economic Feasibility Analysis of a Public Street Light with Solar Cell PowerMs. Ika Shinta Mardikaningsih
Temporal Recommender System in online Tourism WebsiteMr. Qian-Ming Zhang
Test Attributes of Time-Series Data before ANN Application :Estimation of EvapotranspirationDr. Rai Sachindra Prasad
Test Cases Generation Tool for JavaScript Based on Statement Coverage CriteriaMr. Witthaya Luanghirun
The (s; t)-relaxed L(2; 1)-labeling of some balanced hypercubesDr. Taiyin Zhao
The Application of Big Data Analytics in Business WorldDr.Ka Lok Man
The Design of Standard Operating Procedure for Production Test in Technology Incubation System: A Case StudyDr. Aam Hamid Al Ghabid
The Development of Motion Control for Unmanned Ground Vehicle NavigationMr. ANANTACHAI SUWANNAKOM
The Eigen-distribution for Multi-branching TreesMr. Weiguang Peng
The Hamiltonian Connectivity of Rectangular Supergrid GraphsProf. Ruo-Wei Hung
The Hybrid Approach for Forecasting Stock Prices Based on Support Vector Regression and Genetic AlgorithmsDr. Chih-Ming Hsu
The Influence of Price Transmission on Thai Hom Mali Rice Supply ChainMs. Nattakarn Sahavacharin
The Influence of Study Mode and Gender on Student's Actual Use of Computer: An Empirical Study in Hong Kong Higher EducationDr. Yau Hon Keung
The Optimization of Paddy Husker by Response Surface MethodologyDr. Surapong Bangphan
The Problem of Counting Semi Pandiagonal Magic SquaresDr. Saleem Alashhab
The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Knowledge ManagementDr.Kamal Barzegar
The Survey Paper : Formation Control For Swarm RobotsMrs. Ade Silvia Handayani
The Wireless Obstacle Detection Assistant System for TeleoperationMr. ANANTACHAI SUWANNAKOM
Topology Discovery, Loop Finding and Alternative Path Solution in POX ControllerMr. Anish Kumar Saha
Towards Rigorous Transformation Rules for Converting UML Operation Signatures to Z SchemaDr. Emanuel Grant
Tunable Capacitance Multiplier with A Single Voltage Differencing Buffered AmplifierMiss Oosana Onjan
Two Methods of SAR Measurement for Wearable Electronic DevicesDr. Mark Leach
Two-phase ONU Doze Mode Energy-saving Mechanism in EPONMr. Andrew Fernando Pakpahan
Ultra-Lightweight Mutual Authentication and Ownership Transfer Protocol with PUF for Gen2 v2 RFID SystemsMr. Hsin-Han Huang
Utilization of Different Industrial Wastes in Concrete as a Cement Replacement Material and its Effects on StrengthDr. Muhammad Taqui
Virtual Machine Performance Approaches in the Online Education SystemMr. Basheer Riskhan
Walking Experiment of Biped Robot with Antagonistic Actuation Using Non-Linear SpringMr. Takashige Yano
Web Based Simulation Model for Predicting Performance of Agricultural Machinery (WBSAM)Dr. Mohamed Yousif Mohamed Hassan
Webcam for stereoscopic video conversationDr. Radoslaw Hofman
Work Function and Photothreshold of Zirconium Sulfoselenide Transition Metal DichalcogenidesDr. Mohamed Orabi Moustafa