International Conference on Computational Biology 2008 ( ICCB )

ICCB I [ Day Three ( 9:40 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. S. I. Ao
SVM Based Decision Support System for Heart Disease Classification with Integer-Coded Genetic Algorithm to Select Critical Features
Mr. Gopi Natha Pillai
The Scaling Exponent Calculated by the Detrended Fluctuation Analysis, Distinguishes the Injured Sick Hearts Against Normal Healthy Hearts
Dr. Toru Yazawa
ICCB II [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Toru Yazawa
Defibrillation Failure and Tachycardia-Induced Early Afterdepolarizations: A Simulation Study
Prof. Boris Kogan, and Mr. Richard Samade
Scoring Amino Acid Substitutions In Phi-hage Genomes
Prof. Hedley Morris
Optimal Yield Rates in Enzymatic Reactions with Undesirable Intermediate States
Prof. Ajay Gopinathan
A Neural Network to Identify Human Subjects with Electrocardiogram Signals
Mr. Yongbo Wan
Systolic Pressure in Different Percents of Stenosis at Major Arteries
Mr. Meitham Dandaneband
Poster Session
Frequency Distribution Analysis in 23S rRNA Sequences of Streptococcus and Helicobacter Sp. Using Mutual Information Theory

International Conference on Chemical Engineering 2008 ( ICCE )

ICCE I [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Metta Chareonpanich
Separation of the Two Major Whey Proteins Using Cation-Exchange Adsorption
Miss Mayyada El-Sayed
Adsorption Behaviour of Ni (II) from Water onto Zeolite X: Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies
Mr. Surinder Singh
Equilibrium and Kinetics of Chromium Adsorption on Cement Kiln Dust
Prof. Mohamed Al-Meshragi
An Investigation of Thermal Degradation of Poly(Lactic Acid)
Mr. Cristian-Andi NICOLAE
Removal of Phenols from Wastewater with Encapsulated Horseradish Peroxidase in Calcium Alginate
Prof. Iran Alemzadeh
ICCE II [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Mohamed Al-Meshragi
Preparation and Properties of Electroless Ni-B and Ni-B Nanocomposite Coatings
Miss Beril Kaya
Enhanced Desorption of Lindane from an Agricultural Soil Assisted by Cyclodextrin Aqueous Solutions
Mr. Bartolo Broca
Design of a Slurry-foam Reactor System for the Manufacture of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
CFD Modelling of Cell Capture in BioMEMs
Dr. Swati Mohanty
Conjugation of Amphotericin B to Carbon Nanotubes via Amide-Functionalization for Drug Delivery Applications
Prof. Manouchehr Vossoughi
Effect of expansion and compression of the surface on the surface tension of 1-octanol solutions
Dr. Abdolhamid Firooz
Optimization of Process Variables of Citric Acid Production Using Aspergillus Niger In A Batch Fermentor
ICCE III [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Swati Mohanty
Effect of Nickel Particle Size on Dry Reforming Temperature
Dr. Metta Chareonpanich
Synthesis of Ethyl tert-Butyl Ether in Packed Reactive Distillation Column Using Macroporous Ion Exchange Resin Catalyst
Dr. Muhammad Umar
Kinetics of Jatropha Curcas Transesterification in Batch Reactor
Mr. Vipan Kumar
Nafion/Analcime and Nafion/Faujasite Composite Membranes for High Temperature Operation of PEMFC
Energy and Exergy Analysis of Brayton-Diesel Cycle
Dr. Sanjay .
Poster Session
Modification of Preheating Heat Exchanger Network in Crude Distillation Unit of Arak Refinery Based on Pinch Technology
Mrs. Salomeh Chegini
Effects of Two Different Ionic Liquids, [BMPy][BF4] and [BMIM][MeSO4], on the Kinetics of Horseradish Peroxidase
Prof. Keungarp Ryu
Measuring the Hydrophobicity of Peptides by RPLC
Dr. Chih-I Liu
Adsorption Characteristics of Chromium Ions onto Composite Alginate Bead
Mr. Choi seyoung
Separation Characteristics of Reactive Orange Dye from Aqueous Solution Using Biosorbent
Mr. Choi seyoung
Renewable Energies and Utility Systems
Ms. Lena Ahmadi
Effect of Element Modifications on Catalytic Performance of Zeolites
Different Routes for Conversion of Coal into Liquids Comprehensive Study
Ex-situ Surface Modification of BaTiO3 Nanoparticles Prepared by Hydrothermal Synthesis
Dr. Mehrnoosh Atashfaraz

International Conference on Circuits and Systems 2008 ( ICCS )

ICCS I [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Safwan EL ASSAD, and Dr. Minfang Peng
FPGA Design of Speech Compression by Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Prof. Jing Pang
Analog-Circuit Fault Diagnosis Using Probabilistic Neural Network
Prof. Meie Shen
Estimation of Error in Nonlinearity in ADC using Standard Histogram Technique
Dr. Deepak Mishra
Design Technique of an Integrated Gate Driver
Mr. Mohammad Hoque
Challenges in Building Fault -Tolerant Flight Control System for a Civil Aircraft
Miss Manel Sghairi
ICCS II [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Prof. Jing Pang
The Generalized Square-Error-Regularized LMS Algorithm
Prof. Junghsi Lee
A CMOS Under-voltage Lockout Circuit
Mr. Mohammad Hoque
Data Fusion Based Fault Diagnosis of Analog Circuits
Dr. Minfang Peng
Simulation of Fault Effect on Redundant Multi-Threading Execution
Dr. Huan-yu Tu
Comparative Study of 1-D Chaotic Generators for Digital Data Encryption
Dr. Safwan EL ASSAD
Poster Session
A 1.57-GHz Low-Power Low-Phase-Noise Quadrature LC-VCO
Dr. Quan Pan
On Source Couple Logic (SCL) Layout
Mr. Mohamed Azaga

International Conference on Computer Science and Applications 2008 ( ICCSA )

ICCSA I [ Day One ( 14:45 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Sergey Gubin
Computational Modeling of Induction Hardening Process of Machine Parts
Prof. Yutaka Toi
Computing Aggregate Queries in Raster Image Databases Using Pre-Aggregated Data
Ms. Angelica Garcia
ICCSA II [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Charlie Shim
Computational Algorithm for Modeling and Correction of Gradient Nonlinearity Distortions in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Mr. Tom Lee
Polynomial size asymmetric linear model for Subgraph Isomorphism
Dr. Sergey Gubin
User-Feedback for Road Traffic Information using Mobile Phone
Mr. Satidchoke Phosaard
Constructing Cost-effective Anomaly Detection Systems for User Identification
Dr. Charlie Shim
Dairy Cattle Judging: An Innovative Application for Fuzzy Expert System
Mr. Hosein Alizadeh
ICCSA III [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Pierluigi Rippa
Recognition for Arabic Character Based on Edge and BPNN
Dr. Liying Zheng
An AHP Approach to Evaluate Factors Affecting ERP Implementation Success
Dr. Pierluigi Rippa
Clustering using Fast Structural Hierarchy Extraction from User-Defined Tags for Semi-Structural Languages
Prof. Hyun-Joo Moon
The Double-Helix Pattern of Prime Number Growth
Mr. Ernest Hibbs
Predicting Testing Effort Using Artificial Neural Network
Prof. Yogesh Singh
ICCSA IV [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Liying Zheng
Image Based Authentication System with Sign-In Seal
Mr. Vivek Sehgal
Intelligent Focused Agent for Building Databases from Distributed Web Systems
Dr. Rushdi Hamamreh
Speed Trap Image Transfer through GSM Network
Mr. Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab
Introduction to Methodology DF2EM - Framework for Efficient Development of Finite Element Based Models
Mr. Jan Lisal
A Framework to Generate Arc-annotated Sequence Data For Evaluating RNA Analysis Algorithms
Dr. Sen Zhang
Poster Session
Case Study in ER Diagrams in the Context of Development of Generic Visualization Methods
Dr. Boris Leontyev
MyProLang - My Programming Language: A Template-Driven Automatic Natural Programming Language

International Conference on Communications Systems and Technologies 2008 ( ICCST )

ICCST I [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Takuji Tachibana
Hybrid F-PolSK Transceiver Architecture for CDMA-PON
Mr. Massoud Karbassian
Enhancing QoS for Streaming Video over WLANs
Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar
An Activity Based Mobility Prediction Strategy Using Markov Modeling for Wireless Networks
Prof. Vaidehi Vijayakumar
Cell phone Jamming and Simulation/Implementation of GSM Jammer
Neural Detection of Quadrature Amplitude Modulated Signal
Mrs. Shubhangi Rathkanthiwar
ICCST II [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. V N Kamalesh
Static Route Analysis Based Multiple Route Configuration Scheme for Adaptive Static Routing
A QoS Enabled MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad hoc Networks with Power Control
Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar
Dynamic Burst Ordering for Burst-Cluster Transmission to Improve Fairness in OBS Networks
Mr. Badr Oulad Nassar
Message Routing Algorithm with Additional Node-Information for Capability-Aware Object Management in P2P Networks
Dr. Takuji Tachibana
ICCST III [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Mr. Massoud Karbassian
Achieving Fault Tolerance and Network Depth in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks
Mr. Anurag D
Dynamic Channel Switching based on Rank Accounting in IEEE 802.22 WRAN System with Fast Channel Switching Technology
Mr. Harumasa Kinoshita
On the Assignment of Node Number in a Computer Communication Network
Prof. V N Kamalesh
Introducing a Collaborative Congestion Control Based on TFRC
Mr. Francois Armando
Poster Session
Detection/Removal of Cooperative Black and Gray Hole Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
A Cooperative Blackhole Node Detection Mechanism for ADHOC Networks
Ms. Moumita Deb

International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Applications 2008 ( ICEEA )

ICEEA I [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Vasos Pavlika
A Study on Stepped Frequency Radar by Using Intra-Pulse Phase Coded Modulation
Miss Chie Fukushima
DC Model of UPFC and its Use in Competitive Electricity Market for Loadability Enhancement
Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Mitigation of Voltage Unbalance in Traction System
Mr. Lakshmikantha Bangalore Rangappa
Implemented Finite Element Routines for the Calculation of Quasi-Steady and Transient Characteristics of a Squirrel Cage Induction Machine
Dr. Christian GRABNER
Lung Tumor Tracking and Couch Control - A Feasibility Study
Dr. Muhammad Ali Yousuf
Considering Capacitive Component in the Current of the CSCT Compensator
Mr. Mohammad Golkhah
An Introduction to the CSCT as a New Device to Compensate Reactive Power in Electrical Networks
Mr. Mohammad Golkhah
ICEEA II [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Numerical Analysis of Breakage of Curved Copper Wires due to High Impulse Current
Mr. Xiaobo Hu
A Design of Intelligent Automobile Cruise Control System with Laser Rangefinders
Prof. Zhang Zhiyuan
Magnetostatic Field Calculations Associated with Thick Solenoids in the Presence of Iron
Dr. Vasos Pavlika
Harmonic Study and Suppression on the Current of CSCT
Mr. Mohammad Golkhah
Multilevel Converter Objectives: a Critical Evaluation and Combination of Available Natural-Commuted Topologies with Restructured Iron Cores
Mr. Mohammad Golkhah
Poster Session
Reliability Analysis of Lead-free Solders
Mr. Amir M. Lajimi

International Conference on Education and Information Technology 2008 ( ICEIT )

ICEIT I [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Patrick Wessa
An Evaluation of Digital Pen and Paper Technology in Classroom Administration
Mr. Jan Broer
Development and Assessment of WSISLE-CNC for Engineering Education
Prof. Wen-Hsiung Wu
Agents Negotiating with Semantic Web Services
Mr. Maruf Pasha
Using Physical Constraints to Augment Concept Mapping on a Tangible Tabletop
Mrs. Karen Tanenbaum
Intelligent Environment for Training of Industrial Operators
Dr. Gustavo Arroyo-Figueroa
Use of Quality Function Deployment Analysis in Curriculum Development of Engineering Education and Models for Curriculum Design and Delivery
Capstone Experiences: Lessons Learned in Mastering CS Competencies
Dr. Farid Hallouche
ICEIT II [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mrs. Karen Tanenbaum
Learning Statistics based on the Compendium and Reproducible Computing
Prof. Patrick Wessa
Extensive Application of Multiple Regression: A Critical Insight into English Remedial Education through Web-based Learning
Prof. Rong Zhang
Security Evaluation of IT Products: Bridging the Gap between Common Criteria (CC) and Real Option Thinking
Mr. Haider Abbas
Venn Requirement Language in Specification Languages
Mrs. Roslina Mohd Sidek
Using Advanced Digital Technology for Students in a Foundation of Design Classroom
Mr. Ratanachote Thienmongkol
ICEIT III [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Edward Cherian
Intelligent Tutor Generator for Intelligent Tutoring System
Prof. Madappa Siddappa
Engineering Students' Perceptions of Mobile Learning
Mr. Nathan Percival
Australian Digital Libraries: An Overview
Mr. Bhojaraju Gunjal
The Point Illusion: Incorrect Weighting of Absolute Performance in Self-assessments
Dr. Scott Jeffrey
A Retrospective and Future Look at Speech Recognition Applications in Assisting Children with Reading Disabilities
Ms. Husniza Husni
WebCT and Learning (An Oman Experience)
Dr. Syed Jafar Naqvi
Preliminary Investigation of Stand-up Meetings in Agile Methods
Miss Eisha Hasnain
ICEIT IV [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Syed Jafar Naqvi, and Mr. Nathan Percival
Mobile Learning: The Beginning of the End of Classroom Learning
Dr. Edward Cherian
Participatory Gaming Simulation as a Science Communicator: Toward a Communication Bridge between Specialists and Citizens
Dr. Reiko Hishiyama
Intelligent Net Centric Command and Control Architecture Using Cognitive Approach
Mr. Amir Nasser Shamdani
Blended Learning and Improved Biology Teaching in the Nigerian Secondary Schools
Dr. Francisca Aladejana
The Virtual Invigilator: A Network-based Security System for Technology-enhanced Assessments
Mr. Nathan Percival
Poster Session
The Learning Service Bus Based on SOA
Prof. Xiaoqiang Liu
Eliminating Anomalies in Learner Modeling Using Two-Partial Learner Model
Dr. Ahmad Kardan
Multi-Criteria Learners Classification for Selecting an Appropriate Teaching Method
Dr. Ahmad Kardan
UML Design Approach for Learners' Quanta based Dynamic Courseware
The Hybrid Approach to Teaching Graphics by Incorporating Cg Shading Language
Dr. Ying Tang
Peer Review Interactions for Malaysian Journals: The Revamped Open-Peer Review Process
Mr. jasni ahmad

International Conference on Intelligent Automation and Robotics 2008 ( ICIAR )

ICIAR I [ Day One ( 9:30 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mr. Stefan Ericson
Design and Testing of an Autonomous Highly Mobile Robot in a Beach Environment
Mr. Richard Harkins
Optoelectronic Analyzer of Coffee Fruits
Dr. Juan Sanz-Uribe
Obstacle Detection For Thin Horizontal Structures
Mr. Klas Hedenberg
Fuzzy Time Control Modeling Of Discrete Event Systems
Prof. Saleem Khan
ICIAR II [ Day One ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mr. Richard Harkins
Visual Odometry System for Agricultural Field Robots
Mr. Stefan Ericson
A Magnetic Ball and Socket, an epsilon-Axle, and a Floating Windmill
Mr. Kyle Jung, Mr. Hubert Wang, Mr. Brian Kim, and Mr. Kevin Kim
An Expert System for Design of Blanking Dies for Sheet Metal Operations
Dr. Shailendra Kumar, and Prof. Rajender Singh
Production Process Optimization in Flexible Manufacturing System Using Petri Nets
Path Planning Automated Guided Robot
Ms. Illani Mohd Nawi
Robot Sensory-Motor Coordination Development and Its Adaptation
Dr. Qinggang Meng
ICIAR III [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Sanja Petrovic
Bezier Curve for Trajectory Guidance
Mr. Ji-wung Choi
STEP Compliant CAD/CAPP/CAM System for Turning Operations
Cycle-to-Cycle Control of the Thermoforming Reheat Process
Prof. Benoit Boulet
Two Learning Approaches to Maze Exploration: Case Study with E-puck Mobile Robots
Dr. Roman Neruda
A Java-based Middleware for Control and Sensing in Mobile Robotics
Mr. Ola Ringdahl
Real Time Hand Based Robot Control Using Multimodal Images
Mr. Edmond Omar Loepprich
ICIAR IV [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Benoit Boulet
Constructive Approaches to Radiotherapy Scheduling
Prof. Sanja Petrovic, and Mr. Pedro Leite Rocha
Robust Feature Detection of a Service Robot using Multi-view Single Camera in Indoor
Prof. Toshi-Hiro Nishimura, and Mr. Jegoon RYU
Relative Motion of Robots as a Means for Signaling
Mr. Dhananjay Raghunathan
Optimal Trajectory Generation of Space Robots
Prof. Shinichi Tsuda, and Mr. Takuro Kobayashi
Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) Controller for Two link- robotic Manipulator Control
Dr. Leila Fallah Araghi

International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Technologies 2008 ( ICIMT )

ICIMT I [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Arun Goel
Blog Quality Analysis
Mr. Xiaorui Chen
An e-Map Navigation System with Visualized Landmark Information
Dr. Dai-Yi Wang
Evaluating Pairs Analysis Threshold using Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Graph
Mrs. Emelia Akashah Patah Akhir
Statistical Distribution of Traffic Sources in Network Simulation Tools
Mr. Frederic Camps
ACMW: Access Control Model on Web Environment
Dr. Selma Elsheikh Abdrahman
A Framework for Digital Watermarking Next Generation Media Broadcasts
Mr. Dominik Birk
Poster Session
Security Mutation Algorithm for Google Print and Google's Search Security Deficiency
Mr. Amar Akshat
Reversible Authentication Watermark for Image
Miss Xiaoping (Ellen) Liang

International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Analysis 2008 ( ICMLDA )

ICMLDA I [ Day One ( 9:30 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Azam Beg
A Unified Approach to Computing Distributions Associated with Hidden State Sequences
Dr. Donald Martin
A Prediction System Based on Fuzzy Logic
Prof. Vaidehi Vijayakumar
VSMs with K-Nearest Neighbour to Categorise Arabic Text Data
Mr. Gaith Al-shammare
Data Mining for Engineering Sector in Pakistan: Issues and Implications
Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz
ICMLDA II [ Day One ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Donald Martin
Incorporating Program Characteristics into a Processor Model
Dr. Azam Beg
Knowledge Management: Assessment of Strategies and Innovative Technologies
Dr. Farid Hallouche
Estimation of Scour Downstream of Spillways Using SVM Modeling
Dr. Arun Goel
Column Vectorizing Algorithms for Support Vector Machines
Conceptual Model for Decision Support System Based Business Intelligence OLAP Tool for Universities in Context of E-Learning
Prof. Maqbool Shaikh
MKNN: Modified K-Nearest Neighbor
Mr. Hosein Alizadeh
An Analytical Model to Predict Elongation of Tailor Welded Blanks [TWB]

International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Control 2008 ( ICMSC )

ICMSC I [ Day One ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Wei Zhan
Neural Network Modeling and HDP for Neutralized pH Value Control in the Clarifying Process of Sugar Cane Juice
Prof. xiaofeng lin
Analysis and Design for Linear Singular Multirate Networked Control Systems
Dr. Tao Bai
Development of Generalized Photovoltaic Model Using MATLAB/SIMULINK
Dr. Huan-Liang Tsai
Passivity-based Controller Design for PWM DC/DC Buck Current Regulator
Miss Xiuhong Guo
Hierarchical Modeling of Urban Traffic Systems for Multi-Agent Based Simulation
Mr. Emmanuel Lopez-Neri
Modeling A PV-Diesel-Battery Power System: An Optimal Control Approach
Ms. Siew Fang Woon
ICMSC II [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Huan-Liang Tsai
Sensitivity Analysis of Motor PWM Control
Prof. Wei Zhan
Multi-loop PI/PID Controller Design Based on Direct Synthesis for Multivariable Systems
Simulating and Evaluating the Impacts of the Implementation of Building Energy Efficiency Standards on Chinese Economic System and Environment
Dr. Liu Xiuli
Investigations on Prediction of MRR and Surface Roughness on Electro Discharge Machine Using Regression Analysis and Artificial Neural Network Programming
ICMSC III [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Mr. Massieh Najafi
Verification of Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer Model ISERIT by Full-scale Experiment
Mr. Dalibor Frydrych
Performance Improvement for PID Controller Design with Guaranteed Stability Margin for Certain Classes of MIMO Systems
Prof. Tsu-Shuan Chang
Semantic Interconnection of Distributed Numerical Simulations Via SOA
Mr. Daniel Schilberg
Periodic Disturbance Attenuation in OPC Drum
Dr. Hyunki Cho
Simulation of Multifinger Robotic Gripper for Dynamic Analysis of Dexterous Grasping
Prof. Shantipal Ohol
The Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Pulse Electrochemical Micromachining
Prof. Jerzy Kozak
ICMSC IV [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Mr. Dalibor Frydrych
Application of Machine Learning in Fault Diagnostics of Mechanical Systems
Mr. Massieh Najafi
The Optimal Prepayment Strategy for Fixed Rate Mortgages
Dr. Dejun Xie
Embedded Controller Based Smart Card Access
Mr. Vivek Sehgal
Design and Analysis of an Artificial Control of Standing and Leg Articulation System
Throughput & Delay Analysis in Wireless Ad-hoc Network
Prof. Subhash Charnder Sharma
Poster Session
The Most Accurate Estimation For The Total Arc Length Of The Astroids On The Positive Cartesian
Power Factor Pre-regulator Using Constant Tolerance Band Control Scheme
Investigating The Seismic Response Of The Base Isolated Bridges With Respect To Soil-Structure Interaction
Ms. Mehri Boozarjmehr

International Conference on Soft Computing and Applications 2008 ( ICSCA )

ICSCA I [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Vicente Diaz Casas
Rough Set Approach to Unsupervised Neural Network based Pattern Classifier
Mr. Ashwin Kothari
Feature Space Reductions Using Rough Sets for a Rough-Neuro Hybrid Approach Based Pattern Classifier
Mr. Ashwin Kothari
e-Business Frameworks based on MDA
Prof. Haeng Kon Kim
Aerial Photography using a Nokia N95
Mr. David Ilstrup
Neural Network Controller Based on PID Controller for Two links- Robotic Manipulator Control
Dr. Leila Fallah Araghi
ICSCA II [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mr. David Ilstrup
Euclidean ART Neural Networks
Mr. Riyadh Kenaya
Fuzzy ARTMAP Based Target Tracking Control System
Mrs. Riyadh Kenaya
Frameworks of Indexing Mechanism for Mobile Applications
Prof. Haeng Kon Kim
Predicting Testing Effort using Artificial Neural Network
Prof. Haeng Kon Kim
Genetic Algorithms for the Optimization of Catalysts in Chemical Engineering
Dr. Martin Holena
Wind Tunnel Corrections for a Low Cost Simulator in an Evolutionary Sail Optimization Environment
Prof. Vicente Diaz Casas

International Conference on Systems Engineering and Engineering Management 2008 ( ICSEEM )

ICSEEM I [ Day One ( 11:50 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Mr. Daniel Berkholz
Integration Simulation of Intelligent Real-time Optimization Decision Support System for Assembly Line Balancing
Sophia song
ICSEEM II [ Day One ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mr. Matthias Schmidt
Six Sigma - A New Direction to Quality and Productivity Management
Deadlock- and Collision-Control in Robotic Flow Shops
Prof. Wolfgang Meyer, and Mrs. Claudia Fiedler
Fault Recovery Mechanisms in Utility Accrual Scheduling Algorithm for Real-Time System
Mrs. Idawaty Ahmad
Modeling of Logistic Processes in Assembly Areas
Mr. Matthias Schmidt
From Volatile Maintenance Data Forecasting to Reliable Capacity Planning
Mr. Daniel Berkholz
Topology Optimization- Problem Formulation and Pragmatic Outcomes by integration of TOSCA and CAE tools
The Effects of 3D Information Technologies on the Cellular Phone Development Process
Mr. Eitaro Maeda
ICSEEM III [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Yasuo Kadono
The Varying Behavior of U.S. Market Persistence
Prof. Hedley Morris
An Algorithm for the Pricing of Path-Dependent American Options using Malliavin Calculus
Prof. Hedley Morris
Optimal Policy for a Deteriorating Inventory Model with Finite Replenishment Rate and with Price Dependant Demand Rate and Cycle Length Dependant Price
Mr. Hamed Sabahno
Flow-Based Modeling of Economic Process
Exploring Various Forms of Purchase Dependency in Retail Sale
Prof. Pradip Kumar Bala
Making World Class Product Through Quality Process Management
Dr. Hosakote Nagaprasad
A Survey on Management of Software Engineering: Causal Relationship on Independent Vendors in Japan
Prof. Yasuo Kadono
Poster Session
IT Risk Assessment: Quantitative and Qualitative Approach
Dr. Artur Rot
Pricing Game under Imbalanced Power Structure
Ms. Maryam Khajeh Afzali

International Conference on Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering 2008 ( ICSPIE )

ICSPIE I [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Benjamim Tang
Wavelet Decomposition Based Speckle Reduction Method for Ultrasound Images by Using Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion
Mr. Byeongcheol Yoo
PKI based Semi-Fragile Watermark for Visual Content Authentication
Mr. Chamidu Atupelage
Intra-frame Quantization of LSF Parameters FOR CELP-Based Coders in Packet Networks
Dr. Fatiha Merazka
Detection of P and T-waves in Electrocardiogram
ICSPIE II [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Juan-Manuel Ramirez-Cortes
DSP Systems vs ANN Ensembles for Motion Detection and Filtering
Mr. Kevin Moorgas
Image Enhancement for Fingerprint Minutiae-Based Algorithms Using CLAHE, Standard Deviation Analysis and Sliding Neighborhood
A Feature Extraction Method Based on the Pattern Spectrum for Hand Shape Biometry
Dr. Juan-Manuel Ramirez-Cortes, and Dr. Pilar Gomez-Gil
Subpixel Edge Detection Based on Morphological Theory
Ms. Lei Yu
1/f Noise Reduction on CMOS Image Sensors by Autocorrelation based on Adaptive Algorithm
Mr. Kunsu Hwang
ICSPIE III [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Pilar Gomez-Gil
Optimal Piecewise Linear Approximation of Convex Functions
Dr. Benjamim Tang, Miss Alyson Imamoto
Person Authentication Using Face Detection
Prof. Vaidehi Vijayakumar
The Speckle Reduced Ultrasound Images Using Cellular Neural Network with Effective Detection of Active Contour Model
Miss HyunKyung Park
Poster Session
A New Auto Exposure and Auto White-Balance Algorithm to Detect High Dynamic Range Conditions Using CMOS Technology
Mr. Quoc Kien Vuong
Design of Fusion Texture Feature with Orthogonal Polynomials Model and Co-Occurrence Property for Content Based Image Retrieval
Dr. Krishnamoorthy Ramasamy
A Moving Object Segmentation Method for Low Illumination Night Videos
Mrs. Soumya T
Piecewise Surface Fitting for 3D Image Extraction
Mr. Mongkol Hunkrajok