The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2012 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)
Contact Authors
Effect of Laser Power on Material Efficiency, Layer Height and Width of Laser Metal Deposited Ti6Al4VMiss Rasheedat Mahamood
Effects of Distance-Based Defer Times and Probabilistic Channel to Time-Stable GeocastDr. Somsak Kittipiyakul
Efficient Classifier for Classification of Prognostic Breast Cancer Data through Data Mining TechniquesMrs. SHOMONA JACOB
Efficient Outdoor Path Loss Prediction in Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Communication NetworkDr. Okhaifoh, Joseph Ebosetale
Electromagnetic Change over Switch: An Investment Protection Option in Industrial EnvironmentMr. Osafehinti Samuel Ibikunle
Empirical analysis of TPM within the Indian manufacturing firmsDr. JITENDRA KUMAR
Energy Contraption Design Using Playground Seesaw for Lighting Load ApplicationsDr. Michael C. Pacis
Energy Shaping Nonlinear Acceleration Control for a Mobile Inverted Pendulum with a Slider Mechanism Utilizing InstabilityMr. Kazuto Yokoyama
Enhanced Decision Support System for Portfolio Management using Financial IndicatorsDr. Masoud Mansoury
Enhancement of Medical Ultrasound Images using Non-Linear Filtering Based on Rational-Dilation Wavelet TransformProf. R.S. Anand
Enhancing Online University Class Management System with Instant Email Feedback AlertMr. Johnson O Dehinbo
Enterprise High Assurance Scale-upDr. William Simpson
Estimating the Robust Domain of Attraction with Bounded Uncertainties via Markov ModelsDr. Reihaneh Kardehi Moghaddam
Estimating Upper and Lower Bound of Domain of Attraction via Markov ModelsDr. Reihaneh Kardehi Moghaddam
Evaluating Cache Contention Prediction - A Ranking Based Approach -Dr. Michael Zwick
Evaluation of Projection Systems for Vehicle SimulatorMr. Grzegorz Gudzbeler, Dr. Andrzej Urban
Evaluation of Software Reliability-A Comparative StudyMs. Blessy Thankachan
Examining Artificial Intelligence Techniques for the Design and Implementation of a Generally Acceptable Intelligent Educational Tutoring System (IETS)Dr. Adesanya Sunday Adelaja
Experience with Teaching Mathematics for Engineers with the Aid of Wolfram AlphaDr. Jan Pospisil, Dr. Petr Necesal
Experimental Comparison of Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization to Minimize Energy in Ad-hoc Wireless NetworksDr. Modupe A.I
Experimental Verification of the Computational System for the Optimal Pilot Bus SelectionMr. Michal Kopcek
Experimenting on the Added Value of M-Learning for the Teaching of Word ProblemsMr. Khaleel Mekaaeel Cassim
Exploring TOPSIS Based Algorithm for Non-Homogeneous Alternatives in Group Decision MakingProf. Olufolorunsho Oludayo Olugbara
Extensible Data Model with Applications for Trading SystemsMr. Iosif Ziman
Facial Emotion Detection Using Genetic AlgorithmDr. Hajar Homayouni
Facial Expression Design with Quantification by Kansei EngineeringDr. Shyue-Ran Li
Feasibility Study to Substitute the EER with the SEER - Case Study Chiang Mai, ThailandDr. Chutchawan Tantakitti
Feature Relevance Analysis and Classification of Road Traffic Accident Data through Data Mining TechniquesMrs. Shanthi Ramakrishnamoorthy
Feedback Controller Design for Chemotherapy Drug Scheduling via PSO Optimization AlgorithmDr. Reihaneh Kardehi Moghaddam
Field Programmable Gate Array Realization of Microprogrammed Controller based Parallel Digital FIR Filter ArchitectureMr. Syed Manzoor Qasim
File Size Distribution Model in Enterprise File Server toward Efficient Operational ManagementDr. Toshiko Matsumoto
Filter-Based Model of Multimicrophone Array in an Adverse Acoustic EnvironmentDr. Rafal Samborski
Finding Interesting Parts of an Image: Adding LULU Operators / Discrete Pulse Transform to a Saliency MapDr. Andre L Nel
Finite Element Simulation of Cortical Bone under Different Loading and Anisotropic Yielding SituationsMr. Nitin Kumar Sharma
Fixed Point Theorems Two Fuzzy Metric Spaces with Menger Probabilistic Metric SpaceDr. M. Vijaya Kumar
Flood Analysis and Prediction Support based on UML and Mobile Petri Net Specification and VerificationDr. Sher Afzal Khan, Dr. Farooq Ahmad
Formative Impact of Gauss Markov Mobility Model on Data Availability in MANETMr. R. Sathish Kumar
Frameworks for Validation of Mobile Software Project PerformanceDr. Haeng Kon Kim
Free Vibration Analysis of Conical Composite Shells Reinforced with Carbon NanotubesDr. Meisam Rabiei
Frequency Estimation for Non-pilot Mode of DVB-S2 SystemMr. Sooyeob Jung
Fuzzy Adaptive Control for a Class of Non-Affine Systems via Time Scale SeparationDr. Gao Daoxiang
Fuzzy-PI Control, PI Control and Fuzzy Logic Control Comparison Applied to a Fixed Speed Horizontal Axis 1.5 MW Wind TurbineProf. JUAN ANZUREZ MARIN
Gas Phase Conversion of Waste Glycerol to Synthesis Gas: Equilibrium Product DistributionDr. KALALA JALAMA
Gaussian Blur Identification using Scale-space TheoryDr. Philip Robinson
GeDEA-II: A Novel Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization Problems Based on the Simplex Crossover and The Shrink MutationProf. Ernesto Benini
Gender Effect in Trait RecognitionMr. Zulfiqar Ali
Gender Recognition via Face Area AnalysisDr. Vladimir Khryashchev
Gene Expression Reproducibility Analysis for the Treatment of Two Different Batches of Cordyceps Sinensis by Loop-design Microarray ExperimentsProf. Ian Hsu
Generation and Replication of Computer Generated HologramProf. Arvydas Palevicius
Geo-chemical and Mineralogy Assessments with Groundwater Recharge Well System (REWES) for Water CirculationDr. Sabariah Musa
Grammatical Induction with Error Correction for Deterministic Context-free L-systemsProf. Ryohei Nakano
H.264/AVC Data Hiding Based on Intra Prediction Modes for Real-time ApplicationsProf. Latifa Hamami
Handwritten Hindi Text Segmentation Techniques for Lines and CharactersDr. Renu Dhir
Hidden Web Query Technique for Extracting the Data From Deep Web Data BaseMr. Nripendra Narayan Das
Hierarchical On-Line Control Models for Man-Machine Production Systems under Random DisturbancesDr. Doron Greenberg
High Resolution Spectral Estimation using BP via Compressive SensingDr. Isabel Duarte
High Stability Lateral Guided Method for Articulated Vehicle Based on Sensor Steering MechanismProf. Yoshihiro Takita
Hybrid Denoising Method for Removal of Mixed Noise in Medical ImagesDr.J Umamaheswari
Hybrid Multi-Biometric Person Authentication SystemDr. Long Binh Tran
Hybridization of Genetic Algorithm and Linear Programming for Solving Cell Formation Problem with Alternative Process RoutingsMr. Shahrooz Shahparvari
Hydrodynamic Analysis of Earthquake Excited Dam-Reservoirs with Sloping FaceDr. Ender Demirel
Hyperspectral Image Classification using Random Forests and Neural NetworksMrs. BOLANLE TOLULOPE ABE
Hysteresis Scaling by Defined Hysteron Pattern in Preisach ModelDr. Yongyut Laosiritaworn
ICT Skills Gap Analysis of the Saudi MarketDr. Lilac Alsafadi
Identification of Linear Periodically Time-Varying Systems Based on Hartley SeriesProf. JUAN ANZUREZ MARIN
Identification of Moderate to Acute Diabetic Neuropathic Conditions of Simulated Ulnar Nerve Response using Prony's MethodProf. Sajith Vijayaraghavan
Identifying Common Research Interest through Matching of Ontological Research ProfilesDr. Twittie Senivongse
Identifying Origin of Self-Similarity in EcoSim, an Individual-Based Ecosystem Simulation, using Wavelet-based Multifractal AnalysisMr. Abbas Golestani
Image Processing by Compression: An OverviewMr. Avid Roman-Gonzalez
Impact of Health Informatics Implementation on Clinical Workflow: A ReviewMrs. Eliza Mazlan
Impact of Malicious Attacks on Ad hoc networkDr. SARVESH TANWAR
Implementation of a Network Sensor Validation System for a Segmented Reflector TestbedDr. Helen Boussalis
Implementation of Computer and Telemetry Subsystems Link, on a Nano-Satellite SystemProf. Marlenne Angulo
Implied Binomial Trees: A Simple Robust Alternative MethodDr. Andre L Nel
Improved Promethee method for optimization of energy chargesMrs. S.G. Shirsikar
Improving Light Harvesting Capacity of Solar Cell using CdSeMr. ashok amirtha raj nedunchezhian
Improving Reliability in Application-Specific 3D Network-on-ChipMs. Farnoosh Hosseinzadeh
Improving the Reliability of AODV operation through Mobile Aware AgentMr. Deepti Singh
In Search of Electric Power Reliability in Forested Terrain with Covered Conductors: The ECG ExperienceMr. Kivlyn N. Asante, Mr. George Eduful
Incipient Failure Detection in Power Transformers through Frequency Sweep ResponseDr. Jaime Cerda Jacobo
Increasing the Performance of a Training Algorithm for Local Model NetworksMr. Torsten Fischer
Individualized 3D Face Model Reconstruction using Two Orthogonal Face ImagesProf. HyungIl Choi
Influence of Various lubricants in machiningDr. Vivek kumar
Information Extraction from Research Papers by Data Integration and Data Validation from Multiple Header Extraction SourcesMr. Ozair Saleem
Information Translation: A Practitioners ApproachMr. Majid Zaman
Inhibitory Study for Joint Reactions of Hydrodesulfurization and Hydrodenitrogenation during Hydrotreating of Vacuum Gas OilDr. Saba Gheni
Instructive Of Ooze InformationDr. Ch.Balarama Krishna
Integrating Text Mining and Bio-Informatics Tools to Analyze Cellulase structuresDr. KPNV Satyasree
Integration of PackML in Engineering EducationDr. Masoud Fathizadeh
Internet Enabled Platform for Bridging South African Emerging Farmers' Knowledge GapDr. Akinsola OS
Interoperability of WiFi and WiMAXMr. S. R. Biradar
Interval-valued EM Algorithm with Application to Estimating ParametersProf. Pei-hong Wang, Dr. Zhi-gang Su
Intrusion Detection using an Ensemble of Classification MethodsDr. Govindarajan Muthukumarasamy
Investigation of Process Dynamics and Control of Polystyrene Batch Reactor Using Hybrid ModelMr. Mohammad Anwar Hosen
Investigation on Importance of Simulation Modeling and its Application in Supply Chain ManagementDr. Afsaneh Noori Houshyar
IP-Spoofing Vulnerability Protection Software for Data Communication Network OperatorsDr. Ikechukwu F. C. Onah
Isodensity Map Generation by Lightning DetectionMrs. Uriel Sandoval
Jitter Oscillator-based HRNG with Independently Controllable Output RateDr. Ji-Man Park
Knowledge Discovery (Email Harvesting, Gender Identification & Prediction) in Social Network Data (Facebook 100 Million URL)Mrs. Nancy Philominraj
LabVIEW Based Performance Optimization of Single Phase Induction MotorsDr. Bhaskaran Umamaheswari
Layered Security Policy Enclaves in Wireless Classified EnvironmentsDr. Luay Wahsheh
Learnable Hyperspectral MeasuresDr. Abdulrahman Galal
Learning Network Concepts with Mobile Based LabwareDr. Kai Qian
LEIR - Load Balanced Energy Aware Intra-Cluster Routing for Wireless Sensor NetworkDr. Sohail Abdul Jabbar
Lessons Learned Building Reusable OO Telecommunication Software FrameworksMr. Munagala chetty Chandrapal
License plate recognition system combined with BP neural network and template matching methodsDr. SU Tingting
Lightweight Multi-direction-of-arrival Estimation on a Mobile Robotic PlatformDr. Caleb Rascon
Linear Quadratic Regulation of a Rotating Shaft being Subject to Gyroscopic EffectMr. Rudolf Sebastian Schittenhelm
Liquid Holdup in Concurrent Gas Liquid Upflow Through Packed Column with Random and Corrugated Structured PackingProf. Sankarshana Talapuru
Livewire Interactive Volumetric Segmentation in Medical ImagingDr. Sohail Abdul Jabbar
Low Complexity Hybrid Rate Control Schemes for Distributed Video CodingProf. Jean-Yves Chouinard
M-adaptation method for solving acoustic wave equation on cuboid meshes in 3DDr. Vitaliy Gyrya
Mathematical Model for Colloidal Fow through Porous MedimDr. Hooman Fallah
Mathematical Modeling of Rotary Electro Chemical Discharge Machining (RECDM)Prof. Jerzy Kozak
Mechanized Balling Disc Machine (Pelletizer) for Industrial Development in NigeriaDr. KINGSLEY OKECHUKWU IKEBUDU
Method of IPA Cleaning Process on Temperature and Spin Speed for Prevent Pattern Collapse in DRAM CapacitorMr. Keun-Sun Kim
Microwave Irradiation Application in Biodiesel Production from Promising Biodiesel Feedstock: Microalgae (Chlorella protothecoides)Prof. Nezihe Azcan
Middleware Framework for Wireless Sensor NetworksMr. Ilyas Yaqoob
Migration of Computational Models in Virtual Prototyping of Complex Mechanical SystemsDr. Jaroslaw Tokarczyk
Minimax MMSE Estimator for Sparse SystemDr. Hongqing Liu
Minimization Time and Battery for a Straight Movement in MANETMiss pattama longani
Modeling and Analysis of the Dynamics of Load Carrying SystemProf. Bogdan Posiadala
Modeling Group EmphasisDr. ND Chuene
Modeling of Ethanol Permeation through the Polydimethylsiloxane Membrane Using Computational Fluid Dynamics TechniqueDr. Amirhossein Mafi
Modeling Throughput and Delay in 802.11 Infrastructure Mode Networks with QoS Support from the Point Coordination FunctionProf. Mahasweta Sarkar
Modelling Dynamic Systems with Known Data : An Object-orientated Modelling SystemMr. Carel Van Dam
Modular Design and Adoption of Embedded System Courseware with Portable Labs in a BoxProf. Xiaolin Hu
Monitoring and Controlling of an Electric Circuit from a Remote Location Using SMSMs. Minakshi Shinde
Monitoring of High Power Laser Welding Process by Using Image Difference AlgorithmDr. Xiangdong Gao
Mood Driven Computational Model for Gross Emotion Regulation Process ParadigmMr. Ahmad Soleimani
Multicarrier-Modulation for Process-Oriented Real-Time Communication Techniques in Industrial EnvironmentProf. Tilo Heimbold, Mr. Tobias Rudloff
Multi-Panel Lamination Process Optimization with Design of ExperimentDr. Wimalin Laosiritaworn
Neural Network based Cursive Handwriting RecognitionDr. Neeta Nain
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Distillation Column Using Wavenet Based Hammerstein ModelDr. K .Ramesh
Non-vacuum solution of six dimensional Bianchi type-I space-time in f(R) theory of gravityDr. Jyotsna K. Jumale
Normal/Abnormal Gait Analysis based on the Statistical Registration and Modeling of the Frontal View Gait DataDr. Kosuke Okusa
Novel alternate mixed-mode chaotic circuit models for secure communicationDr. Umesh Kumar
Novel Aspects of Bounded Velocity TransportDr. Fabrice Debbasch