The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2013 are listed here:

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Titles (A_D)
Contact Authors
A Built in Self Test System for Dynamic Performance Parameter Evaluation of Pipelined Analog to Digital ConverterProf. ALOK BARUA
A Closed Loop TBSC Compensator for Direct Online Starting of Induction Motors With Voltage Sag MitigationDr. DADGONDA R PATIL
A Comparative Study of the Role of Information Technology in SPGC with (Industrial/Operational) Companies in Other Countries by COBT FrameworkDr. Sima Radmanesh
A Conceptual Framework for the Analysis of Overall Worker Effectiveness (OWE) - A Case of Manufacturing SMEsDr. BHIMASEN SORAGAON
A Cross-Layer Based Enhanced Handover Scheme Design in Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksMr. Nkoko Sehlabaka
A Decomposition Machine-learning Strategy for Automated Fruit GradingDr. Teo Susnjak
A Development of Key Performance Indicators for the Public R&D of Energy Technology using Balanced Scorecard ApproachProf. Deok-Joo Lee
A Dynamic Bayesian Network Model for Predicting Congestion During a Ship Fire EvacuationMiss Parvaneh Sarshar
A Genetic Algorithm for the Multiple Knapsack Problem in Dynamic EnvironmentMr. ALI NADI UNAL
A Geographic Interactive Supply Chain Management System for Construction ProjectsDr. MANSOUR JADID
A Graph Model Proposal for Convex Non Linear Separable Problems with Linear ConstraintsDr. Jaime Cerda Jacobo
A Graph-based Decentralization Proposal for Convex Non Linear Separable Problems with Linear ConstraintsDr. Jaime Cerda Jacobo
A High Resolution ISAR Imaging Method for Wideband RadarMiss Jinjin Zhang
A Light-Weight Response Time Scheme for Cloud Computing EnvironmentMr. Ashraf Zia
A Mentorship Model for Simulated Work Integrated Learning using Windows PhoneMrs. Mosima Anna Masethe
A Mixed Approach load Balancing and Efficient Energy for Multi-path Routing in Mobile Ad hoc NetworksDr. Fatiha Djemili
A New and Simple Method of Solving Large Linear Systems: Based on Cramer's Rule but Employing Dodgson's CondensationMr. Ufuoma Okoh
A New Composition Algorithm for Automatic Generation of Thematic Music from the Existing Music PiecesMr. Abhijit Suprem
A New Method of Learning: M-Learning (Mobile Learning)Prof. Amritpal Kaur
A Novel Spectrum Assignment Technique for Interference Mitigation in 4G Heterogeneous NetworksDr. Sweta Sarkar
A Novel Topology for Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of SwitchesDr. Hulusi Karaca
A Parameter Identification Technique for Structured Population Equations Modeling Erythropoiesis in Dialysis PatientsDr. Doris Helene Fuertinger
A Probabilistic Approach to Text Generation of Human Motions extracted from Kinect VideosMs. Mizuki Kobayashi
A Proposed Solution Framework for the Operating Room Scheduling ProblemsProf. Nermine Harraz
A Recent Survey of Circuit Design Tools for TeachingMr. Anthony Chan
A Robust and Invisible Digital Watermarking Algorithm based on Multiple Transform Method for Image ContentsMs. M. Kim
A Simple and Efficient Way to Combine Microcontrollers with RSA CryptographyDr. Lucas Hui
A Simulation Study of Alternans-Arrhythmia Based on Physiology of Invertebrate HeartProf. Toru Yazawa
A Social Choice Function Proposal to Aggregate Preferences in a Group Decision Making ProcessDr. Tuncay Gurbuz
A Stable Artificial Neural Network Based NARMA-L2 Control of a Bioreactor with Input MultiplicitiesProf. PRABHAKER REDDY GINUGA
A Study of Impact of ERP and Cloud Computing in Business EnterprisesMr. gurpreet singh
A Study on Effective Communication Strategy in Developing Brand Communication: Analysis of Social Networking SiteDr. Tina Vukasovic
A Study on Using Multiple Sets of Particle Filters to Control an Inverted PendulumMiss Midori Saito
A Sub-threshold Low Power CMOS VGA for Zero-IF ReceiverMr. Du Yongqian
A Tool For Active FLEET Management and Analysis of Activities of a Snow PlowING and a Road Salting FleetProf. Rok Strasek
A Unified Approach for Multiobjective Fuzzy Chance Constrained Programming with Joint Normal DistributionDr. Animesh Biswas
Adaptive E-Learning Model for Educational Institutions: Empirical Study in Saudi Arabian Higher Educational InstitutionsDr. torki altameem
Adhesion Strength Predicting of Cr/CrN Coated Al7075 Using Fuzzy Logic System for Fretting Fatigue Life EnhancementDr. Ahmed Sarhan
Advantages of DEA over MEA for Sweetening Unit of a Gas PlantDr. Abbas Azarmehr
Algorithm for Inputting Fixed Point Numbers in E-notationMr. Edosomwn Joseph Henry Enorense
Algorithm for Interval Linear Programming Involving Interval ConstraintsProf. Ibraheem Alolyan
An Accurate Hybrid-Similarity Technique for User-Defined Wafer Fail-Map Pattern DetectionMr. Sunho Song
An Ad Hoc Broadcast Scheme using the Radio Data System (RDS) in the FM BandDr. Sweta Sarkar
An Algorithm for the Circle-packing Problem via Extended Sequence-pair with Nonlinear OptimizationProf. Mario Nakamori, Mr. Shuhei Morinaga
An Efficient Multilevel-Synthesis Approach and its Application to a 27-Level InverterDr. Satish Kumar Peddapelli
An Efficient MVP-CSE Algorithm for Compact S-box Hardware ImplementationDr. Chun Zeng
An Empirical Study to Redefine the Relationship between Software Design Metrics and Maintainability in High Data Intensive ApplicationsMrs. Anuradha Chug
An Energy Balanced Routing Protocol for Cognitive Wireless Sensor NetworksMr. Hiren Kumar Deva Sarma
An Enhanced Vacuum Pump System for Optimal Preventive Maintenance in the CVD ProcessMr. Insung Ko
An Evaluative Study of Software Refactoring in Procedural ProgrammingMs. Zeba Khanam
An Healthcare Process Reengineering Using Discrete Event SimulationDr. Fabio Rolando
An Improved Cross-Correlation Method Based on Fractional Delay Estimation for Velocity Measurement of High Speed TargetsProf. Xinggan Zhang
An Integrated Model for Supporting Better Fishering Vessel Design by Modeling Fish Schools Dynamics Ready for HLAProf. Roberto Revetria
An Integrated Operational Research And System Dynamics Approach For Planning Decisions In Container TerminalsMr. Ahmed Karam
An Investigation of Heat Transfer in Single and Multiphase SystemsProf. Arup Kumar Borah
Analog Signal Processing in Light Scanning Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring Accuracy EnhancementProf. Wendy Flores-Fuentes
Analysis of Effect of Hysteresis Bands and Value of Reference Stator Flux on Torque Ripple in Direct Torque Controlled Induction MotorDr. YEDDULA PEDDA OBULESU
Analysis of Factors That Affect the Intention to Leave of White-collar Employees in Turkey Using Structural Equation ModellingMiss Ecem Basak
Analysis of Rotor Faults Effects on Submersible Induction Motor' EfficiencyDr. Hayri ARABACI
Applying Time-Reversal Technique for MU MIMO UWB Communication SystemsDr. Ha Dac-Binh
Artificial Tendon Driving System Using Skin EffectDr. Erkan Kaplanoglu
Assessment on the Utilization of Current Halal Certification Technologies by Halal Industry Players in MalaysiaDr. Mohd Zaidi Abd Rozan
Association Rules Extraction using Multi-objective Feature of Genetic AlgorithmDr. Geeta Sikka
Automatic Segmentation of Brain Tumor from MR Image Using Region Growing TechniqueDr.C.Balasubramanian
Automating Skin Disease Diagnosis Using Image ClassificationMr. Damilola Okuboyejo
Bin Level Detection based on Wall Entropy Perturbation in Electronic Waste CollectionMr. Fabricio D'Morison
Biological tissue mechanics with fibres modelled as one-dimensional Cosserat ContinuaDr. Kevin Sack
Bio-nanomaterials for efficient light harvesting and solar cell applicationsDr. Aneesha Kondapi
Blind Watermarking of Audio Signals using Iris Data For Protecting Intellectual property Rights of Multiple OwnersDr. Jeetendra Pande
Case Study On SYSML and VHDL-AMS for Designing and Validating SystemsProf. Abdelkader Sahraoui
Cash Distribution Using Skip Concept for Heuristics Vehicle Routing MethodologyDr. Nanthi Suthikarnnarunai
Chaotic Attitude Synchronization of Multiple Spacecraft using Distributed Predictive ControlDr. H. Karimian
Characterizing Pore Structure of Coal under CO2 Sequestration ConditionsDr. Geoff Wang
CMOS Differential Amplifier Area Optimization with Evolutionary AlgorithmsDr. BURCU ERKMEN
Cognitive Architecture to Evolve Conscious Cognitive Tasks into Common Sense Actions on AgentsProf. Shylaja K.R
Comparison Between GA & PSO Techniques for the Placement of FACTS Devices for Minimum Operation Cost at Different Loading ConditionsDr. Vikash Kumar Gupta
Comparison of SVPWM and SPWM Techniques for Back to Back Converters in PSCADDr. RUBEN TAPIA
Comprehension of Care Label Symbols: Effects of Age, Gender, and Education LevelProf. Fethi Calisir
Computer Aided Design Software Development for Expert System for Material and Welding Rod Selection in Robotic WeldingDr. Adefemi Adeyemi Adekunle
Concept of Automated Transportation Center and its PIL ModelDr. Stepan Ozana
Conformance Testing as a Source of Support in the Maintenance of the Productive Process: A Case Study in the Paper IndustryDr. Jessica Lange de Deus
Construction of a Home Network System Using a Power Line Communication Method and a Voice Recognition Command ControllerProf. Kyung Mog Lee
Construction of a New Cryptographic Method, Employing Pseudoanalytic Function TheoryMiss Ariana G. Bucio R.
Content Based Adaptive Overlay Text Extraction and Recognition Based-on Characteristic DetectionDr. Arunkumar Sivaraman
Content-based Unequal Error Protection Scheme for Enhanced Wireless Video BroadcastMr. Ubong Ukommi
Controllability of Linear Time-invariant Dynamical Systems with Fuzzy Initial ConditionMr. Bhaskar Dubey
Credit Derivatives and Global Financial CrisisProf. Mmboniseni Mulaudzi
Cryptography for a High-Assurance Web-Based EnterpriseDr. William Simpson
Decentralized Configuration, Pricing and Remanufacturing Decisions in a Multi-level Green Supply ChainDr. YUN HUANG
Design and Analysis of UHF BJT Feedback Oscillator Using Linear and Non-Linear SimulationDr. Pramod K B
Design and Characterization of a Fatigue Testing MachineMr. AUSTIN IKECHUKWU GBASOUZOR
Design and Development of Personalized Contents-feed Apps Intended for Web-of-ThingsMr. Abhijit Suprem
Design and Implementation of Geothermal Systems for Heating and Air ConditioningDr. Masoud Fathizadeh
Design of Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Relative NavigationMr. Je Young Lee
Designing an Integrated Multi-objective Supply Chain Network Considering Volume FlexibilityMr. Shahrooz Shahparvari
Designing Optimized Architecture for Network Security DevicesMr. ROHAN BADLANI
Developing of an E-Bike Testing Station and Measuring of Efficiency of E-BikesMr. Jaromir Konecny
Development and Field Testing of an Inclined Flanged Compact Diffuser for a Micro Wind TurbineDr. Sandip A Kale
Development and Usability of a Web Application for Career Choice for High School StudentsMr. Johnson Dehinbo
Development of Autonomous Traveling for Agricultural Robot Drive Platform by Using a Single CameraMr. Abhijit Suprem
Development of Wavelength Division Multiplexing Model with Mathematical EquationsDr. IBRAHIM M.A.
Digital Dashboard for Software project ManagementDr. Shivanand Hiremath
Digital Signal Processing on Optoelectronic for SHMProf. Wendy Flores-Fuentes
Discrete Event Simulation of Optical Switch Matrix Performance in Computer NetworksDr. Neena Imam
Distributed Approch Using NSGAII Algorithm to Solve the Dynamic Dial a Ride ProblemDr. Alaya RADDAOUI
Do Industrial Clusters Foster Technological Capability: A Comparative Study of Small and Large Scale Firms in Bangalore Machine Tool ClusterProf. Raghavendra Naraganahalli