The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2013 are listed here:

A_D, E_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
obImportance of Architecture centric Model driven Software DevelopmentDr. Saadia Hafeez
Obstacles and critical success factors: A Delphi study of Technology Enhanced Learning applied on Computer Science skillsDr. Marcela Porta
On A Mathematical Model of HCVProf. B. D. Aggarwala
On Developing an Adaptive Tutoring System with Formative Assessment for Mobile LearningProf. Hisashi Yokota
On The Implementation of Crowbar less Solid State Modular Klystron Bias SupplyDr. Koushik Guha
On the Model-free Control of an Experimental GreenhouseDr. Balmat Jean-Francois
On the Numerical Solution of Three-Dimensional Diffusion Equation with an Integral ConditionDr. Ahmed Cheniguel
On-Line Control Strategy for a WECS with Permanent Magnet Synchronous GeneratorProf. omar aguilar
Optimal Deceleration of Rotations of an Asymmetric Body with a Cavity Filled with Viscous Fluid in a Resistive MediumProf. Dmytro Leshchenko
Optimizing Vender Inspectors' Qualification Process Using Lean Six SigmaProf. Abdulaziz Bubshait
Optimum Active Power Conditioner Placement for Power Quality Enhancement Using Discrete Firefly AlgorithmProf. Azah Mohamed
Output Tracking of Non-minimum Phase Nonlinear Systems Through Exact LinearizationDr. Janson Naiborhu
Partial Discharge Characterisation of Nichrome Particle in a Gas Filled DuctDr. Rajesh Kamath
Partial Reconfiguration and Novel Algorithm for Matrix Inverse ComputationsMr. Etienne Aubin Mbe Mbock
Path Loss Measurements for Relay Stations in 1900MHz BandMr. Masoud Hamid
Performance Analysis of the Intelligent Transportation SystemsMr. Kittipong Tissayakorn
Performance Evaluation of Proportional Fairness Scheduling in LTEMr. yaser barayan
Performance Improvement of a Diesel Generating Set with Fuzzy Control for Stand-alone and Grid-connected OperationsMr. Giann Reis
Performance of Conventional X-bar Chart for Autocorrelated Data Using Smaller Sample SizesDr. D. R. Prajapati
Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem Using Classical NEH, ILS-ESP OperatorDr. Vanita Tonge
Practice and Guidance for Conducting Bayesian Interim Analyses in Clinical TrialsMr. Hal Li
Preliminary Findings from a Research Survey on Evolution of Software Defined RadioDr. M. Srilatha
Preparation and Assessment of Thin Films for Use as Ammonia SensorsDr. Fred Lacy
Project Subcontractors Selection in Fixed Price and Cost-plus ContractsDr. Tomasz Blaszczyk
Proposing a cost effective Strategy for Scalable Power-aware DBMSDr. Saadia Hafeez
PWM Control of Asymmetrical Converter Fed Switched Reluctance Motor DriveDr. Srinivas Pratapgiri
Real-time People Counting Method with Surveillance Cameras Implemented on Embedded SystemMrs. Yaching Chang
Recognition of Brain Tumors by Removal of Noise using HMM & GA ModelsDr.C.Balasubramanian
Reflection and Transmission of Acoustic waves: Semiconductor-Fluid InterfaceDr. Amit Sharma
Reliability Assessment of 33kV Kaduna Electricity Distribution Feeders, Northern Region, NigeriaMr. Yusuf Jibril
Reliability Improvement of Radial Distribution System with Smart Grid TechnologyMr. Vidya Sagr E.
Reliability of Reviews on the Internet: The Case of TripAdvisorProf. Alton Chua
Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Analysis of a Major Power Station in NigeriaDr. Achebo, J.I
Remote Access Control System using Iris SignatureMr. AWOFADEJU AYINDE SAMUEL
Requirements of Database Management in CloudDr. Muhammad Sohail
Research on the Stength Optimization of Carbon Fiber Reinforced RMC based Micromechanical ModelingDr. Tao Wang, Prof. JianHua Zhang
Reuse Properties of Structural Members During Building Components DesignDr. Semih Goksel Yildirim
Safe Path Estimation for Visual-Impaired People Using Polar Edge-Blob HistogramMr. Qing Lin
SCB Configuration Operational PerformanceDr. LF Romero Dessens
Selection of Time-Domain Features for Fall Detection Based on Supervised LearningDr. M. Amac Guvensan
Shannon-entropy Control of Quantum SystemsDr. Yifan Xing
Short-Term Wind Speed Prediction based on Hammerstein-Wiener ModelDr. R. Abbasi-Asl
Sightseeing Assistance via Information Inheritance with Journey Note System in Sightseeing SpotsMr. Shuichi Takagi
Simple Numerical Two Dimensional Magnetostatic Analysis of a Fractional Slot Winding Brushless DC MotorProf. Abdul-Ganiyu Jimoh
Simulation of Electrochemical Shaping of Airfoils Using Continuous and Pulse CurrentProf. Jerzy Kozak
Simultaneous Plant and Controller Optimization Based on Non-smooth TechniquesMr. Ngoc Minh Dao
Single and Multiple Thread Programming for Geo-visualization by Using WebGL with Web WorkersMr. Hyung Woo Kim
Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems by Artificial Bee Colony with Greedy ScoutsDr. Kazunori Mizuno, Miss Yuko Aratsu
Solving The Printed Circuit Board Drilling Problem By Ant Colony Optimization AlgorithmDr. Taisir Eldos
Special Economic Zone: Facts, Roles, and Opportunities of InvestmentDr.Nanthi Suthikarnnarunai
Stationary Analysis of an M/M/1 Driven Fluid Queue Subject to Catastrophes and Subsequent RepairDr. K.V. Vijayashree
Statistical Tuning of the Best suited Prediction Model for Measurements made in Hyderabad City of Southern IndiaDr. Hemalatha Rallapalli, Dr. Tirumala Satyasavithri
Strength and Deformation Capacities of Simple Floor Steel Beams under various Protection Schemes in Fire ConditionsDr. Emmanuel Ufuah
Studies on Deformational Behavior of Cortical Bone using Small Punch Testing and Finite Element SimulationMr. Nitin Kumar Sharma
Study of Clock Synchronization for High Speed Satellite Communication TransmissionMr. Pansoo Kim
Support System for Learning Heuristic Knowledge of PhotographyMr. Sota Kobayashi
Swing-up Problem of Inverted Pendulum Designed by DYNOPT ToolboxDr. Stepan Ozana
Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-polymer CompositesDr. Rashmi S. H.
Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) Fuzzy Regression of Fuzzy DataProf. Pei-hong Wang
Teacher Candidates' Views, Experiences and Evaluation of Learning ObjectsDr. Beril CEYLAN
Test Driven Mobile Applications DevelopmentDr. Haeng Kon Kim
The Development of Scale to Measure Students' Perceptions and Engagement with E-learning Components in a Campus at Middle East UniversitiesDr. George Maher Iskander
The Dynamic Curriculum Planning for a Database Design Tutoring SystemDr. Feng-Jen Yang
The Effect of Journals those Prospective Teachers of Information Technologies Have Kept in the Teaching Practicum Courses through Blog on Reflective Thinking LevelsDr. Adile Askim KURT
The Multi-task Scheduling and Controlling Simulation Method of the AGVSMiss Wenjing Zhao
The Relationship Between the Humanistic Values of Pre-Service Teachers of Information Technologies and Their Attitudes towards Teaching ProfessionDr. Semseddin Gunduz
The study of the impact of drying process parameters on ceramic granules moistureDr. Ing. Imrich Orlovsky
The Two-phase Stefan Problem for the Heat EquationDr. Kulyash Kaliyeva
Thermall Processes at Old Mining Dumps and Their Measurement and UtilizationDr. Radovan Hajovsky
Thermodynamic Analysis of Semielliptical Rectangular Horizontal Open Type Bulk Milk CoolerDr S N Sapali
Time Synchronization Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network: Techniques, Issues and RecommendationsDr. Sohail Jabbar
Topic Models Based Document Similarity MeasureDr. He Ming
Toward a framework for evaluating information systems impactsDr. Ahed Abugabah
Towards An Analysis of Software Supply Chain Risk ManagementMiss Shixian Du
Towards Socio-Economic Perspective of Software Piracy: The Case of ThailandDr. SUWAN JUNTIWASARAKIJ
Towards Suitable Research Paradigm for Assessing the Impact of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)Mr. Johnson Dehinbo
TOWARDS: 3D INTERNETMs. Swapnali R. Ghadge
Transient Free TBSC Compensator for Dynamic Reactive Load with Closed Loop ControlMr. SWAPNIL D PATIL
UCAT: A Ubiquity Collaborative Architecture for Developing Thesis DegreeProf. Refugio Efrain Alvarez-Vazquez, Prof. Juan Paulo Sanchez-Hernandez
Ultra Wideband Transceiver Design for Compact and Implantable Medical DevicesDr. Sweta Sarkar
UML of a Touch Based 3D Visualization Environment for the Semantic Information SystemMr. Garth Herman
Understanding the Barriers to Using MicroblogsDr. Dion Goh
Unsupervised Extraction of Part Names from Service LogsDr. Aravind Chandramouli
Urban Lake Conservation Using Fuzzy logics and Geospatial Technology- Case Study Bhopal, MP, IndiaProf. ARUNA SAXENA
Utilization of PSoC-5 for Sensor Data Acquisition in a Semi-Autonomous Robotic PlatformDr. Aleksander Milshteyn
Virtual Production - The connection of the modules through the Virtual Production IntelligenceProf. Daniel Schilberg
Wide Baseline Stereo Matching Algorithm Based on Advanced Extremal RegionsDr. Zhulin LI
WI-FI Internet Browsing Architecture Via BYOD for Smart CampusMr. Nilay Sangani, Mr. Tejas Vithani
(Max, +) Optimization Model for Scheduling Operations in a Flow Network with Preventive Maintenance TasksMiss Karla Quintero