International Conference on Computational Biology 2013 ( ICCB )

ICCB I [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Measurement of Stress Using DFA Heartbeat Analysis
Prof. Toru Yazawa
A Simulation Study of Alternans-Arrhythmia Based on Physiology of Invertebrate Heart
Prof. Toru Yazawa
Identification of Anti-prostate Cancer Targets for Resveratrol: an Inverse Screening Approach

International Conference on Chemical Engineering 2013 ( ICCE )

ICCE I [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Prof. Toru Yazawa
Neuro-Fuzzy Model of the Detergent Leavings Kinetics' Removal in a Clean in Place System
Prof. Rodrigo Sislian
Exergy Analysis of Cryogenic Air Separation Unit Integrated with Biomass Gasifier
Characterizing Pore Structure of Coal under CO2 Sequestration Conditions
Dr. Geoff Wang
In-situ Photocatalytic Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium in Contaminated Soil
A Stable Artificial Neural Network Based NARMA-L2 Control of a Bioreactor with Input Multiplicities
Hydrotropic Solutions: A Study on Surface Properties and Thermodynamic Parameters
Dr. Jigisha Parikh
Poster Session
Preparation and Assessment of Thin Films for Use as Ammonia Sensors
Dr. Fred Lacy

International Conference on Circuits and Systems 2013 ( ICCS )

ICCS I [ Day One ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Lili He
Metaheuristics Based CMOS Two-Stage Comparator Optimization
An Improved Cross-Correlation Method Based on Fractional Delay Estimation for Velocity Measurement of High Speed Targets
Prof. Xinggan Zhang
Analog Signal Processing in Light Scanning Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring Accuracy Enhancement
Prof. Wendy Flores-Fuentes
Error Analysis of Trigonometric ADC
Dr. Hui Fang
CMOS Differential Amplifier Area Optimization with Evolutionary Algorithms
A Built in Self Test System for Dynamic Performance Parameter Evaluation of Pipelined Analog to Digital Converter
Improving Common Subexpression Elimination Algorithm with A New Gate-Level Delay Computing Method
Prof. Ning Wu

International Conference on Computer Science and Applications 2013 ( ICCSA )

ICCSA I [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Mr. Garth Herman
Lifecycle for Management of E-contracts Based on Web Service
Mr. Jose Neto, Prof. Celso Hirata
A Graph-based Decentralization Proposal for Convex Non Linear Separable Problems with Linear Constraints
Dr. Jaime Cerda Jacobo
An Evaluative Study of Software Refactoring in Procedural Programming
Ms. Zeba Khanam
Bin Level Detection based on Wall Entropy Perturbation in Electronic Waste Collection
Mr. Fabricio D'Morison
The Dynamic Curriculum Planning for a Database Design Tutoring System
Dr. Feng-Jen Yang
ICCSA II [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Jaime Cerda Jacobo
A Simple and Efficient Way to Combine Microcontrollers with RSA Cryptography
Dr. S.M. Yiu
Graph Theoretical Algorithms For JVM Operand Stack Visualization And Bytecode Verification
Prof. Sergej Alekseev, Mr. Andreas Karoly
Algorithm for Inputting Fixed Point Numbers in E-notation
Mr. Edosomwn Joseph Henry Enorense
UML of a Touch Based 3D Visualization Environment for the Semantic Information System
Mr. Garth Herman
ICCSA III [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. S.M. Yiu
Case Study On SYSML and VHDL-AMS for Designing and Validating Systems
Prof. Abdelkader Sahraoui
Forming Productive Student Groups Using a Massively Parallel Brute-Force Algorithm
Dr. Tyson Henry
A Graph Model Proposal for Convex Non Linear Separable Problems with Linear Constraints
Dr. Jaime Cerda Jacobo
ICCSA IV [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Miss Parvaneh Sarshar
Partial Reconfiguration and Novel Algorithm for Matrix Inverse Computations
Mr. Etienne Aubin Mbe Mbock
A Probabilistic Approach to Text Generation of Human Motions extracted from Kinect Videos
Ms. Mizuki Kobayashi
Extracting Key Terms From Micro-Blogs Messages Using Wikipedia
Prof. Ahmad Al-Zubi
WI-FI Internet Browsing Architecture Via BYOD for Smart Campus
Mr. Tejas Vithani
Maximizing the SIMD Behavior in SPMD Engines
Prof. Mihaela Malita
ICCSA V [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Mr. Etienne Aubin Mbe Mbock
Cryptography for a High-Assurance Web-Based Enterprise
Dr. William Simpson
Construction of a New Cryptographic Method, Employing Pseudoanalytic Function Theory
Miss Ariana G. Bucio R.
Towards Suitable Research Paradigm for Assessing the Impact of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
Mr. Johnson Dehinbo
A Study of Impact of ERP and Cloud Computing in Business Enterprises
Mr. Gurpreet Singh
Stationary Analysis of an M/M/1 Driven Fluid Queue Subject to Catastrophes and Subsequent Repair
Dr. Vijayashree K.V.
ICCSA VI [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Miss Ariana G. Bucio R.
A Dynamic Bayesian Network Model for Predicting Congestion During a Ship Fire Evacuation
Miss Parvaneh Sarshar
Algorithm for Interval Linear Programming Involving Interval Constraints
Prof. Ibraheem Alolyan
Designing Optimized Architecture for Network Security Devices
Mapping Real Numbers to Simple Resistor Networks
An Empirical Study to Redefine the Relationship between Software Design Metrics and Maintainability in High Data Intensive Applications
Mrs. Anuradha Chug
Poster Session
A New and Simple Method of Solving Large Linear Systems: Based on Cramer's Rule but Employing Dodgson's Condensation
Mr. Ufuoma Okoh
MashChord: A Structured Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Mashups Based on Chord
Dr. Osama Al-Haj Hassan
Event-Driven Fuzzy Paradigm for Emotion Generation Dynamics
Mr. Ahmad Soleimani
Towards An Analysis of Software Supply Chain Risk Management
Miss Shixian Du
Matrix Multiplication on FPGA-Based Platform
Mr. Michael Gubody

International Conference on Communications Systems and Technologies 2013 ( ICCST )

ICCST I [ Day One ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Hemalatha Rallapalli
Modelling of Non-Stationary Mobile Radio Channels Incorporating the Brownian Mobility Model With Drift
Mr. Alireza Borhani
Multiple Antenna Channel Codes for Satellite Communication
Dr. Oludare Sokoya
ICCST II [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Kihan Zrar Ghafour
Ultra Wideband Transceiver Design for Compact and Implantable Medical Devices
Dr. Christopher Paolini
A Cross-Layer Based Enhanced Handover Scheme Design in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Mr. Hlaudi Daniel Masethe
Statistical Tuning of the Best suited Prediction Model for Measurements made in Hyderabad City of Southern India
Dr. Hemalatha Rallapalli, Dr. Tirumala Satyasavithri
Efficient Decentralized Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in EPON
Discrete Event Simulation of Optical Switch Matrix Performance in Computer Networks
Dr. Neena Imam
ICCST III [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Tirumala Satyasavithri
Sightseeing Assistance via Information Inheritance with Journey Note System in Sightseeing Spots
Mr. Shuichi Takagi
Construction of a Home Network System Using a Power Line Communication Method and a Voice Recognition Command Controller
Prof. Kyung Mog Lee
A Novel Spectrum Assignment Technique for Interference Mitigation in 4G Heterogeneous Networks
Dr. Christopher Paolini
Intelligent Vertical Handover for Heterogeneous Wireless Network
Dr. Kihan Zrar Ghafour
Enhanced Performance Analysis of Optical CDMA based FSO Communication System
Mr. Gagnesh Kumar
ICCST IV [ Day One ( 16:30 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Mr. Alireza Borhani
Test Driven Mobile Applications Development
Dr. Haeng Kon Kim
Effective Complex Data Retrieval Mechanism for Mobile Applications
Dr. Haeng Kon Kim
Poster Session
Performance Evaluation of Proportional Fairness Scheduling in LTE
Mr. Yaser Barayan
Applying Time-Reversal Technique for MU MIMO UWB Communication Systems
Dr. Ha Dac-Binh
Path Loss Measurements for Relay Stations in 1900MHz Band
Mr. Masoud Hamid
Effect of Interactions on Ultrashort Pulses Transmission
Study of Clock Synchronization for High Speed Satellite Communication Transmission
Mr. Pansoo Kim
An Energy Balanced Routing Protocol for Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks
Mr. Hiren Kumar Deva Sarma

International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Applications 2013 ( ICEEA )

ICEEA I [ Day One ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Revna ACAR VURAL
Comparison of SVPWM and SPWM Techniques for Back to Back Converters in PSCAD
Analysis of Rotor Faults Effects on Submersible Induction Motor' Efficiency
A Closed Loop TBSC Compensator for Direct Online Starting of Induction Motors With Voltage Sag Mitigation
High Efficiency Solar System by Current Matched Partitions
Prof. Lili He
PWM Control of Asymmetrical Converter Fed Switched Reluctance Motor Drive
Dr. Srinivas Pratapgiri
ICEEA II [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. DADGONDA R PATIL
Performance Improvement of a Diesel Generating Set with Fuzzy Control for Stand-alone and Grid-connected Operations
Mr. Giann Reis
Transient Free TBSC Compensator for Dynamic Reactive Load with Closed Loop Control
A Novel Topology for Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches
Dr. Hulusi Karaca
Fault Detection In compressor Using FFT Algorithm
Dr. Vittaya Tipsuwanporn
ICEEA III [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Optimum Active Power Conditioner Placement for Power Quality Enhancement Using Discrete Firefly Algorithm
Prof. Azah Mohamed
Simple Numerical Two Dimensional Magnetostatic Analysis of a Fractional Slot Winding Brushless DC Motor
Prof. Abdul-Ganiyu Jimoh
An Efficient Multilevel-Synthesis Approach and its Application to a 27-Level Inverter
Dr. Satish Kumar Peddapelli
Design and Implementation of Geothermal Systems for Heating and Air Conditioning
Dr. Masoud Fathizadeh
Partial Discharge Characterisation of Nichrome Particle in a Gas Filled Duct
Dr. Rajesh Kamath
Toward wearable electronics: Fiber-based supercapacitors using nanowires for the next-generation energy devices
ICEEA IV [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Masoud Fathizadeh
Developing of an E-Bike Testing Station and Measuring of Efficiency of E-Bikes
Mr. Jaromir Konecny
Analysis of Effect of Hysteresis Bands and Value of Reference Stator Flux on Torque Ripple in Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor
Reliability Improvement of Radial Distribution System with Smart Grid Technology
Mr. Vidya Sagr E.
On-Line Control Strategy for a WECS with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
Prof. Omar Aguilar
Thermall Processes at Old Mining Dumps and Their Measurement and Utilization
Dr. Radovan Hajovsky
Poster Session
An Enhanced Vacuum Pump System for Optimal Preventive Maintenance in the CVD Process
Mr. Insung Ko
Modeling of Offshore Wind and Tidal Current Turbines for Stability Analysis
Mr. Hamed Aly
Reliability Assessment of 33kV Kaduna Electricity Distribution Feeders, Northern Region, Nigeria
Mr. Yusuf Jibril

International Conference on Education and Information Technology 2013 ( ICEIT )

ICEIT I [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Hatice Ferhan Odabasi
On Developing an Adaptive Tutoring System with Formative Assessment for Mobile Learning
Prof. Hisashi Yokota
UCAT: A Ubiquity Collaborative Architecture for Developing Thesis Degree
Prof. Refugio Efrain Alvarez-Vazquez, Prof. Juan Paulo Sanchez-Hernandez
Adaptive E-Learning Model for Educational Institutions: Empirical Study in Saudi Arabian Higher Educational Institutions
Dr. Torki Altameem
ICEIT II [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Refugio Efrain Alvarez-Vazquez
Mobile Digital Rights Management for DSpace Open Source Institutional Repository
Dr. Adisak Sukul
Machine Learning Algorithms and Predictive Models for Undergraduate Student Retention
Mr. Ji-Wu Jia
A Mentorship Model for Simulated Work Integrated Learning using Windows Phone
Mrs. Mosima Anna Masethe
The Relationship Between the Humanistic Values of Pre-Service Teachers of Information Technologies and Their Attitudes towards Teaching Profession
Dr. Semseddin Gunduz
The significance of Internet literacy of teachers on safe internet use
Prof. Hatice Ferhan Odabasi
ICEIT III [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Juan Paulo Sanchez-Hernandez
A Recent Survey of Circuit Design Tools for Teaching
Mr. Anthony Chan
Support System for Learning Heuristic Knowledge of Photography
Mr. Sota Kobayashi
Learning Performances Assessment Models For Online Collaborative Learning Systems
Dr. Emmanuel Onwuka Ibam
Poster Session
Evaluating the Usability of Saudi Digital Library's Interface (SDL)
A New Method of Learning: M-Learning (Mobile Learning)
Prof. Amritpal Kaur
Facebook - A Place for Learning Activities?
Dr. Rachael Kwai Fun Ip

International Conference on Intelligent Automation and Robotics 2013 ( ICIAR )

ICIAR I [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Adefemi Adeyemi Adekunle
Implementation of Orienteering Methods for Advanced Autonomous Robot
Mr. Jaromir Konecny
Cognitive Architecture to Evolve Conscious Cognitive Tasks into Common Sense Actions on Agents
Prof. Shylaja K.R
Design and Characterization of a Fatigue Testing Machine
A Study on Using Multiple Sets of Particle Filters to Control an Inverted Pendulum
Miss Midori Saito
Force Measurement Capability for Robotic Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery Systems
Dr. Mohsen Moradi Dalvand
ICIAR II [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Development of Autonomous Traveling for Agricultural Robot Drive Platform by Using a Single Camera
Mr. Abhijit Suprem
Computer Aided Design Software Development for Expert System for Material and Welding Rod Selection in Robotic Welding
Dr. Adefemi Adeyemi Adekunle
Safe Path Estimation for Visual-Impaired People Using Polar Edge-Blob Histogram
Mr. Qing Lin
Linux Based Control Framework for Mecnaum Based Omnidirectional Automated Guided Vehicles
Mr. Daniel Hess
Distributed Approch Using NSGAII Algorithm to Solve the Dynamic Dial a Ride Problem
How Do People Perceive and Trust a Lifelike Robot
Miss Kerstin Sophie Haring
Poster Session
Optimal Deceleration of Rotations of an Asymmetric Body with a Cavity Filled with Viscous Fluid in a Resistive Medium
Prof. Dmytro Leshchenko

International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Technologies 2013 ( ICIMT )

ICIMT I [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Satish Kumar Peddapelli
An Ad Hoc Broadcast Scheme using the Radio Data System (RDS) in the FM Band
Dr. Christopher Paolini
Reliability of Reviews on the Internet: The Case of TripAdvisor
Prof. Alton Chua
Music Retrieval Using Onomatopoeic Query
Mr. Kenji Ishihara, Dr. Fuminori Kimura
Single and Multiple Thread Programming for Geo-visualization by Using WebGL with Web Workers
Mr. Hyung Woo Kim
Extraction of Comparative Sentences and their Components from BBS Messages
Mr. Keita Ozaki, Dr. Fuminori Kimura
ICIMT II [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Neena Imam
Design and Development of Personalized Contents-feed Apps Intended for Web-of-Things
Mr. Abhijit Suprem
Understanding the Barriers to Using Microblogs
Dr. Dion Goh
Map Application for People with Disabilities Using Smart Devices
Miss Soo Jin Lee
Minimizing Computing Core Costs in Cloud Infrastructures that Host Location-Based Advertising Services
Dr. Christopher Paolini
Development and Usability of a Web Application for Career Choice for High School Students
Mr. Johnson Dehinbo
Poster Session
A Robust and Invisible Digital Watermarking Algorithm based on Multiple Transform Method for Image Contents
Ms. M. Kim

International Conference in Modeling Health Advances 2013 ( ICMHA )

ICMHA I [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 11:45 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. SHIVAKUMAR MADAGI
Integration of Health Data using Enterprise Service Bus
Mr. Hlaudi Daniel Masethe
Automating Skin Disease Diagnosis Using Image Classification
Mr. Damilola Okuboyejo
Poster Session
Practice and Guidance for Conducting Bayesian Interim Analyses in Clinical Trials
Mr. Hal Li

International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Analysis 2013 ( ICMLDA )

ICMLDA I [ Day Three ( 14:10 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Prof. RYOHEI NAKANO
Selection of Time-Domain Features for Fall Detection Based on Supervised Learning
Dr. M. Amac Guvensan
A Decomposition Machine-learning Strategy for Automated Fruit Grading
Dr. Teo Susnjak
Unsupervised Extraction of Part Names from Service Logs
Dr. Aravind Chandramouli
ICMLDA II [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. M. Amac Guvensan
Multilayer Perceptron Learning Utilizing Singular Regions and Search Pruning
Prof. RYOHEI NAKANO, Mr. Seiya Satoh
Association Rules Extraction using Multi-objective Feature of Genetic Algorithm
Dr. Geeta Sikka
A New Composition Algorithm for Automatic Generation of Thematic Music from the Existing Music Pieces
Mr. Abhijit Suprem
Poster Session
Flash Flood Prediction Model based on Multiple Regression Analysis for Decision Support System
Prof. Bobby Gerardo
Mining Online GIS for Crime Rate and Models based on Frequent Pattern Analysis
Prof. Bobby Gerardo

International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Control 2013 ( ICMSC )

ICMSC I [ Day One ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. Mmboniseni Mulaudzi
Simultaneous Plant and Controller Optimization Based on Non-smooth Techniques
Mr. Ngoc Minh Dao
Multivariable Fuzzy Control of CFB Boiler Combustion System
Prof. Yu-Fei Zhang, Mr. Li-Wei Xu
A Parameter Identification Technique for Structured Population Equations Modeling Erythropoiesis in Dialysis Patients
Dr. Doris Helene Fuertinger
A Tool For Active FLEET Management and Analysis of Activities of a Snow PlowING and a Road Salting Fleet
Prof. Rok Strasek
Numerical Investigation of Multijet Air Impingement on Pin Fin Heat Sink with Effusion Slots
ICMSC II [ Day One ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Doris Helene Fuertinger
Shannon-entropy Control of Quantum Systems
Dr. Yifan Xing
On the Model-free Control of an Experimental Greenhouse
Dr. Balmat Jean-Francois
Studies on Deformational Behavior of Cortical Bone using Small Punch Testing and Finite Element Simulation
Mr. Nitin Kumar Sharma
Credit Derivatives and Global Financial Crisis
Prof. Mmboniseni Mulaudzi
Harmony Search augmented with Optimal Computing Budget Allocation Capabilities for Noisy Optimization
Dr. George Georgoulas
ICMSC III [ Day One ( 9:50 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Christopher Paolini
Output Tracking of Non-minimum Phase Nonlinear Systems Through Exact Linearization
Dr. Janson Naiborhu
Artificial Tendon Driving System Using Skin Effect
Dr. Erkan Kaplanoglu
ICMSC IV [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Jerzy Kozak
Measurement and Simulation of Underground Heat Collecting Processes with COMSOL Multiphysics
Dr. Martin Pies
Design of Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Relative Navigation
Mr. Je Young Lee
Swing-up Problem of Inverted Pendulum Designed by DYNOPT Toolbox
Dr. Stepan Ozana
An Investigation of Heat Transfer in Single and Multiphase Systems
Prof. Arup Kumar Borah
(Max, +) Optimization Model for Scheduling Operations in a Flow Network with Preventive Maintenance Tasks
Miss Karla Quintero
Concept of Automated Transportation Center and its PIL Model
Dr. Stepan Ozana
Modeling of Wireless Networks as Queuing System
Prof. Lela Mirtskhulava
ICMSC V [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Miss Karla Quintero
Controllability of Linear Time-invariant Dynamical Systems with Fuzzy Initial Condition
Mr. Bhaskar Dubey
Simulation of Electrochemical Shaping of Airfoils Using Continuous and Pulse Current
Prof. Jerzy Kozak
Modeling Signalized Traffic Intersections Using SAS Simulation Studio
Dr. Soo Kar Leow
Numerical Simulation of Compressible Flow in an Asymmetric Vocal Jet
Mr. Petr Simanek
An Integrated Model for Supporting Better Fishering Vessel Design by Modeling Fish Schools Dynamics Ready for HLA
Prof. Roberto Revetria
ICMSC VI [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Roberto Revetria, Prof. Arup Kumar Borah
Modeling and Simulation of Partial Blocks of Flexible Energy System in MATLAB&Simulink for Temperature Control of Steam/Air Mixture
Dr. Martin Pies
FE Simulations of Irreversible Relative Movements (Creeping) in Rolling Bearing Seats - Influential Parameters and Remedies
Mr. Andreas Maiwald
Experience with a Long-term Monitoring of Natural Gas Leakage During Transportation Tunnels Construction
Dr. Radovan Hajovsky
Poster Session
On the Numerical Solution of Three-Dimensional Diffusion Equation with an Integral Condition
Dr. Ahmed Cheniguel
The Two-phase Stefan Problem for the Heat Equation
Dr. Kulyash Kaliyeva
Strength and Deformation Capacities of Simple Floor Steel Beams under various Protection Schemes in Fire Conditions
Dr. Emmanuel Ufuah
Fuzzy Logic Modeling and Controller Design for a Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit
Mr. Hossein tootoonchy
Research on the Stength Optimization of Carbon Fiber Reinforced RMC based Micromechanical Modeling
Dr. Tao Wang, Prof. JianHua Zhang
The Multi-task Scheduling and Controlling Simulation Method of the AGVS
Miss Wenjing Zhao

International Conference on Soft Computing and Applications 2013 ( ICSCA )

ICSCA I [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Kazunori Mizuno
Hybrid Algorithm for Network Design Problem with Uncertain Demands
Dr. Jan Roupec
Adhesion Strength Predicting of Cr/CrN Coated Al7075 Using Fuzzy Logic System for Fretting Fatigue Life Enhancement
Dr. Ahmed Sarhan
A Unified Approach for Multiobjective Fuzzy Chance Constrained Programming with Joint Normal Distribution
Dr. Animesh Biswas
Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) Fuzzy Regression of Fuzzy Data
Prof. Pei-hong Wang
N-structures Applied to Finite State Machines
ICSCA II [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 14:10 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Ahmed Sarhan
Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems by Artificial Bee Colony with Greedy Scouts
Dr. Kazunori Mizuno, Miss Yuko Aratsu
Solving The Printed Circuit Board Drilling Problem By Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
Dr. Taisir Eldos

International Conference on Systems Engineering and Engineering Management 2013 ( ICSEEM )

ICSEEM I [ Day One ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Fabio Rolando
Virtual Production - The connection of the modules through the Virtual Production Intelligence
Prof. Daniel Schilberg
A Geographic Interactive Supply Chain Management System for Construction Projects
Factors Affecting Social Network Sites Usage on Smartphones of Students in Turkey
Mr. Levent Atahan
Do Industrial Clusters Foster Technological Capability: A Comparative Study of Small and Large Scale Firms in Bangalore Machine Tool Cluster
Prof. Raghavendra Naraganahalli
Cash Distribution Using Skip Concept for Heuristics Vehicle Routing Methodology
Dr. Nanthi Suthikarnnarunai
Assessment on the Utilization of Current Halal Certification Technologies by Halal Industry Players in Malaysia
ICSEEM II [ Day One ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Daniel Schilberg
Performance Analysis of the Intelligent Transportation Systems
Mr. Kittipong Tissayakorn
An Healthcare Process Reengineering Using Discrete Event Simulation
Dr. Fabio Rolando
Improved Design of a Flour Milling Machine
Comprehension of Care Label Symbols: Effects of Age, Gender, and Education Level
Prof. Fethi Calisir
Special Economic Zone: Facts, Roles, and Opportunities of Investment
Dr. Nanthi Suthikarnnarunai
Information Communication Technology Adoption Process for Malaysia Halal Transportation
ICSEEM III [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. MANSOUR JADID
Managing Medicines in the Hospital Pharmacy: Logistics Inefficiencies
Prof. Alejandro Romero
Reuse Properties of Structural Members During Building Components Design
Dr. Semih Goksel Yildirim
Project Subcontractors Selection in Fixed Price and Cost-plus Contracts
Dr. Tomasz Blaszczyk
ICSEEM IV [ Day Two ( 10:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. Mario Nakamori
A Proposed Solution Framework for the Operating Room Scheduling Problems
Prof. Nermine Harraz
A Development of Key Performance Indicators for the Public R&D of Energy Technology using Balanced Scorecard Approach
Prof. Deok-Joo Lee
ICSEEM V [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Tuncay Gurbuz, Mr. Alexander Christ
Integrating Reactive Systems Design in Systems of Systems Framework
Prof. Abdelkader Sahraoui
Financial Risk Analysis for Engineering Management: A Framework Development and Testing
Miss Jane Lai
Fan Day Queueing Systems
Dr. Pavee Siriruk
A Genetic Algorithm for the Multiple Knapsack Problem in Dynamic Environment
Towards Socio-Economic Perspective of Software Piracy: The Case of Thailand
ICSEEM VI [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Nermine Harraz
An Algorithm for the Circle-packing Problem via Extended Sequence-pair with Nonlinear Optimization
Prof. Mario Nakamori, Mr. Shuhei Morinaga
Integration of Feature Templates in Product Structures Improves Knowledge Reuse
Mr. Alexander Christ
Analysis of Factors That Affect the Intention to Leave of White-collar Employees in Turkey Using Structural Equation Modelling
Miss Ecem Basak
Optimizing Vender Inspectors' Qualification Process Using Lean Six Sigma
Prof. Abdulaziz Bubshait
Performance of Conventional X-bar Chart for Autocorrelated Data Using Smaller Sample Sizes
Dr. D. R. Prajapati
ICSEEM VII [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Abdulaziz Bubshait, Dr. D. R. Prajapati
A Social Choice Function Proposal to Aggregate Preferences in a Group Decision Making Process
Dr. Tuncay Gurbuz
Integration of Knowledge-based Approach in SHM Systems: A Case Study of Force Identification
Prof. Madjid Fathi
New Product Development: Design of Scales in the Banana Sector in Peru
Prof. Eduardo Sanchez
Poster Session
Decentralized Configuration, Pricing and Remanufacturing Decisions in a Multi-level Green Supply Chain
Designing an Integrated Multi-objective Supply Chain Network Considering Volume Flexibility
Mr. Shahrooz Shahparvari
An Accurate Hybrid-Similarity Technique for User-Defined Wafer Fail-Map Pattern Detection
Mr. Sunho Song

International Conference on Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering 2013 ( ICSPIE )

ICSPIE I [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. ARUNA SAXENA
Essential Human Body Points Tracking Using Kalman Filter
Prof. Aini Hussain
Remote Access Control System using Iris Signature
Extraction of Significant Features using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Its Application
Dr. Sangjin Cho
Wide Baseline Stereo Matching Algorithm Based on Advanced Extremal Regions
Dr. Zhulin LI
ICSPIE II [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. Aini Hussain
Digital Signal Processing on Optoelectronic for SHM
Prof. Wendy Flores-Fuentes
Real-time People Counting Method with Surveillance Cameras Implemented on Embedded System
Mrs. Yaching Chang
Urban Lake Conservation Using Fuzzy logics and Geospatial Technology- Case Study Bhopal, MP, India
Experimentation of Measuring Three Dimensional Ultrasound Resolution
Dr. Rahmita Wirza
A High Resolution ISAR Imaging Method for Wideband Radar
Miss Jinjin Zhang
Poster Session
Extrapolation of Bandlimited Signals Using Slepian Functions
Mr. Amal Devasia
Content-based Unequal Error Protection Scheme for Enhanced Wireless Video Broadcast
Mr. Ubong Ukommi
Lossless Compression Method for Acoustic Waveform Data Based on Linear Prediction and Bit-recombination Mark Coding
Mr. Ming Cai