The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2014 are listed here:

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Titles (A_D)
Contact Authors
A Bayesian Network Model for Risk Management in Cyber SituationDr. Boniface Kayode Alese
A Centralized Multimodal Unified Authentication Platform for Web-based ApplicationMr. Chong Seak SEA
A Combined Model to Ensure Complete Security and Reliability in Cloud ComputingDr. Ankit Sharma
A Comparative Analysis in Hardware Partitioning of a Steganographic based LSB-substitution AlgorithmMr. Raghav Gupta
A Comparative Study of IEEE 802.11 Standards for Non-Safety Applications on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: A Congestion Control PerspectiveMr. Shamsul Jamel Elias
A Context-Based User Authentication Scheme for Ubiquitous ServicesProf. Pallapa Venkataram
A Developed Network Layer Handover based Wireless NetworksDr. Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor
A Discrete-event Simulation Methodology to Optimize the Number of Beds in HospitalDr. Parwadi Moengin
A Fuzzy Grouping Genetic Algorithm for Care Task AssignmentMr. Michael Mutingi
A Fuzzy-based Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Nurse SchedulingMr. Michael Mutingi
A Method of Sign Language Gesture Recognition Based on Contour FeatureProf. Jingzhong Wang
A New Approach for Cluster Disjuncts using Naive BayesMr. Ziaur Rahman Syed
A new condition for the optimum value of a functionDr. Ibraheem Alolyan
A New Gateway Location Protocol for Mesh NetworksMr. Giresse Komba
A New Hybrid Watermarking Technique using DCT and DWT based on Scaling FactorDr. U. S. N. Raju
A New Incoherent Compression of Complementary Code Pairs for Laser Ranging and DetectionDr. Ashraf Seleym
A New Power System Oscillation Type Identification Method Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert TransformDr. Dai Xianzhong
A Novel Joint Network Channel Coded Mobile Communication ArchitectureDr. Marium Jalal Chaudhry
A Parallel Authenticated Encryption Sharing Scheme Based on Cellular AutomataMr. Adrian Hernandez-Becerril
A Review of Dynamic Spectrum Networks Using Cognitive RadioMrs. fortunate elesa ntuli
A Self-Organizing Trust Model For Peer-to-Peer SystemsMr. Husain Sherif H
A Semantic Enhanced Model for Effective Spatial Information RetrievalMr. Olumuyiwa Dehinbo
A Survey of Testability For Creating Secured Smart Graphical User Interface By Icon PartitioningDr. Abhinav Bhardwaj
A Survey on Routing Protocols and Vulnerabilities in Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANETS)Dr. Gagandeep Singh
A Telepathology Model Using JPEG Algorithm for Histological Image CompressionDr. Boniface Kayode Alese
A Versatile Method and Device to Enhance the Particulate Material Pressing Process with Mechanical VibrationsDr. R. Moszumanski
A Voltage-frequency Island Partition Method for NoC based on ILPDr. Fang Zhou
Active or Not - Machine-learning based Prediction of Platelet ActivationProf. Heiko Neeb
Active Social Network System for the Creation of Self-relief Communities in DisastersMr. Luis Ernesto Dominguez Rios
Adaptive Filter to Improve the Paddy ImagesProf. Agniraj Senthil Rajan
Adaptive Joint Call Admission Control for Heterogeneous Mobile NetworksDr. SALMAN ALQAHTANI
Adaptive Thermal and Traffic Balanced Routing Algorithm for 3D NoCProf. Ning Wu
Advances in Current Techniques for Monitoring the Progress of Child DeliveryMrs. Temitope Takpor
An Agent-based Model for Supplier Selection in Digital Manufacturing MarketDr. Farhad Ameri
An Alternative Approach for Investigating the Impact of Mobile Phone Technology on SpeechMr. Esam Alzqhoul
An Audio Shuffle-Encryption AlgorithmDr. Abdelfatah Tamimi
An Energy and Traffic Aware Mapping Method for 3-D NoC-Bus Hybrid ArchitectureProf. Ning Wu
An Experimental Analysis of Surface Roughness of EN9 Steel under the influence of Pressurized Steam JetDr. Er. Rahul Davis
An Experimental Study on the Use of Temperature for Effective Separation of Cracked Palm Nuts from Their ShellsDr. PATRICK EBUILO
An FWHT Based FeatureMarking Scheme for Non-repudiate Speech CommunicationMs. REMYA A R
An Improved Error Tolerant Adder Using Pass Transistor XOR Logic in VLSI CircuitsDr. Sathish Kumar
An Innovative Model for Supporting Energy-based Cost Reduction in Steel Manufacturing Industry Using Online Real-time SimulationProf. Roberto Revetria
An Innovative Transient Free TBSC Compensator with Closed Loop Control for Fast Varying Dynamic LoadMr. Swapnil Patil
An Integrated Analog Front-end for Energy Quality Meter SystemsProf. Tales Pimenta
An Intelligent Multi-objective Optimization Approach for Multi-site Order Planning in MTO ManufacturingDr. Z.X. Guo
Analysis of Effects of Axial Shortening of Steel Columns in Frame StructureMs. SAIMA ALI
Analysis of Energy Crisis and How it Affects Production Sector and Economic Growth of NigeriaMs. MUNCHO JOSEPHINE MBUNWE
Analyzing Methods for Topology Detection on Multi-Flexible Bus SystemsProf. Tilo Heimbold, Mr. Tobias Rudloff
Anonymizing Geographic Routing for Preserving Location Privacy Using Unlinkability and UnobservabilityDr. R.Resmi
Application of Game Theory to Manpower Policy DevelopmentDr. CHIDOZIE NWOBI-OKOYE
Application of Lean Six-Sigma Methodology to Reduce the Failure Rate of Valves at Oil FieldProf. Abdulaziz Bubshait
Application of Mobile Robots by Using Speech Recognition in EngineeringDr. Rao PVLN,M
Architecture for Multimedia Content - MMWBIMr. Chanchai Supaartagorn
Assembly Process driven Component Data Model in Cyber-Physical Production SystemsMr. Daniel Strang
Assessment and Optimization of Radiation Dosimetry and Image Quality in X-ray Radiographic ImagingDr. Rafidah Zainon
Automatic Mining of Internet Translation Reference Knowledge Based on Multiple Search EnginesProf. Baosheng Yin
Barriers to Innovation in Post-Outsourcing Firms in Information Technology IndustryDr. Suwan Juntiwasarakij
Bio-methane Generation from Organic Waste: A ReviewMr. Samson Masebinu
Boosting Web Video Categorization with Digraph PropagationMiss Sansan Hong
Breaking of Carbon-dioxide Using Ultra-violet RaysDr. Sumeet Kumar Subhash Dubey
Building Heating Feed-forward Control Based on Indoor Air Temperature Inverse Dynamics ModelMr. Vildan Abdullin
Business Intelligence Readiness Issues for Higher Learning Organization: A Literature Review and Research ModelDr. Abdul Razak Rahmat
Calculation of Basic reproduction number by Graph reduction method and stability analysis in SEIQR e-epidemic model in computer networkDr. Prasant Kumar Nayak
Capacity of a Bio-inspired Communication SystemDr. Dac-Binh Ha
CBR Clone Based Software Flaw Detection IssuesDr. Ali Reza Honarvar
Cerebration of Privacy Preserving Data Mining AlgorithmsMr. Rajesh pasupuleti
CFD Optimization of a Submerged Membrane Reactor for Biohydrogen ProductionMrs. Zaineb Trad
Challenges in Goal Oriented Requirement EngineeringDr. Saadia Hafeez
Characterizing Influence Factors Affecting Emotion Diffusion in FacebookMs. Bernales Alma Mae, Prof. Kurt Junshean Espinosa
Clinical Databases used for Selecting Drugs based on Pathology Consideration and Data Mining MethodsMiss Mo Sun
Comparative Analysis of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and Power Transmission Lines Effects on the Human Body in Lagos EnvironsDr. Akinyemi, L.A
Comparative Analysis of Control Strategies for Large Doubly-Fed Reluctance Wind GeneratorsMr. Jude-Kennedy Obichere
Comparative analysis of ECC and RSA for Document-oriented database MongoDBMr. Saurabh Singh
Comparative Study of Different Parameter Inversion MethodsMr. Jiangtao Quan
Comparison between Mel-Frequency and Complex Cepstral Coefficients for Forensic Voice Comparison using a Likelihood Ratio FrameworkMr. Balamurali B.T. Nair
Comparison of 3D-DWT Based Video Pre-Post Processing TechniquesMr. Vishal Satpute
Comparison of Operational Competitiveness Rating Analysis (OCRA) Performance Evaluation with Operating MarginDr. Tuncay GURBUZ
Comparisons of Improved Round Robin AlgorithmsDr. Jeonghwa Lee
Computation of Probabilistic Top-k Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks by Fuzzy logicDr. subhranshu tripathy
Computer Analysis of In-plane Behavior of Masonry Walls Strengthened by FRP StripsDr. Jerzy Szolomicki
Computing Interfaces for EveryoneMr. Abdullah Almurayh
Conceptual Modelling and Simulation ApplicationsDr. Sushil Shukla
Construction of the Transcomplex Numbers From the Complex NumbersDr. James Anderson
Construction Time - Cost trade off Analysis Using Fuzzy Set TheoryDr V S S Kumar
Controller Performance Assessment of Servomechanisms for Nonlinear Process Control SystemsMr. Nelendran Pillay
Course Assessment Tool Using the Combination ApproachDr. Loay ALzubaidi
Critical Review of Success Factors of Knowledge Management System (KMS) on Competency Building of IT Based OrganizationDr. B.LAL
Crop Production Recognize Frameworks using Mobile Enterprise ApplicationDr. Haeng-Kon Kim
Cryptography Based Authentication MethodsDr. Mohammad Alia
Data Analysis and Prediction of Power Generated by Photovoltaic SystemsMr. Haidar Almohri
Demosaicing Algorithm using High-order Interpolation with Sobel OperatorsMr. Mingyu Baek
Design and Analysis of a Bootstrap Ramp Generator Circuit Based on a Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Differential Pair AmplifierMr. Taissir Elganimi
Design and Develop of Expert System to Diagnose Common Diseases Based Initial Assesment, Physical and Laboratory CheckupDr. Yulianti Paula Bria
Design and Development of Honeypot for Campus NetworkDr. Gurpreet Singh
Design and development of new encryption algorithm based on One Time Pad Algorithm for Network SecurityDr. Atul Gonsai
Design of a Soft Sensor with Technique Neuro-Fuzzy to Infer the Product Composition a Distillation ProcessProf. Holanda Sodre Cristiane
Design of Customer-Oriented Cloud ProductsDr. S. Emre Alptekin
Design of the Bio-digester for Biogas Production: A ReviewProf. Esther Akinlabi
Design, Modeling and Simulation of Reactive Distillation ColumnDr. Azhar Momin
Developing Fuzzy Logic Model for Reliability Estimation-Case StudyDr. Soroor Alkhafaji
Diagnosis of Alarm Systems and Impact in the Maximization of Operator's Effectiveness at Power PlantsMr. Eric Zabre
Disaster Information Sharing System using Pictograms: Representation of Multidimensional InformationMr. Kakeru Kusano
Distributed versus Centralized Protection Schema for the EnterpriseDr. William Simpson
Disturbance Attenuation Problem with Differential Game Approach for Open-Loop Linear Quadratic Descriptor SystemsDr. Muhammad Wakhid musthofa
Double Electron Affinity for Potential Energy Curves of Closed Shell MoleculesProf. Monika Musial
Dynamic Power Reduction using multiple supply voltage in critical pathsDr Srinath B