The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2015 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)
Contact Authors
Earthworms as Engineers of Soil and Human HealthMr. Samson Masebinu
Economic Analysis of Biogas Upgrading and Utilization as Vehicular Fuel in South AfricaMr. Samson Masebinu
Education in India: Learning and UnlearningDr. Suhrita Saha
Effect of Space Velocity on Fischer-Tropsch Reaction over Co/TiO2 CatalystProf. KALALA JALAMA
Effect of Temperature on CO Rate and Product Distribution during Fischer-Tropsch Reaction over Co/TiO2 CatalystProf. KALALA JALAMA
Effect of total pressure on CO conversion and CH4 selectivity during Fischer-Tropsch reaction over gold-promoted cobalt catalystDr. Kalala Jalama
Effective Diffusivity in Solid Catalysts for the Conversion of Waste Vegetable Oils into Biodiesel: Part 1-Effect of Light Hydrocarbons as Co-solventProf. KALALA JALAMA
Effectiveness of Online Language LearningDr. Shazi Shah Jabeen
End to End Packet Delivery against Vampire Attack using Secure Packet Transmission in Wireless Ad-hoc Sensors NetworksDr. M.Mohana
Enhanced Secure Handoff Scheme for Wireless NetworksDr. Topside Mathonsi
Error Rate Performance of Digital Chirp Communication System over Fading ChannelsMr. Mohammad Alsharef
Esterification of Lactic Acid and Ethanol using Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Production of a Bio-based ChemicalDr. E Okon
Face Recognition by Using Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network and Windowing MethodMr. Mehmet Korkmaz
Factors Affecting the Development and Management of Bilingual Web PortalsDr. Mohammed Altayar
Factors Influencing Chemical Absorption of CO2 and H2S in Biogas Purification: A ReviewMr. Samson Masebinu
Fast and Enhanced Image Encryption Technique Using Improved A5/1 Cipher on Image Bitplanes for Wireless Data SecurityDr. Vishal R. Satpute
Finite Difference Dynamic Analysis of Railway Bridges Supported by Pasternak Foundation under Uniform Partially Distributed Moving Railway VehicleDr. MICHAEL AGARANA
Fire Hazard Modelling in Southern AfricaMr. Tatenda Talent Chingono
Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Over Titania-supported Cobalt Catalyst: Optimum Pressure for C5+ Hydrocarbons ProductionProf. KALALA JALAMA
Formal Methods for Business Processes: A SurveyMiss Sanjana Sahayaraj
Formation Morphing of Multi-Robots Using Graph Theory: Fugitive ChasingMr. Kemal Erdogan
Friends Personalization of Trustworthiness for Privacy Perseverance in Social NetworkingDr. Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh
Fully Constrained Linear Subpixel Classification Algorithms: A Comparative Analysis Based on HeuristicDr. Uttam Kumar
Fuzzy Logic Based Approach to Early Diagnosis of Ebola Hemorrhagic FeverMiss Belinda Emokhare
GA Based Selective Harmonic Elimination for Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of SwitchesDr. Hulusi Karaca
GT-FAST- An Intelligent Commuter Information SystemDr. sree sen
Help Desk Management System of SMCQCDr. MARIA AMELIA DAMIAN
HMM-Based Vietnamese Speech SynthesisDr. Son Trinh
Humanitarian Logistics in Zimbabwe: A Taxonomic Literature ReviewMr. Tatenda Talent Chingono
Hybrid Water Cycle Algorithm for Attribute Reduction ProblemsMr. AHMED SATTAR JABBAR AL-SAEDI
Identifying Agathosma Leaves using Hyperspectral imagery and classification techniquesDr. Bolanle T. Abe
Implementation of Resonance in AC Motor Through Multi-Level Inverter Based on PLL TechniqueDr. Vittaya Tipsuwanporn
Indoor Location Estimation based on the Statistical Spatial Modeling and Radial DistributionsDr. Kosuke Okusa
Infectious Diseases Dynamics and Complexity: Multicompartment and Multivariate State-Space ModelingMr. Kidane Desta Gebreyesus
Influence of Digestate Recirculation and Recirculation Percentage on Biogas Production from Lawn Grass via Anaerobic DigestionMr. Samson Masebinu
Information Retrieval from Internet Using Hand GesturesDr. Aniket Joshi
Innovative Assembly of Stators using Ambidextrous KinematicsDr. Alexander Kuhl
Intelligent Water Drops (IWD) Algorithm for COCOMO II and COQUAMO OptimizationMr. Abdulelah Saif
Intelligent Water Drops (IWD) Algorithm for COQUAMO OptimizationMr. Abdulelah Saif
Investigation for reducing Energy Consumption for a University Campus in Dubai using AutomationDr. Parth Berde
Investigations on the Suitability of Data Mining Techniques in Stock Market Turnover PredictionMr. Shashaank Sivakumar
IoT Based Car Parking and Reservation system on CloudDr. Vaibhav Hans
Kinetic Study of Castor Monoglyceride Modified Alkyd Resin PolycondensationDr. Chigozie Francolins Uzoh
Knowledge Discovery through Computational Methods on EEG and fMRI DataMiss Sanjana Sahayaraj
Landslide Hazard GIS-based Mapping using Mamdani Fuzzy Logic in Small Scale Mining Areas of Surigao del Norte, PhilippinesMiss Monalee dela Cerna
Limitations of genetic programming applied to incipient fault detection: SFRA as exampleDr Jaime Cerda Jacobo
Linear Material Requirements Planning Model Applied to Flat Panel Display in Malaysia: A Case StudyMr. Khaled Mohammed Hussein Al-Kuhali
Low Cost deployment in Wireless Mesh NetworksMr. Giresse Komba
LS-SVM based Algorithm for the Identification of QRS complexes in Single-lead ECG using Entropy CriterionProf. S. S. Mehta
Ludic Tool that Contributes to the Physical and Motor Development Based on Sensor Technology for Gesture RecognitionMr. Anthony Freire, Mr. DANNI DE LA CRUZ, Mr. Vinicio Pazmino
Machine Learning with Missing Attributes Values Methods ImplementationProf. Stefania GALLOVA
Maintaining High Assurance in Asynchronous MessagingDr. William Simpson
Management of the Humanitarian Supply Chain in ZimbabweMr. Tatenda Talent Chingono
Mathematical Biology Under Wrong Limits and Wrong Assumptions: Norwich and Wong (the Entropy Theory) Fail to Derive Equal-Loudness ContoursDr. Iftikhar Nizami
Mathematical Modeling of Flow Structure of Micro Power Gas Turbine by CFD InvestigationProf. Alexander Kartashev
Measuring Systemic Risk: Vine Copula-GARCH ModelDr. Kuan-Heng Chen
MGF Based Performance Analysis of Digital Wireless System in Urban Shadowing EnvironmentMr. Mohammad Alsharef
Minimizing Power Losses and Enhancing Voltage Profile of a Multi-machine Power Network using Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) DeviceMiss MUNCHO MBUNWE
MOBILE COMPUTING: An Extensive ReviewDr. Abhishek Bhattacharya
Modulated Extended Cumulative Exposure Model with Application to the Step-Up Voltage TestDr. Takenori Sakumura
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Self-diffusion of Gases and Liquids in Conditions of Phase TransitionDr. Georgii Kharlamov
Morphological Characterization and Gas Permeation of Commercially Available Ceramic MembraneMrs. Ifeyinwa Orakwe
Multi-Layer Silica Ceramic Membrane for Flue Gas and Natural Gas SeparationsMrs. Ngozi Nwogu
my.eskwela: A Mobile Approach to Visual and Social Student Information SystemProf. Orven Llantos
National Information and Communication Technology Policy in Yemen: The Response of Security Sector for Decision-MakingMr. Fuad Mohsen Mohammed Nasr
Nerd Herding: Practical Project Management in the FieldMr. Matthew Harris
New Approaches to Solid Waste ManagementDr. CHARLES NNAMDI EZUGWU
Novel Efficient & Secured Approach For Communication Using Image SteganographyDr. Chiragkumar B. Patel