The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2007 are listed here:

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Titles (O_Others) Contact Authors
Object Identification and Mapping of Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Spectral Exhaustive Method Dr Xu Yuan-jin
On Defect n-Extendable Bipartite Graphs Xuelian Wen
On Extendable Software Architecture for Spam Email Filtering Dr Wanli Ma
On Numerical Solution to the Cauchy-Dirichlet Problem for the Heat Equation Professor Alexander Kozhevnikov
On Solution of the Capacitated Single Allocation Hub Location Problem Dr Jeng-Fung Chen
On the Effect of Heat Treatment on the Forming Properties of Pre-Deformed Low Carbon Steel Dr A. Alaskari
On the High-Level Synthesis of Combinational Circuits for Contiguous Pattern Matching Dr. Walter Dosch
On the Row Vectors of the Set of Multiple and Simultaneous Controls with Controlled Dan/Petri Nets Dr. Eleazar Jimenez
Online Thai Handwritten Segmentation using Water Reservoir Technique Dr. Nuchin Chatchinarat
Operating Modes and Control Capability Analysis of a Variable Structure Unified Power Flow Controller Dr. Tsao-Tsung Ma 
Optical Character Recognition for Degraded Text Documents Dr S.Sanyal and Dr Kapil Dhingra
Optimization of radiative transfer equations Michael Herty
Optimizing Multi-Response Statistical Problems Using Genetic Algorithm And Desirability Function Dr. Seyed Hamid Reza Pasandideh
Organization Technology in Mobile Peer-to-peer Network Based on Mobile Unit Dr. Liang Ye
PALMS : Reliable P2P Live Media Streaming Poo Kuan Hoong
Particle swarm optimization based heuristics for nonlinear programming problems Takeshi Matsui
Partitioning Ordinary Differential Equations Using Block Adams Formulas and Block Backward Differentiation Formulas Dr Khairil Iskandar Othman
Passive Radar Processing Blocks Gain Estimation Dr. H Habibi
Password-based Key Authentication model A new approach Dr. Yasir K. Ibrahim
Peptide Classi cation with Genetic Programming Ensemble of General Indicator Models Dr. Ron Yang
Performance Analysis of Decision Tree for Intrusion Detection with Reduced DARPA Offline Feature Sets Mohammad Hossein Rezvani
Performance Analysis of DUSTM over MIMO-OFDM System in Frequency Selective Fading Channels Dr Jing Chen
Performance Comparison of IPngLS and MPLS Ms. Tubtim Sanguanwongthong
Performance Improvement Method of Based on Interactive Wireless OFDMA System Dr. Park Dong Hyun
Performance Modeling and Evaluation of e-commerce Systems using UML 2.0 Dr. D Evangelin Geetha
Performance of RGB and HSV Color Systems in Object Detection Applications under Different Illumination Intensities Dr. Surachet Kanprachar
Periodic Motion of Discrete Dynamical System Dr. Jiemin Zhao
Phase-Lock Loops (PLL) Wireless Image Transmission Application for Flow Visualization in a Radically Rotating Rectangular Channel Dr. Wei-Ping Ma
Polychromatic pattern recognition with Mach-Zehnder joint transform correlator using quantized reference functions based on the HSV color space Chungcheng Lee 
Practicality of Microkernels Hui Miao
Pre handoff mechanism for QoS aware mobility management in wireless IP networks Dr G. Kousalya
Preamble Design and Coarse Synchronization Using CAZAC Sequence for Uplink Cable Modem  Youngje Kim
Preliminary Modeling for Technology Transfer of New Equipment Using Fuzzy ANP Prof. Amy H. I. Lee and Tasi-Ying Lin
Preventive Maintenance Scheduling via Particle Swarm Optimization Method Dr. LI, CHE-HUA
Primer design using PSO algorithm Dr. Yu-Huei Cheng
Priority Queue based LRU models for associative cache Dr. Vijayalakshmi Seshadri
Problem Solving Through 3-Fold Problem Facets Theory Mr. ARIJIT CHATTERJEE
Production Smoothing Study of the Electronic Parts and Components Industry in Taiwan Dr Chien-Wen Shen
Programming Language Design in Engineering Applications Prof. Trong Wu
Programming Language for the Development of Distributed Real-Time Applications Dedicated to Embedded Systems Dr. Horia CIOCARLIE
PROLOG for the Implementation of Student Module in ICAIP system Dr. He rongyu
Protein-protein interaction and regulatory order prediction Dr. Ka-Lok Ng
Pseudo-Reverse Approach in Genetic Evolution: An Empirical Study with Enzymes Dr. Cheng-Yuan Liou
QoS Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks Zhengping Liang
Quantitative Research of Molecular-Genetic Mechanisms of Liver Cells Infections by Hepatitis Viruses  Dr Hidirov B.N.
Query modification from user relevance feedback by multiple alignment for image retrieval Dr. Tian-Luu Wu
Radial Displacement Control of Bearingless Permanent Magnet-type Synchronous Motors Dr Shaoru Zhang
Raw Material Purchase and Storage Optimization System Based on Chaos Immune Algorithm Xihua Gu
Realization of GA-NN blind equalization algorithm Liu Yong
Realtime Creation Method of Personalized Mobile Web Contents for UCA Dr. SeungHyun Han
Receiver-Driven Congestion Control for Streaming Video Application Dr. Yang Xiaogang
Recognizing Polyhedrons from a Perspective Drawing Based on Principle of Homograph ZHANG Gui-mei
Recovery the 3D Motion and Structure of Polyhedron Based On Straight Line Flow Field Dr. ZENG Jie-xian
Reliable High Speed Iris Detection For Video Based Eye Tracking Systems  Dr Ramy Ashraf Botros Youssef
Research library: a new look of academic digital libraries Dr. Aditya M. Bhide
Research of Influencing Factors in the Simulation on 500kV GIS Substation Dr LI Ni
Research of Offset Printing Quality Control Based on Intelligent Decision System Dr Lin Jian
Research of Sludge Compost Maturity Degree Modeling Method Based on Fuzzy Neural Network for Sewage Treatment Dr. Meijuan Gao
Research on Dynamic Behavior of System Dr. Hongyan Zhang
Research on Genetic Classifier based on Cloud Model Dr. Yu Jing
Research on interaction mechanism in Multi Agent System Dr. Shuzhen Yao
Research on Modeling Method of Water Displacing Oil Physical Simulation Based on Chaos Genetic Algorithm Neural Network Dr. Jingwen Tian
Research on Resource Platform of Spacecraft Testing Dr Ren Qian
Research on Tangential Type Turbine Flowmeter Based on Simulation Dr Wang Zhen 
Research on the optimum inspection interval of digital relay based on MIS Dr LI Hongning
Research on the Recovery Technology of Floating-point Parameters in Binary Translation Fu Wen
Research on Web ServiceOriented Asynchronous Invoking Liu Changsheng
Research system and flow of dynamic alliance based on grid Dr JIE CAO
Researches on Symbol-Training Methods: Past and Present Annie Ng
Response Algorithms of Feedrate Override of S Curve Feedrate Profile LV Qiang
Restoration of ambiguous Boundary pixels for the Reduction of Blocking Artifacts in DCT domain Prof. K. Sivakami Sundari
Robust Control of an Active Suspension System Using H2 & H∞ Control Methods F. Jamshidi
Robust Design of Digital Multiple Dynamic Systems Dr. Ful-Chiang Wu
Robust integral sliding mode control against matched and unmatched system uncertainty Dr. Shiwei Wang
Rough Set Based Categorical Association Rule Mining in Web database Dr. Erkan ÜLKER
Rough Sets as a Framework for Data mining Mrs. Ayesha Butalia
Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks by Applying Heuristic Techniques to Reduce Broadcast Dr A NAGARAJU
RP-Index: Reverse Path Index for XML Data Dr Umaporn Supasitthimethee
Search Engines Integration with Hits Redundancies Filtering Dr Vivian Yong Suet Peng
Secure Ad hoc Routing Protocol (SARP) Dr M.Rajkumar
Secure E-newspaper Publication System using Time-Bound Hierarchical Key Assignment Scheme and XML Dr Ying-lun Chen
Secure Fast Pre-authentication Based on IEEE 802.11i Dr Hsu, Tzu-Hang
Security Analyses for the Passive RFID Systems Deployed by HJM Model Tree Dr Xu Huang
Security Model for 3G Terminal Dr Chen Liangyin
Security Perspectives and Technologies for E-business Architecture Design Dr. Hao Chen
Segmentation of Color Food Images by Hue and Intensity Attributes Dr. Ying-Wen Chang
Self-adaptive Intrusion Detection System for Computational Grid Dr. NI Jiancheng
Self-Adaptive Parameterization using 3-Parents Differential Evolution Ms. Teng Nga Sing
Semi-blind Channel Estimation exploiting virtual carriers in STC-OFDM systems Jiao Hui-ying
SENEgaL: A GA System for Generating Rhythms of Western Africa Dr Dimitrios Tzimeas
Sensitivity function optimization approach to PID design for improved disturbance attenuation Dr. R. Vilanova
Service Manufacture Based Organizational Learning Research on Cooperation Mechanism Chao Xu
SeWeb: A Knowledge Service Network Mode based on P2P Super-nodes' Transmission Liu Chao 
Shop-Floor Programming System for Integration of CAD, CAM and CNC Dr D.SREERAM
Similarity Measurement of Web Sessions Based on Sequence Alignment Dr Chaofeng Li
Simulation Analysis of Thermal Field in a High Speed Electromagnetic Brake Dr. Cui You
Simulation Modeling of Protective Relaying Systems for Hydropower Station Simulator Dr. Xianshan Li
Simulation of Gear Shaving Machine and Tooth Contact Analysis of the Shaved Gears Prof. Shinn-Liang Chang
Simulation of Wireless Local Area Network Dr YU Fei
Singular Point Detection Algorithm For Fingerprints Dr. Vivek Sharma
Six Sigma and Software Development Dr. Rupa Mahanti 
Sliding Mode Variable Structure Control Based on High Speed Flywheel Rotor of AMB Dr. Cai-feng LI
Software Defect Analysis Model Based on Orthogonal Defect Classification Dr Wangqin
Software Defect Prediction Using Artificial Immune Recognition System Cagatay Catal
Software Process Ontology Dr. Baris Ulu
Software Test Data Generation by Genetic Simulated Annealing Algorithm Dr Li Baolin
Some Pathological Knowledge Discovered In Large Database Of Type 2 Diabetes  Dr. Juan GAO
Some Results for Dynamical System Dr. Hongyan Zhang
Spam Mail Templates Using Genetic Algorithm Dr. Aranya Walairacht
Speaker recognition in an emotionalized spontaneous speech using empirical mode decomposition Yu-Shuo Liu
Special Guaranteed Cost Control for Time-delay Singular Systems with Parameter Uncertainties  Dr. Rui Yang
State Transition Based Analytic Representation (STBAR) and its appln in System Analysis Arijit Chatterjee
StatefulWeb Services : a missing point inWeb Dr. Mahsa Naseri
Stock Price Prediction based on neurofuzzy system for Thai Stock Index Dr. M. Radeerom
Student Expectations and Good Lecturing in IT Education Prof. Ganesh D. Bhutkar and Prof. G.D. Bhutkar
Studies of The Retransmission Timeout Algorithm Dr Haifeng You
Study of Traffic Flow Prediction Model at Intersection Based on R-FNN Dr. ZHOU Zhen-guo
Study Of Waveform Clustering In Dynamic Electrocardiogram Dr. Gang Zheng
Study on A New Medical Image Fusion Algorithm Using Orthogonal Wavelet Packets Based on 2v-SVM Dr Wang Anna, Dr Wu Jie, Dr Chen Yu and Dr Yang Peiying
Study on Line Recognition in Scanned Engineering Drawings Dr Wang Jinhe
Study on method of extracting wetland and its changed area based on multispectral images Li Fang Fang
Study on Mobile Agent-Based Focused Search Engine Dr. Xiaorui Chan
Study on Prediction Method of Data Mining based on Segmented FNN and Its Railway Application Case Dr Yong Qin
Study on Real-time Distributed Simulation Management Dr. Ge Li
Study on Single Neuron Adaptive PID Control of  Diesel Engine Common Rail Pressure An Shijie
Study on techniques of outside energy supply for the wireless capsule endoscope Dr. Xiuquan, liu
Study on Vibration of Rotor by Application of the Improved Harmonic Wavelet Dr. Xiao-Jin Fu
Studying of Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation based on NSR in BPON System Dr. Guangxiang Yang
Studying the Operation of Information Technology Based on NGSDH Optical Fiber Technique in Improving T.R.E.C. Network Control System Dr. Robab Kazemi
Super Pipelined Timeboxing Model: A Process Model for Iterative Software Development Sandip Dhummad
SuperMirror:  transparent, secure and reliable file mirroring using untrusted servers Dr Philip Mak
Supply network planning with dynamic
spot sales pricing: a case study from
the chemical industry
Prof. Hans-Otto Guenther
Support Method for Changing GUIs according to Roles of Widgets and Change Patterns Dr. Junko Shirogane
Support Vector Clustering of Dependencies in Microarray Data Dr. Dr Italo Zoppis
Support Vector Machine for Cardiac Beat Detection in Single Lead Electrocardiogram Dr. N.S.Lingayat
Surrogate-assisted global search using a probing technique Dr. Anna Persson
Synthesis of Linear and Planar Arrays using Schelkunoff Method and Genetic Algorithms Dr. Abdelmadjid RECIOUI
Systematic Mapping of Uniform Recurrent Equation onto Linear Systolic Array Mohammad Mosleh      
Technology Intelligence with Bibliometrics Dr. Hua CHANG
Test Access Mechanism Design and Test Controlling for Network-on-Chip Zhang Fan
Testing the Feasibility of Adapting Cellular Manufacturing in an Early Stage of Design Dr. Hamdi Bashir
The Amplitude-Locked Loop System of Co-channel Interference by Using Power Spectral Density Dr. Yu-Jen Chen
The Application of Distributed Cooperative Decision System based on Electronic Whiteboard in the Implementation of Fuzzy Preference Decision algorithm Dr Su Jinqi   
The Application of Mobile Agents to Grid Monitor services Guoqing Dong
The Bowl Result Detection for Bowling Game Videos Prof. Jiann-Shu Lee 
The Calculation of Annular Duct geometries by prescribing a Velocity Distribution on the Pressure Surface and the Radius of the Suction Surface Dr Vasos Pavlika
The Challenges & Case for Mining Software Repositories Dr. Fahad Maqbool and Dr. Saad Razzaq
The Design and Implementation of Early Fire Detection System Yi-Chang Tsai
The design of a pool-model power market simulator based on ASP. NET 2.0 Dr. D. Hua
The Design of Digital Television Multimedia Message Service System Dr Wan Zhengbing
The Detection System of Oil Tube Defect Based on Multisensor Data Fusion by Improved Simulated Annealing Neural Network Dr. Meijuan Gao
The Detection, Symbol Period and Chip Width Estimation of DSSS Signals Based on Delay-Multiply, Correlation and Spectrum Analysis Dr Zhanqi DONG
The Development of Computerized Maintenance Management Support Dr Mirka Kans
The Effect of Predeformation Level on the Variability of Forming Properties of Low Carbon Steel Prof. S. E. Oraby
The Engineering of Rule Base Refinement Dr. Rainer Knauf
The Euler Number Expressed as Neighbor Number and Application Dr Xiaozhu Lin
The Evaluation Study of Customer Satisfaction Based on Gray –AHP Method for B2C Electronic-Commerce Enterprise Dr. Peide Liu
The Evaluation Study of Knowledge Management Performance Based on Fuzzy -AHP Method Dr. Peide Liu
The Fourth Party Logistics Service Bus Based on SOA Dr Xiaoqiang Liu
The Periodic Motion for Time - Delay Dynamical System Dr. Jiemin Zhao
The Quality Selection Problem for Process with S-Type Quality Characteristics Optimised by Genetic Algorithm Dr. Khadiza Tahera
The Remote Control and Distance Learning with Graphical Modeling Environment Prof. Tzu-Chun Kuo
The Research of Basic Factors and Improvement Technology in Genetic Algorithm Dr Tao Yuehua 
The Route Guidance Arithmetic for IPGS Influenced by Dynamic Factors Dr JIA Yuanyuan and Zhang Wensheng
The Satisfactory PID Regulator Design for Discrete Stochastic system Xu Huigang
The Study of Distributed Virtual Roaming Technology Based on P2P Dr. Qiu Ying
The Study of Soft Sensor Modeling Method Based on Support Vector Machine for Sewage Treatment Dr. Jingwen Tian
The Study of the Effects of RTV Silicone Rubber Coating on the Post Insulator Compared with Creepage Extenders Based on Electric-field Calculation Dr. Huang Ling
The Study of Web Services Composition Model Dr Wen-Yau Liang
The study on control method for improving Vehicle Shift Gears Quality Dr. Wang Zhuo
The Successive Over-Relaxation Method in Reconfigurable Hardware Safaa Kasbah and Ramzi A. Haraty
The Synchronization Method for Distributed Small Satellite SAR Dr. Xiaochun Gong
The System Analysis of the Backwards Seats on Aircraft for Safety Dr. Zhao Wenzhi 
The Transcoding Path Generating Method of UTR Considering QoS Dr. DongYeop Ryu
The use of a maximum error function in high precision FDM calculations applied to cylindrically symmetric geometries Dr. David Edwards
Theoretical and Practical Challenges of Online Education for Life-Long Learning Dr Yukiko Inoue
Thermal Matrix for the Blind Krzysztof Boroń
Thermodynamic Equilibrium Prediction for Vegetable Oil Steam Reforming in Thermal Plasma Reformer Dr Huan-Liang Tsai
Three dimensional acoustic analysis of acoustical silencer chamber Dr Sia Chee Kiong
Three Dimensional Model and Parametric Analysis of Internally-cooled Liquid Desiccant Absorber AnMin Wu
Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Internal Flow Field in Turbine Flowmeter Dr Wang Zhen 
Threshold Determination of Strictly Standardized Mean Difference in RNA Interference High Throughput Screening Assays Dr. Xiaohua Douglas Zhang
Toward fast and accurate deterministic methods for dose calculation in electron radiotherapy Dr Martin Frank
Towards Increasing the Robustness of Image Watermarking Schemes Against JPEG Compression Dr. Vikas Saxena
Triphoneme based Statistical Prosody Model for Text-To-Speech system for Phonetic languages D.Hanumantha Rao Naidu
Truthful Mechanisms for Deadline Scheduling Dr. Peter C.L. Lin
Tuning Cartesian Ad hoc Routing Protocols (CARP) by Traffic Monitoring Dr Imran Raza
Two SEU-Tolerant Latches Dr. Liang Wang
Unconventional Use of PSP to Measure and Enhance Quality of Engineering Graduates Dr. Vikas Saxena and Prof Adesh Panday
User Behavior and Internet Access Network Performance in a Broadband Environment P. Ritthisoonthorn
Using Background Knowledge for Graph Based Learning: a Case Study in Chemoinformatics Ms Thashmee Mangala Karunaratne
Using Data in Telecommunications: Challenges and Solutions Dr Amandeep Verma 
Using Semantic Relevance Model for Story Link Detection System Dr. K.Lakshmi
Using Similarity Flooding for Extracting Similar Parts of Proteins Hassan Sayyadi
Variable Structure Control of Time-delay Systems with Mismatched Uncertainties Dr. Cuihong WANG
Vehicle Shadow Exclusion for a Vehicle Velocity Detection System Dr. R. Zabihollahi
Velocity Measurement among Correlation Sonar by Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Dr. Xue Jing-hong
Verifying Programs Using Abstraction and Theorem Proving Junyan Qian
Voltage Sag State Estimation of Radial Distribution System for Assessing Power Quality Index CH. Siva Kumar
Wavelet Decomposition for Universal Approximation Based Financial Forecasting Dr. Sunil Kumar T.V
Wavelet Vector Flow: A New External Force of Snakes for Medical Image Analysis Dr. Jinyong Cheng
Wavelets for FTIR Cancer Data Dr. Yihui Liu
Web Conversion Service Method Considering the QoS of Wireless Devices Dr. DongYeop Ryu
Web Question Answering Using Impression Mining Technique Dr Tadahiko Kumamoto
Web Service Integration Based on Abstract Forms in XML for End-user Initiative Development Prof. Takeshi Chusho
Web Services for Metamodel-Assisted Parallel Simulation Optimization Dr. Anna Persson
Why LP cannot solve large instances of NP-complete problems in polynomial time Radoslaw Hofman
Wireless Mesh Routing Architecture Optimized for Industry Applications Dr. Bangxiang Li
Word Based Text Compression Using Encryption Dr. Ashutosh Gupta
XML Externalization Built into Compiler Front-ends Using A Parser Generator Dr. Kazuaki Maeda 
"Web Page Localization" For Sites Hosted On Linux Prof. M.L.Dhore
3D Reconstruction of Solid Models from Engineering Orthographic Views using Variational Geometry and Composite Graphs Dr. Miri Weiss- Cohen
3D Shape Retrieval Using the Filtering Method Lu yingliang