The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2011 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (A_C)
Contact Authors
A Bi-Partitional Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Mechanism for differentiated services to support State Report ONUs in GPONDr. I-Shyan Hwang
A Case for Multi-service Overlay Multicast Networks Based on Auction MechanismDr. Mohammad Hossein Rezvani
A Classifier to Detect Abnormality in CT Brain ImagesDr. Hassan Najadat
A Combination Approach for Improvement Web Service PerformanceSeyyed hasan aali, and Roya zareh farkhady
A Comparative Study on Data Perturbation with Feature SelectionMr. Pengpeng Lin
A Comparative Study on Four Time-Domain Harmonic Detection Methods for Active Power Filters Serving in Distorted SupplyMr. Mahmoud Fawzy Shousha
A Computer Vision System for Automated Container Code RecognitionDr. Chih-Kai Chen
A Cooperative Strategy Based on Nash Bargaining Solution Under Spectral Mask Constraint in Cooperative Relay NetworksDr. Brima Fallah
A Decidable Instance of the Inclusion Problem for Rational RelationsDr. Wojciech Fraczak
A Design of Intelligent Actuator Logic using Fuzzy Control for EMB SystemDr. Kuktae Kim
A Distributed Cooperative Model for Resource Supply NetworksDr. Toshihiro Matsui
A Hybrid Edge Detection Algorithm for Salt-and-Pepper NoiseDr. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
A Java Based Framework Optimized for Scientific Modeling and AnalysisDr. Pierluigi Cau
A Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV System by Adaptive Fuzzy Logic ControlDr. Yuen-Haw Chang
A Meta-reasoning Approach for Reasoning with SWRL OntologiesDr. Trang Mai Xuan
A Mixed Quadrature Rule by Blending Clenshaw-Curtis and Gauss-Legendre Quadrature Rules for Approximation of Real Definite Integrals in Adaptive EnvironmentDr.Rajani B. Dash
A Model of Placing a Liaison between Two Levels in a Pyramid Organization Structure with K SubordinatesDr. Kiyoshi Sawada
A Multi-scale TVQI-based Illumination Normalization ModelDr. JiaWen Liu
A New Adaptive Algorithm for Estimation of a Time Variant Vibration Frequency in NoiseDr. A. M. Khoshnood
A New Integer Programming Formulation for the Chinese Postman Problem with Time Dependent Travel TimesDr. Jinghao Sun
A New Reinforcement Learning Method for Train Marshaling Based on the Transfer Distance of LocomotiveDr. Youichi Hirashima
A New Term Weighting Method by Introducing Class Information for Sentiment Classification of Textual DataDr. Long-Sheng Chen
A Note on Scheduling with Learning Effect and Past-sequence-dependent Setup TimeDr. Wen-Chiung Lee
A Novel Hybrid Differential Evolution Algorithm: A Comparative Study on Function OptimizationDr. Ching-Hung Lee
A Novel Technique for Making QEMU an Instruction Set Simulator for Co-simulation with SystemCDr. Ming-Chao Chiang
A Novel Technique for Secure Information Transmission using Framed Video WatermarkingDr. Lovelesh Saxena
A pareto approach to Bi-objective hybrid flowshop scheduling problem with finite intermediate buffers: Minimizing makespan and total weighted tardinessDr. Iman Hassanzadeh Nodeh
A Path Based Model for a Green Liner Shipping Network Design ProblemDr. Christian E. M. Plum
A PDF Text Extractor Based on PDF-RendererDr. AJEDIG Moulay Abderrahim
A Precise Power Supply Noise Detector with High-LinearityI-Chyn Wey, Chien-Chang Peng, Yu-Jiang Liao and Yu-Sheng Yang
A Preliminary Study of Distance Between Examination Seats for Preventing Cheat With Speed-Accuracy TradeoffDr. Krongkarn Wiwatwisawakorn
A Probabilistic Approach for Process Mining in Incomplete and Noisy LogsRoya zareh farkhady, and Seyyed hasan aali
A Proposal of Cooking Model and Cooking Step Scheduling Algorithm for Multiple DishesDr. Nobuo Funabiki
A Query-specific Reasoning Method for Inconsistent and Uncertain OntologyDr. Bo Liu
A Queuing-inventory Model in Multiproduct Supply ChainsDr. M.Fathi
A Real Options Game Involving Multiple ProjectsDr. Michi Nishihara
A Reasoning Method on Computational Network and Its ApplicationsDr. Hien Nguyen
A Resemblance Study of Test Collections for World-altering Semantic Web ServicesMr. Hadi Saboohi
A Rule-based System Embedded with Fuzzy Logic for Risk Estimation Launched in a Local Logistics Company at Hong KongDr. Cassandra Tang
A Simulation Study on Development of Scheduling for Reducing Cost Using Robust DesignDr. Kwang Mo Yang
A Singly Diagonally Implicit Runge-Kutta-Nystrom Method with Reduced Phase-lagDr Norazak Senu
A Smart Switch Panel to Connect Distributed Generation and Load to Korean Smart GridDr. Wookyu Chae
A Study of Robust Sliding Mode Controller Design for a Pneumatic servo systemDr. Chia-Hua Lu
A Study on Indirect Field Oriented Control for Induction Motor Fed by Indirect Matrix ConverterDr. S. Amiri
A Two-layer Model for Interactive Mining of Frequent PatternsDr. M.H Nadimi-Shahraki
Active-Harmonic-Elimination-Based Switched-Capacitor Boost DC-AC InverterDr. Yuen-Haw Chang
Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Fixed-Charge Transportation ProblemDr. Mohammad-Reza Rostamian Delavar
Adaptive Neural Network Controller Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems Using SPSA AlgorithmDr. Ching-Hung Lee
Adaptive TSK-Type Fuzzy Network Control for Synchronization of a Coupled Nonlinear Chaotic SystemDr. Chun-Fei Hsu
Adaptive Zone-based Bandwidth Management in the IEEE 802.16j Multi-hop Relay NetworkDr. Yi-Ting Mai
Advanced Curve Machining Method for 5-Axis CNC Machine ToolsDr. R.S. Lin
Advanced Speed Control of an Automated Guided VehicleDr. Shiu Kumar
Advances in Learning Formal LanguagesDr. Gend Lal Prajapati
Agent-based Services using WCF Technology and RFID for Autonomous Control in Continuous Flow ProductionDr. Markus STOPPER
Algebraic Decoding of Quadratic Residue Codes Using Unknown Syndrome RepresentationDr. Chong-Dao Lee
An Alerting Wireless Sensor System for Long Period of Immobilized Elderly in a Residential RoomMr. Nilamit Nilas
An Application Model for Pervasive ComputingProf.SasiKumar Gurumurthy
An Effective Approach to Improving Packet Delivery Fraction of Ad Hoc NetworkDr. Jiahong Wang
An Efficient Approach for Short Term Load ForecastingDr. YANG Yuhang
An Efficient Heuristic Algorithm for m-Machine No-Wait Flow ShopsDr. Sagar U. Sapkal
An Empirical Verification of Software Artifacts Using Software MetricsDr. Raed Shatnawi
An Extended Model for the Uncapacitated Single Allocation Hub Covering Problem in a Fuzzy EnvironmentDr. AliReza Eydi
An Image Segmentation Based on KPCA and Shape PriorDr. Xiaoping Wan
An Implementation of a Pairing-Based Anonymous Credential System with Constant ComplexityDr. Toru Nakanishi
An Improved Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Approach to Operon PredictionDr. Cheng-Hong Yang
An Improved On-Chip Debug Architecture For SPARC Processor Based On Shadow Scan TechniqueDr. Liu Peng
An Integer Programming Formulation for the Lot Streaming Problem in a Job Shop Environment with SetupsDr. Liji Shen
An Intelligent Energy Efficient Clustering in Wireless Sensor NetworksDr. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
An Interactive DEA Based Management System for HospitalsDr. Izzat Alsmadi
An Optimal Temporal and Feature Space Allocation in Supervised Data MiningDr. Rensheng Wang
An Outlook of State-of-the-Art Approaches in Functional Testing of Web ApplicationDr. Suhaila Binti Mohd. Yasin
An ROI Focusing Mechanism for Digital CamerasDr. Chu-Hui Lee
Analysis and Visualization of In-patients' Nursing Record Using Text Mining TechniqueDr. Muneo Kushima
Analysis of Mathematical attacks On RSA cryptosystem in Adhoc NetworksDr. DEEPAK CHOUDHARY
Analysis Plant Layout Design for Effective ProductionDr. Wisitsree Wiyaratn
Analysis QoS Parameters for MANETs Routing ProtocolsDr. S. R. Biradar
Analyzing an Exponential Queuing Model Based on Stepwise Time RatesDr. M.Fathi
Anisotropic Diffusion based Micro-crack Inspection in Polycrystalline Solar WafersDr. JinSeok KO
Application of AI Techniques in Medical Image Segmentation and Novel Categorization of Available Methods and ToolsMs. M.Rastgarpour
Application of Lead Rubber Isolation Systems in the Offshore StructuresDr. Habib Saeed Monir
Application of MCMC Algorithm in Interest Rate ModelingDr. Dejun Xie
Applied Classification Support Vector Machine for Providing Second Opinion of Breast Cancer DiagnosisDr. Medhat Mohamed Ahmed Abdelaal
Approximate Riccati Equation and Its Application to Optimal Control in Discrete-Time SystemsDr. Kazuyoshi MORI
Approximate Web Database Search Based on Euclidean Distance MeasurementDr. Sarawuth Sonnum
Approximation Behavior of Van der Pol Equation: Large and Small Nonlinearity ParameterDr. M.Rasouli, and Dr. Peyman Moghadas
Assessment on Magnetic Flux Density of Magnetic Array Table in Magnetic Abrasive Polishing ProcessDr. Jae-Seob Kwak
Automatic Multilevel Brain Tumor Detection and Visualization using Gradient Vector Flow AlgorithmDr. Sneha Desai
Autonomous Integration of Induced Knowledge into the Expert System Inference EngineDr. Nittaya Kerdprasop
Batch Process Monitoring Using Two-Dimensional Hidden Semi-Markov ModelsDr. J. Chen
Bayesian Learning based Negotiation Agents for Supporting Negotiation with Incomplete InformationDr. Jeonghwan Gwak
Bees and Firefly Algorithms for Noisy Non-Linear Optimisation ProblemsDr. P. Aungkulanon
Bite Mark Identification Using Neural Networks: A Preliminary StudyDr. Trasapong Thaiupathump
Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for the Time Dependent Chinese Postman ProblemDr. Jinghao Sun
Calculation motion orbits of satellites in the Earth-Moon system around points L1 and L2 by using Poincare-Lindstedt methodDr. Mahmoud Maheri
Capturing Image Outlines using Simulated Annealing Approach with Conic SplinesDr. Muhammad Sarfraz
Cartographer: Architecture of a Distributed System for Automated GUI Map GenerationDr. Janusz Jablonowski
Catalog Segmentation by implementing Mixed-Integer Programming and Genetic AlgorithmDr. Amir Hassan Zadeh
Cellular Manufacturing Layout Design and Selection: A Case Study of Electronic Manufacturing Service PlantDr. N. Nittaya
Characteristics of Multimode Fibers at High Frequency Region using Rayleigh DistributionDr. Surachet Kanprachar
Cloud and Various Software giantsDr. Dharaneetharan G D
Cloud Computing for Educational Institutions in PakistanDr. ERAM ABBASI
Clustering Large Datasets with Apriori-based Algorithm and Concurrent ProcessingDr. Phichayasini Kitwatthanathawon
Color Image Compression Using Multiwavelets with Modified SPIHT AlgorithmDr.R.Sudhakar,Professsor
Column Generation for Transmission Switching of Electricity Networks with Unit CommitmentDr. Jonas Christoffer Villumsen
Combinatorial Feature Selection Approach to Improve Classification RateDr. Ebrahim Ansari
Comment-based Keyword ProgrammingDr. Yusuke Sakamoto
Communication in External Customer's Relations within Organisations that Have Implemented a Quality Management SystemProf. Mihail Aurel TITU
Comparative Analysis of Different Approaches in IP over WDM MulticastingDr. Imran Ullah
Comparison Between Encrypt-and-MAC Composite (CMAC CTR) and Encrypt-then-MAC Composite (AES EAX) Modes of Operation in Cryptography Systems for Use in SMS-based Secure TransmissionDr. Bao Guo
Comparisons of Power of Parametric and Nonparametric Test for Testing Means of Several Weibull PopulationsDr. Lakhana Watthanacheewakul
Compression Method for High Dynamic Range Intensity to Improve SAR Image VisibilityDr. Satoshi Hisanaga
Computational Testbeds For Synthetic and Robotic AgentsDr. M. V Vijayakumar
Computer-Aided Optimization Model for Machinery Procurement Due-Date Prediction in Production IndustriesDr. Samuel Adebayo Oluwadare
Computerized Surface Wave Method for Offshore Geotechnical InvestigationsDr Tohid Akhlaghi
Concurrent Cell Formation for Cellular Manufacturing System by Preemptive Fuzzy Goal ProgrammingDr. Wuttinan Nunkaew
Construction and Evaluation of a Robust Classification Model for Multi-objective ProblemsDr. Hung-Yi Lin
Content Anycasting Applications for Future InternetDr. Othman Othman M.M.
Content-based Image Retrieval Using Artificial Immune System (AIS) Clustering AlgorithmsDr. maedeh beheshti
Control Characteristics of Mega-sub Controlled Structure System with Friction Damper under Rare EarthquakeDr. Tao Li
Control of an Activated Sludge Process using the Virtual Reference ApproachDr. Jose David Rojas Fernandez
Critical Variable Partitioning for Reconfiguration of Mobile DevicesDr. Lakshmi Kurup
Current-Mode KHN Biquad Filter Using Modified CFTAs and Grounded CapacitorsMr. Jetsdaporn Satansup
Decoupled Stator Flux Oriented Control for Induction Motor Fed by Indirect Matrix ConverterDr. S. Amiri