The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2011 are listed here:

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Titles (D_N)
Contact Authors
Deformation and Stresses Analysis in FG Rotating Hollow Disk Subjected to Mechanical and Thermal LoadingDr. A. R. Khorshidvand
Delay-Dependent Control and Stability Analysis for T - S Fuzzy Systems with a Sensor DelayDr. PooGyeon Park
Delayed System Approach to the Stability of Networked Control SystemsDr. Jeong Wan Ko
Density Micro-Clustering Algorithms on Data Streams: A ReviewDr. Amineh Amini
Dependence Vectors and Fast Search of Systolic Mapping for Computationally Intensive Image Processing AlgorithmsMs. B Bala Tripura Sundari
Design and Development of B2B e-Commerce Framework for Malaysian SMEsWoonkian Chong and K.L. Man
Design and FPGA Implementation of Secure Key ManagementXiaoxun Li, Zhiqiang Gao and Guoqiang Bai
Design and Implementation of Dynamic Target Tracking with Stereo Vision SystemMr. Hsiao-Yu Wang
Design and Simulation of Digital Controller for Higher Order Discrete - Time Systems through Reduced ModelProf.B.J.J.RAJU
Design for Testability for Circular Banyan Switch for Next Generation Networkspavan kumar and Rajeev Tripathi
Design of Reverse Logistics Network with Considering Eco-EfficiencyDr. Amir Hassan Zadeh
Designing Application Programs Sheet Music Using Fast Fourier Transform MethodDr. Wikaria Gazali
Designing of Multi-Commodity, Multi Location Integrated Model for Effective Logistics ManagementDr. lokesh vijayvargy and Prof. Gopal Agarwal
Detecting Credit Card Fraud by Decision Trees and Support Vector MachinesDr. Yusuf Sahin
Detection of Insiders Misuse in Database SystemsDr. Qutaibah Althebyan
Determinants of External Technology Acquisition: Comparison across Sectors of Manufacturing Industry in KoreaDr. Hoyeol Kim
Deterministic secure quantum communication using Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger GHZ4 statesDr. Abderrahim EL ALLATI
Developing a linear model for estimating the capacity factor of wind TurbineDr. Ahmad Zahedi
Development of a Micro Drive-Under Tractor - Research and ApplicationProf. Lothar Schulze
Development of a Model for Technology Strategy ElaborationDr. Fakulti Kejuruteraan
Development of Cost Adjusted MIQ Concept for Measuring Intelligence Value of SystemsDr. Tarik Ozkul
Development of Dedicated Computer System for Gleeble 3800 Thermo-Mechanical SimulatorDr. Marcin Hojny
Development of Small-size and Low-priced Speaker Detection Device Using Micro-controller with DSP FunctionsDr. SHIN-YA TAKAHASHI
Development of Structural Assessment Expert System: TNB Transmission TowerDr. Fathoni Usman
Development of UAV System using Velocity Vector and Vision-based ReconnaissanceDr. Dong-in Han
Discrete Wavelet Transform and Back-propagation Neural Networks Algorithm for Fault Classification in Underground CableDr. Atthapol Ngaopitakkul
Distributed FMS Scheduling using Memetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization and Timed Petri NetDr. mehdi yadollahi
Distributed Resource Allocation for Downlink Multicell OFDMA SystemsDr. Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Andargoli
DNA Motif Discovery Based on Ant Colony Optimization and Expectation MaximizationDr. Yu-Tang Liu
DOF Stewart Platform based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy ControlDr. Bhagwandas Gidwani
Driving Aptitude Test (DAT): A New Set of Aptitude Tests for Occupational DriversMr. Chen Ke
Dynamic Multi-Layer Signature based Intrusion Detection system using Mobile AgentsDr. Mueen Uddin
Eco-efficiency Measurement by implementing DEA ModelsDr. Amir Hassan Zadeh
Effect of Auditory Response Test on Indonesian Drivers' AlertnessDr. Manik Mahachandra
Effect of Non-uniform Temperature and Magnetic Field on Convection Driven by Surface Tension and BuoyancyDr. Norihan Md. Arifin
Efficient Encoding of SystemC/TLM in PromelaKevin Marquet, Bertrand Jeannet and Matthieu Moy
Efficient Identification Using a Prime-Feature-Based TechniqueDr. D. M. Akbar Hussain
Efficient Image Segmentation Incorporating Photometric and Geometric InformationDr. Vu Nguyen
Efficient Task Scheduling for Hw/Sw Partitioned Co-design Using a Reconfigurable PlatformDr. Arjumand Yaqoob
Efficiently Fuzzy Controlling with Dynamic Window in Elliptic Curve Cryptography Sensor NetworksDr. Xu Huang
Energy Smart Ant-Based Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor NetworksDr. Rajput Anshul
English-Korean Machine Transliteration by Combining Statistical Model and Web SearchDr. Hyun-Je Song
Enhancing the Performance of Fixed-Structure Robust Loop Shaping Control using Genetic Algorithm ApproachDr. Piyapong Olranthichachat
Estimating Business and Management Journal Quality from the 2008 UK Research Assessment ExerciseProfessor John Mingers
Ethanol Production Kinetics by a Thermo-Tolerant Mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae from Starch Industry Waste (Hydrol)Dr Farman Ali Shah
Evaluation of Expectation Maximization Based Clustering Approach for Reusability Prediction of Function based Software systemsDr. Gurbhej Pannu
Evaluation of Product Variant-driven Complexity Costs and Performance Impacts in the Automotive Logistics with Variety-driven Activity-based CostingMr. Annika Lechner
Evaluation of the Compressive Strength of Hybrid Clay BricksDr. Olasupo Ogundare
Evaluation of ZigBee based Wireless Sensor Network with Static Sink and Random Sink MobilityDr. Abdul Aziz
Examination Assessment Tool Implemented with Erlang K-means ClusteringDr. Suwicha Paveenaporn
Extracting Code Resource from OWL by Matching Method Signatures using UML Design DocumentDr. S.Sagayaraj
Extracting Logical Formulae that Capture the Functionality of SystemC DesignsNicolas Vallee, Bruno Monsuez and Vladimir-Alexandru Paun
Face Recognition using Common Vector based on Curvelet TransformDr. Lifang Wei
Fast Encryption with Coordinate SystemDr. T.N.SHANKAR
Fast Instruction Set Simulation Using LLVM-based Dynamic TranslationDr. Vania Joloboff
Fault Detection for Difference Flat SystemsProf. F. Mora-Camino
Feature Selection and Boosting Techniques to Improve Fault Detection Accuracy in the Semiconductor Manufacturing ProcessDr. Nittaya Kerdprasop
Flexibility and Interoperability Improvement of ITS Architecture with Object Oriented Methodology and UML TechniqueDr. Autthasith Arrayangkool
FPGA Based Intelligent Co-operative Processor in Memory ArchitectureDr. D. M. Akbar Hussain
Free Photon Statistics/StructureDr. Nenad V. Delic
Frequent Sequential Pattern Discovery for Data ScreeningDr. Takayoshi Shoudai
Fusion of Multi-scale Visible and Thermal images using EMD for Improved Face RecognitionDr. N. T. Naresh Babu
Fuzzy Approaches for Multiobjective Fuzzy Random Linear Programming Problems Through a Probability Maximization ModelDr. H.Yano, and Mr. K.Matsui
Fuzzy ARTMAP Faster than Multilayer Perceptron for Handwritten Digit RecognitionDr. Shakuntala Kumari
Fuzzy Goal Programming for Aggregate Production and Logistics PlanningMiss Ratiros Yimme
Fuzzy Sequence Mining for Similar Mental ConceptsDr. M. Gholizadeh
Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control of a Non-Holonomic Wheeled Mobile RobotDr. Jafar Keighobadi
Generalized Relation Between Surface Tension and Viscosity for Study On Mixed Organic CompoundsDr. Ahmmed S Ibrehem
Generating State-based Polymorphic Interaction Graph from UML Diagrams for Object Oriented TestingDr. Chingseh (Mike) Wu
Genetic Algorithm Based PI Controller for Frequency Control of an Autonomous Hybrid Generation SystemDr. Dulal Chandra Das
Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing and Arrangement of Queue in Virtual NetworksDr. Heru Sukoco
Global Shape Analysis of Hippocampus in Epilepsy Using Laplace-Beltrami SpectrumMs. Rosita Shishegar
GrasSmart2: A Multi-Robot Terrain Coverage SystemDr. Miri Weiss - Cohen
Hardware-Assisted High-Efficiency Ray Casting of Unstructured Time-Varying Flows Using Temporal CoherenceDr. Qianli Ma
Harmonic Balance Solution of Mulholland EquationMr. Zahurul Islam
Heart Attack Detection using Mobile phone and Wireless SensorsDr. Rajeev Thobbi
Heat Pipe Inspection System for Thermal Management in Electronic CircuitDr. P. Nilas
Hiding Sensitive Predictive Frequent ItemsetsMr. Baris Yildiz
High Capacity Image Steganography using Wavelet Transform and Genetic AlgorithmDr. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
High-Conversion-Ratio Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter with Bidirectional Power FlowDr. Yuen-Haw Chang
High-Level Simulation for Side Channel AttacksDr. Masaya Yoshikawa
High-Speed Implementation of the KECCAK Hash Function on FPGADr. Atefeh Gholipour
How Quality Management Can Help in Process Control: Case Studies from CyprusDr Ioannis Angeli
Human Disease Prediction using Ontology and Weighted Bipartite GraphsDr. Md. Hanif Seddiqui
Hybrid Web Search with Social Communication ServiceDr. Jianwei Zhang
Impacts on Supply Chain Management through Component Commonality and Postponement: A Case StudyDr. Nils Altfeld
Improving Customer Satisfaction using the Artificial Immune SystemDr. Tad Gonsalves
Improving Measurement Repeatability of Ball Crater Method by Using Image Processing TechniquesDr. Jungang Huang
Improving Power Quality of Wind Energy Conversion System with Harmonic FiltersDr. Gidwani Lata
Influence of Parameter Variations on System Identification of Full Car ModelDr. Yan Cui
Information security in E-Learning through identification of humans by using multi layer perceptron neural network with shortest distanceDr. Hassan Haleh
Integrated Data Structures and Business Objects in ERP: Tool Development and Evaluation in SAP ERP SystemDr Prem Samaranayake
Intelligent Decision Support for Criteria Weighting in Multicriteria Analysis for Evaluating and Selecting Cargo Ships under UncertaintyDr. Santoso Wibowo
Introducing an Optimized Pattern of Urban Structure via Fuzzy GERT NetworksDr. Pouria Hajikarimi
Introduction To Semi-discrete Calculus A Theory Behind The Integral Image AlgorithmDr. Amir Finkelstein
Inventory Control in Two Part Manufacturing/Remanufacturing Systems with Finite Capacity Under Demand UncertaintyDr. M.Fathi
Inventory Planning with Batch Ordering in Multi-echelon Multi-product Supply Chain by Queuing ApproachDr. M.Fathi
Investigation of Surface Hardness of Steels in Cyanide Salt Bath Heat Treatment ProcessDr. ABIOYE, TAIWO EBENEZER
Investigation of the Physical Risk Factor in Wall Plastering Job using WERA MethodDr. MOHD NASRULL B. ABD RAHMAN
Investigation of Three Channel Oversampled FIR Filter BankMrs.S.R.Chougule
IPTC Metadata based Image ClassificationDr. Md. Hanif Seddiqui
Iterative Forward Selection Method Based on Cross-validation Approach and Its Application to Infant Cry ClassificationDr. Yoshifumi Okada
Kalman Filter Application in Low cost IMU\GPS Integration for Car Navigation Like RobotDr. Othman
Kernel Smoothing for ROC Curve and Estimation for Thyroid Stimulating HormoneDr. Tazhibi M
LEAF: Leave-one-out Forward Selection Method for Gene Selection in DNA Microarray DataDr. Kentaro Fukuta
Life after Graduation: The Role of Hiring Graduates and Follow up Systems for the Continuous Development of Education Plans and for Improving Quality in the Higher EducationProf. Mihail Aurel TITU
Limited-Parameter Optimization for PtRNASS using Chaotic Particle Swarm OptimizationDr. Yu-Da Lin
LNG Loading Lines Surge Analysis for ESD System ApplicationMr. Nasrul Syahruddin
Low-Power Decimation Filter for 2.5 GHz Operation in Standard-Cell ImplementationDipl.-Ing. Manfred LEY
Machine Learning Classification Technique for Famine PredictionDr. Okori Washington
Material Delivery System for Aircraft Composite Component Manufacturing WorkshopDr. Mei Zhongyi
Maximum Power Point Tracking using Fuzzy Logic Control for Photovoltaic SystemsDr. Somyot K.
MDA Based Framework for the Development of Smart Card Based ApplicationDr. Alireza Nikseresht
Mean and Standard Deviation Optimization of Multiple ResponsesDr. Nuno Costa
Measuring the Usability of Safety Signs: A Use of System Usability Scale (SUS)Prof. Alan Hoi-shou Chan
Melanoma Diagnosis by the Use of Wavelet Analysis based on Morphological OperatorsDr. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
Meshless Method with Radial Basis Functions for Hamilton Canonical EquationDr. Dinghe Li
Minimal Smart Access-Point Selection for Maximal Throughput in Wireless Mesh NetworksDr. Nobuo Funabiki
Mining Interesting Patterns and Rules in a Time-evolving GraphMr. Yuuki Miyoshi
Mitigating Power Transmission Line Congestion And Enhanced ATC Using FACTS Devices in Power SystemsDr. Prakash G.Burade
Mobility and Signal Strength- Aware Handover Decision in Mobile IPv6 based Wireless LANDr. Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor Jaff
Model-free Viewpoint Invariant Human Activity RecognitionDr. Zaw Zaw
Modeling and Optimisation of Distribution Networks Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithms: A Comparative StudyDr. Romeo Marin MARIAN
Modelling Out-Of-Sequence Measurements Using CopulasDr. Bhekisipho Twala
Modularizing Scratch Code to Develop Interactive Media ContentMr. Looi Qin En
Monitoring Of Power Allocation In Centralized Electric Vehicle Charging Spot SystemDr. Do Van Quan
Monotonicity Preserving Interpolation using Rational SplineDr. Malik Muhammad Abbas
Motion Control Design for Robotic Walking Support Systems Using Admittance Motion Command GeneratorDr. Syh-Shiuh YEH
Moving object detection in Video images using MatlabDr. Raji George
Ms based approach for simple robust PI controller tuning designDr. R. Vilanova
Multi-Algorithmic Face Authentication SystemDr. Teena Mary Treesa
Multi-backupable based Cross-layer Resource Optimization MethodDr. Li Wang
Multi-Censor Fusion using Observation Merging with Central Level ArchitectureDr. D. M. Akbar Hussain
Multi-Compartment Modeling of Tumor Cells Interacting With Dynamic Chemotherapeutic DrugDr. Ram Singh
Multiple Particle Swarm Optimizers with Inertia Weight with Diversive CuriosityDr. Hong Zhang
Multiresolution Phase Portrait Analysis for Segmentation of Ultrasound Images for Detection of Breast CancerDr. S. Chucherd
Multi-resolution Texture Visualization of Vector Field Based on Fuzzy Feature MeasurementDr. Xu Huaxun
Multivariable and Multiaxial Fatigue Life Assessment of Composite Materials using Neural NetworksDr. Mas Irfan P. Hidayat
New Approach for Fuzzy Control and Analysis of Queueing System with Flexible Service TimeDr. Zafar Zafari
New Control Strategies for a Two-Leg Four-Switch STATCOMDr. Tsao-Tsung Ma
New Evolutionary Approach to Business Process Model OptimizationDr. Aliasghar Ahmadikatouli
New Hysteresis Control Method for Three Phase Shunt Active Power FilterDr. Mohamed Rabah Amer
New Properties of the Parabolic Heat Equation-Related Boubaker Polynomials Expansion SchemeDr. Arul S. Kumar
NoC Router Power Macro-modeling at High levelDr. Fang Zhou
Non-linear Predictive Control with Multi Design Variables for PEM-FCDr. Amir Shokuhi-Rad
N-Player Cutthroat Played on Stars is PSPACE-CompleteDr. Alessandro Cincotti
Numerical Method for Non Local ProblemDr. Ahmed Cheniguel
Numerical Realization of Nonlinear Wave Dynamics in Turbulence Transition Using Combined Compact Difference MethodsDr. Jim Chen
Numerical Solution of de St. Venant Equations with Controlled Global Boundaries Between Unsteady Subcritical StatesDr. Aldrin P. Mendoza
Numerical study of Droplets Dispersion in a Nonisothermal Two-Dimensional JetMr. SALEM KORTAS