The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2011 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
Occupational Safety and Health Problems of Workers in Hong Kong Recycling Industries - A Preliminary Ergonomic StudyDr. Alan Chan
On a subclass of Meromorphic Multivalent Function Associated with salagean OperatorDr. Abdolreza Tehranchi
On an Exact Optimal Solution for a Second-Order Cone Programming ProblemDr. Takashi Hasuike
On Problems With Closure PropertiesDr. Stefan Porschen
On the Use of MCDM Technique for Identifying Key Technology: A Case of Auto CompanyDr. Fakulti Kejuruteraan
Online Model Predictive Control of a CSTR Hybrid System Using a Fuzzy Identification MethodDr. Tohid Alizadeh
Ontology Management Using Ontology Abstract MachinesDr. Ravi L
Operation Research and C++ Programming Techniques for Solving a Transportation ProblemDr. vandana malviya
Optimal control for linear partial differential algebraic equations using SimulinkDr. N.Kumaresan
Optimal Control of HIV Dynamic Using Embedding MethodDr. H. Zarei
Optimal Design of the Electrothermal V-Beam Microactuator Based on GA for Stress Concentration AnalysisDr. M.S. Suen
Optimal Edge-Fault-Tolerant Vertex-Pancyclicity of Augmented CubesDr. Jung-Sheng Fu
Optimisation of Precedence-constrained Production Sequencing and Scheduling Using Genetic AlgorithmsDr. Romeo Marin MARIAN
Optimization of a Multiproduct CONWIP-based manufacturing system using Artificial Bee Colony ApproachDr. Saeede Ajorlou
Optimized Entity Attribute Value Model: A Search Efficient Representation of High Dimensional and Sparse DataRazan Paul
Optimizing Multi Supplier Systems with Fuzzy Queuing Approach: Case Study of SAPCODr. M.Fathi
Optoelectronic Correlator Based on Binary JTPS with Multi-level Quantized Reference Function for Chromatic Image RecognitionDr. Chulung Chen
Overall Maintenance Time reduction by optimizing the distance of Service center in manufacturing unit through Single Facility Location PlanningDr. Manish Vishwakarma
Parallelized Rough K-means Clustering with Erlang ProgrammingDr. Weerasak Chongnguluam
Parameter Optimization and Development of Prediction Model for Second Generation Magnetic Abrasive Polishing of AZ31B PlateDr. Jae-Seob Kwak
Pattern Recognition Technique for PAD Inspection using Chain-Code-Discrete Fourier Transform and Signal CorrelationDr. Somyot K.
Performance Improvement of Hybrid Operating Systems using Prediction-Based Micro-schedulerDr. P. L. Ravikanth
Performance of Levenberg-Marquardt Backpropagation for Full Reference Hybrid Image Quality MetricsDr. Kuryati Kipli
Performance Study of Homogeneous Uplink Scheduling in Hybrid ONU-BS ArchitectureDr. I-Shyan Hwang
Periodic orbits in the Earth-Moon system around Lagrangian point L2Dr. Mahmoud Maheri
Petri Net Model Based Distributed Implementation of Coordinated Control for Discrete Event Robotic Manufacturing SystemsDr. Genichi Yasuda
Physical Modeling of Switched Reluctance Motors using ModelicaDipl.-Ing. Yang Ji
Plagiarism Detection Based on SCAM AlgorithmDr. D. M. Akbar Hussain
Pneumatic Equipment for Rehabilitation and Mobilization of the Upper LimbDr. Tudor Deaconescu
Pneumatic Muscle Actuated GripperDr. Tudor Deaconescu
PP Caching: Proxy Caching Mechanism for YouTube Videos in Campus NetworkDr. Varangpa Suranuntakul
Probabilistic Model Checking on Propositional Projection Temporal LogicDr. Xiaoxiao Yang
Probability-Based PWM Generator for Large-Size LED Display SystemDr. Jin-Ho Ahn
Process Improvement in Precision Component Manufacturing: A Case Based ApproachProf. Rajiv Srivastava
Proposal of an e-Learning System with Skill-based Homework AssignmentsDr. Tomoko Kashima
Prototypical Robotic Fish with Swimming Locomotive Configuration in Fluid EnvironmentDr. P. Nilas
Quantitative Analysis of ISO/IEC 27001 Security PoliciesMr. Anthony Ijeh
Quasi Sliding Mode Control of Generalized Lorenz Chaotic SystemsProfessor Jun-Juh Yan
Radiation Effects on Marangoni Boundary Layer Flow Past a Flat Plate in NanofluidDr. Rohana Abdul Hamid
Random-valued Impulse Noise Reduction by MST-based Method for Color ImageDr. Takanori Koga
Rapid Optical Measurements of Si Films During CrystallizationDr. Chil-Chyuan Kuo
RBF and BPNN Combi Model Based KALMAN Filter Application for Maximum Power Point Tracker of PV CellDr. Arup Kumar Goswami
Real-Time Implementation of an Efficient Face Detection and Recognition SystemDr. A. Annis Fathima
Real-Time Implementation of Reduced Order Compensators on a Cantilever BeamDr. Hien T. Tran
Regularized Neighbourhood Preserving Embedding in Face RecognitionMs. Pang Ying Han
Relevance Feedback Optimization in Content Based Image Retrieval Via Enhanced Radial Basis Function NetworkDr. Shahrooz Nematipoor
Reliability Assessment of Bangladesh Power SystemDr. Nahid-Al-Masood
Review Of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms On Vehicle Routing Problems And Introduction To Estimation-Based ACODr. Harmeen kaur
Robust Classification of pH Levels on a Camera PhoneDr. CT Lau
Robust Control of Space Robot for Moving Target CapturingDr. Shinichi Tsuda
Scheduling Jobs with Values Exponentially Deteriorating over Time in a Job Shop EnvironmentDr. Cheng-Hsiang Liu
Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems considering MaintenanceDr. mehdi yadollahi
Security Service Design for the RMI Distributed System based on Parameterized RBACDr. Nezar Nassr
Selection of the Best DBMS: A Fuzzy based Multi-objective Decision Making ApproachMr. Abdul Mateen
Self Constructing Emotional Learning based Intelligent Controller (SCELIC)Dr. Hamidreza Saghir
ServNegotiator: A Negotiation Based System for Service CompositionDr. Zhao Jing
Simulated Manufacturing Process Improvement via Particle Swarm Optimisation and Firefly AlgorithmsDr. P. Aungkulanon
Simulating Euclidean Distances using Location Based ServicesMr. Anthony Ijeh
Simulation of Drill Cuttings Dispersion and Deposition in South China SeaProf Koh Hock Lye
Software Cost Estimation through Entity Relationship ModelDr. Salman Qadri
Solar Activity Explored With Wavelet 1-D and 2-DProf. B.J.J.RAJU
Solution of Ill-Posed Inverse Problem of Distributed Generation Using Complex-Valued Network InversionDr. Takehiko Ogawa
Solving the Two-Machine Flow-Shop Problem with Weighted Late Work Criterion and Common Due Date by GRASP MetaheuristicDr. Amir Hassan Zadeh
Solving university course Timetabling problem using genetic algorithmDr. mehdi yadollahi
Some Classes of Difference Fuzzy Numbers Defined by Orlicz FunctionDr. Ayhan Esi
Some Investigations into Electrophoretic Polishing of 304 Stainless SteelDr. Raju S. Pawade
Some Phenomena between Designers and the Public Experiencing Virtual RealityDr. Kai-hsiang Liang
Some Properties of Copper - Gold and Silver - Gold Alloys at Different % of GoldDR. Faeq Radwan
Speaker Verification System Using Discrete Wavelet Transform And Formants Extraction Based On The Correlation CoefficientDr. Tariq Abu Hilal
Specification Design for an XML Mining Configurable ApplicationDr. Hector Javier Vazquez
Stable Learning Mechanism for Novel Takagi-Sugeno-Kang Type Interval-valued Fuzzy SystemsDr. Ching-Hung Lee
Stackelberg Location on a Tree Network with Fuzzy Random Quantities DemandedDr. Takeshi UNO
Staff Scheduling for Bus Transit CompaniesDr. Cimmo Nurmi
Static Range Multiple Selection Algorithm for Peer-to-Peer SystemDr. Kweh Yeah Lun
Statistical Downscaling for Rainfall and Temperature Prediction in ThailandDr. Pawanrat Aksornsingchai
Statistical Linear Dynamic Control of Automatic DevicesDr. Akram M. Chaudhry
Steepest Descent Algorithm to Determine the Proper Levels of Bees Parameters on Dynamic Multi-Zone Dispatching ProblemsDr. P. Mongkolkosol
Stroke-Analysis Program for Searching Infarct/Penumbra Area from CT-Scan Images via Digital Image Processing TechniqueDr. Somchart Chokchaitam
Structure Specified Robust H_infinite Loop Shaping Control of a MIMO Electro-hydraulic Servo System using Particle Swarm OptimizationDr. Piyapong Olranthichachat
Studies and Research on the Possibility of Cost Reduction within the Knowledge-based Organizations in the European Car IndustryProf. Mihail Aurel TITU
Study of Image Recognition Using Cellular Associated Artificial Neural NetworksDr. SasiKumar Gurumurthy
Study on Applications of Independent Component Analysis TechniqueDr. Shivi Chaturvedi
Sum of Sets of Integer Points of Common-Normal Faces of Integer PolyhedraDr. Takuya IIMURA
Super-Orthogonal Space-Time Trellis Codes in MIMO-OFDM Systems and comparative analysis with space-time block codesDr. Ashutosh Sharma
SuperResolution: A Novel Application to Image RestorationDr. Sanket B. Kasturiwala
Support vector machine-based prediction for oral cancer using four SNPs in DNA repair genesDr. Kuo-Chuan Wu
Surface Mounting Process Improvement via Constrained Response Surface Optimization and Conventional Statistical AnalysisDr. P. Suradom
Switching Angle Design for Pulse Width Modulation AC Voltage Controller Using Genetic Algorithm and Distributed Artificial Neural NetworkDr. Somyot K.
The Accuracy of the Gas-Kinetic BGK Finite Difference Method for Solving 3-D Compressible Inviscid FlowsProf. Dr. Ashraf A. Omar
The Assessment of Intelligent Agent in the B2C E-Commerce NegotiationDr. Wen Yau Liang
The Assimilation of the Revenue Management in Air Transportation ProcessDr. Mohammad Ali Sadrnia
The Critical Heat Transfer Characteristics of an Insulated or Compound Rectangular DuctDr. King-Leung Wong
The Effect of Spatial Distance and Anatomical Distance on Finger CompatibilityDr. Steve Tsang
The Effect of Tapers, Apertures and Ribs on the Stiffness of Machine Tool Column Using Finite Element MethodDr. Migbar Assefa
The effects of Hall currents, Soret and Dufour on MHD flow and heat transfer along a porous flat plate with mass transferDr. Dr.R.Srinivasa Raju
The Heat Transfer Analysis of The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber with Cooling SystemDr. Shih-Yun Lin
The Importance of Insuring Document Quality during the Process of Motor Vehicle RepairProf. Mihail Aurel TITU
The Industrial Engineering Undergraduate GameDr. Fernando Correa
The influence of High Impedance surface dimensions on Microstrip patch antennaDr. vikas kaduskar
The Investigation of Laparoscopic Instrument Movement ControlDr. Hung-Jen, Chen
The Novel Approach for 3D Face Recognition Using Simple Preprocessing MethodDr. parvin aminnejad
The novel of adaptive Sliding mode for Control of robot manipulatorsDr. M. A. Sadrnia
The problems, applications and growing interest in automatic segmentation of medical images from the year 2000 till nowMr. M.Rastgarpour
The Process of Updating 'Production Engineering' in an Australian Regional University Excellence in Developing e-learningDr. H Ku
Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) and Six SigmaDr. Amit Gera
Time-dependent MHD Couette flow in a rotating system with suction/injectionDr. Clement Apere
To Generate the Ontology from Java Source CodeDr. S.Sagayaraj
Top Ten Lists of Software Project Risks : Evidence from the Literature SurveyDr. Arnuphaptrairong, Tharwon
Total Quality Cost Reduction in Head Stack AssemblingDr. Wari D
Towards a Language Based Synthesis of NCL CircuitsHemangee K. Kapoor and K.L. Man
Towards Ontology Development for Teaching Programming LanguageDr. Ravi L
Training Multilayered Perceptrons for Pattern Recognition: A Comparative Study of Five Training AlgorithmsDr. N.Indra Kiran
Trajectory Planning for Multi UMVs with Reciprocal ConstraintsDr. Miri Weiss - Cohen
Tree Pattern Matching Algorithm Using a Succinct Data StructureDr. Yuko ITOKAWA
Triphasic Solving Approach for Scheduling ProblemDr. Aftab Ahmed
Tsunami Simulation for Capacity DevelopmentDr. Teh Su Yean
Two Edge-Disjoint Hamiltonian Cycles and Two-Equal Path Partition in Augmented CubesDr. Ruo-Wei Hung
Uenew : A Cross-Browsing Communication System Based on Peer-to-Peer NetworksDr. Ryohei Banno
Uncertainty in Logistics Network Design: A ReviewProf. Lothar Schulze
Universal Current-Mode Biquad with Minimum ComponentsDr. Tattaya Pukkalanun
Using a Genetic Algorithm in the Optimal Investment Portfolio Decision-making ProcessDr. Timur Zainashev
Using Postponement as a Rescheduling Strategy in the Supply Chain Management under Uncertain Demand EnvironmentDr. Yahong ZHENG
Using Simulator with Learning Capability to Determine Bidding Strategy in a Multi-Agent Wholesale Power MarketDr. V. Nourbakhsh
Various Hybridisations of Harmony Search Algorithm for Fuzzy Programming Approach to Aggregate Production PlanningDr. P.Aungkulanon
Visualization Through Knowledge Representation Model for Social NetworksDr. D. M. Akbar Hussain
Wavelet Method for Numerical Solution of Wave Equation with Neumann Boundary ConditionsDr. A. H. Choudhury
Web Crawler-Foresee the Ecological ImbalanceDr. Chandni Malhotra
Web Log Mining for Improvement of Caching PerformanceDr. Rudeekorn Soonthornsutee
Weighted Scale-Free Random Graph ModelDr. Chen Xinyi
Wireless Control of an Automated Guided VehicleDr. Rajeev Kumar Piyare
Wireless Security on Security Standard Policy: A Case StudyDr. Reza Amirpoor
Words-of-Wisdom Search System based on Positive Negative DegreeDr. Koichi Takaoka
XML Retrieval More Efficient Using Compression TechniqueDr. Tanakorn Wichaiwong
Ziegler-Nichols-Based Intelligent Fuzzy PID Controller Design for Antenna Tracking SystemProf. Jium-Ming Lin
1D Modeling of Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Data using Finite Element Method for Hydrocarbon Detection in Shallow WaterDr. Noor Hazrin Hany Mohamad Hanif