The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2012 are listed here:

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Titles (A_C)
Contact Authors
A 6.36mW CMOS Ultra-Wideband (3.1-10.6-GHz) LNA in 0.18-um for UWB Pulse-Radio SystemsDr. Hadi Goodarzi Dehrizi
A Beam Search Heuristic for the Multi-commodity Capacitated Multi-facility Weber ProblemDr. Temel ONCAN
A Cellular Automata Based Algorithm for Voronoi Diagram of Arbitrary ShapesDr. Mohammadmehdi Talebi
A CMOS Band Gap Reference Generator for low voltage supply with the application of a (-ve) feedback loopDr. Tanima Ghosh
A Color-Sorting SCARA Robotic ArmMalvin Nkomo and Dr. Michael Collier
A Comparative Analysis of DC-DC Converters for Renewable Energy SystemMr. SAMUEL BABU
A Comparative Study of MySQL Functions for XML Element RetrievalDr. Chuleerat Jaruskulchai
A Concurrent Error Detection Based Fault-Tolerant 32 nm XOR-XNOR Circuit ImplementationProf. ENG GEE LIM
A Distributed Model of Data Processing for Website AnalysisDr. Ravi B. Trivedi
A High Efficiency Wind Energy SystemDr. Dil Hussain
A Hybrid Algorithm Based on Memetic Algorithm and Tabu Search for k-Minimum Spanning Tree ProblemsDr. Hideki Katagiri
A Lattice Implementation of High-precision IIR Filter for X-ray CT ReconstructionMr. Kazuhisa Hayashi
A Linear Representation of Huffman TreeProf. Suneeta Agarwal
A Linear Time Complexity Solver for Lattice Quantum Field Theory ComputationsMr. Dieter Beaven
A Meta-Model Approach to Defining UML-Based Domain-Specific Modeling LanguageProf. Emanuel Grant
A Model for an Intelligent and Adaptive Tutor based on Web by Jackson's Learning Styles Profiler and Expert SystemsMr. Hossein Movafegh Ghadirli
A Model for Procurement and Inventory Planning for Export-Oriented Furniture Industry in Indonesia: A Case StudyDr. Wahyudi Sutopo
A model for protein interaction networks with explosive percolationDr. J.C. Nacher
A Model of Adding Relation between the Top and a Member of a Linking Pin Organization Structure with K SubordinatesDr. Hidefumi Kawakatsu, Prof. Kiyoshi Sawada
A Model Transformation Environment for Embedded Control Software Design with Simulink Models and UML ModelsProf. Takanori Yokoyama, Mr. Masayoshi Tamura
A modified clustering algorithm for customer segmentationDr. Prabha D
A Modified K-Shortest Paths Algorithm for Solving the Earliest Arrival Problem on the Time-Dependent Model of Transportation SystemsProf. Xiaolin Hu
A More Accurate Total Heat Transfer Rate Method of the Single-pipe Heat Exchanger Considering Heat RadiationMr. Shih-shih Ku
A Multi Agent Scheduling Integrating Planning and Maintenance for Generalized Floor ShopsMs. Sabrina Bouzidi-Hassini
A Multi-Agent-based RFID Framework for Smart-object ApplicationsDr. Chi-Kong Chan
A Multi-Constraint Real-time Vehicular (MCRV) Mobility Framework for 4G Heterogeneous Vehicular Ad-Hoc NetworksMr. Vetrivelan Pandu
A Multi-Level Model for Fingerprint Image EnhancementMr. Iwasokun Gabriel
A New Color Image Encryption, Arithmetic Based On A Three-Dimensional MapDr. Shivaputra, Chetan S
A New Method For Rogue Access Point Detection on the Client-SideDr. Somayeh Nikbakhsh
A new precautionary method for measurement and improvement the data qualityDr. Mehran Mohsenzadeh
A new structure for BJT-transistors with current gain controlling abilityDr. Hadi Goodarzi Dehrizi
A Novel and Efficient dynamic Key management Technique in Wireless Sensor NetworkDr. Priyanka goyal
A novel approach to distributed data mining by composing web servicesMs. Susila
A Novel Protection for Wireless Sensor Networks from Internal AttacksProf. Xu Huang
A Novel Steganography Technique for Gray and Colored ImagesDr. Ankita Agarwal
A Novel with Low Complexity Gaze Point Estimation AlgorithmDr. Bor-Jiunn Hwang
A Partial Differential Equations Model Predictive Control of Heterogeneous Transesterification Process for Biodiesel Production in Tubular ReactorMr. Nuttanit Montriwasuwat
A Practical Approach of Fairness in Web-based E-learningDr. DEBAJYOTI KONAR
A Practical Approach of Storage Strategy for Grid Computing EnvironmentDr. Kalimuddin Qureshi
A Practical, SCVM-based Approach to Enhance Portability and Adaptability of HPC Application Build SystemsProf. Vaidy Sunderam
A Reinforcement Learning for Train Marshaling Based on the Processing Time Considering Group Layout of Freight CarsDr. Yoichi Hirashima
A Relationship Model between Manufacturer and Buyer for Order Fulfillment in Export Oriented Furniture Industry with Sustainability ConsiderationsMiss RAGILIA A. DEVI
A Relationship Model between Supplier and Manufacturer for Securing Availability of Teak Log in Export Oriented Furniture Industry with Sustainability ConsiderationsMr. Achmad Habibie
A Review of Daylight Illuminance and Window Design in BuildingsDr. Harmeet Singh
A Robust Digital Watermarking with Mixed Transform Technique for Digital ImageMr. Liu Cheng-Hung
A Robust Feature Selection Scheme for Multi-class Classification ProblemsDr. Hung-Yi Lin
A Self-checking CMOS Full adder in Double Pass Transistor LogicDr. Ka Lok Man
A Simple C++ Template Program for Simulating Operation Research Problems for Students' LearningMrs. Zahra Asgari Rizi
A Simplex Based Parametric Programming Method for the Large Linear Programming ProblemMiss Rujun Huang
A Stochastic model of supply chain management by considering suppliers' lifetimesDr. Hannaneh Rashidi
A Storage and Retrieval of Requirement Model and Analysis Model for Software Product LineMr. Anavin Trakarnviroj
A Study of Robust Sliding Mode Controller Design for a Pneumatic Servo SystemDr. Chia-Hua Lu
A Study on Multi-Attribute Database Indexing on Cloud SystemMr. Choon-Yong Tan
A Study on the Key Factors of Customer Chain EffectivenessMr. Kun-Chih Huang, Prof. D.Y. Sha
A System Dynamics Framework for an Integrated Forward-Reverse Supply Chain with Fuzzy Demand and Fuzzy Collection Rate under Possibility ConstraintsDr. Pankaj Dutta
A Tool for Generating Relational Database Schema from EER DiagramMiss Lisa Simasatitkul
A Trend Based Similarity Calculation Approach for Mining Time Series DataDr. Yuhang Yang
A Two-surface Discrete Sliding Mode Control based on Approach Angle Reaching LawMrs. Rinu Koshy
A Type System and Type Soundness for the Calculus of Aspect-Oriented Programming LanguagesMr. Dinesh Gopalani
A Web Application Framework for End-User-Initiative Development with a Visual ToolMs. Jing Li
A Whole-body Model for Assessment of Vibration Power Absorption in the Head-Neck System and the Spine when Using Power ToolsDr. M H Pashaei
Accurate Trajectory Control for Five-Axis Tool-Path PlanningProf. Rong-Shine Lin
Achieving the Success of TPM through the Basics - A Case StudyDr. Gurinder Singh Brar
Active-C Realization of nth-order Current-Mode Allpole Lowpass Filters Using CFTAsDr. Worapong Tangsrirat
Aircraft Resequencing with Available Arrival Time Window ConstraintsMrs. Adriana Andreeva-Mori
Algorithm for Efficient Attendance Management: Face Recognition based approachDr. Mohammad Haroon Yousaf
All-Grounded Passive Element Voltage-Mode Universal Filter Using Single DDCCTADr. Worapong Tangsrirat
An actif contour for range segmentationDr. Amine Khaldi
An Affine Projection Algorithm with Variable Projection Order using the MSE CriterionMr. JinWoo Yoo
An Agri-food Supply Chain Model to Empower Farmers as Supplier for Modern Retailer Using Corporate Social Responsibility Activities on Deteriorated ProductDr. Wahyudi Sutopo
An Approach to Creating and Maintaining House-Watching Network in MANETDr. Jiahong Wang
An Approach to Solve Bilevel Quadratic-linear Programming ProblemsProf. Sanjeet Singh
An Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder Design by Sharing the Common Boolean Logic TermProf. I-Chyn Wey
An Automatic Subsystem Grouping Scheme using Use Case Dependency Graph for Large Complex SystemsMiss Nanchaya Khrueahong
An Efficient Technique using Text & Content Base Image Mining Technique for Image RetrievalMr. Umesh V. Nikam
An Extended Model for the Uncapacitated Single Allocation Hub Covering Problem in a Fuzzy EnvironmentDr. Alireza Eydi
An H.264/AVC Error Concealment Technique Enhanced by Depth CorrelationProf. YANG Shih-Hsuan
An I/O Cost Efficient and Progressive Algorithm for Computing Massive Skyline PointsDr. Mohammadmehdi Talebi
An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Operon PredictionProf. Cheng-Hong Yang
An Improved Java Programming Learning System Using Test-Driven Development MethodProf. Nobuo Funabiki
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for Data ClusteringProf. Cheng-Hong Yang
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for Tag Single Nucleotide Polymorphism SelectionProf. Cheng-Hong Yang
An Intelligent Flow Measuring Technique Using VenturiDr. Binoy Krishna Roy
An lp Norm Minimization Using Auxiliary Function for Compressed SensingProf. Yoshitaka Morikawa
An O(1)-Approximation Algorithm for the Geometric Freeze-Tag ProblemDr. E. N. Yazdi
An Online Casebook on Industrial Accident AnalysisMs Chen Ke
An Optimal Daily Inventory Clearance Operation with Consumer's Reference PriceMr. Takeshi Koide
An Optimal Quantity Discounting Pricing Policy for Ameliorating ItemsDr. Hidefumi Kawakatsu, Mr. Toshimichi Homma, Prof. Kiyoshi Sawada
An Overview of Optimization of Top-k Queries in Relational DatabasesDr. Neha Singh
An RFID Case Study for Air Cargo Supply Chain ManagementDr. Chi-Kong Chan
Analysis and Design of Nonisolated High Step-up Boost Converter Integrated With Sepic ConverterDr. E.SATHISHKUMAR
Analysis and Development of Sustainable Solutions for the Inclusion of Low-income Customers in the Electric Power NetworkDr. Jose Edimilson Canaes
Analysis of Discrete PWM & Space Vector PWM Controlled Hybrid Active Power Filters for Power Quality EnhancementDr. J.SOMLAL
Analysis of Electrical Power Generation in PakistanDr. Islam H. Afefy
Analysis of Errors and Distortions in Stroke Form of Symbology for Head-up DisplaysMr. Surender Singh Saini
Analysis of Oil Pipeline Failures in the Oil and Gas Industries in the Niger Delta Area of NigeriaDr. Chinonso Achebe
Analysis of the Effect of Interaction on the Large-Scale SystemsMr. Younes Alfitorey Mousa
Analysis Parameter PID with the Root Locus Theory by used M-file Mat LabMr. Ahutphonnawut Kraisuntronlertphop
Analyze of One-way Surge Tank Location Effect on Pipeline Pressure in Transient FlowDr. Sadegh Torfi
Application of FDTD and Dynamic Differential Evolution for Inverse Scattering Problem Time Domain Inverse ScatteringMr. Wei Chien
Application of Improved Genetic Algorithm in Solving a Type of Connector Transportation Problem Based on MATLABMr. Cheng Xiangyu
Application of Information & Communication Technology (Satellite Image Processing Decision Support system) to reduce soil erosion for Livelihood Enhancement in EthiopiaDr. PVL Narayana Rao
Application Of Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method For Non- Newtonian Fluid Flow In A Vertical AnnulusMr. Aditya Vikram Singh
Application of Simulated Annealing for Color Pattern Recognition to the Optoelectronic Correlator with Liquid Crystal DeviceDr. Chulung Chen
Applying and Implementation of the Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) with Sensitive Equation: A PEMFC Case StudyMs. Jichen Liu
Applying Bee Colony Optimization Heuristic for Make-Pack Problem in Process ManufacturingMr. Rataphol Sangkhasuk
Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Transient Performance Augmentation of a Hybrid Power SystemDr. Vivekananda Mukherjee
Assessment of Power Market for Carbon Trading by Modified Particle Swarm OptimizationDr. Lu Kai-Hung
Automated Classification of Web Sites using Naive Bayesian AlgorithmDr. Ajay Patil
Automated Region Growing for Segmentation of Brain Lesion in Diffusion-weighted MRIMiss NORHASHIMAH MOHD SAAD
Batch Neural Gas with Deterministic Initialization for Color QuantizationDr. M. Emre Celebi
Battery Aware Mobile Relay for Wireless Sensor NetworkDr. Noritaka Shigei
Behavior Analysis of a Biscuit Making Plant using Markov Regenerative ModelingDr. Atul Goyal
Best Practices in Reducing Occupational Stress through Ergonomics and Human Factors PrincipleDr. Jaypy T. Tenerife
Bilinear Time-Frequency Analysis Techniques for Power Quality SignalsDr. Abdul Rahim Abdullah
Binder Replacement in Casting Process of Rice Mill Cylinder by Pozzolan MaterialMr. Thitikan Boonkang
Biomechanical Mechanism for Energy Harvesting from Gait for Rehabilitation PurposesDr. Nima Jamshidi
Bluetooth Usage Control Policy Enforcement ModelDr. Engr Shahryar Khan
Brain Tumour Detection, Segmentation & Area Calculation from MR Images: A Fast ApproachDr. Yawar Rehman
Capture Largest Included Circles: An Approach for Counting Red Blood CellsMs. Saima Rathore
Categorizing Group Opinions Through Fuzzy Similarity RelationProf. Hayao Miyagi, Ms. Yui Miyagi, Prof. Kang Dongshik
Centralized resource management for network infrastructure including IP telephony by integrating a mediator between the heterogeneous data sourcesDr. Mohammed Fethi Khalfi
Chaos Suppression of a New Variable Structure Chaotic SystemProf. Jun-Juh Yan
Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization for Prediction of SNP Combinations Associated with a Low Bone Mineral Density RiskProf. Cheng-Hong Yang
Characterization of Eukaryotic Core Promoters Based on Nonlinear Dimensionality ReductionMiss Xi Yang
Choice of Semiconductor Switches for Energy Efficient Induction Heated Pipe-line using H. F. Mirror InverterProf. PRADIP KUMAR SADHU
Churn Analysis of Online Social Network Users Using Data Mining TechniquesMr. huang lixian, Miss Haiying NI
Closed Loop Speed Control of DC Motors used in Rock Drilling and Mud Pump ApplicationDr. NITAI PAL
Coefficient Comparison Technique of Discrete Wavelet Transform for Discriminating between External Short Circuit and Internal Winding Fault in Power TransformerDr. ATTHAPOL NGAOPITAKKUL
Comparative Study on Email Spam Classifier using Data Mining TechniquesMrs. POONKUZHALI SUGUMARAN
Comparison of Anisotropy of Human Mandible, Human Femora and Human Tibia with Canine Mandible and Canine Femora and With Bovine FemursDr. Faeq A. A. Radwan
Comparison of Image Fusion based on DCT-STD and DWT-STDMr. Zheng Wei Zhou
Comparison of Support Vector Machines SVM and Statistica in daily flow forecastingDr. Mahdi moharrampour
Comparison of Two Auto Focus Measurements DCT-STD and DWT-STDMr. Tsung-Ping Huang
Competitive Bidding in Electricity Markets with Carbon Emission by Using Particle Swarm OptimizationProf. Yogendra Kumar, Prof. Ganga Agnihotri
Complex Model of Surface GrindingMr. Shipulin Leonid
Computational Analysis of New Drug like Compounds for NDM-1Dr. Jyotsna Choubey
Computational Complexity of Multigrid Preconditioner for Hierarchical Triangular Grids Based on TrisectionDr. Amir Ranjbar
Computer-Aided Simulation of Heat Transfer in NanofluidsMr. Hossein Movafegh Ghadirli
Conceptual Prototype of a Planning Software for the CONWIP Production Control SystemProf. Markus Stopper
Consciousness in Society of Mind Cognitive ArchitectureDr. M. V Vijayakumar
Constraint-Based Local Search for Container Stowage Slot PlanningMr. Dario Pacino
Construction and Analysis of a Semantic Grid Service for Large-scale EnvironmentMr. Toshihiro Uchibayashi, Prof. Bernady Apduhan
Content Based Ranking for Search EnginesMrs. POONKUZHALI SUGUMARAN
Continuous Review Model for Perishable Products with Inventory Dependent DemandDr. Pankaj Dutta
Contribution of Web Services to Improve Pain Diaries ExperienceDr. Nuno Pombo
Controller Design Base on Servo State Feedback for Two-wheeled Balancing RobotDr. Vittaya Tipsuwanporn
Cooperative Game-theoretic Approach for Supplier Selection, Pricing and Inventory Decisions in a Multi-level Supply ChainDr. Yun Huang
Correlation of Compressive Strength of Coal Pellets with Wet Weight of Coal Powder AgglomeratesDr. KINGSLEY OKECHUKWU IKEBUDU
CPU-GPU Hybrid Parallel Binomial American Option PricingProf. ENG GEE LIM
Creating News Context From a Folksonomy of Web ClippingMr. Jose Devezas, Prof. Alvaro Figueira
Criteria Weighting and 4-P Planning in Marketing Using Analytic Network ProcessDr. Tuncay Gurbuz
Cross Training - Is it a Panacea for all Call Center Ills?Mr. Benny Mathew
Cross-Layer Enhanced Adaptive ReservationMr. Hau Shing Chu
Customer' s Willingness to Contribute to Green Electricity Tariffs in the UKMr. Amir Hossein Sajadi