The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2012 are listed here:

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Titles (D_N)
Contact Authors
Data Fusion in Mobile Wireless Sensor NetworksMr. Muhammed Arshad
Data Search Algorithms based on Quantum WalkDr. Noritaka Shigei
Decision Support System for the Diagnosis of Asthma Severity Using Fuzzy LogicProf. M. K. Verma
Decomposition of Automata PDL and its ExtensionMiss Bingtian Xue
Decoupled Fuzzy Sliding-mode Balance Control of Wheeled Inverted Pendulums Using An 8-bit MicrocontrollerMr. Chin-Yi LIU
Dependability Analysis of a Vital Sign Monitoring ApplicationMr. Antonio Coronato
Design and Development of an Algorithm for Color Conversion of Gray Scale Image With Respect To Color Reference ImageMr. Umesh V. Nikam
Design and Implementation of DF-Salvia which Provides Mandatory Access Control based on Data FlowDr. Takehiro Kashiyama
Design and Realization of a Smart Battery Management SystemMr. Hyunshin Lee
Design for an Irrigation and Monitoring System of an Automated DamMr. Syed Hassan Ahmed
Design of Digital Recursive Filter Using Artificial Neural NetworkMs. AMIR BATURE
Design of High Birefrigence and Low-Loss Index-Guiding Photonic Crystal Fiber by Modified Elliptical Air Holes in Fiber CladdingDr. Chiung-Chou Liao
Design of Low Pull-in Voltage Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Switch for WLAN ApplicationDr. Amir Abolfazl Suratgar
Detection of Epilepsy from EEG Signal during Epilepsy Seizure Using Heuristic Algorithm of Fixed Point IterationsDr. Mahdi Ghanbari
Detection of Epilepsy from EEG Signal during Epileptic Seizure Using Entropy-Based Fuzzy c-MeansDr. Mahdi Ghanbari
Detection of Keratoconus and Suspect Keratoconus by Machine VisionDr. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
Detection of single phase to ground in shipboard power systemDr. A.Sanchooly
Determining the Repairing Interval for the Means of Transportation with Regard the Unexpected Failures and Repairing CostsDr. CANG VOTRONG
Developing Harmonic Power Analyzer based on IEEE 1459-2010 StandardMr. Panya Wattanayingcharoen
Developing Infrastructures for Online Games and Distance Learning using RTFProf. Sergei Gorlatch
Development of a Camera Control System for Lecture Recording Using Pointing StickDr. Youji Ochi
Development of a Height Measurement System based on 2D Laser ScanProf. Jae Hoon Lee
Development of Micro-Blog Based Discussion Environment for Participants in University LectureDr. Tomoko Kashima
Dimensionality Reduction of Multispectral Images Representing Anatomical Structures of an EyeDr. Adam Switonski
Discrete Behaviorism and the Universal Artificial IntelligenceDr. Wil Holland
Discrete Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machines Algorithm for Classification of Fault Types on Transmission LineDr. ATTHAPOL NGAOPITAKKUL
Discrete Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machines Algorithm for Fault Locations on Single Circuit Transmission LineDr. ATTHAPOL NGAOPITAKKUL
Dual-Band Filter Using Quarter-Wavelength Resonators with Hybrid Feeding StructureProf. Ming-Lin Chuang
Dynamic Pricing for Revenue and Risk OptimizationDr. Arvind Anandacoumar
Dynamic Programming for Improving Cache EfficiencyMr. Parmeshwar Korde
Dynamic Stability Analysis of Asynchron Generator In Presence of FACTS DevicesDr. Mehdi Mohammadzadeh Rostami
Effective Campus Management through Web Enabled Campus-SIA (Student Information Application)Mr. Bishnu Prasad Gautam
Effects of Air Pressure and Humidity to the Effectiveness of the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) in High Humidity ClimateDr. Zulfahmie Bin Jalauddin
Efficiency Analysis of Preset Color Histogram in Mean-shift-based Crow TrackingMr. Kouji Ochiai, Dr. Takanori Koga
Efficient Classifier for TP53 Mutants using Feature Relevance AnalysisMrs. POONKUZHALI SUGUMARAN
Efficient sensors selection algorithm in Cyber Physical SystemDr. Ma-wubin
e-Health so far : Trends and Its SignificanceDr. Oyeleke O. Richie
Eigen Vector Descent and Line Search for Multilayer PerceptronMr. Seiya Satoh, Prof. Ryohei Nakano
Electronic ReadinessMr. Kamal Barzegar Bafrooee
Embedding Two Edge-Disjoint Hamiltonian Cycles and Two Equal Node-Disjoint Cycles into Twisted CubesProf. Ruo-Wei Hung
Employing Fuzzy-Based CVP Analysis for Activity-Based Costing for Maintenance Service ProvidersProf. Patcharaporn Yanpirat
Energy efficiency in large building, A case study, Energy recovery by run-around systemsDr. Sadegh Torfi
Energy efficient localization of distributed clusteringDr. S. Swapna Kumar
Enhanced Asthma Management with Mobile CommunicationDr. CT Lau
Enhancement of Performance Parameters of Three Phase Induction Motor by Current Source Inverter: An overview and key issuesDr. Bindeshwar Singh
Erosion Wear Behavior of Metal Matrix Composite: A ReviewDr. Mr. Sanjay Jain
Estimating Aspects in Online Reviews Using Topic Model with 2-Level LearningMr. Takuya Konishi, Mr. Fuminori Kimura
Estimation of the Force-Interactive Behaviors between Human and Machine Using an Observer-Based TechniqueDr. Syh-Shiuh YEH
Ethernet-based Communication Architecture Design and Fault-Tolerant SystemMr. Hyunshin Lee
Evaluation of Human Response under Vibration ConditionDr. Hon Keung Yau
Evaluation of VO Intersection Trust model for Ad hoc GridsDr. Ladislav Huraj
Examination of Temporal Characteristics of Epileptic EEG Subbands Based on the Local Min-MaxDr. Suparerk Janjarasjitt
Experimental Analysis of the Effects of Social Relations on Mobile Application RecommendationMr. Tomonobu Ozaki
Extended Fuzzy Hyperline Segment Neural Network for Handwritten Character RecognitionMrs. DIPTI PAWAR
Extraction of Frequent Association Patterns Co-occurring across Multi-sequence DataProf. Yoshifumi Okada, Mr. Takahiro Miura
Factors Affecting Solidification of Steel in the Mould during Continuous Casting of Steel BilletsProf. Hussein Abuluwefa
Failure Analysis and Improvement by Experimental Method in a Press shopDr. Rajesh S.Mhetre
Fast Interactive Decision Support for Modifying Stowage Plans Using Binary Decision DiagramsProf. Rune Moller Jensen
Faster Recovery from Operating System Failure and File Cache MissingMr. Yudai Kato
Feature Level Fusion for Arabic Script Based Languages Online Character RecognitionDr. Muhammad Imran Razzak
Femtocell Networks in Indoor ChannelDr. Joy Iong-Zong Chen
Finding Optimal Degree-Bounded Many-to-Many MatchingsDr. E. N. Yazdi
Finger Response Times to Visual, Auditory and Tactile Modality StimuliDr Annie Ng
Fixed Structure Robust 2DOF H-infinity Loop Shaping Control for ACMC Buck Converter using Genetic AlgorithmDr. ATTHAPOL NGAOPITAKKUL
Formally Specified Dynamic Composition of Services in Pervasive EnvironmentsMr. Antonio Coronato
FPGA Realization of Braun's MultipliersProf. Mohammed Al Mijalli
Frequency Divider Design Using CMOS-NDR-Based Chaos CircuitDr. Kwang-Jow Gan
Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Materials - Statistical Analysis of the Weld DataMr. Sumbwanyambe Mbuyu
Fuzzy Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization for Confronting Two-Pair Primer DesignProf. Cheng-Hong Yang
Fuzzy Goal Programming Model for Press and Mold Selection Problem: A Case Study of Tire IndustryMiss Charatporn Paruang
Fuzzy Inventory Control System for Uncertain Demand and SupplyMr. Thipbodee Tanthatemee
Fuzzy Model for Human Face Expression RecognitionMr. Mayur S. Burange
Fuzzy Regulation for the Intelligent Control of Switching-Mode Buck Power-Electronic Converter Using Genetic Algorithm-Based TuningProf. Anas N. Al-Rabadi
Global Localization for a Swarm of Autonomous Transport Vehicles Using IEEE 802.15.4a CSSProf. Christof Roehrig
Green Cargo Routing Using Genetic AlgorithmsDr. Chi-Kong Chan
Green Electricity Energy Tariffs in the UK Electricity MarketMr. Amir Hossein Sajadi
Green Supplier Assessment in Environmentally Responsive Supply Chains through Analytical Network ProcessProf. Gopal Agarwal
GRID COMPUTINGDr. Shashank Pandey
Grooming a New Team with Potential Roles using the Scrum PracticesDr. Laishram Prabhakar
H_Infinite Tracking Control of LPV Systems over a Communication NetworkMr. Bum Yong Park
Hall Effect Sensor for Measuring Metal Particles in LubricantMr. Chaiwat Chaiyachit
Hand Anthropometry Analysis and Construction of Regression Models for a Hong Kong SampleMr. Coskun Dizmen
Harmonic Elimination of Space Vector Modulated Three Phase InverterMrs. Nisha G.K.
Haul Roads Lighting System for Open Cast Mine using Green EnergyDr. NITAI PAL
Healthcare personnel's preference for age ranges to wear Intelligent Mobile Biomedical Sensor (IMBS) for Blood Pressure MonitoringDr. Oyeleke O. Richie
High Performance Computation of Iterative Methods for Matrices Appear in The Field of Realistic ElectromagneticsMr. Takashi Sekimoto
High-Gain Serial-Parallel Switched-Capacitor Step-Up DC-DC ConverterDr. Yuen-Haw Chang
How Probability Weighting Affects Inventory Management with Supply DisruptionsMiss Junlin Chen
Human Identification Based on Gait Motion Capture DataDr. Henryk Josinski
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-Blood Interactions: Surface Thermodynamics ApproachDr. Chinonso Achebe
Hybrid Approach of Constraint Programming and Integer Programming for Solving Resource-constrained Project-scheduling ProblemsMr. CHENG Zhao
Identifying Key Factors and Developing a New Method for Classifying Imbalanced Sentiment DataProf. Long-Sheng Chen
Identifying Key Factors for Increasing Royalty of Customers in Mobile Shopping ServicesProf. Long-Sheng Chen
Image Retrieval and Feature Vector Size ReductionDr. Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh
IMC-Based PID Controllers Design for Two-mass SystemDr. Vittaya Tipsuwanporn
Impact of Mobility on Concurrent Transactions MixtureDr. Ahmad Al-Qerem
Impact of Mobility on Route Failure In MANETMs.Akriti Bhat
Impact of Unreliable Power on a Paper Mill: A Case Study of Paper Industry of Punjab, IndiaDr. Harpuneet Singh
Improved Fast Two Cycle by using KFCM Clustering for Image SegmentationMr. Hossein Movafegh Ghadirli
Improved Mechanized Gari Frying Technology for Sustainable Economic Development in NigeriaMr. AUSTIN IKECHUKWU GBASOUZOR
Improvement of Mounts of Accelerometers of Finger Braille Recognition SystemDr. Yasuhiro Matsuda
Improvement of System Capacity using Different Frequency Reuse and HARQ and AMC in IEEE 802.16 OFDMA NetworksProf. Vahid TabaTaba Vakili
Improvement on Fitness Function for Learning Context-Free Grammars Using Tabular RepresentationsMr. Vignesh Mahadevan
Improving Hydrogen Production in a Reactive Distillation via Economic Optimization and ControlMiss Thanyalak Phetthai
Improving Personalized Recommendation in VSS Based on User's PreferenceMiss Huageng Li
Integrating Knowledge Base Retrieval with Web Search using Semantic RolesProf. Kavi Mahesh
Integration of Inter-Connectivity of Information System (i3) using Web ServicesDr. Aftab A. Chandio
Intelligent Manufacturing System for OTR Tyres using Proactive ControlProf. PRADIP KUMAR SADHU
Interactive Fuzzy Decision Making for Hierarchical Multiobjective Stochastic Linear Programming ProblemsProf. Hitoshi Yano
Interactive Fuzzy Goal Programming for Multi-Objective Closed-Loop Logistics NetworkDr. Mehrdad Mehrbod
Introducing Guard-Window with Max- mean Filter for Comparative Analysis of Image Restoration AlgorithmsDr. Sunita
Inventory Redistribution PlanningDr. Ashwin D. Zade
Investigation of Internal Validity Measures for K-Means ClusteringProf. M. Emre Celebi
Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Nitrogen-containing Graphene using Molecular Dynamics SimulationsProf. Shingo Okamoto
Job Shop Scheduling with Fixed Delivery DatesProf. Cheng-Hsiang Liu
Key Generation in Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems over GF(2n)Dr. Tai-Chi Lee
Kinetics of High Temperature Oxidation of High Carbon Steels in Multi-component Gases Approximating Industrial Steel Reheat Furnace AtmospheresProf. Hussein Abuluwefa
Knowledge Discovery from Network AlarmsDr. Kongluan Lin
LACTA: An Enhanced Automatic Software Categorization on the Native Code of Android ApplicationsProf. Cheng-Zen Yang
Linguistic Characteristics of English Guidebooks for Hokuriku Region in JapanProf. Hiromi Ban
Literature Survey on Life-Cycle of Liver Segmentation Techniques MRI, CT and Ultrasound Imaging ModalitiesMs. Saima Rathore
Local Effect of Seasonal on Dengue Transmission in Thailand: Mathematical Models of MechanismDr. Rujira Kongnuy
Logit versus Probit as Link Functions in the Generalized Linear Models for Data Mining ApplicationsDr. Mehdi Razzaghi
Low Power Decimator Design Using Bit-Serial Architecture for Biomedical ApplicationsDr. Thomas Chen
Low Power Full Adder Using 8T StructureDr. Amin Bazzazi
LTCC System for High Frequency ApplicationsDr. Assia Hanzaz
Maintenance Planning Based on Computer-Aided Preventive Maintenance PolicyDr. Islam Afefy
Manifold Learning by Neural Networks for Video-Video based Face RecognitionDr. Kian Hamedani
Maximal Satisfiable CNF FormulasProf. Stefan Porschen
Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Systems under Varying Irradiation and Temperature ConditionsDr. S.karthika
Mechanical Properties of Vacancy-containing Graphene and Graphite using Molecular Dynamics SimulationsMr. Akihiko Ito
Mechanized Balling Disc Machine (Pelletizer) for Industrial Development in NigeriaDr. Ikebudu Kingsley O
M-FMCN: Modified Fuzzy Min-Max Classifier Using Compensatory NeuronsDr. Mostafa Parchami
Minimization of Harmonic Distortion of Industrial Motor Drives with Active Power Filter in Paper Mill - a Case StudyDr. YP OBULESU
Mining Association Rules from Large Datasets towards Disease PredictionDr. Srinivas. K
Mining Rare Itemsets on Multi-Level Hierarchies DatabaseMr. Taweechai Ouypornkochagorn
Mitigating E-Mail Threats - A Web Content Based ApplicationDr. C Chellappan
Mitigation of Power Quality Problems by FACTS Controllers in an Integrated Power System: A Comprehensive SurveyDr. Bindeshwar Singh
Modal Decomposition-based VLSI Interconnect delay ModelingDr. M.Kavicharan
Model of Single Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Using MATLAB/SIMULINKDr. S.M.A.Faisal
Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Colluding Attack in Volunteer Computing SystemsDr. Kan Watanabe
Modeling and Synthesis of Human Insulin Secretion Mechanism Using CADDr. Ammar Elhassan
Modelling and Verification of Compensating Transactions using the Spin ToolDr. Kaiyu Wan
Models comparison of Doubly Fed Induction Generator for stability assessment of Wind farmsDr. Nemat.Talebi
Modification of Linux File System (Ext2/3) for Transparent CompressionDr . Engr. Mohammad Haroon Yousaf
Modular Analog Current and Voltage Preamplifier System with State Variable Filters and Computer Control InterfaceDr. Jan Jacob
Monitoring Instruction-based Intrusion Detection and Self-healing SystemMr. Hironori Shirai
Monte Carlo Simulation of a Two-Factor Stochastic Volatility ModelDr. Ahmet Goncu
Morphological Analysis of Kokborok for Universal Networking Language DictionaryMr. Swapan Debbarma
Moving Window-Based Similarity Analysis and Its Application to Tissue Characterization of Coronary ArteriesMr. Satoshi Nakao
Multi Chip Packaging (MCP) or Not MCP?Mr. Boon Chong Ang
Multilevel Image Thresholding with Glowworm Swam Optimization Algorithm based on the Minimum Cross EntropyDr. Horng, Ming-Huwi
Multi-Objective Robust Parameter Design Methodology Applied to Microwave CircuitDr. Takafumi Nakagawa
Multiple Imputation for Missing Data in Repeated Measurements Using MCMC and CopulasDr. Lily Ingsrisawang
Multiple Particle Swarm Optimizers with Inertia Weight for Multi-objective OptimizationDr. Hong Zhang
Multiresolution Techniques and 2D Signal ApplicationMr. Kyanda Swaib Kaawaase
Nano Coating Application for Corrosion Reduction in Oil and Gas Transmission Pipe: A Case study in south of IranDr. Sadegh Torfi
Neural adaptive control by state space system UPFC (SSNN) for compensation of active and reactive powerDr. A. Bouanane
New Control Strategy in Series Compensator for Fault Current Limiting FunctionDr. Mehrdad Tarafdar Hagh
New Results for Synchronized TriomineeringDr. Alessandro Cincotti
New Sierpinski Curve Julia SetsDr. Mamta Rani
Node Centric Load Balancing Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksMr. Amjad Ali
Non- Thermodynamically Equilibrium Simulation of Condensation for Stratified Concurrent Two Phase of Vapor and Liquid in A Horizontal TubeDr. Sadegh Torfi
Non-Blocking N-Version Programming for Message Passing SystemsDr. Behzad Chitsaz
Non-iterative RNS Division AlgorithmMs. Mansoureh Labafniya
Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of a Beam Using New Analytical MethodDr. M H Pashaei
Novel Ubiquitous Interoperable Context-aware Smart Environments through Web ServicesMr. R. Vinob chander
Numerical Approximations of Average Run Length for AR(1) on Exponential CUSUMMiss JARUCHAT BUSABA
Numerical Solution of Heat Transfer in a Viscoelastic Boundary Layer Flow over a Stretching SheetMrs. Dhanalaxmi Vadlakonda
Numerical Transport Simulations in Semiconductor Nanostructures on CPUs and GPUsDr. Jan Jacob