The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2012 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
On Describing Terminating Algebraic Specifications Based on Their ModelsDr. Masaki Nakamura
On relativistic fluid space time admitting heat flux of a generalized recurrent and Ricci-recurrent Kenmotsu manifoldDr. Sushil Shukla
On the Optimality of Plug-In Optimal Control SystemsProf. Takao Fujii
On-line communication applications for distance learningMr. Radek Kratochvil
Ontology Design for Creating Adaptive Learning Path in e-Learning EnvironmentProf. Hyun-Sook Chung
OO Metric Studies of UML Behavioral DiagramsDr. M.venkata Rao
Open Map Generation for Heterogeneous Environments Based on Cloud ComputingProf. SeungGwan Lee
Optimal design of barrel vaults via charged search systemDr. M. Farahanib
Optimal Designs and Dexterous Comparison of Three 3-DOF Planar Parallel Manipulators with 4-RPR, 3-RPR and 2-RPR StructuresDr. H. Daniali
Optimal Location of FACTS for Voltage stability using Modified Particle Swarm OptimizationDr. Lu Kai-Hung
Optimization of Rectangular Bin Packing Problem using Decimal coded Genetic AlgorithmDr. S.K. Rajesh Kanna
Optimizing Large-Scale Staff Rostering InstancesDr. Jari Kyngas, Dr. Kimmo Nurmi
Organisational Learning Cycles by means of Knowledge DynamicsProf. Eckhard Ammann
Overall Equipment Effectiveness Measurement By Weighted Approach MethodDr. Kittappa Thiagarajan
Parallelization of Termination Checker of Term Rewriting SystemsDr. Haruhiko Sato, Mr. Rui Ding
Path Embedding in a Faulty Folded HypercubeProf. Jung-Sheng Fu
Performance Evaluation of a Video Broadcasting System over Wireless Mesh NetworkMr. Kwok Tung SZE
Performance Evaluation of DVB-T Based OFDM over Wireless Communication ChannelsMr. Syed Hassan Ahmed
Performance Evaluation of GPBiCGSafe Method without Reverse-Ordered Recurrence for Realistic ProblemsProf. SEIJI FUJINO
Performance Evaluation of Low Inertia Multi-Stage Solar StillProf. Prem Singh
Performance Evaluation of Various Multi-Level VSC Topologies with Novel Power Control TechniquesDr.S.Venkateshwarlu
Performance of NAT64 versus NAT44 in the Context of IPv6 MigrationMr. Kenneth Joachim Llanto
Performance verification of DC- DC Buck Converter Using Sliding Mode Controller for Comparison with the Existing Controllers - A Theoretical ApproachDr. Arti Bindu and Dr. Shelgaonkar Arti Kamalakar
Pick-up Scheduling of Two-dimensional Loading in Vehicle Routing Problem by using GAMr. YUXI SHEN
Power Quality Enhancement in Micro-grids Using Multifunctional DG InvertersProf. Tsao-Tsung Ma
Predicting E-waste Recycling Behavior-From Personality Traits and IMB ModelDr. Huey-Wen Chou
Preventing State Divergence in Duplex Systems Using Causal MemoryDr. Behzad Chitsaz
Probability Distributions Achieving the Equilibrium of an AND-OR Tree under Directional AlgorithmsDr. Toshio Suzuki
Prosthetic Hand Using Shape Memory Alloy Type Artificial MuscleMr. Shinji Matsubara
Provision of VCR Functionality for Video-on-Demand System with Cooperative Clients in Broadcast EnvironmentMr. Kwok Tung SZE
Pulsewidth Control Loop with Low Control Voltage RippleProf. Shao-ku Kao
Random-Valued Impulse Noise Detection and Removal in Grayscale and Color ImagesDr. Vladimir Khryashchev
Realizing Targeted Advertising in Digital Signage with AVA and Data MiningDr. Phil Tian
Real-Time Video-Based Eye Blink DetectionDr. Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh
Real-time, Multi-agent Simulation of Coordinated Hierarchical Movements for Military Vehicles with Formation ConservationMr. Abdulla Mamdouh
Reconfigurable 4x/3x/2x/1x Switched-Capacitor Boost DC-AC InverterDr. Yuen-Haw Chang
Relevance Ranking and Evaluation of Search Results through Web Content MiningMrs. POONKUZHALI SUGUMARAN
ReliefF Based Feature Selection In Content-Based Image RetrievalDr. Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh
Remote Wireless Health Monitoring SystemsDr. B. Karunaiah
Rendezvous- A Social Web-based Application for Knowledge Sharing and EntertainmentProf. Alton Chua
Repair Interval of Locomotive Wheel Axle Based on ReliabilityDr. CANG VOTRONG
Research of VB Programming Automatic Scoring Method Based on the Windows APIProf. YANHENG LI
Research on Task Types in Highly Automated Workstation: Implications for Job DesignMr. Chunyu Chuang
Review on Using Packages to Enhance the Teaching of Critical Path NetworksDr. Harry Ku
Risk-adjusted Joint Optimization of Base-stock Levels and Component Allocation in an ATO System with ReturnsDr. Ebru Angun, Ms. Eda Bilici
Risk-based Software Quality AssuranceDr. Omar AlShathry
Robust H_Infinite Controller Design for Nonlinear Positive HIV/AIDS Infection Dynamic Model: A Fuzzy ApproachDr. Wudhichai Assawinchaichote
Robust Optimization for Closed-Loop Logistics under UncertaintyDr. Mehrdad Mehrbod
Robust-based Random Fuzzy Mean-Variance Model Using a Fuzzy Reasoning MethodDr. Hideki Katagiri, Dr. Takashi Hasuike
Rotorcraft Trajectory Tracking by Supervised NLI ControlProf. Felix Mora-Camino
Scalable Ensemble Information-Theoretic Co-clustering for Massive DataMiss Qizhen Huang
Search Engine Optimization for the Website of a South African Organization as an Internet Marketing StrategyMr. Johnson Dehinbo
Second-Order Duality for Nondifferentiable Minimax Fractional Programming Involving (F; p)-ConvexityDr. SHIV KUMAR GUPTA
Security Evaluation and Encryption Efficiency Analysis of RC4 Stream Cipher for Converged Network ApplicationsDr. Taha R. Ibrahim
Semi-supervised Method of Multiple Object Segmentation with a Region Labeling and Flood FillDr. Uday Pratap Singh
SemKnow: A Multi-Agent Platform to Manage Distributed Knowledge by using OntologiesMiss Inaya LAHOUD
Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Artificial Neural NetworkMr. Muhammad Buhari
Signal Processing Method for Extracting Scratching TimeMr. Toshihiro Shino, Dr. Yosuke Kurihara
Simple Policies for Joint Replenishment Can Perform BadlyDr. Christopher Dance
Simulation and Analysis of Induced Harmonics and Reactive Power of a Rotor-Fed Induction Generator with PWM InverterMiss Samiya Zafar
Simulation and Mitigation of SSR by FACTS device with Lead Lag CompensatorDr. Shiksha Batwal
Simulation Based Plant Maintenance Planning with Multiple Maintenance Policy and Evaluation of Production Process DependabilityMr. Evgeny Malamura
Simulation of Investigating the Earth and Universe Using Interactive Mobile Augmented Reality Based On Smart EvaluationMr. Arash Habibi lashkari
Simulation of Quality Factor with Dynamic Behavioral Testing of OULTON make 4 KW (5.5 Hp) Switched Reluctance Motor using PspiceProf. R. M. Autee
Simulation of the Soliton Propagation in the Linear Chirped Fiber Bragg GratingDr. Farzin Emami
Simulations on Motion Control and Development of Biped Walking RobotMr. Keiya Tani
Slacken Piercing Point Based Subproblem Algorithm for the LP Relaxation of Crew RosteringDr. Ming Yu Zhao
SMIRT with Call Admission Control (CAC) Based Vertical Handover Decision for Seamless Mobility in Multi-Access 4G Heterogeneous Wireless Overlay NetworksMr. Vetrivelan Pandu
SoC Communication Architecture ModelingDr. Mina Zolfy Lighvan
Soil Knowledge-based Systems Using OntologyMr. Tongpool Heeptaisong
Speaker Identification in Noisy Environment with Use of the Precise Model of the Human Auditory SystemMr. Masahiro Abuku
Specification Analysis of Transactional Memory using ITL and AnaTempuraMr. Amin Al-kustaban
Spur Gear Crack Propagation Path Analysis Using Finite Element MethodMr. Ananda Kumar Eriki
Structural and Semantic Indexing for Supporting Creation of Multilingual Web PagesMr. Hiroshi Urae, Mr. Fuminori Kimura
Study of Attention Capture Aspects with respect to Contrast Ratio for Wide Background Luminance Range in Head-up DisplaysMr. Vinod Karar
Sub-Harmonic Resonance in Three-Dimensional Boundary Layer FlowProf. Jim Chen
Subsidy and Revenue Maximization in Developing CountriesMr. Mbuyu Sumbwanyambe
Suitability of dynamic web platforms for teaching Extensible Markup Language (XML) processingDr. Johnson Dehinbo
Synchronized Communication in Low Power WBANDr. Nathirulla Sheriff
Temperature Control by Heat Exchanger Incorporating with Vibration Type Coiled-tubeMiss Apisamai Thaikua
Temperature Monitoring System for Unbalance Phase Analysis of Induction MotorMr. Jakkrit Niyompongwirat
Test Execution Effort Estimation (TEEE) Model in Extreme ProgrammingDr. Muhammad Danyal Ashraf
Text Data Mining of the Electronic Medical Record of the Chronic Hepatitis PatientDr. Muneo Kushima
The Capacity Planning Problem Considering the Procurement of Bottleneck Machines and Auxiliary ToolsDr. Chen Yin-Yann
The Combination of Discrete Wavelet Transform and Self Organizing Map for Identification of Fault Location on Transmission LineDr. ATTHAPOL NGAOPITAKKUL
The Contrast Between Bio-Inspired Optimization Algorithms and Tabu Search AlgorithmDr. Hadi Goodarzi Dehrizi
The Design of a Low Power Wireless Transmission SystemMr. Wei Chien
The Development and Achievements of Software Size MeasurementDr. Tharwon Arnuphaptrairong
The Effect of Encrypted Algorithms on CyberinformaticsDr. Francis Densil Raj
The Influence of the Quay Crane Traveling Time for the Quay Crane Scheduling ProblemProf. Kang-hung Yang
The Minimum Link Visibility Tree of a Simple Rectilinear PolygonDr. Amirhossein Bayegan
The Mixed Ontology Building Methodology Using Database InformationProf. Minyoung Ra
The Multi-commodity One-to-one Pickup-and-delivery Traveling Salesman Problem with Path Duration LimitsMr. Christian Edinger Munk Plum
The Role of Parameter Variations in the Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Quantum Dot Lasers by Using Circuit-Level ModelingDr. Farzin Emami
Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Surface Oxidation of Steels during Annealing in H2-N2 AtmospheresProf. Hussein Abuluwefa
Through a Web Camera Base of Eye Tracking Technology to Explore the Audience's Attention Preferences in terms of the Positions of Information and the Layout CompositionsDr. Bor-Jiunn Hwang
Tissue Classification of Coronary Plaque Using Intravascular Ultrasound Method by Extended Multiple k-Nearest NeighborProf. Eiji Uchino
Towards Reduction of Cost Of Software Quality By Implementing Regression AutomationDr. Deepa Vijay
Towards the Development of Intelligent Agent for Novice C/C++ Programmers through Affective Analysis of Event LogsMr. LARRY VEA
Translation and Rotation Invariant Content-based Image Retrieval SystemDr. Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh
Trends in Circumventing Web-Malware DetectionDr. Naveen Reddy. A
Two new algorithms for geometric embedding of trees onto a point set in the planeDr. Mahmoodreza Jahanseir
Unit Commitment Problem - A Literature ReviewDr. Amit Bhardwaj
Using iterated local search for efficiently packing unequal disks in a larger circleDr. Zeng Zhizhong
Using Queried Keywords or Full-text Extracted Keywords in Blog Mining?Miss Meng Fang Tsai
Using Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Learning in Higher Education: A Case Study in Technological EducationDr. Kaiyu Wan
UTDR Based Diagnosis for Membrane FiltrationProf. JUNGHUI CHEN
Utilization of Myo-Electric Signal on Muscle Contraction Process as Trigger for Actuator Motor MovementDr. Susy Susmartini
Variable Ranking by Random Forests Model for Genome-Wide Association StudyDr. Atsushi Kawaguchi
Velocity Control of an Electro Hydraulic Servo System Using an Efficient Laguerre Based ControllerDr. Mahdi moharrampour
Video-Based Eye Tracking and Facial Feature Extraction in Real timeDr. Alireza Rahimpour
Visual Features Fusion for Scene Images ClassificationDr. Hua Gao
Wavelet Based Histogram Technique for Tumour Segmentation in Digital MammogramsDr. G.Bharatha sreeja
Wear behaviour of self lubricating hybrid Aluminium compositesDr. P.Ravindran
Web Data Extraction for Developing a MashupMrs. Poonam Chaudhari
Web Log Mining for Improvement of Caching PerformanceMr. Pramote Luenam
Web Service Composition Methods: A SurveyMr. Emad Pejman
WeMuTe - A Weak Mutation Testing Tool for WS-BPELMr. Panya Boonyakulsrirung
When to Refinance Mortgage Loans in a Stochastic Interest Rate EnvironmentMiss Jin Zheng
Who Decides What Process Model to Use for a Particular ProjectMr. Muhammad Tauqeer Ul Amin
Wiki-I: A Semantic Wiki to Support the Ideas Development and Knowledge Sharing in Innovation ActivitiesMiss Inaya LAHOUD
Wild Life Protection By Moving Object Data Mining - Discover with Granular ComputingDr. Neelam Rawat
Wind Turbine Modeling Overview with Matlab/Simulink, HAWC and DigSilentDr. Selt Miloud
X-ray Texture Analysis and Imaging of Engineering Materials at Oxford HEX-labProf. Alexander M. Korsunsky
33KV System Reliability Evaluation Using Failure Mode Effects AnalysisDr. N.LEELA JAYA SYAMALA
3D Part based Structural Description Extracting and ModelingDr. Weiwei Xing