The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2013 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (A_C)
Contact Authors
A Brief Study on Reusable Components in the GSN ProjectDr. M.Chandra Pal
A Caching Scheme in Location-Dependent Query ProcessingDr. Sandi Winn Aye
A Clinical Information Management Platform for Semantic Exploitation of Clinical DataDr. Christian Seebode
A Color Barcode Detecting Method in a Supporting System for Visually Impaired Persons Operating Capacitive TouchscreenDr. Akira Yamawaki
A Comparative Study of Algorithms for Grouping Cancer DataDr. Shujia Zhou
A Comparison of Feature Selection and Classification Algorithms in Identifying Baseball PitchesProf. Hien Tran
A Development of the Effectiveness Evaluation Model for Agile Software Development using the Balanced ScorecardMiss Sunisa Atiwithayaporn
A Differential Evolution for Operon PredictionProf. Li-Yeh Chuang
A Finite Difference Method for Cylindrically Symmetric Electrostatics having Curvilinear BoundariesDr. David Edwards Jr
A Genetic Algorithm for the Order Batching Problem in Low-Level Picker-to-Part Warehouse SystemsDr. Temel ONCAN
A Hardware Trojan for Cryptographic Countermeasure CircuitsProf. Masaya Yoshikawa
A Hybrid Extragradient Method for Solving Ky Fan Inequalities, Variational Inequalities and Fixed Point ProblemsMs. Supak Phiangsungnoen
A MILP Model to Select Cutting Machines and Cutting Patterns to Minimize Paper LossDr. Peerapon Siripongwutikorn, Dr. Wipawee Tharmmaphornphilas
A Model for Adding an Efficient Relation to an Organization Structure with Different Numbers of Subordinates at Each LevelProf. Kiyoshi Sawada
A Modified Strategic Position and Action Evaluation (SPACE) Matrix MethodDr. Tuncay Gurbuz
A New Gibbs-Sampling Based Algorithm for Bayesian Model Updating of Linear Dynamic Systems with Incomplete Complex Modal DataMr. Sahil Bansal, Prof. Sai Hung Cheung
A New Hybrid Method for Vehicle Plate Localization and Isolation of its CharactersMr. Mohammad Salahshoor
A New Way Using Utility Functions for Multi-choice Goal Programming ModelsMr. Zheng-Yun Zhuang
A Novel Approach to the Handling and Disposal of Fly AshDr. Sidharth S Chakrabarti
A Paradigm for the Application of Cloud Computing in Mobile Intelligent Tutoring SystemsMr. Hossein Movafegh Ghadirli
A Patient Centered InfrastructureDr. Christian Seebode
A Preference Search System Using an Interactive Genetic AlgorithmMr. Takuma Katanosaka
A Rapid and Convenient Reliability Evaluation Method for Spacecraft SystemDr. Hongjun You
A Reinforcement Learning System for Generating Train Marshaling Plan of Freight Cars Based on the Processing Time Considering Group LayoutDr. Yoichi Hirashima
A Relational Network DEA Model for Parallel SystemsDr. Huang Yi
A Report on the Size of Information Unit to Extract Contents on the Web TextProf. Kenji Hatano, Ms. Saori Kitahara
A Single Wholesaler and Two Retailers Inventory Policy with Quantity Discounts for a Deteriorating ItemDr. Hidefumi Kawakatsu, Dr. Toshimichi Homma
A Stochastic Approach to Hotel Revenue Management Considering Individual and Group CustomersDr. Sh. Golestany
A Study of Modeling the Simultaneous Berth and Crane Allocation ProblemProf. Sheng-Yuan Shen
A Study of the Effect of Workload on the Performance of Production Lines under DLB MechanismMr. Salah Kasmo
A Study on Touch Screen Numeric Keypads: Effects of Key Size and Key LayoutDr. Alan H.S. Chan
A Suitable Electronic Stability Control System Using Sliding Mode Controller for an In-wheel Electric VehicleMr. Muhammad Hasan
A Systematic Literature Review of the Personnel Assignment ProblemMr. Arash Niknafs
A Test Case Selection from Using Use Case Description ChangesMiss Monthawan Raengkla
A TRIZ Approach to Business Management Formulation - A Case of HRMS IndustryMr. Hsu Hsuan-Tzu
A Trust-aware Recommender System Based on Implicit Trust ExtractionMr. Zarli Htun
A User-friendly Mobile Application to Promote Medication AdherenceDr. CT Lau
A Viscosity Method for Solving a General System of Finite Variational Inequalities for Finite Accretive OperatorsDr. Phayap Katchang
Adaptive Control System for Solution of Fault Tolerance Problem for MIMO SystemsDr. Yuri Vershinin
Advances in voice enabled human machine communicationDr. Shweta Sinha
Aggregated Community Question AnsweringProf. Alton Chua
Aircraft Space Indexed Guidance EvaluationProf. Felix Mora-Camino
Alcohol Vapor Detection By Using Nanoporous Silicon as Based SensorMr. Narin Atiwongsangthong
Algorithms for solving the hierarchical problem over the set of fixed point and the generalized mixed equilibrium problemDr. Thanyarat Jitpeera
An Approach for Monitoring Software Development Using Timesheet and Project PlanMr. Sunart Wanapaisan
An Effective User Positioning Scheme based on AR Interface for Ubiquitous ComputingProf. Cheong Ghil Kim
An Energy-Aware Workload Dispatching Simulator for Heterogeneous ClustersDr. Cheng-Jen Tang
An Exact Solution Algorithm for Maximizing the Fleet Availability of an Aircraft Unit Subject to Flight and Maintenance RequirementsMr. Andreas Gavranis
An Improved Joint Detection of Integer Frequency Offset and Sector Cell Index for LTE DownlinkProf. Rih-Lung Chung
An intelligent guide method based on image matching during cameraDr. Ke Zhang
An Interactive Method for Solving Integer Multi-objective Linear Fractional Programming ProblemDr. Ali Payan
An Ontology-based Product Development Framework Considering Eco-designMr. Wei-lie Hsu
An Overview of Different Binary Methods for Documents Based on Their FeaturesProf. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
Analysis of Disease Susceptibility Using Particle Swarm Optimization - Time Varying Acceleration to Generate SNP-barcodeProf. Cheng-Hong Yang
Appearance Defective Reduction in Nonwoven ProcessMr. Worapot Rodraksa
Application of Neural Networks in Bridge Health Prediction based on Acceleration and Displacement Data DomainMrs. Reni Suryanita
Application of Operational Research to Determine Optimal Path for a Water Transmission MainProf. Ioan Sarbu
Approach Multiclass SVM Utilizing Genetic AlgorithmsMr. Boutkhil SIDAOUI
Asymmetrical Parameter Type Two-Phase Induction Machine Drive System Operating in Motoring and Generating ModesMr. Surachat Leeragreephol
Audience Analysis System on the Basis of Face Detection, Tracking and Classification TechniquesDr. VLADIMIR KHRYASHCHEV
Bandwidth Recycling in WiMAX NetworksDr. Deepak HL
Bilevel Linear Programming Problems with Quadratic Membership Functions of Fuzzy ParametersDr. Hideki Katagiri
Brightness Preserving Fuzzy Dynamic Histogram EqualizationProf. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
Brown Rice Peeling Machine Production Process Optimization Using (2)3 Factorial Design : Part IDr. Surapong Bangphan
Classification of Twitter Users based on Following RelationsMr. Takuya Yamashita
Classification with Mixed Numeric and Categorical Data Using Improved Extension TheoryProf. Cheng-Hsiang Liu
Closed-Loop 7-Level Switched-Capacitor Boost DC-AC Inverter with Sinusoidal PFM ControlProf. Yuen-Haw Chang
Cluster Based Channel Model and Capacity Analysis for MIMO Satellite Formation Flying Communication SystemsDr. Adeogun Ramoni O.
Cluster-Based Sequence Analysis of Complex Manufacturing ProcessDr. Nittaya Kerdprasop
Collaborative Mobile E-Health Employing Data Mining and Social NetworkingMiss Yidan Liu
Comparative Analysis of Physical Static and Dynamic Exercises Using Borg's RPE 6-20 ScaleMr. Ping Jui Yang
Computation Algorithms for Legendre Symbols On LUC CryptosystemsMr. Zulkarnain Md Ali
Convergence Theorem for Class T Mappings in Hilbert SpacesMs. Uamporn Witthayarat
Cost Analysis of a Discrete-Time QueueDr. Tsung-Yin Wang
Crack Formation Analysis of Return Air Flow Clamping in Air Conditioning using Finite Element MethodMr. Suppawat Chuvaree
Critical Avalanches in Fiber Bundle Models of Arrays of NanopillarsProf. Norbert Sczygiol, Prof. Zbigniew Domanski
Cross Selling Decision Support System for Private Pension and Life Insurance SystemsDr. S. Emre Alptekin