The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2013 are listed here:

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Titles (D_N)
Contact Authors
Data Privacy in Data Engineering, the Privacy preserving Models and Techniques in Data Mining and Data Publication: Contemporary Affirmation of the Recent LiteratureDr. Fuad Ali Mohammed Al-Yarimi
Defects in TiO2 CrystalsMr. Richard Rivera
Defining Usability Quality Metric for Game Prototype Using Software AttributesMr. Adisak Srisuriyasavad
Definition of Validation Process to Achieve Specific Goals of CMMI Validation Process AreaMiss Pitchayamon Pengubon
Density Functional Theory Study of the Adsorption of Thiophene on NiMoS SurfaceMr. Wahyu Aji Eko Prabowo
Design of a Cost-Effective Power Interface for Advanced Micro-grid Operation and ControlDr. Tsao-Tsung Ma
Designing Usable Icons for Non e-Literate UserDr. Alan H.S. Chan
Determination Of Housing Price In Taipei City Using Fuzzy Adaptive NetworksDr. Kuentai Chen, Mr. Lee Tes-Wei
Development of a Camera Control System Using Human Gestures RecognitionDr. Youji Ochi
Development of a Passive RFID Locator for Laboratory Equipment Monitoring and Inventory SystemDr. Rex Bringula
Development of Dimension Reduction Algorithm in Diagnostic System with Artificial Neural NetworkMiss Monica Maricela Chamay Castro
Digital Non-Contact Surface Reconstruction ScannerDr. Yuri Vershinin
Discovering Joining Nodes and Detecting Leaving Nodes in the iTrust Membership ProtocolMs. Yung-Ting Chuang
Discretization and Imputation Techniques for Quantitative Data MiningDr. Nittaya Kerdprasop
Dissimilar Rule Mining and Ranking Technique for Associative ClassificationDr. Kittisak Kerdprasop
Distributed Modified Extremal Optimization for Reducing Crossovers in Reconciliation GraphDr. Keiichi Tamura
Diverse Planning for Consecutive and Loosely Interrelated Production Stages in ManufacturingProf. Markus Stopper
Document Image Noises and Removal MethodsProf. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
Does Interactive Visualisation Increase Stakeholders' Understanding?Mr. Bernard Otinpong
dOpenCL: Towards Uniform Programming for Distributed Systems with Multi-Cores and GPUsProf. Sergei Gorlatch
Dynamic Response Analysis of Automatic Generation Control in a 2-area (reheat & non-reheat) interconnected power system and a scheme for improvement of response for the sameMr. Dipayan Guha
Early Stage Software Effort Estimation Using Function Point Analysis: Empirical EvidenceDr. Tharwon Arnuphaptrairong
Effect Detection of Software Architecture Changes in xADLMr. Artit Udomsomruedee
Effective SWI-based Brain Segmentation Method in an MR ImageMr. Sung-Jong Eun
Effects of Situation Awareness under Different Road Environments on Younger and Elder DriversDr. Yung-Ching Liu
Efficient and Robust Clustering on Large-scale Data Sets Using Fuzzy Neighborhood FunctionsMr. Hao Liu
E-learning Implementation Critical Success FactorsMr. Solomon Adeyemi Odunaike
Electronically Tunable Current-Mode Universal Filter Using VDTAs and Grounded CapacitorsMr. Jetsdaporn Satansup
Enactment of Stochastic Model Stream Mechanism on Multi class Queueing SystemMr. K.Sivaselvan
English versus Chinese: A Cross-Lingual Study of Community Question Answering SitesProf. Alton Chua
Evaluation and Ranking of Supplier at a Service Firm Using AETDr. Rakesh Verma
Examination of Temporal Characteristic of Wavelet Subbands of Scalp Epileptic EEG Based on the Local Min-MaxDr. Suparerk Janjarasjitt
Exception Handling Patterns for User Interface Customization in Software Games ModificationMr. Thitipong Tengtrirat
Exchanging the Status between Clients of Geospatial Web Services and GIS applications using AtomMs. PAULA DIAZ
Existence of 2-Equilibria for Vector-Valued Multifunctions and Related Problems in OptimizationDr. Parin Chaipunya
Experimental Investigation of Laser beam forming of Titanium and Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Parameters on CurvatureDr. ESTHER AKINLABI
Exploring the Potential Benefits of Demand Response in Small Data CentersDr. Cheng-Jen Tang
Extracting Desirable Moves from Match Logs of SRPG Using n-Gram StatisticsMr. Takuya Narita
Extraction and Categorization of Tip Information from Social MediaMr. Yuki Hattori
Facial Authentication using Gabor Phase Feature RepresentationsMr. Bruce Poon
Facilitating Teaching CPS and Technology-based Content with Learning Management SystemsDr. Kaiyu Wan
Fast Generation of Implied Volatility Surface for Exchange-Traded Stock OptionsKa Lok Man
Fast Partial Subset Convolution for Steiner Tree ProblemMr. Yaohua Tang
Fault Diagnosis based on Wavelet-Entropy feature extraction and Information fusionDr. MohammadReza Vazifeh
Feasibility Study of Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction and Absorption Spectroscopy for the Characterisation of NMC oxides for Li-ion Battery CathodesProf. Alexander Korsunsky
Feature Selection using Complementary Particle Swarm Optimization for DNA Microarray DataProf. Li-Yeh Chuang
Feedforward Motion Control Design for Improving Contouring Accuracy of CNC Machine ToolsDr. Syh-Shiuh Yeh
Fuzzy classification of top ten phases's related risks considering the functional concern of the work flow owner in RUPDr. Malik Waqar Hussain
Fuzzy C-means based on Automated Variable Feature WeightingProf. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Clustering for Medical Service Value ModelMrs. Wiyada Kumam
Gas Flow Rate and Powder Flow rate Effect on Properties of Laser Metal Deposited Ti6Al4VDr. ESTHER AKINLABI
General Iterative Method for Convex Feasibility Problem via the Hierarchical Generalized Variational Inequality ProblemsMr. Nopparat Wairojjana
Global Optimal Solutions For Generalized Contractions With Commute Proximally MappingsDr. Poom Kumam
Goldratt's Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes: A Systems Methodology linking Soft with HardDr. Peiman Ghasemi
Hardware-Software Co-Simulation of Downlink LTE-Based TransceiverProf. Rih-Lung Chung
Harnessing Information and Technology for Disaster Response Decision-Making UnitsDr. Manisha Shekhar
High Quality Infrared Images with Novel Algorithm for Multi-Noises RemovalProf Xu Huang
High-Gain Switched-Inductor Switched-Capacitor Step-Up DC-DC ConverterProf. Yuen-Haw Chang
Hotel Fire Accident Reconstruction Based on Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS)Mr. Han - Liang Chien
HVAC Breakdown of R12, R12 - Air mixtures in Sphere gap electrodes and Proposed Composite insulating liquid to reduce the amount of Transformer Oil In TransformersDr. MUHAMMAD JUNAID
Hybrid Model applied in the Semiconductor Production PlanningMr. Pengfei Wang
Hybrid Motion Detection System Using DSP and ANN EnsemblesMr. Kevin Moorgas
Improvement of Multicomponent Batch Reactive Distillation under Parameter Uncertainty by Inferential State with Model Predictive ControlMiss Weerawun Weerachaipichasgul
Improving Performance of Tableting Process Using DMAIC and Grey Relation AnalysisDr. Abbas Al-Refaie
Incremental Proofs of Operational Termination with Modular Conditional Dependency PairsDr. Masaki Nakamura
Innovative VAD Based on Horizontal Spectral Entropy with Long-Span of TimeMr. Chun-Ming Wang
Integrate Local Search to Genetic Algorithm for Screening Confronting Two-Pair PrimersProf. Li-Yeh Chuang
Integrated Decision Support System for Establishing a Long-term Profitable Customer Base in Cloud ComputingMr. Michael Mohaupt
Integrated Inventory Model with Decreasing Probability of Imperfect Maintenance in a Supply ChainMr. Hsu-Hsin Lee
Integrated Sleep Scheduling in IEEE 802.16j Multi-Hop Relay NetworksProf. Chun-Chuan Yang
Intelligent Access Control Policies For Social Network SiteDr. Saung Hnin Pwint Oo
Internet Enabled Platform for Bridging South African Emerging Farmers' Knowledge GapMr. Johnson Dehinbo
Iterative Algorithm for Minimum-Norm of Fixed Point for Nonexpansive Mapping and Convex Optimization ProblemsMr. Tanom Chamnarnpan
Knowledge based Social Network Applications to Disaster Event AnalysisDr. Thi Thi Zin
Largest Versus Smallest Nodules Marked by Different Radiologists in Chest CT Scans for Lung Cancer DetectionMrs. Preeti Aggarwal
Laser Metal Deposition of Ti6Al4V: A Study on the Effect of Laser Power on Microstructure and MicrohardnessDr. ESTHER AKINLABI
Linear Programming Formulation of kSATDr. Algirdas Maknickas
Locate-My-Phone Application on Android SmartphoneDr. Yeo Chai Kiat
Mapping Mobile Phone Network onto Urban Traffic NetworkMr. MUKTA RANJAN SINGHA
Markov Process Modeling for Wireless Sensor Network Availability with QOS ConstraintsDr. ABBAS KARIMI
Method to Detect and Track Moving Object in Non-static PTZ CameraMs. Zulaikha Kadim
Microcontroller based Controlled Irrigation System for PlantationDr. Arjun Ghatule
Microprocessor based Fuzzy MPPT for PV-AC Module DCM-flyback InverterDr. Somyot Kaitwanidvilai
Modeling and Simulation of Glaucoma Risk Appraisal(GRA)Based on Clinical Data ad Automated Early Nerve Fiber Layer Defects Detection using Feature Extraction in Retinal Colored Stereo Fundus ImagesDr. Jyotika Pruthi
Modeling Resource-centric Services in Cyber Physical SystemsDr. Kaiyu Wan
Modelling and Analysis of LooCI Models in ZigduinoProf. ENG GEE LIM
Modified Harmony Search Algorithm for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing ProblemDr. Tantikorn Pichpibul
Multi-Angle Hand Posture Recognition Based on Hierarchical Temporal MemoryProf. YeaShuan Huang
Multidimensional Service Weight Sequence Mining based on Cloud Service Utilization in JyaguchiDr. Yasuo Kudo, Mr. Shree Krishna Shrestha
Multilevel Image Thresholding with Glowworm Swarm Optimization Algorithm based on the Minimum Cross EntropyProfessor, Horng, MingHuwi
Multivalued and Deterministic Peer-to-Peer Polling in Social Networks with Reputation Conscious ParticipantsDr. Burkhard Englert
Neural Network Application in Prediction of Axial Bearing Capacity of Driven PilesMr. Harnedi Maizir
New Authenticated Key Agreement ProtocolsDr. Amr Abdelrazek
New Method for Calculating the Degree of Similarity between Interval-Valued Fuzzy Numbers based on Map DistanceProf. Shi-Jay Chen
New Structure and Design Method for Variable Fractional-Delay 2-D FIR Digital FiltersProf. Jong-Jy Shyu
Next Generation Security Framework to detect Botnets on Computer NetworksDr. Asanka Balasooriya
Numerical Analysis for Time-dependent Machine Repair Model with Threshold Recovery Policy and Server VacationsProf. Dong-Yuh Yang
Numerical Method for Solving Wave Equation with Non Local Boundary ConditionsDr. Ahmed Cheniguel