The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2013 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
On-line Adaptive Fixed-structure Robust Controller of PMDC Servo Motor Using Recursive Least-square and Particle Swarm OptimizationDr. Anakkapon Saenthon
Optimal Condition-Based Maintenance Replacement based on Logical Analysis of Data (LAD)Dr. Alireza Ghasemi
Optimal Control Methods and the Variational Approach to Differential EquationsProf. Dan Tiba
Optimal High Purity Acetone Production in a Batch Extractive Distillation ColumnMiss Weerawun Weerachaipichasgul
Optimal Pricing and Lot Sizing for a Single Period ProblemProf. Prakash Abad
Optimization of Coil Baking Parameters Using Design of ExperimentsMr. Phantasak Punnarungsri
Optimization of Multiple Responses in the Taguchi Method Using Desirability Function and Fuzzy RegressionDr. Abbas Al-Refaie
Optimization of Technological Water Consumption for an Industrial Enterprise with Self-Supply SystemProf. Ioan Sarbu
Optimizing Multi-objective Dynamic Facility Location Decisions within Green Distribution Network DesignDr. Hamid Afshari
Optimizing Supply Chain Collaboration Based on Negotiation and Bargain Power for Single Retailer and Single SupplierDr. Ping-Yu Chang
Optimizing the Design of a TIR Lens Using SVR, VIKOR, and the Artificial Bee Colony AlgorithmDr. Chih-Ming Hsu
Optoelectronic Correlator Based on HSV Color Space with Shifted Training Images for Chromatic Image RecognitionDr. Chulung Chen
OVA Tree Multiclass Framework for Support Vector MachineMr. Boutkhil SIDAOUI
Parallel Filtration Based on Principle Component Analysis and Nonlocal Image ProcessingDr. Andrey Priorov
Parametric Control of Regional Economic Growth based on the One Computable General Equilibrium ModelMr. Nikolay Borovskiy
Perceptual Influence of Cooperative Goal to Problem Solving ApproachDr. Hon Keung Yau
Performance Evaluation of Algorithms for Sparse-Dense Matrix ProductMrs. Sana Ezouaoui
Performance Measurement of Web Applications Using Automated ToolsProf. Namakkal Balasubramanian
Performance study of Voice in Wireless Mesh NetworkDr. Devendra Prasad
Periodic DFT Study of Molecular CrystalsMr. Richard Rivera
Polling Cycle Time Analysis for Waited-based DBA in GPONsMr. Jhong Yue Lee
PPF Dependent Fixed Point Theorems for Rational Type Contraction Mappings in Banach SpacesDr. Wutiphol Sintunavarat
Preface of the 2013 IAENG International Conference on Electrical Engineering Special Session: Design, Analysis and Tools for Integrated Circuits and SystemsKa Lok Man
Preparation of Oxide Thin Films for Resistive Switching Memory by Plasma Assisted Pulsed Laser DepositionProf. Kouichi Takase
Quantum Chemical Study of Defective Chromium OxideMr. Richard Rivera
Random Fuzzy Multiobjective Linear Programming Through Probability MaximizationMr. Kota Matsui
Rapid Prototyping FPGA Environment for Mixed Signal Design with Built-In Web-InterfaceMr. Manfred Ley
Rare Class Discovery Techniques for Highly Imbalanced DataDr. Kittisak Kerdprasop
REAL: Recommender System for Resources and Educational Assistants for LearnersMs. Khin Nila Win
Real-time Monitoring and Preventive Measures of Leakage Accidents in Gas and Petrochemical Industries using ZigbeeDr. Ram Bhupal
Real-time Ultrasonic Monitoring of Membrane FoulingProf. Junghui Chen
Recognition Performance for Damaged Safety Signs with Different Levels of Color DeteriorationDr. Wai Yi Annie Ng
Recommendation Method Based on Rough Set for Sequential DataMr. Daisuke Nagakubo, Dr. Yoshifumi Okada, Dr. Yasuo Kudo
Recommendation Method Using Bicluster Network MethodDr. Yoshifumi Okada, Mr. Tatsuya Saitoh
Reconstruction of an Arson Fire Scene Using Experiment Techniques and Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) ProgramProf. Jen-Hao Chi
Relationship between Residual Stresses and Welding Rates in Friction Stir Welded AA6056-T4Mr. Oluwaseun John Dada
Relevant Words Extraction Method for Recommendation SystemDr. Naw Naw
Research of Diaper Diffusion Measuring System by Needle Array MethodMr. You-Horng Lin
Research on Personalized Recommendation in E-commerce Service based on Data MiningMr. XU TAO
Revenue Management in E-Commerce: A Case StudyDr. S. Emre Alptekin
Reversible Watermarking Using Gaussian Weight Prediction and Genetic AlgorithmMr. Chaiyaporn Panyindee
Risk Assessment for Relational Database Schema-based Constraint Using State Machine DiagramMiss Kanjana Eiamsaard
Risk Management in Offshore Software DevelopmentDr. Munazza Ishtiaq
Robust position control of DC shunt motor considering uncertainty with auto tuning method of the PID controllerDr. Farhad Aslam
Rough set approach for characterizing customer behaviorDr. Prabha Dhandayudam
SAT-Solving Of Certain Graph-Based CNF'sProf. Stefan Porschen
Secure & robust Higher LSB Audio stenography with Cryptography for secure data transmissionDr. Praveen Yadav
Security Analysis and Countermeasures for Advanced Metering InfrastructureDr. D. M. Akbar Hussain
Service Oriented Sensor Networks for Mobile ComputingDr. Haeng-Kon Kim
Service-oriented and Software Product Lines: A Systematic Comparison of Two ConceptsDr. M. Chandra Pal.
Shop Inference System Using Location Data and Bayesian NetworkMr. Takuya Bando
SIFO Voltage-Mode Biquadratic Filter Using DDCCTAs and Grounded Passive ElementsMiss Orapin Channumsin
Simulation of Water Networks Remodeling-linear caseProf. Nagib G. Nasher Mohammed
Simulation Studies on Photovoltaic SystemsMrs. G D Anbarasi Jebaselvi
Site-specific Validation of Path Loss Models and Large-scale Fading Characterization for a Complex Urban Propagation Topology at 2.4 GHzProf. STAVROS KOTSOPOULOS
Skew Detection of Scanned Document ImagesProf. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
SLA-Aware Adaptive Provisioning Method for Hybrid Workload Application on Cloud Computing PlatformMr. Seunghwan Yoo
Slide Retrieval Technique Using Features of FiguresDr. Fuminori Kimura, Mr. Seitaro Tanaka
Smart Shopping System Using Social Vectors and RFIDMr. Hau Shing Chu
SnO2 Physical and Chemical Properties due to the Impurity DopingMr. Richard Rivera
Sparse Kernel Canonical Correlation AnalysisMr. Xiaowei Zhang
Spatio-Temporally Coherent 3D Animation Reconstruction from Multi-view RGB-D Images using Landmark SamplingDr. Naveed Ahmed
Statistical Analysis in Finding Relationship between Logistics Development and Economic Growth in IndonesiaMr. Mohamad Reza
Strong Convergence Theorems of Multivalued Nonexpansive Mappings and Maximal Monotone Operators in Banach SpacesMs. Uamporn Witthayarat
Study of AZO Thin Films Under Different Ar Flow and Sputtering Power by rf Magnetron SputteringMr. Chu Chien- Hsun
Study of Factors Analysis Affecting Academic Achievement of Undergraduate Students in International ProgramMiss Pimpa Cheewaprakobkit
Study of Optimization of Ground Vehicles Routes Aiming a Sustainable Development: Reduction of Carbon Dioxide in the AtmosphereDr. Daniela Hereid
Study on Adiabatic Quantum Computation in Simon ProblemDr. Shigeru Nakayama
Subject Specific Treatment to Neural Networks for Repeated Measures AnalysisProf. ASIM PAL
Suggestion Mining FrameworkMiss Kanda Phawattanakul
Surface Lapping Process Improvement via Steepest Ascent Method Based on Factorial and Simplex DesignsMr. Sitthikorn Duangkaew
Surf-Badge-Based Target TrackingDr. Cheng-Chang Lien
Synchronization Control of Uncertain Generalized Lorenz Chaotic System:Chattering-Free Sliding Model ControlDr. Sheng-Wen Chen
Synchronized Attractors and phase entrained ChaosDr. Muhammad Abdul
System Modeling and Control Strategy Development for a Series Hydraulic Hybrid VehicleProf. Chih-Keng Chen
TCP Multi-Homing Support in Heterogeneous NetworksProf. Chai Kiat Yeo
The Application of Dynamic Programming to Agricultural Land Allocation: Case study Phutthamonthon District, Nakhon Pathom Province, ThailandMr. THANA SARTTRA
The Bibliometric Evaluation of Research Units: Testing the Leiden Methodology with Business and Management SchoolsDr. John Mingers
The Context Analysis of Problematic Activities in New Product Development ProcessesProf. Yeh-Chun Juan
The Defined Process for Auditing Software Process ImplementationMiss Pornpen Singhanut
The Design of SQL Injection Analysis System based on HoneynetMr. Zelong Yin
The Development of a Navier-Stokes Flow Solver with Preconditioning Method on Unstructured GridsDr. Zheng Li
The Formation of Cavities in Castings and Their Impact on the Conditions of Heat DissipationProf. Norbert Sczygiol, Prof. Zbigniew Domanski
The Framework of Synchronizing Material Supply Approaches with Facility Layout Design for Mixed Model Assembly LineMr. Songwut Deechongkit
The Impact of Technology on Product Quality in the Cement Industry of PakistanDr. Z.B.Junaid
The influence of study mode on the confidence in using technology for learning: An empirical study in Hong Kong higher educationDr. Hon Keung Yau
The Investment Scenario Analysis of Supplementary Machines with Real Options Method by Using Monte Carlo SimulationDr. A. Cagri Tolga
The Load Balancing of Database Allocation in the CloudMr. Min-Shan Lai
The Role of Demographic Characteristics, Perceived Risk and Online Data Security on E-business PerformanceDr. Woon Kian Chong
The Role of Transverse Speed on Deposition Height and Material Efficiency in Laser Deposited Titanium AlloyDr. ESTHER AKINLABI
The Structure of N-Player Games Born by Day dDr. Alessandro Cincotti
The Workforce Scheduling Process Using the PEAST AlgorithmDr. Jari Kyngas, Dr. Kimmo Nurmi
Therapeutic Target Identification for Lung CancerProf. Ka-Lok Ng
Thermal Response of an Isolated Rectangular, Layered Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy Thin Film with Variable Material PropertiesProf. Abhijit Bhattacharyya
Three Dimensional Spin-orbit Interaction Model and Simulation of the Electron Lande Factor in Small Semiconductor Quantum DotsProf. Oleksandr Voskoboynikov
Ti-6Al-4V Helical Spring Manufacturing via SLM: Effect of Geometry on Shear ModulusDr. Adham Ragab
Time Series Analysis of Household Electric Consumption with ARIMA and ARMA ModelsDr. Nittaya Kerdprasop
Topology Selection, Design And Simulation Of Multi Resonant DC-DC ConverterMr. Ritu Sharma
Towards a Unifying Multilateral Cloud Negotiation StrategyProf. KWANG SIM
Traffic Sign Comprehension: a Review of Influential Factors and Future Directions for ResearchDr. Alan H.S. Chan
Transport Properties of Cerium Oxide Pure Non DopedMiss LAZAR LIVIA VERONICA
Treatment Time Minimization in Cancer ChemotherapyDr. Parisa baghernia
Two-Phase Three-Leg Voltage Source Converter Fed Asymmetrical Parameter Type Two-Phase Induction Machine Operating in Motoring and Generating ModesMr. Papol Sardyoung
Ultrastructural changes in burnt dental tissue revealed by synchrotron X-ray scatteringProf. Alexander Korsunsky
Urban Lake Conservation using Fuzzy logics: Application of Geospatial Technology in Lake Conservation and Monitoring of Urban Area- Case of Bhopal, IndiaDr Aruna Saxena
Usage of Mobile Phones amongst Elderly People in Hong KongDr. Alan H.S. Chan
Using Combined Pseudo-Random Number Generator with Digital Text-based Watermarking for Cryptography ApplicationMr. CHEE HON LEW
Using Computer Software Packages to Enhance the Teaching in Engineering Management Science Part 4 - Quality controlDr. Harry Ku
Using of Jaccard Coefficient for Keywords SimilarityMr. Jatsada Singthongchai
Virtual Control System Development Platform with the Application of PLC DeviceMd. Mosharraf Hossain
Wireless Capsule AntennasProf. ENG GEE LIM
Wireless Capsule EndoscopyEng Gee Lim
Wireless Sensor Node data on Cloud using restful web serviceDr. O.Pandithurai
Wrist Postures Analysis during Atilt Rolling Gas Cylinder MovementMr. Da-yung Lin, Prof. Yi-Lang Chen
Zeros of Interval PolynomialsDr. Ibraheem Alolyan