The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2014 are listed here:

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Titles (A_C)
Contact Authors
A Bibliometric Comparison of the Research of Three UK Business SchoolsProf. John Mingers
A Comparative Spectroscopic Study of Graphene-coated vs Pristine Li(Mn,Ni,Co) Oxide Materials for Lithium-ion Battery CathodesProf. Alexander M. Korsunsky
A Comparative Value Chains Analysis of Solar Electricity for EnergyDr. Wahyudi Sutopo
A Data Cube for Mobility Observation (D3MO)Dr. Ting Wang
A Design of Asynchronous Control Circuits based on SDI ModelMs. Pitchayapatya Srikram
A Development-Oriented Requirements Engineering (DORE) Approach for Improving Requirements DevelopmentDr. Hamdan Al-Sabri
A Discernibility Degree and Rough Set Based Classification Rule Generation Algorithm (RGD)Dr. Honghai Feng
A Framework for the Design of Cloud Based Collaborative Virtual Environment ArchitectureDr. Abdulsalam Gital
A Fuzzy Rule-Based Classification System for Imbalanced Problems Using Antecedent TuningDr. Mohammad R. Moosavi
A Linguistic Framework to Distinguish between Genuine and Deceptive Online ReviewsProf. Alton Chua
A Methodology to Evaluate Fiscal Incentives for Promoting Investment of Pioneer Industries: A Case StudyMiss Nur Atikah
A Multi-Periodic Optimization Modeling Approach for the Establishment of a Bike Sharing Network: a Case Study of the City of AthensMr. Antonios Fragkogios, Miss Eleousa Zigouri
A Navigational Aid System for Visually Impaired Using Microsoft KinectMr. Bruce Poon
A New Density-based Spatial Clustering Algorithm for Extracting Attractive Local Regions in Georeferenced DocumentsMr. Tatsuhiro Sakai
A New Method for Improving the Performance of Linkage Pattern MiningMs. Saerom Lee, Dr. Yoshifumi Okada
A Novel Approach to Design and Implement Context Aware Mobile PhoneDr. Thyagaraju Gulasinda Sethi Gowda
A Novel Approach towards Very High Level ProgrammingProf. Kavi Mahesh
A Novel High Performance Nanoscaled Dopingless Lateral PNP Transistor on Silicon on InsulatorDr. Asim Majeed Murshid
A Novel VLSI Architecture of a Weighted Average Method based Defuzzifier UnitDr. Asim Majeed Murshid
A Novel Way to Improve Facial Expression Recognition by Applying Fast Fourier TransformProf. Dehai Zhang
A Practical Functional Observer Scheme for Interconnected Time-Delay SystemsDr. Wei Yin Leong
A Review of FemtocellMr. Akinlabi Olaniyi
A Shift Scheduling Model for a Bank IT StaffDr. Mohamed Labidi
A SIP-based VoIP Application in Enhanced Ethernet Passive Optical Network ArchitectureMr. Andrew Tanny Liem
A Study on Affective Design by Subjective-Objective Co-ApproachDr. Youngil Cho
A Study on Gaze Estimation System using Cross-Channels Electrooculogram SignalsMr. Mingmin Yan
A Study on Security Threats and Dynamic Access Control Technology for BYOD, Smart-work EnvironmentMs. EUN BYOL KOH
A Study on Selection Issues of an Integrated Service Provider Using Analytical Hierarchy ProcessDr.N.Indra Kiran
A Study on Studio Applications and SDK's for Microsoft KinectDr. BILAL H
A Survey Addressing on High Performance On-Chip VLSI InterconnectDr. Yousuf
A Survey on Regression Testing Techniques: Qualitative AnalysisDr. sujatha pothula
A Tool for Impact Analysis of Test Cases Based on Changes of a Web ApplicationMr. Surasak Phetmanee
Absolute Change Pivot Rule for the Simplex AlgorithmMr. Kittiphong Chankong
Accelerating Financial Code through Parallelisation and Source-Level OptimisationNan Zhang
Accurate Bluetooth Positioning Using Large Number of Devices MeasurementsMr. Tsai Hua Kang
Adaptive PCA-SIFT Matching Approach for Face Recognition ApplicationMiss Israa Abdul-Ameer Abdul-Jabbar
An Algorithm for Enumerating All Maximal Tree Patterns Without Duplication Using Succinct Data StructureDr. Tomoyuki Uchida, Ms. Yuko Itokawa
An Application of Fuzzy Inference System Composed of Double-Input Rule Modules to Control ProblemsDr. Hiromi Miyajima, Mr. Hirofumi Miyajima
An Architecture for Context Aware Content StoreMr. Arul Selvan
An Automated Testing Tool Using UI StructureMr. Nutharat Harnvorawong
An E-commerce Recommender System Based on Degree of Specialties in Online ShopsMr. Motoki Zaizen
An Efficient Algorithm for Hamilton Cycle Based on the Enlarged Rotation-Extension TechniqueDr. Lizhi Du
An Efficient Key Management Technique for Secure Routing ModelMr. Deepak Chopra
An Empirical Study on the Factor of Physical Ambience and Its Contribution to the Success of Organized Retail in PunjabDr. Amit Kumar Lal
An Enhanced Evaluation Approach: Computer Science and its FrameworkMr. Mohit Satoskar
An Exploration of Robot Utilization for Vehicles in Tracking Shortest RouteMr. Abhinav Bhardwaj
An Innovative way for the improvement of Efficiency and Thermal Withstanding Capacity of Single Phase Induction Motor by Coating the windings with SiO2 Nano Filler Mixed EnamelDr. Lieutenant.J.Ganesan
An Intelligent Model Framework for Handling Effects of Uncertainty Events for Crude Oil Price Projection: Conceptual PaperMr. Haruna Chiroma
An Intelligent System Based on Natural Language Processing to Support the Brain Purge in the Creativity ProcessDr. Davy MONTICOLO
An Introductory Approach to Evaluation MeasuresDr. S.Mala
An Iterative Shrinking Generalized f-Projection Method for G-Quasi-strict Pseudo-contractions in Banach SpacesDr. Kasamsuk Ungchittrakool
An LP Model for Optimizing a Supply Chain Management System for Steel CompanyDr. Ameen Alawneh
An Optimal Replenishment Policy for Seasonal and Deteriorating ItemsProf. Hidefumi Kawakatsu, Mr. Toshimichi Homma
An Overview on XML parsingDr. Prachi Kale
An Upper Bound for k Depots Hamiltonian Path Problem (kDHPP)Dr. KHEFFACHE Rezika
Analysis of an IIS hosted Private Cloud Web Application: Hacker's PerspectiveMr. Nilay Sangani
Analysis of Cooperative MIMO systems Capacity and Relay Coverage in Realistic ChannelsDr. Mohab Mangoud
Analysis of Electrical Losses in Transformers using Artificial Neural NetworksMr. CHAICHAN POTHISARN
Analysis of Electromagnetic Interference on 3O Cage Motor coated with Al2O3 Nano Filler Mixed EnamelDr. Lieutenant.J.Ganesan
Analysis of Renewable Replacement and Rebate Warranty Policy for Discrete-time Operating ProductsDr. Yu-Hung Chien
Analytical Study of Harmonics Issued from LED Lamp DriverMr. CHAICHAN POTHISARN
Application of Fuzzy Logic to Multimedia Streaming Dissemination System for Vehicular NetworksMr. Yu-Wu Wang
Applications of Temperature Control Based on Android PlatformMr. Zong-Han Wu
Applying Eye Tracking to Evaluate Indoor Parking Navigation SystemDr. Chris Kuo-Wei Su
Applying Fuzzy Time Distribution in PERT ModelMr. Ming-Cheng Lo
Applying TAM Model to Evaluate the Indoor Parking Guidance and Information SystemDr. Chris Kuo-Wei Su
ASPE: Resolving MFCSCA in AESDr. Ankit Sharma
Astaticism in the Motion Control Systems of Marine VesselsMrs. Maria Smirnova
Automated Test Case Generation Considering Object States in Object-Oriented ProgrammingMr. Hiroki Takamatsu
Automatic Computer Aided Diagnosis System for detection of lung cancer nodules using region growing method and Support Vector Machines (SVM)Dr. S.Shaik Parveen
Bag of Features Based Remote Sensing Image Classification Using RANSAC And SVMMrs. Bharathi Somashekhar
Bimodal Biometrics for Health Care Infrastructure SecurityDr. Omobayo Esan
Blood Vessel Contour Estimation in Eye Fundus Image Using Fuzzy Inference for Diagnosis of ArteriosclerosisProf. Eiji Uchino, Mr. Shota Furukawa
Bounds for the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem with Exact Time Lags while Minimizing the Total Earliness and TardinessMiss Imen Hamdi
Business Buddy: Connecting You and Your Business PartnersDr. Chi Un Lei
CB-Cloudle: A Centroid-based Cloud Service Search EngineMr. Shengjie Gong
Cellular Automata Based Edge-Detection For Brain TumorDr. Pratibha Sharma
Challenges and Measurements of E-SecurityDr. Mukesh Prasad
Change Pattern-Driven Traceability of Business ProcessesMr. Watcharin Uronkarn
Characteristic of Spectral Exponent of Epileptic ECoG Data Corresponding to Levels in Wavelet-Based Fractal AnalysisDr. Suparerk Janjarasjitt
Characterization of Porous Scaffold from Chitosan-Gelatin/Hydroxyapatite for Bone GraftingDr. Wassanai Wattanutchariya
Characterizing the Effect of Processing Parameters on the Porosity of Laser Deposited Titanium Alloy PowderMs. Rasheedat Mahamood
Closed-Loop Adaptive Switched-Capacitor Step-Down DC-DC Converter for Piezoelectric Energy HarvestingProf. Yuen-Haw Chang
Cloud Computing : Platform as a ServiceDinesh N. Chaudhari
Cluster-based Particle Swarm Algorithm for Solving the Mastermind ProblemMr. Dan Partynski
Combination Features for Semantic Similarity MeasureMr. Dat Huynh
Compact Size of Textile Wearable AntennaProf. Ka Lok Man
Comparative Study of AHP and ANP on Multi-Automotive Suppliers with Multi-CriteriaDr. AMIR AZIZI
Comparing Heuristic Search Methods for Selecting Sequence of Refactoring Techniques Usage for Code ChangingMr. Ratapong Wongpiang
Comparing Performances of Markov Blanket and Tree Augmented Naive-Bayes on the IRIS DatasetMr. Haruna Chiroma
Comparison of Classification Techniques in Education MarketingProf. Sheila Abaya
Comparison of Magnetostatic Field Calculations Associated with Thick Solenoids in the Presence of Iron using a Power Series Approach and the Euler-Maclaurin Summation FormulaDr. Vasos Pavlika
Comprehensive Web Search based on Sentiment FeaturesMr. Minami Katsutoshi, Dr. Shoko Wakamiya, Prof. Yukiko KAWAI, and Prof. Tadahiko Kumamoto
Computational Modeling of Honeycomb Structures with Shape Memory AlloysProf. Yutaka Toi
Computer Based Pattern Placement Optimization on a FrameMr. Wikaria Gazali
Computer Simulations and Experiments on Vibration Control of a Flexible Link Manipulator Using a Piezoelectric ActuatorMr. Abdul Kadir Muhammad
Conceptualisation of Contextual Factors for Business Process PerformanceDr. Michael Leyer
Conflict Resolution and Service Recommendation in Context Aware EnvironmentDr. Thyagaraju Gulasinda Sethi Gowda
Constructing Dynamic Gene Regulatory Network through High Dimensional Nonlinear Di erential EquationsDr. Tao Lu
Contributions Regarding the Design of a Procedure for the Elaboration of the Job DescriptionsProf. Mihail Aurel TITU
Contributions Regarding the Optimization of Job Descriptions Elaboration Process in the Knowledge-based OrganizationProf. Mihail Aurel TITU
ConWIP-based Packing Order Planning Software Prototype for Variant-centered ManufacturingProf. Markus Stopper
Cooperative Vendor-Buyer Inventory Model with Imperfect Quality and Inspection ErrorsMr. Imanuel Prasetyo Widianto