The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2014 are listed here:

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Titles (D_N)
Contact Authors
Database-based research of continuous data protection mechanismShanshan Zhao
Decomposition-Based Pricing Technique for Solving Large-Scale Mixed IPDr. Mohammad Babul Hasan
DERRT: Disastrous Emergency Response Robot Team for Cooperative RescueDr. Chi Un Lei
Design and Implementation of Load-Balanced Multipath Self-routing Switching SystemMr. Qian Zhan
Design and Implementation of Resource-Centric Web Services in Smart Grid Cyber-Physical SystemsMr. Yuji Dong
Design Development of Exercising Accessories of an Assisting Device for ElderlyMr. Swaraj Das
Design of a Load-based DRX Scheme for Non-Real-Time Traffic in LTEProf. Chun-Chuan Yang
Design of a Novel High Gain Carbon Nanotube based Operational Transconductance AmplifierDr. Asim Majeed Murshid
Design of Advance Integrated Human Machine Interface - Programmable logic Controllers for Paper and Textiles Mill's Boiler ControlsDr. Deepak Choudhary
Designs of Minimal-Order State Observer and Servo Controller for a Robot Arm Using Piecewise Bilinear ModelsDr. Tadanari Taniguchi
Detection of Regulatory Motif in Eukaryotes by Self Organizing Map Neural NetworksDr. G.S.Pugalendhi
Developing a Theory of Diagnosticity for Online ReviewsProf. Alton Chua
Developing Maintenance Policy for Solna Printing Machine with Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM II)Miss NARISKA PURBANDARI RIYANTO
Development of College of Industrial Technology FM Broadcast Station TrainerMr. Bernardo A. Pangilinan
Development of the c-Chart for Zero-Inflated Poisson ProcessesDr. Narunchara Katemee
Discrete Dynamical Laser Equation for Critical Onset of Bistability, Entanglement and DisappearanceDr. M. Abdul QAU
Distribution of Node-to-Node Distance in a Cubic Lattice of Binding CentersProf. Zbigniew Domanski
Effect of Point Defects on Shear Properties of Graphene Using Molecular Dynamics SimulationsDr. AKIHIKO ITO
Effect of Vertical Restraint Strategy on Supply Chain Automotive Industry: A Case Study in IndonesiaMiss Levinia Dian Laraswati
Effects of Pipeline Extension and Network Robustness Evaluation: the Case Study of Oil Distribution to the Northern Region of ThailandMr. Natthaporn Buaphut
Empirical Investigation of Green Supply Chain Management Practices and its impact on PerformancesMr. Lokesh Vijayvargy
Enhancing Student Participation in Engineering Class via Smart GadgetsMr. Kyaw Ko Ko Htet
Environmental Conditions Big Data Management And Cloud Computing Analytics For Sustainable AgricultureDr. Duncan Waga
EOS Protection Circuit for USB2 TransceiverMr. Suhas Shinde
Evaluating the Major Causes of Cybercrime in NigeriaDr. Umar, S. S.
Even-Length Cycles Embedded in Biswapped NetworksMiss Shan Ling
E-walknavi: Walk Route Navigation System For Fitness Walkers Using Calorie Consumption PredictionMr. Yuki Sakon
Exertainment: Designing Active Video Games to Get Youth MovingDr. Geoff Skinner
Extracting Characteristics of Items Based on Patterns in Recommendation GraphsProf. Daisuke Kitayama
Extraction of Naming Concepts Based on Modifiers in Recipe TitlesMs. Akiho Tachibana
Face Recognition Enhancement Based on Image File Formats and Wavelet De-noisingMiss Israa Ameer
Fast and Memory Efficient 3D-DWT Based Video Encoding TechniquesMr. Vishal Ramesh Satpute
Fault Tolerance in Asynchronously Operated Machines Allowing Temporary Violation of Normal SpecificationProf. Jung-Min Yang
FDM for Curved Geometries in Electrostatics II: the Minimal AlgorithmDr. David Edwards jr
Fixed point theorems for generalized w -contraction multivalued mappings in complete metric spacesDr. Wutiphol Sintunavarat
Formulation Strategy For Promoting Investment Of Technopolis: A Case StudyMiss Ayu Erliza
Framework for Measuring Knowledge Management for Service Development in Industrial DistributorDr. Tanika D Sofianti
Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) Operations: An Environmental PerspectiveDr. Vaibhav Aaradhi
Gender difference of perceived personal ability in using technology in Hong Kong higher educationDr. YAU Hon Keung
Gesture Recognition System for Human-Robot Interaction and Its Application to Robotic Service TaskMr. Tatsuya Fujii
Harmonic Distortion in an Off-Grid Renewable Energy System with Different LoadsDr. Mojgan Hojabri
Heterogeneous VRP Review and Conceptual FrameworkMiss Kusuma Soonpracha
Heuristic Algorithms for Geometric Embedding of Complete Binary Trees onto a Point-setMr. Mehrab Norouzitallab
Hidden Markov Models for Analysis of Defective Industrial Machine PartsMiss Pornpit Sirima
Hierarchical Modelling and X-ray Analysis of Human Dentine and EnamelProf. Alexander M. Korsunsky
High Performance Oxide Engineered Lateral Schottky Bipolar TransistorDr. Asim Majeed Murshid
High-Performance Position Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Drives by Using Fuzzy logicDr. Kakarapalli Satya Srikanth
Human Error Analysis In The Use of Money Transfer With Internet Banking In XYZ Bank By Using TAFEIDr. Fikri Indra Maulana
Hybrid Content Delivery Network Mechanism for Video Streaming on Star-Ring based EPONProf. Zen-Der Shyu
Hybrid Neural Network Models for Rainfall Runoffs: A Comparative StudyDr. Arnold Adimabua Ojugo
Image Classification by Transfer Learning Based on the Predictive Ability of Each AttributeMr. Masahiro Suzuki
Implementation Aspects Of Secure Network And Development Of Log AnalyserDr. Manikandan.S
Implementation of VANET based Warning Generation System (WGS) using Cellular Networks, GPS and Passive RFID TagsDr. Farhan Aadil
Improved Training of Predictive ANN with Gradient TechniquesMr. Parveen Sehgal
Improvement Printing Industry Plant layout for Effective ProductionDr. ANUCHA WATANAPA
Improvements on Spreadsheet-Based System for Seminar Assignment Problem with RotationsMr. Takeshi Koide
Improving the Physical and Environmental Security of a Data Centre: Case Study of a Hong Kong Wines and Spirits Distribution CompanyDr. Hon Keung Yau
Inferring Intentions of Twitter Users to Visit PlacesMr. Chengcheng Zhang
Information Distribution System with Distributed Reinforcement Learning for Providing Local InformationMr. Shinichiro Murata
In-silico Study of the Role of Differentially Expressed Genes and MicroRNAs in Host-Pathogen InteractionProf. Ka-Lok Ng
Intel-22nm Squelch Yield Analysis and OptimizationMr. Suhas Shinde
Interactive Decision Making for Multiobjective Fuzzy Random Linear Programming Problems Using Expectations and Coefficients of VariationMr. Kota MATSUI
Investigate Long-term HIV Dynamics with Under Detection Limit Measurements by Nonlinear Mixed-effects Differential EquationsDr. Tao Lu
Investigations for the Evolution Behavior of Cos-Gauss Pulse in Dispersion Dominant Regime of Single Mode Optical FiberDr. Muhammad Yousaf Hamza
Invistigating the Project Management Trends in IT Organizations in Saudi ArabiaDr. Yasser Seddiq
iRecruit Tool : A Marketing Application for Higher Educational Institution using C4.5 Classification TechniqueProf. Sheila Abaya
Island-Model-based Distributed Modified Extremal Optimization with Tabu Lists for Reducing Crossovers in Reconciliation GraphDr. Keiichi Tamura
Iterative Optimal TM_Score and Z_Score Guided Sampling Significantly Improves Model TopologyMr. Ashish Kumar Runthala
IURA: An Improved User-based Collaborative Filtering Method Based on InnovatorsDr. Qianru Zheng
Key Success Factor of Special Economic Zone for ThailandMiss Patcharee Pakdeenurit
Large-scale image denoising using incremental learning methodDr. Xuewen Wu
Lattices of Multi-player GamesDr. Alessandro Cincotti
Local Search for Sequencing of Storage and Retrieval Requests in Multi-Shuttle Automated Storage and Retrieval SystemsMr. Xuan Thuong Tran
Lot Sizing Optimisation for Stochastic Make-to-order ManufacturingMr. XiaoJun Wang
Low-PAPR Spectral Filter for Carrier Aggregated Transmission SystemMr. Tsai Hua Kang
Managing Healthcare Records via Mobile ApplicationsDr. CT Lau
Measurement of Bloggers' Buzzword Prediction Ability Based on Analyzing Frequency of Early Mentions of Past BuzzwordsMr. Seiya Tomonaga
Measuring Cohesion and Coupling in Object Oriented System Using Java ReflectionDr. N.Rajkumar
Message Transmission with User Grouping for Improving Transmission Efficiency and Reliability in Mobile Social NetworksMr. Takuro Yamamoto
Minimizing Message Exchanges in Agent Based Cloud Service CompositionProf. KWANG MONG SIM
Mobile Application for Field Knowledge Data of Urban River Catchment Decision Support SystemDr. Fathoni Usman
Mobile Office PodsDr. Ting Wang
Modeling and Solution Approach for the Environmental Traveling Salesman ProblemProf. Georgios Saharidis
Modeling the Mobile Application Development LifecycleMr. Tejas Vithani
Multiple LFM Signals Detection Method Based on Pseudo-Wigner-Ville Distribution and Binary Integration of Hough TransformMs. Kameliya Kaneva
Multiple Link Faults Restoration Mechanism in An Enhanced EPON ArchitectureMr. Andrew Tanny Liem
Multiprogram Digital ControlMr. Mikhail Smirnov
Multi-Scale Gaussian Mixtures for Cross-species StudyDr. ZhengRong Yang
Multi-Scale Subspace Grids Based Approach for Recognising Patterns in Applications Involving Multidimensional DataProf. M. Arif Wani
Nano-science Analysis of Coulomb's Friction on Caterpillar RoboDr. Ching-Kuo Wang
NextBUS: A Bus Transportation Advisory System for MetropolisDr. Chi Un Lei
Nonlinear Adaptive Control for Wind Energy Conversion Systems Based on Quasi-ARX Neural Networks ModelMr. Mohammadabu Jami'in
Novel Circuit Technique for Standby Subthreshold Leakage Current ReductionDr. Vaibhav Neema
Numerical ayalysis into slope-climbing capability of fuel cell hybrid scooterDr. Jenn-Kun Kuo
Numerical Method for the Heat Equation with Dirichlet and Neumann ConditionsDr. Ahmed Cheniguel