The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2014 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
On a Fuzzy c-means Algorithm for Mixed Incomplete Data Using Partial Distance and ImputationProf. Shin-ichi OHNISHI
On Inhomogeneous Fractional Partial Differential EquationsDr. Jamshad Ahmad
On Positive Definite Solutions of the Linear Matrix Equation X + A*XA = IDr. Sana'a A Zarea
On Some Properties of Parametric Continuous-Time Convex ProgramsProf. Ching-Feng Wen
Optimum Life Test Plans of Electrical Insulation for Thermal StressProf. Hideo Hirose
Optimum Position of A PWM Based UPFC and ASVC Applied to Multi-Machine Systems with Non-linear Load ModelDr S.Ali Al-Mawsawi
Optimum Tuning of the PID Controller for Stable and Unstable Systems Using Nonlinear Optimization TechniqueDr. Adel Abdulrahman
Optoelectronic Pattern Recognition Based on YUV Color Model with Shifted Training Images and Liquid Crystal Spatial Light ModulatorDr. Chulung Chen
Parallel Computation of Value at Risk using the Delta-Gamma Monte Carlo ApproachProf. Ka Lok Man
Passenger Identification &Automatic Fare Collection System Using RFID& FPGA Technologies for Metro Bus System in Lahore,PakistanDr. Hafiz Faiz Rasool
People Tracking by Collaboration between a Mobile Robot and Static Laser ScannerMr. Keisuke Okada
Perceptual influence of cooperative goal to blaming approachDr. Hon Keung Yau
Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle- Indian Transport Sector PerspectiveDr. Vaibhav Aaradhi
Practical Root Cause Analysis Using Cause MappingDr. Kai Jin
Prediction on Predictions by Ensemble MethodMr. Yuki Koyanagi
Pronunciation Tutoring using KinectMiss Farah binti Dinbandali
PSO Based Automatic Boundary Selection of Fixed-Order H_infinite Loop Shaping Control for Buck-Boost ConverterDr. Piyapong Olranthichachat
PVT Insensitive Reference Current GenerationMr. Suhas Shinde
QSC: QuickScan Calculator without Punching ButtonsDr. Chi Un Lei
Radiation Effects on Heat and Mass Transfer over an Exponentially Accelerated Infinite Vertical Plate with Chemical ReactionMr. MUHAMMAD NASIR SARKI
Radio Frequency Based Algorithms Techniques for the Real Time Wireless Sensor Networks.Dr. Deepak Choudhary
Rank and Weight Based Protocol for Cluster head Selection for WSNDr. S. R. Biradar
Ranked Linear Discriminant Analysis Features for Metamorphic Malware DetectionDr. Vinod P.
Ratio-Type Estimators in Stratified Random Sampling using Auxiliary AttributeDr. RAN VIJAY KUMAR SINGH
Real-Time OS with application to Play ModelsDr. Hiba Shahid
Recipe Recommendation Method by Considering the User's Preference and Ingredient Quantity of Target RecipeDr. Mayumi Ueda, Dr. Shinsuke NAKAJIMA
Reconfigurable Switched-Capacitor Converter for Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV SystemProf. Yuen-Haw Chang
Recurrent-Fuzzy-Neural System-based Adaptive Controller for Nonlinear Uncertain SystemsDr. Ching-Hung Lee
Reduction of SSD Live Page Migration through File System Write EnlargementDr. Arul Selvan Ramasamy
Relationship between Eigenvalues and Size of Time Step in Computer Simulation of Thermomechanics PhenomenaProf. Norbert Sczygiol
Reliability Analysis of Process Plant by Markovian TechniqueDr. Atul Goyal
Reoptimization of Motif Finding ProblemMiss Jhoirene Clemente
Restricted Poly-Time SAT-Solvable CNF'sProf. Stefan Porschen
Review of Oscillator Phase Noise ModelsMr. Suhas Shinde
RFID-based Location Tracking System Using a Peer-to-Peer Network ArchitectureMr. Chun Pan Hui
Rope Skipping Motion Recognition System Using KinectDr. YOUJI OCHI
Route Recommendation Method Based on Driver's Intention Estimation Considering the Route Selection When Using the Car NavigationMr. Keisuke Hamada
Safety Verification of Floodgate Operation Protocols Using Hybrid AutomataDr. Panduranga Rao M.V.
SBCAW-PSO: A Sine-Based Chaotic Adaptive Inertia Weight Particle Swarm OptimizationProf. Yu-Huei Cheng
Scheduling a Professional Sports League using the PEAST AlgorithmDr. Jari Kyngas, Prof. Kimmo Nurmi
Scheduling Problems with Integrable Learning and Forgetting EffectsProf. Wen-Chiung Lee
Selection of Proper Activation Functions in Back-propagation Neural Network algorithm for Single-Circuit Transmission LineMr. CHAICHAN POTHISARN
Semantic Web Improved with IDF Feature of the TFIDF AlgorithmDr. ELA KUMAR
Semi-passive Biped Robot using Motion Control Combining Energy and PD ControlsMr. Toshiya Yamada
Sentiment Analysis of Product ReviewArivudai nambi.M
Sequence Diagram Generation with Model Transformation TechnologyMiss Photchana Sawprakhon
Serendipitous Recommendation Method based on WWW Access LogMr. Toshiharu Nakashima
Service Level Assignment and Container Routing for Liner Shipping Service NetworksDr. Mehmet Hakan Akyuz
Set-Point Manipulation Approach toward Overcoming Limitation of Closed Architectural FrameworkMr. Kyaw Htet
Shear Properties of Graphene Containing Nitrogen Atoms and Grain Boundaries Using Molecular Dynamics SimulationsProf. Shingo Okamoto
Sightseeing Route Planning Responding Various Conditions with Fuzzy Random Satisfactions Dependent on Tourist's TirednessDr. Takashi Hasuike
Software Risk Factors: A Survey and Software Risk Mitigation Intelligent Decision Network Using Rule Based TechniqueMr. MUHAMMAD ASIF
Software Risk Management Practice: Evidence From Thai Software FirmsDr. Tharwon Arnuphaptrairong
Some problems on paths and cyclesDr. Chunhui Lai
Spatial S-R Compatibility Effect with Head RotationMiss Stefanie Kang
Spatial Time Series Forecasts Based on Bayesian Linear Mixed Models for Rice Yields in ThailandMr. Panudet Saengseedam
Specification and Analysis of Null Convention Logic (NCL) Circuits Using PAFSVDr. T.O. Ting
State-Space Battery Modeling for Smart Battery Management SystemDr. T.O. Ting
Stochastic analysis of computed Electron Concentration for F2 layer at Pakistan Upper Atmosphere RegionDr. Muhammad Ayub Khan Yousuf Zai
Stochastic Technique for Face Detection SystemDr. Arnold Adimabua Ojugo
Strong convergence theorems of multivalued nonexpansive mappings and maximal monotone operators in Banach spacesDr. Kriengsak Wattanawitoon
Strong convergent theorems for pseudo-contractive and monotone mapping by modified Ishikawa hybrid algorithmsDr. Phayap Katchang
Study on Basket Document Factory Plant Layout for Proficient ProductionDr. ANUCHA WATANAPA
Synchronized Attractors and phase entrained ChaosDr. M. Abdul
Tactile Symbol Matching of Different Shape Patterns: Implications for Shape Coding of Control DevicesDr. Annie WY Ng
Taxonomy of Low-level Hybridization (LLH) for PSO-GAMrs. Suraya Masrom
TBSC-TCR Compensator Simulation: A New Approach in Closed Loop Reactive Power Compensation of Dynamic LoadsDr. Dadgonda Patil
Techniques for Scaling Components of Web ApplicationMr. Ademola Adenubi
Termination Detection for Synchronous Algorithms in P SystemsMiss Huiling Wu
Thailand's Para Rubber Production Forecasting ComparisonMiss ONUMA KOSANAN
The Assessment and Analysis of using a Temperature Sensor to Regulate the Automatic Gain Control of the Amplifier in a FLASH-OFDM SystemMr. Tsai Hua Kang
The Big Data Analytic Framework: A Solution to Intelligent Correlation of Research Output In a Private Cloud Prototype For Seamless Research OntologiesDr. Duncan Waga
The Calculation of Axisymmetric Duct Geometries for Incompressible Rotational Flow Using a Differential Equation Approach and a Boundary Integral Formula based on Green's TheoremDr. Vasos Pavlika
The Capacity Planning Problem Considering the Procurement of Bottleneck Machines and Auxiliary ToolsDr. Yin-Yann Chen
The Comparison of Pronation and Supination between Typically Developing Children and Children with ADHDMs. Miki Kaneko
The Electromagnetic Analysis and Design of a New Permanent Magnetic Eddy Current DamperMr. Xie Hu
The Electromechanical Behavior of a Micro-Beam Driven by Traveling Electrostatic ForceProf. Yuh-Chung Hu
The Hybrid Extragradient Method for the Split Feasibility and Fixed Point ProblemsProf. Poom Kumam
The Improvement of the Wort Manufacturing ProcessesProf. Mihail Aurel TITU
The Less Communicated Story of Location Based Service in Retail ApplicationsMs. Jessie Cai
The Method of Accounting of Bounded External Disturbances for the Synthesis of Feedbacks with Multi-purpose StructureMr. Mikhail Smirnov
The Repetitive Sampling Plan Based on Process Capability Index CpDr. Ching-Ho Yen
The Study for Selecting the WWW Service Consignment Performance of Shared Sales Resource of PublishingMr. Tsai Hua Kang
Theoretical Study of Radiation Characteristics of Short Dipole AntennaMr. PRABIR BANERJEE
Timing Model to Launch Spin-off Company: The Case Study of Mini Manufacturing Plant of 10kWH Li-ion BatteriesMiss Rina Wiji Astuti
Tissue Characterization of Coronary Plaque by Subspace Method with Consideration to Neighborhood Information of Target TissueMr. Shinichi Miwa
Traction Transformer Core Multipoint Grounded Fault On-line Monitoring SystemMr. Jie Song
Transient Behavior Analysis of a Finite Capacity Queue with Working Breakdowns and Server VacationsDr. Dong-Yuh Yang
Trucking Capacity Allocation: A Case Study of a Thai Beverage ManufacturerDr. Oran Kittithreerapronchai
Two Area Load Frequency Control Using GA Tuned PID Controller in Deregulated EnvironmentMrs. GARGI KONAR
Ulam-Hyers Stability Results for Fixed Point Problems via Generalized Multivalued Almost ContractionProf. Poom Kumam
Unified Dynamic Resource Supply Model to Support Cyber Physical SystemMr. Yuji Dong
Unsupervised Adaptation of ASR Systems Using Hybrid HMM / VQ ModelProf. AKELLA AMARENDRA BABU
User's views about the usability of digital LibrariesMr. tariq rahim
Using Coh-Metrix to Analyse Writing Skills of Students: A Case Study in a Technological Common Core Curriculum CourseDr. T.O. Ting
Using CUDA Architecture for the Computer Simulation of the Casting Solidification ProcessProf. Norbert Sczygiol
Using Decision Trees to Identify Key Factors of Keyword AdvertisementsProf. Long-Sheng Chen
Using Grey Relation to FPGA Multi-Objective Task Scheduling on Dynamic Reconfigurable SystemMr. Tsai Hua Kang
Using Software-Defined Networking for Real-Time Internet ApplicationsProf. Sergei Gorlatch
Velocity Grid Map Approach and Its Application to Collision-Free NavigationMr. Tomoshi Yamashita
Video Coding by Using Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Technique and DWTDr. SHAIK.JUMLESHA
Virtual Host based Intrusion Detection System for cloud stack based cloudDr. Rajeswari M
Virtual Machine Scheduling Management on Cloud Computing Using Artificial Bee ColonyMiss Boonhatai Kruekaew
Virtual Network Construction with K-Shortest Path Algorithm and Prim's MST Algorithm for Robust Physical NetworksMr. Yasuhiro Urayama
Virtual Source Route Failure Maintenance For (VSoRFaM) wireless ad-hoc networkDr. mariyappan.k
Virtual Taxi Stand Management SystemDr. Ting Wang
Viscosity Approximation Methods for Split Variational Inclusion and Fixed Point Problems in Hilbert SpacesDr. Narin Petrot
Weighted Type of Quantile Regression and its ApplicationDr. Dejun Xie
Why Users Leave? Discussion about Users' Switching Behaviors in Social Network SitesProf. Yu-Lung Wu
Work Performance Comparison of Holding and Using TabletMiss Naphat Yongbunthanaphat
Z2 (Z2 + uZ2) - Linear Cyclic CodesProf. Taher Abualrub
(Q, r) Inventory Model under Supply Disruptions and General RepairsMr. THANAWATH NIYAMOSOTH
2DOF H infinity Control for DC Motor Using Genetic AlgorithmsMr. Natchanon Chitsanga
2-Stage 4-Phase Switched-Capacitor Boost DC-AC Inverter with Sinusoidal PFM ControlProf. Yuen-Haw Chang
3D Image Control System based on Phase-coding BCIMiss Qiuling Yang