The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2015 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
On Duality Concepts regarding Hypergraphs and Propositional FormulasProf. Stefan Porschen
On the Capability of a Fuzzy Inference System with Improved InterpretabilityMr. Hirofumi Miyajima
On the Entringer and Slater problemDr. Chunhui Lai
Online Signature Verification for Multi-modal Authentication using Smart PhoneMr. Bruce Poon
On-Premises Cloud Storage - Security Aspects for Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesProf. Markus Stopper
Optimization of Microwave Vacuum Dryer Design Parameters using CST Microwave Studio for Low-Moisture Food ApplicationMr. Ronie Alamon
Optimizing Line Power Flows by Series Capacitor PlacementMs. Samiya Zafar
Optimizing Line Power Flows by Shunt Capacitor Placement using Synchrophasor TechnologyMs. Samiya Zafar
Optimizing Pricing and Remanufacturing Decisions in Multi-level Green Supply ChainDr. Huang, Yun
OTK: Key Distribution Center at Cloud Providers towards Secure the ServicesMr. RAMARAO GOSE
Parallel Implementation of Iterative Methods for Solving PDEsDr. Muhammad Naveed Akhtar
Path Optimization for Electrically Inspecting Printed Circuit Boards with Alignment MarksDr. Hideki Katagiri
Path-overlap Avoidance in Multiple Route Construction for Mobile Relay on WSNMr. Yogi Anggun Saloko Yudo
Performance Analysis of Maximum Power Transfer in Piezoelectric Energy HarvestingDr. Chaiyan Jettanasen
Performance Evaluation of Extended Kalman Filtering for Obstacle Avoidance of Mobile RobotsProf. Chih-Hung Wu
Performance Evaluation of Photon Diffusion Models Configured in Planar Source Illumination Geometry for Quantifying the Optical Properties of Turbid MediaProf. Sheng-Hao Tseng
Performance of a Variable Speed of the Split Unit Air Conditioning System using Fuzzy Logic ControllerDr. Henry Nasution
Performance of Three Preconditioners for Image Deblurring Problem in Primal-Dual FormulationDr. FAISAL FAIRAG
Police Officer Selection Process for Incident ResponseMiss Johanna Leigh
Power Supply Circuit With Zero Standby Power Consumption on Infrared Remote Controlled Product by Using Energy HarvestingProf. Akira Yamawaki
Practical Design of a Passive EMI Filter for Reduction of EMI GenerationDr. Chaiyan Jettanasen
Prospective of Medical Cost for Diabetes Mellitus for Sex and Age Group in Range 2012-2050: Case of MexicoDr. Dora Elena Ledesma-Carrion
Provision Buffer for Ongoing Launch ProductMr. KUO HSING WU
Putting a Technology Innovation Culture to Realize Indonesian Vision 2025: A Case StudyDr. Wahyudi Sutopo
Putting Numbers to Value: Going Simplistic for Reaching Lean ManufacturingMiss Zuhara Ivette Chavez Lopez
Python Classes for Numerical Solution of PDE'sProf. Kare Olaussen
QBSA 4 W2S : QoS-Based Scalable Approach for Web Services SelectionDr. Mansour Mekour
Queuing Model For Shinde RestaurantDr. Rameshwar Bhutada
Quine-McCluskey Repair Technique for Evolutionary Design of Combinational Logic CircuitsMr. Xiaoqiang ZHANG
Real Time Recognition of Filipino Sign Language Using Bayesian NetworkDr. Vera Geroda
Real-Time Implementation of a Power Series Based Nonlinear Controller for the Balance of a Single Inverted PendulumProf. Hien Tran
Reliability Analysis for a Repairable System under N-policy and Imperfect CoverageDr. Richa Sharma
Remarks on Solving Algebraic Riccati Matrix Equations using a Hopfield Neural Network and Application to Optimal Control ProblemsProf. Kazuhiko Takahashi
Research in Modeling of Complex Adaptive Petri NetDr. Jun Wang
Research in Virtual Cotton Spinning Process based on CAPNDr. Jun Wang
Response Surface Methodology for the Optimization of Paddy Husker by Medium Brown Rice Peeling Machine 6 Rubber TypeDr.Surapong Banphan
Reversible Data Hiding with Lossless Data EmbeddingDr. Chinchu A.V
Review and analysis of Research and Application of Software EcosystemDr. A.M.Yousefzade
Risk Management - Comparison of Islamic and Conventional banks in GCCDr. Aqila
Roadmap to a DO-178C Formal Model-Based Software Engineering MethodologyDr. Emanuel Grant
Scalable Instruction Set Extension for Dual-field Public-key CryptosystemDr. Wang Liao
Scientific Computing with HOMsPyDr. Asif Mushtaq
Selection of Anchor Nodes in Time of Arrival(TOA) for localization in Wireless Sensor NetworksDr. K. Raghava Rao
Self Checking Systolic SorterDr. Ali Maamar
Signal Persistence Checking of Asynchronous System Implementation using SPINMr. Weerasak Lawsunnee
Simulation Analysis of Modified Filter Bank Multicarrier for Physical Layer Cognitive Radio under Radio EnvironmentDr. Er.A.S.Kang
Solving the General Two Water Jugs Problem via an Algorithmic ApproachDr. YIU KWONG MAN
Some Properties of Bipolar Max-min Fuzzy Relational EquationsProf. Yan-Kuen Wu
Some Properties of Nonnegative Interval Matrices in Max AlgebraProf. Yung-Yih Lur
Space-Time Hotelling Model and Its Application to Retail Competition in a DuopolyProf. Hiroaki Sandoh
Speed control of Direct Current motor using Artificial Neural NetworkDr. R.M.S.B Ratnayake
Sports Play Visualization System for American FootballMr. Toshihiro Tani
Star-Topology Virtual Network Construction with Optimization Problems for Video Streaming System of Sightseeing InformationDr. Takuji Tachibana, Mr. YASUHIRO URAYAMA
Statistical Problems on Estimating for Heat Seal ParametersMr. Takashi Inomata, Prof. Toshinari Kamakura
Stochastic Decision Model of the Remanufactured Product with WarrantyDr. Swee Kuik
Stochastic Technique for Face Detection SystemDr. Arnold Adimabua Ojugo
Study of Aerodynamic Drag Reduction Devices on a Heavy VehicleDr. Z. Namazian
Study of AZO Thin Films Under Different Annealing Atmosphere on Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties by rf Magnetron SputteringProf. Hung-Wei Wu
Study of Reaction Temperature and Sulfur Dioxide Feed Rate in the Sulfur Iodine Production Cycle ReactionsMiss Warunee Chankerd
Study on Screw-Ball Differential Gear Operating ProcessDr. A.A. Shelepov
Study on the Behavior of Particles in High Reynolds Number in Semi Ellipse Lid Driven CavityMr. MUHAMMAD AMMAR NIK MUTASIM
Subspace Iteration on Steroids - A New Highly Parallel Non-Hermitian EigensolverDr. Peter Tang
Support System for Developing Evacuation Guidance for Tourists: Visualization of the Number of Evacuees in a SpaceMr. Naoto Emori
Suppressing Redundant TCP Retransmissions in Wireless Mesh NetworksMr. Shuhei Aketa
Survey on Various Image Segmentation TechniquesMr. R. Subalakshmi
Synchronous Interleaved DBA for Upstream Transmission over GPON-LTE Converged NetworkProf. I-Shyan Hwang
Test Case Impact Analysis from Use Case Description ChangesMr. Tawan Sakkarinkul
The Ageing Construction Workforce in Hong Kong: A ReviewMr. Yu Ki Jacky NG
The Anomalous Reflection of Acoustic Waves Based on MetasurfaceDr. Changlin Ding
The Classification of Matching Applications for End-User-Initiative DevelopmentProf. Takeshi Chusho
The Design and Development of Drowsiness Detection System for Road Safety ImprovementMr. Suparoek Junsupasen
The Design of Hotel Performance Management System in PadangMs. Difana Meilani
The Effect of Attitude on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching in Institutes of Higher Vocational Education Based on Affective Filter HypothesisDr. Zhang Mingyong
The Effect of Temperature on Manual Dexterity, Reaction Time, and Optimum Grip-SpanDr. Alan H.S. Chan
The Influence of Subjective Norm on Behavioral Intention In Using E-Learning: An Empirical Study in Hong Kong Higher EducationDr. Hon Keung Yau
The Relationship Between Ability of Instructors to Interpret Knowledge to Students and In Class Engagement of Students: An Empirical Study in Hong Kong Higher EducationDr. Hon Keung Yau
The Usage Analysis of Web and Email Traffic on the University Internet Backbone LinksMr. Shwan Dyllon
The Wigner System Coupled with Hartree-type NonlinearityDr. Bin Li
Thermal Comfort Evaluation of Emergency Tent Using PMV and PPD ModelDr. Lusi Susanti
Thermal Image Resolution on Angular Emissivity Measurements using Infrared ThermographyDr. Navaphattra Nunak
Three-echelon Inventory Model with Defective Product and Rework Considerations under Credit PeriodDr. Ming-Cheng Lo
Time Series Forecasting of Energy Commodity using Grey Wolf OptimizerDr. Yuhanis Yusof
TiMers: Time-based Music Recommendation System based on Social Network Services AnalysisDr. Seungmin Rho
Towards an Approach to Guide End-user in Interactive Web Services CompositionDr. Yassine Jamoussi, Mrs. KOMMANABOYINA SOUJANYA
Transient Thermal Analysis of Power Cable-Considering Skin EffectMr. Yuandong Gong
Triple Band Miniaturized Patch Antenna Using GSRR MetamaterialDr. S. ZEMOULI
Trustworthy Movie Recommender System with Correct Assessment and Emotion EvaluationDr. Seungmin Rho
Ultrasonically Driven Antibubbles Encapsulated by Newtonian Fluids for Active Leakage DetectionMr. Kristoffer Johansen
Using Decision Trees to Characterize and Predict Movie Profitability on the US MarketProf. Juan Alfonso Lara Torralbo
Using Feature Selection Approaches to Identify Crucial Factors of Mobile AdvertisementsProf. Long-Sheng Chen
Value Chain Improvement for Cocoa Industry in Indonesia by Input-Output AnalysisMiss Arinda Soraya Putri
Variation of Air Circulating Velocity in Thermal Drying Oven to Reduce Energy LossMiss Patsarawan Lipikanjanakul
Wavelet-Based Fractal Analysis of Beat-to-Beat Interval Data: A Preliminary StudyDr. Suparerk Janjarasjitt
Well-Provisioned First Person Shooter and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games Traffic in Enhanced EPONProf. I-Shyan Hwang
Wikiaudia: Crowd-sourcing the Production of Audio and Digital BooksProf. Kavi Mahesh
Wireless Transport Layer SecurityDr. vikas yadav
3D Inspection for HDD Production Process using Laser Light SectioningDr. Navaphattra Nunak