The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2017 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (A_C)
Contact Authors
A Cluster based Classification of Imbalanced data with Overlapping Regions between classesMrs. Kedkarn Chaiyakhan
A Decision Support system for Financial processes of infrastructure Construction projectsDr. Karrar Kamoona
A Design of WS-BPEL Test Case Generation Tool Based on Path ConditionsMr. Preecha Nakngern
A Dynamic Geometry Approach to the Fagnano's ProblemDr. Yiu-Kwong MAN
A Fast and Robust Calibration Method for Geometric Parameters of Cone-Beam CTDr. Hua Zhang
A Framework for Wireless Networks using Thin Client ComputingDr. SHANKAR NAYAK
A High-Gain Multiphase Switched-Capacitor Coupled-Inductor Step-Up DC-DC ConverterProf. Yuen-Haw Chang
A High-Gain Serial-Parallel-Switched-Capacitor Coupled-Inductor Boost DC-AC InverterProf. Yuen-Haw Chang
A Hyperexponential Approximation to Finite- and In nite-time Ruin Probabilities of Compound Poisson ProcessesMr. Amir Tiemour Payandeh Najafabdi
A Low-Area Overhead Secure Scan Architecture Resisting Scan-Based Attacks for Crypto ChipsDr. Wang Weizheng
A model for simulating and analysing workspace congestion in civil engineering job-sitesDr. Swee Yang Edmund Low
A Multiple Regression Analysis for Predicting Salinity in Shallow GroundwaterDr. Uma Seeboonruang
A Neural Network Based Soft Sensor For Air Fuel Ratio Dynamics In SI EnginesDr. YUJIA ZHAI
A new method for forecasting via feedback control theoryProf. Manlika Rajchakit
A New Method for In-situ Measurement of a Soil's Horizontal Coefficient of ConsolidationDr. Radhi Al Zubaidi
A New Multi-core CPU Resource Availability Prediction Model for Concurrent ProcessesDr. Khondker Hasan
A New Partition-based Clustering Algorithm Mixed DataDr. YU TianBao
A Noise-tolerant Logic Circuit Design with Both Signal Noise and Power Noise Tolerant AbilityDr. I-Chyn Wey
A Predictive Doze Mode Energy-Efficient Mechanism in EPONDr. Prof. I-Shyan Hwang
A Pseudo-Genetic Algorithm for Optimising Test CasesMrs. Suhaila Mohd. Yasin
A Reinforcement Learning for Freight Train with Augmented Collective Motions in a MarshalingDr. Yoichi Hirashima
A review of food traceability in food supply chainMiss Ting Zou
A Special Virtual Keyboard for Disabled Computer UsersMr. Shiu Fung Lau
A Study on Applying Interactive Multi-objective Optimization to Multiagent systemsDr. Toshihiro Matsui
A Study on the Radius Angle at the Hinge Plane for the Reduction of the Thermal Deformation of Tire MoldDr. Jun Cong Ge
A Survey On Chatbot Conversational SystemsDr. Geetanjali Phalke
A Tourist Spot Search Method using Similarity of Function based on Distributed Representations of User ReviewsProf. Daisuke Kitayama, Mr. Tomofumi Yoshida
A Weighted Model Confidence Set: Applications to Local and Mixture Model Confidence SetsDr. Amir t Payandeh
Adaptive document image skew estimationProf. Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh
Advanced Hybrid Wind-Solar Power System with Maximum Power Point Tracking AlgorithmsDr. NELAPATLA BHARATH
Algorithm for Enumerating all Frequent Paths from Structurally Compressed Tree-Structured DataDr. Tomoyuki Uchida, Mr. Tomoya Horibe
An Algorithm for In Situ Omnidirectional Vision-Based Bee Counting Using1D Haar Wavelet SpikesDr. Vladimir Kulyukin
An algorithm for Solving Triple Hierarchical Pseudomonotone Variational InequalitiesProf. Ching-Feng Wen
An Approach for Monitoring Partner Link Invocations under WS-BPELMr. Nuttaphong Uaphoemkiat
An Approach for Test Case Generation from a Static Call Graph for Object-Oriented ProgrammingMr. Sitdhibong Laokok
An Effective Computational Intelligence-Based Method for Mutagenic Primer DesignProf. Yu-Huei Cheng
An efficient estimator of fractal dimension of self-avoiding curvesDr. Andrei Kryvko
An Empirical Validation of Mobile Application Effort Estimation ModelsDr. Tharwon Arnuphaptrairong
An Experimental Reactive Scheduling Framework for the Multi-Mode Resource Constrained Project Scheduling ProblemMr. Jose David Padilla
An Improved Lower Bound for Bipartite Ramsey Numbers br(2,7) and br(2,8)Dr. DECHA SAMANA
An Improved Spectrogram to Identify Multiple Harmonic Sources in Distribution System with Inverter LoadsMr. Abdul Rahim Abdullah
An Improvement in the Artificial-free Technique along the Objective Direction for the Simplex AlgorithmDr. Aua-aree Boonperm
An investigative Study about Deregulation (Restructuring) of Indian Power SectorProf. Ravindrakumar Yadav
An iterative process for solving fixed point problems for weak contraction mappingsDr. Wutiphol Sintunavarat
Analysis and Design of Fuel Theft Prevention and AutomationDr. Ravindra S Lahane
Analysis of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System Using PsimDr. ATTHAPOL NGAOPITAKKUL
Analysis of Harmonics in Indoor Lighting System with LED and Fluorescent LuminaireDr. ATTHAPOL NGAOPITAKKUL
Analysis of Individual Characteristics in Vowel Spectral EnvelopesMr. Renta Goto
Analysis of Internet Resources Utilization by University Students in Hong Kong during Projects ElicitationDr. Hon Keung Yau
Analysis of Optical Flow Techniques in Video ProcessingDr. Sunil Kumar Aithal S
Analytical Solution of Nonprismatic Reinforced Concrete Cantilever Deflection under Concentrated LoadDr. Amin Almasri
Analyzing Medical Personnel's Perceptions of Online Health RumorsProf. Alton Chua
Analyzing Relationship between Upper Body Poses and Emotions Using Multiple Regression AnalysisMiss Misaki Ogawa
Application of Backpropagation Neural Networks in Predicting Story Drift of BuildingDr. Reni Suryanita
Application of Lean Manufacturing System: A Case Study of Control Cable ManufacturingDr. Somyot Kaitwanidvilai
Application of Multi-Dimensional Hall Sensor for Gauss MeasurementMr. Yongyut Kaewjumras
Application of Optimal Policies for a Two-stage Product Supply Chain Management Inventory SystemDr. Enahoro Alfred Owoloko
Appointment Beeper System: A Research on the Design of Pager Disks that Automatically Updates Users about the Status of the Queue and System Implementation on Queuing ProcessDr. Josh Dayapan
ARL Formulas of MA Control Chart with Zero-Inflated Binomial Model when Underlying Distribution is Ratio of Two Poisson MeansMr. Direk Bualuang
Aspect oriented approach for security hardening of codeDr. khalid pandit
Assessment of Strut-and-Tie Methods to Estimate Ultimate Strength of RC Deep BeamsMrs. Adrija D
Assessment of Urban Structure for The Holy City of Al-Najaf in light of SustainabilityDr. Hamid Athab Al-Jameel .
Association Rule Mining with Data Item including Independency based on Enhanced Confidence FactorMr. Yingquan Wang
Attitude Dynamics of Spacecraft with Control by Relocatable Internal Position of Mass CenterDr. Anton Doroshin
Authentication Framework against Malicious Attack in Mobile Wireless Sensor NetworksDr. SUNIL GUPTA
Automated Stroke Lesion Detection and Diagnosis SystemMr. Abdul Rahim Abdullah
Automatic Identification of Multi-Word Expressions for Latvian and LithuanianDr. Woon Kian Chong
Binary classification of Cognitive Disorders: Investigation on the Effects of Protein Sequence Properties in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's DiseaseDr. SHOMONA JACOB
Building Scalable and Accurate Hybrid Kernel Mapping Recommender SystemDr Mustansar Suleri
Case Study on Technical Challenge of Access Control for Femtocell NetworkProf. Meera Joseph
Categorizing Distinct Carcinoma from Gene Expression Data using Multi-Layer PerceptronDr. SHOMONA JACOB
CFD Investigation of Micro Power Gas TurbineDr. Aleksandr Kartashev
Challenges and Evolution of next generation Wireless CommunicationDr. RAJESH YADAV
Chance Constrained Multi-objective Programming for Supplier Selection and Order Allocation under UncertaintyMiss XI LI
Characterization of impact in multiwall boron nitride nanotubesDr. SeyedTaha Talebian
Characterization of LM35 Sensor for Temperature Sensing of ConcreteDr. Manuel Jr Ramos
Chicken Egg Grade Classifier System Using Image ProcessingDr. Mary Regina Apsay
Classification of Arrhythmia using Multi-Class Support Vector MachineDr. Jieming Ma
Combined Secure Process and Data Model for IT-Security in Industrie 4.0Mr. Yubo Wang
Content download method with distributed cache managementDr. Kouji Hirata, Mr. Iio Masamitsu
Control of yaw angle and sideslip angle based on Kalman filter estimation for autonomous EV from GPSMr. Yongkang Zhou
Correlation study of structure and phase separation of Neutral Polymer Bonding AgentDr. Chen Yu
Cost Effective Model Based Regression TestingDr.M.Gopichand
Coupling of Partitioned Physics Codes with Quasi-Newton MethodsDr. Robby Haelterman
Credible Set for Premium of a Rate-Making SystemDr. Maryam Omidi
Cross-language Entity Linking Adapting to User's Language AbilityMr. Zhou Jialiang
Customer Knowledge and Awareness on Green Banking at Indonesian Public BanksDr. Nilda Putri