The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2017 are listed here:

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Titles (D_N)
Contact Authors
Data Analysis to Uncover Terrorist Attacks using Data Mining TechniquesDr Mustansar Suleri
Data Classification Based on Feature Selection with Association Rule MiningMr. Nuntawut Kaoungku
Decoupling the Producer-Consumer Problem from Active Networks in DNSDr. Phani Raja
Deployment of a Competition Sprinter Robot over FPGA Platform with Feedback Control Systems for Velocity and PositionMr. Herman Verinaz
Deregulation of Electric Power in a Developing Economy: Prospects for NigeriaDr. Nnoli Kosisochukwu Pal
Design and Fabrication of a Coin sorting machineDr. Masendeke Darlington.M
Design and Implementation of a Bidirectional DC/DC Converter for BESS OperationsProf. Chao-Tsung Ma
Design and Implementation of a Moving Message Dot-Matrix Display Using At89c52 Microcontroller and DecodersDr. EZEILO CHIBUIKE JUSTIN
Design of Antenna Pedestal for an S-band Sea Clutter RadarDr. Xiangyu Cheng
Design of Guided Rocket Autopilot Based on Frequency Domain MethodDr. Yongchao Chen
Design of PI Controller for Process PlantDr. Okokon Tommy
Design,Simulation and Control of 5 Degree of Freedom Manipulator using Mobile applicationDr. N. SARAVANAN
Designing a resilient supply chain network for perishable products with random disruptionsProf. Pankaj Dutta
Designing Online Diabetes Diagnosis System Based On Chinese Health Information PlatformDr. Kaiyu Wan
Detection of Foreign Bodies in Roasted Coffee by using Active ThermographyDr. Taweepol Suesut
Determining Golf Swing Patterns Using Motion Sensors for Injury PreventionMr. Wisan Tangwongcharoen
Development Business Process Simulation for Supporting Learning Activities (A Case Study Approach)Mr. Johan Yang
Development of Interaction Diagram for Eccentrically Loaded RC Sandwich Walls with Different Design ParametersMiss May Haggag
Development of Large Diamond Synthesis by Double Test Tubes Hot Filament Chemical Vapor DepositionMr. PIYACHAT SODNGAM
Development of Learning Management System (A Case Study Approach)Mrs. Ratna Sari
Diagnostics of Complex Phenomena on the Basis of Geometrical Analysis ImagesDr. Luis Cadena
Differential Flatness of Rotorcraft DynamicsDr. Felix Mora-Camino
Discrete-Time PID´┐Ż(n-2) Stage PD Cascade Controllers with First Order Hold and Delayed First Order Hold DiscretizationsDr. Pittaya Pannil
Distributed-Lock Relation for Scalable-Delay-Insensitive Optimization in Multiple-Cycle STG SpecificationsMs. Pitchayapatchaya Srikram
Do College Students use E-Book with Smartphone? (Study for College Student's Subject in Information Technology)Mr. Surjandy Surjandy
Dynamic Responses of multiwall carbon nanotubes under partly length impact loadingDr. SeyedTaha Talebian
Dynamics of Ebola VirusMr. Udeze Chigozie J.
Effect of Diagonal Belt to the Moment Capacity of the Precast Beam-Column Joint using CFRP SheetDr. Rudy Djamaluddin
Effect of Forming Porous Silicon with Different Electrochemical Etching Cell to Porosity Layer Under Various Anodization Current DensityMr. JIRAMET INTASOM
Effect of Granite / Gravel (washed) Combination on Fresh Properties of Self Compacting ConcreteDr. G.O. Bamigboye
Effect of Installation Angle of Ultrasonic Flow Meter on Water Velocity Measurement in PipeDr. Navaphattra Nunak
Effect of polyurethane/rare earth composite nanofibrous membranes on Removal of VOCs from AirDr. Jun Cong Ge
Effect of symmetry on the electronic DOS, charge fluctuations and electron-phonon coupling in carbon chainsDr. C.H.Wong
Effect on Coal Bottom Ash in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) as Binder CourseMr. GUNALAAN VASUDEVAN
Effective Navigation For Visually Impaired Using ZigBeeDr. Valarmathi Basker"
Effectiveness of ISO 14001 in the South African chemical industryDr. Kehinde Sobiyi
Effects of crystallographic textures on different thermo-mechanical processed AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel using small punch testDr. Ming Song
Effects of SiO2Doped Low-Temperature Sintered Ba0.98Ca0.02Ti0.94Sn0.06O3 Lead-Free Ceramics on Structure and Electrical Properties for Bimorph Energy HarvesterDr. Jiann-Sheng Jiang
Electronically Controllable Resistorless Dual-Mode Multifunction FilterDr. Worapong Tangsrirat
Element free method for the Phan-Thien-Tanner differential model by least-square and streamline upwind Petron Galerkin algorithmDr. Hou Lei
Emotion Detection in Blog Posts Using Keyword Spotting and Semantic AnalysisDr. Mary Jane Samonte
Empirical Study on Adoption of Green Supply Chain Practices for Developing EconomyDr. Lokesh Vijayvargy
Energy Efficiency as a Solution to Power Consumption in South AfricaMr. Makibane Daniel Ntlhane
Enhanced Malicious App Detection using Multi-Level ParingDr. Kireet Muppavaram
Evaluation of Shaft Bearing Capacity of Single Driven Pile using Neural NetworkDr. Harnedi Maizir
Experimental Study on Cognitive Aspects of Indoor Evacuation Guidance Using Mobile DevicesProf. Hiroshi Furukawa
Experimental Study on the Workability of Self-Compacting Granite and Unwashed Gravel ConcreteDr. G.O. Bamigboye
Fabrication of Li-P co-doped p-type ZnO for high quantum efficiency UV photodetectorDr. Pankaj Sharma
Fast Test Pattern Generator using ATALANTA M 2.0Dr. G. Naveen Balaji
Feasibility Analysis of Achieving Mobile Agents for Wireless Sensor Network based on LooCIProf. Ka Lok Man
Feature Classification for Underwater Seismic Prediction using Wireless Sensor NodesMrs. Nikita Jain
Formal Modeling for Persistence Checking of Signal Transition Graph Specification with PromelaMr. Kanut Boonroeangkaow
Fuzzy Logic Based Control of Hybrid Power System Distribution GenerationDr. BHUKYA RAMESH
Fuzzy Modeling using Vector Quantization based on Input and Output Learning DataMr. Hirofumi Miyajima
Fuzzy Random Linear Optimization under Possibilistic Downside Risk Measures: Minimization of Possibilistic Low Partial MomentProf. Hideki Katagiri
GEMtf - Database of Time-course Expression Profiles of Maize Transcription Factors by Using Biclustering AlgorithmDr. Ka-Lok Ng
Gender difference of Behavior Intention on Online Shopping: An Empirical Study in Hong Kong Higher EducationDr. Hon Keung Yau
General Disposition Strategy for Self-Blocking Queueing SystemMr. YuLi Tsai
Global Image Thresholding Based on Change-point DetectionProf. Rohit Kamal Chatterjee
GPU-based Backround Subtraction using CUDA:State of the ArtDr. Dipti Shitole
GSM Based local Area Network (LAN) Monitoring and Controlling SystemMr. Rahat Azim Chowdhury
Heuristic Methods for the Unrestricted Dynamic Container Relocation ProblemDr. M. Hakan Akyuz
Homogeneous Combustion in IC Engine by Porous MediumDr. Fun Buzz
Hourly Ground-level Ozone Concentration Prediction using Support Vector RegressionMrs. Kedkarn Chaiyakhan
Human Action Recognition by Conceptual FeaturesProf. Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh
Human Identification using X-Ray Image MatchingMr. NORIHIRO SHINKAWA, Mr. Ryudo ISHIGAMI
Hybridizing Teaching Learning Based Optimization with Genetic Algorithm for Colour Image SegmentationProf. RV Vijaya Krishna
iConduct: A Multi-Computer OrchestraDr. Rohit Rangarajan
Impact Analysis on Database Instance from Functional Requirements' Input ChangesMr. Kritsada Kaenchaliao
Impact of Social Media on The Reading Culture of Nigerian Youths; Is the Social Media platform providing an Alternative Source of Education?Dr. Nsikan Nkordeh
Implementation of International Safety Standard EN ISO 13849 into Machinery of Tyre IndustryMr. NAPAT WONGPIRIYAYOTHAR
Implementation of Parameters Monitoring and Controlling System Using Wireless CommunicationDr. M.KARUPPIAH
Implementation of Rough C means clustering using Firefly algorithmDr. Abhilash Namdev
Improvement of Acknowledgment Mechanism for TCP with Network CodingMr. Yosuke Mitsuzumi
Improvement of Biodiesel Production in Batch Transesterification ProcessMiss Arphaphon Chanpirak
Improving Classification Accuracy for Single-loop Reliability-based Design OptimizationProf. I-TUNG YANG
Improving Cybersecurity Skills Using Network Security Virtual LabsDr. Alexandru Soceanu
Improving Radiation Characteristics of Thin Film Cdte/Cds Solar Cells with Genetic AlgorithmDr. S.A.A. Oloomi
Improving Video Recommendation Systems from Implicit Feedback in the E-marketing EnvironmentDr. Woon Kian Chong
Inequalities for Nonuniform Wavelet Frames in L2(R )Dr. M. Younus Bhat
Influence of Precue on Spatial Stimulus-Response Compatibility Effect in a Dual-Task ParadigmMr. Siu Shing Man
Influence of Temperature to Electron Mobility on Top of Channel in 14 nm n-FinFETMr. Nuttapong Patcharasardtra
Input/Output Switched Asynchronous Sequential Machines with Transient FaultsProf. Jung-Min Yang
Insensitive High-Output Impedance Current-Mode Biquad with a Single Current Follower Transconductance AmplifierDr. Worapong Tangsrirat
Integrated Design Optimization of Aerodynamic and Stealthy Performance for Flying Wing AircraftDr. Yalin Pan
Integration of Weighing Indicator with Proprietary Commands into PLC-Based System Using Modbus ProtocolDr. Amphawan Julsereewong
INTERACT: Interactive E-Learning System for Children with AutismDr. Mary Jane Samonte
Interactive Natural Image Segmentation with Regression Based Clustering AlgorithmDr. David Raju
Internet of Things: Wireless Issues in using Mobile Communication NetworkDr. Karan Verma
Interruption Optimal Multicast Routing for Wireless Ad-Hoc NetworksDr. Vishal Nagar
Investigation of Butane ExplosionDr. Okokon Tommy
Investigation of the Influence of Hydrophobicity and Dry Band on the Electric Field and Potential Distributions in Silicon Rubber InsulatorDr. SeyedMohammadHassan Hosseini
IoT Generic Architecture Proposal Applied to Emergency Cases for Implanted Wireless Medical DevicesMr. Vladimir Sanchez Padilla
Is your Mobile App Safe? Mobile App Attacks and DefenseDr. Kireet Muppavaram
KASHING!:A Financial Literacy Microlecture AppDr. Mary Jane Samonte
Knowledge Exploration in Image Text Data using Data hiding SchemeDr. Thangamani Mani
Local Fractional Operator for the Solution of Quadratic Riccati Differential Equation with Constant CoefficientsMr. S. O. Edeki
Lyric-based Sentiment Polarity Classification of Thai SongsDr. Chutimet Srinilta
MBR-SIFT:A Novel Descriptor for Image MatchingDr. Yan Ma
Measuring Complexity of System/Software Architecture Using Higraph-Based ModelDr. Hycham Aboutaleb
Mechanical design of an innovative method for CNG transporting over long distances: logistics, executive and operative aspectsProf. Roberto Revetria
Merits and Demerits of Various Routing Techniques in Wireless Sensor NetworksDr. R.Renuga Devi
Method of understanding structure and building database with material experiment dataMr. Ma Zhi Yuan
MHSAX-based Time Series Classification using Local Sequence Alignment TechniqueDr. Keiichi Tamura
Micromechanical Analysis Of Compaction And Drilling Of Granular MediaEngr. Onuora Okorie
MIMO-STBC Based Selective Decode-Forward Cooperative Communication over Nakagami-m Fading Channel with Channel Estimation ErrorDr. RAVI SHANKAR
Modeling of the formation of supply chain based on its reliabilityDr. Gulmira Mukhanova
Morphological Analysis of Manipuri LanguageDr. Bablu Yumnam
Network Coding with Wait Time Insertion and Configuration for TCP Communication in Wireless Multi-hop NetworksDr. Eiji Takimoto
New Product Development Process Valuation using Compound Options with Type-2 Fuzzy NumbersDr. A. Cagri Tolga
Noise Removal and Binarization of Scanned Document Images Using Clustering of FeaturesProf. Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh
Numerical Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Slab-Column Connection Subjected to Lateral & Vertical LoadingMr. Mostafiz Emtiaz
Numerical analysis of the mathematical modeling of the mechanics of the magnetic fluid movement under the influence of magnetic force, based on the ferrohydrodynamics principles and application in industry and medicine.Dr. Vadim Tacumi