The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2018 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
On Numerical Solutions of Fractional-Order with a Delay of CSOH ModelDr. Adirek Vajrapatkul
On the design of inertial continuously variable transmissionsDr. Sergey Alyukov
On Usefulness of Syntactically Complex Lemmas in Theory Exploration for Inductive TheoremsDr. H. Sato
Online Integrated Development EnvironmentDr. Ryndel Amorado
Optimal Deployment of Distributed Generators using Ant Colony Optimization to minimize Line Losses and improve Voltage Profiles on Distribution NetworkDr. Mark Nwohu
Optimal Guaranteed Cost Control for Exponential Stability of Nonlinear System with Mixed Time-Varying Delays via Feedback ControlDr. NUCHIRA KHONGJA
Optimization of Capacitive Pressure Sensor using Coupled Mechanical Electric AnalysisDr. Abioye A. A.
Optimization of Price Strategy with Multi-Level Discount for Demand Management of Perishable ProductsDr. Li Dan
Optimizing Movement of Students from Hostels to Lecture Rooms in a Potential World Class University using Transportation ModelDr. Michael Agarana
Optimizing Smart Home Appliances in Internet of ThingsDr. M.R.Sundarakumar
Pathway Model for Location of Semantic Web ServicesDr. Saidu I. Rambo and Dr. IR Saidu
Pattern Recognition in Yeast Gene Expression using Bayesian Regularization and LevenbergMarquardt Algorithms in Backpropagation Neural NetworkDr. Julie Ann Salido
Pattern Recorgnition Using Support Vector Machines as a Solution for Non-Technical Losses in Electricity Distribution IndustryDr. Aniedu Azubuike N.
Peak Estimation of a Spectrum from Noisy Measurements by Least Squares Piecewise Monotonic Data ApproximationDr Ioannis C. DEMETRIOU
Performance Analysis of Comparison between Region Growing, Adaptive Threshold and Watershed Methods for Image SegmentationDr. Erwin Unsri
Piecewise Multi-Linear Model Based Control for TORA System via Feedback LinearizationDr. Tadanari Taniguchi
Playing Doom Video Game with Deep Visual Reinforcement LearningDr. Adil Khan
Position estimation method using multiple UWB radio communication modules and LRFDr. PARK OHSEONG
Potential to use municipal waste bio char in wastewater treatment for nutrients recoveryDr. M. M. Manyuchi
Prediction of Tuberculosis using Supervised Learning Techniques under Pakistani PatientsDr. Waqas Arshad
Privacy Preserving Q-learning in the analog model for Secure Multiparty ComputationDr. Hirofumi Miyajima
Proposal of Estimation Method for Workplace Efficiency Focusing on Informal NetworkDr. Atsushi SHIMODA
Proposal of New Ant System based on Consistency and Discrepancy of Subjective RankingProf. Kotaro Uneme
Qubit Minimization of Boolean FunctionsProf. Vladimir Hahanov
Query Keyword Extraction from Video Caption Data based on Spatio-Temporal FeaturesDr. KAKIMOTO HONOKA
Radiation and Chemical Reaction Effects of Heat and Mass Transfer on Convective MHD Slip Flow with Variable Viscosity in Porous MediaDr. Sikiru Adesina
Real-Time Implementation of a Novel Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of SwitchesDr. Gowra Murali
Real-time Quantum State Estimation Based on Continuous Weak Measurement and Compressed SensingDr. Shuang Cong
Recent Trends in Image 2D to 3D: Binocular Depth CuesDr. Disha Mohini Pathak
Redesign of Water Distribution Networks Systems - Linear caseDr Nagib
Reducing Congestion in Two-tier Cellular Network Using Multi-Relay D2D CommunicationsDr. Bhed B. Bista
Relationship Analysis between Puzzle-Like Programming Game and Achievement Result After Learning the Basic of ProgrammingDr. Shimpei Matsumoto
Relationship Between Features of Reading Behaviors and Dynamic Abstract of NovelDr. MORI Haruna
Repair Workshop Queue System Modification Using Multi Priority SchemeDr. Ugochukwu C. Okonkwo
Rethinking supply chain as a driver for efficient operations and strand of linked operations in South African Steel production plantsDr. Mpho MakhalaMotebele
Risk analyses of danger sources and humanitarian aid supply chains due to emergenciesDr. Roberto Revetria
Robust Cascade and H Infinity Control on BLDC Motor System and Fixed-Structural and Two Degrees of Freedom Control Using Genetic Algorithms for Speed controlDr. N. Chitsanga
Sample Output of TRIVIUM & Its ExtensionDr. Abhishek Kumar
Security Challenges and Countermeasures for the Heterogeneity of IoT ApplicationsDr. Deepak Choudhary
Security Implementation of Distributed Systems in Cloud EnvironmentDr. M.A. JABBAR
Semi -automated system microfluidic machine for microfilaria detectionDr. Pukarin Tongkliang
Sensitivity Analysis of Linear Programming Optimization of a Manufacturing BusinessDr. Michael Agarana
Simulation Based Design of a Production Line: A Case StudyDr. Roberto Revetria
Simulation of a centrifugal pump using the ANSYS-CFX code and verification it with experimental resultsDr. Behnam Ebrahimian
Sleep Apnea Detection using Heart Rate Variability and ClassifiersDr. Humaira Batool
Smartphones Usage in Information Retreival Under Multichannel Settings : An Assessment of Technological TriggersDr. Muhammad Noman Riaz
Solving Linear Homogeneous Recurrence Relation via the Inverse of Vandermonde MatrixDr. MAN, Yiu Kwong
South African Humanitarian logistics aspects of emergency preparedness against Natural DisastersDr. Chingono, Tatenda
Stability Analysis of the Vector-Host Epidemic Model for CholeraDr. Sukanya Isuntier
Structural Health Monitoring with deep learningDr. Choy, Alex WH
Structuring Challenges in Requirement Engineering TechniquesDr. Kalesanwo Olamide
Studying Healthcare Personnel's Intention to Click ClickbaitsDr. Alton Y. K. Chua
Survey of Image De-noising on Square Structure And Hexagonal StructureDr. Mayur Jakhete
Switched Asynchronous Sequential Machines With Relaxed Switching OperationsDr. Jung-Min Yang
Task Assignment Model for Crowdsourcing Software Development Based on Personality TypesDr. Tunio M Zahid
Textile wastewater treatment using agro waste bio adsorbentsDr. M. M. Manyuchi
The electrical effects of iridium and standard spark plug for simple spark ignition engineDr. Sonui Solidy
The fight against HIV/AIDS IN Zimbabwe: A comparative study with South AfricaDr. Chingono, Tatenda
The Hamiltonicity and Hamiltonian Connectivity of L-shaped Supergrid GraphsDr. Ruo-Wei Hung
The He Homotopy Perturbation Method for Heat-like Equation with Variable Coefficients and Non Local ConditionsDr. Cheniguel Ahmed
The Impact of IoT and Big Data on 4.0 Industrial RevolutionDr. Elias Tabane
The Influence of Drill Sterilization and Drill Guide Modifications on the Quality of Bone Drilling ProcessDr. M. Klaic
The Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Attitudes Towards the Use of Technology in Learning in Hong Kong Higher EducationDr. YAU Hon Keung
The State of Practice of Software Cost Estimation: Evidence From Thai Software FirmsDr. Tharwon Arnuphaptrairong
The study on the impact of Capital Market on Economic growth in Sri LankaMr. J. Krishanthi Mallika
The Worringham and Beringer Visual Field principle when responding with the right or left handMr. Siushing Man
Tool for Understanding Root Cause of ProblemDr. Hari Agung Yuniarto
Towards Engineering a Framework of Web-Based Systems Success for Institutions Based on Students' PerspectiveDr. Eng.Ibrahim Eskandar
Towards Semantic and Syntactic Interoperability IoT Middleware for Smart Cities: A SurveyDr. Elias Tabane
Using Context History and Location in Context-aware AAC Systems for Speech-language ImpairmentsMd. Sazzad Hossain
Vehicle relocation scheduling method for car sharing service system based on Markov chain and Genetic algorithmDr. Tingying Song
Vibration Isolation System Design for Mobile Platform with Serial Industrial ManipulatorDr. Alexander Alyukov
Visual Basic and Android Application for Malaysian Forest Monitoring and Tracking SystemDr. Kama Azura Othman
Visualization and Analysis of Variants in Catheter Ablation's Clinical Pathways from Electronic Medical Record LogsDr. Muneo Kushima
Wall Y+ Strategy for Modelling Rotating Annular Flow Using Computational Fluid DynamicsDr Salim M Salim
Weak Dependence on Initialization in Mixture of Linear RegressionsDr. Ryohei Nakano
Xenophobia in South Africa and its relation to Humanitarian LogisticsDr. Chingono, Tatenda