The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2019 are listed here:

A_C, D_N, O_Others

Titles (A_C)
Contact Authors
A Book Recommendation Method Based on Paragraph Vector and User's Book ArrangementDr. Tatsuya Miyamoto
A Cloud Business Intelligence System for Visual Analytics with Big DataDr. Chia-Hui Huang
A Combinatorial Optimization for Examination Proctor Assignment Task in UniversityDr. Takeshi Koide
A Generic Peer-to-peer File Sharing Architecture for Software-defined TWDMA-PONDr. I-Shyan Hwang
A Hierarchy of Diagonal Base HypergraphsDr. Stefan Porschen
A High-Gain Cockcroft-Walton-Doubler-Based Switched-Coupled-Inductor Step-Up DC-DC ConverterDr. Yuen-Haw Chang
A methodical approach for using SysML to optimize product architectures for Industrie 4Dr. Yubo Wang
A Modified Median Filtering Algorithm (MMFA)Dr. Cristy Bangug
A Modified Otsu-based Image Segmentation Algorithm (OBISA)Dr. Magdalene Cesar-unajan
A Posteriori Optimization Process for the Local Adaptive Smoothing in the Moving ImagesDr. Khuda Bux Amur
A Shop Location Optimization with Traffic Generators and Lines based on Prediction of Residents' MovementDr. Takeshi Uno
A Simple Greinacher-Doubler-Based Switched-Coupled-Inductor Boost DC-AC InverterDr. Yuen-Haw Chang
A Weak Mutation Testing Framework for BPMNDr. Chatri Ngambenchawong
Addictive Risk Taking in Construction Workers - A Brief Summary of Preliminary TreatmentDr. LOW Kam Leung
Agent-based Microscopic Traffic Simulator with GPU OptimizationDr. John Justine Villar
Alignment of Information Technology and Strategic Business ObjectivesDr. Millicent Motheogane
Alleviation of Internal Browning in Queen Pineapple Fruit by Peduncle Infiltration with Solutions of Methyl Jasmonate During Cold StorageDr. Sutikarn srimuk
An algorithm to construct network motifs for bioinformatics studyDr. Ka-Lok Ng
An Approach for Improving Data Accuracy by Contrasting Classification and Clustering Techniques using Sentiment AnalysisMr. Vishal C
An Explanation Method of Unfamiliar Tourist Spots based on Roles of User's Familiar SpotsDr. Kenta Han
Analyzing and Establishing a Relationship between SPARQL with SQL for generating Queries in Medical DomainDr. Smita
Application of Food Exchange List Program for Elderly Dietary PlanningDr. Achara Dholvitayakhun
Applying CNN to Infrared Thermography for preventive maintenance of electrical equipmentDr. Taweepol Suesut
Architecture Driven Modernization: APHP web-based applications Model Discovery ToolDr. A.ELMOUNADI
Author Identification on Indian Literature in Marathi using Machine Learning AlgorithmsDr. SUNIL DIGAMBERRAO KALE
Authorship Identification using Recurrent Neural NetworksDr. Shriya TP
Backside Layout Design of Snapback-free RCIGBT with Multiple-CellDr. Zhongke CHANG
Biquadratic Phase-Compensating System With Robust StabilityDr. Tian-Bo Deng
Blockchain, IoT and SidechainsDr. Chinazaekpere Ngubo
Characteristics of Acoustic Drivers for Efficient Coupling to Thermoacoustic MachinesDr. Itimad D J Azzawi
Cloud Identity Management - A Critical AnalysisDr. Isaac Odun-ayo
Compositional Formal Verification for Business Process Models with Heterogeneous Notations Using Colored Petri NetDr. Chanon Na Dechsupa
Conversion of 2D to 3D Technique for Monocular Images using Papilio OneMrs.R.Arokia Priya
Correlating Program Code to Output for Supporting Program UnderstandingDr. Seikoh NISHITA
Correlation Analysis between Subjectively Annotated Emotions and Objectively Annotated EmotionsDr. Kazuya Mera
Critical Assessment of Feeders in Power System NetworkDr. Airoboman Abel
Crossbar Architecture for Memristor Based Memory SimulationDr. Lili He