ICPDC Keynote Speech

Title: "High Performance Reconfigurable Computing: From Applications to

Dr. Khaled Benkrid

Lecturer in the the School of Engineering and Electronics,
The University of Edinburgh, UK
Email: K.Benkrid@ed.ac.uk



This talk will present the speaker's experience in programming Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) in the context of high performance digital signal and data processing. In particular, the speaker will present the concept of hardware skeletons as a mean to bridge the gap between high level applications and low level hardware, and satisfy the dual requirement of high level abstract design and hardware efficiency. The concept will be illustrated in the context of image/video processing applications among other applications. In using and developing a variety of hardware design tools, the speaker will finally suggest a multi-language approach to hardware development.

About the Speaker:

Dr Khaled Benkrid has been a Lecturer in the School of Engineering and Electronics at the University of Edinburgh since February 1st 2007.
Before that, he was a Lecturer in Computer Science at Queen's University Belfast for six years. During the last eight years, Dr. Benkrid has been activelyresearching the areas of high performance computing using reconfigurable hardware, and electronic design automation.

To date, Dr Benkrid's research in this area has resulted in over 50 publications in major journal papers and international conferences. The
quality of his research has been recognised by Academia and Industry alike through the award of a number of grants including from the UK
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the European Union, and Xilinx Corporation.