Time Schedule of the Invited Talks


WCE Keynote Speeches

WCE Opening Speech

By Prof. Alexander M. Korsunsky 

Professor of Engineering Science

Dean, Trinity College 

Department of Engineering Science

University of Oxford, UK 

Size and Scale Effects in Strength and Failure of Materials and Structures

Day One (9:15 - 10:15) at Seminar Room M


WCE 2008 Keynote Speech I

By Prof. Len Gelman

Chair in Vibro-Acoustic Monitoring

Chairman of COMADIT, British Institute of NDT

Director, Centre of Vibro-Acoustics and Fatigue

Director, International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration

Cranfield University,

School of Engineering, Department of Process and Systems Engineering

Day One (10:45 - 11:45) at Seminar Room M


WCE 2008 Keynote Speech II

By Prof. Andrew Todd-Pokropek

Professor of Medical Physics and Head of Department

Dept. of Medical Physics and Bioengineering

University College London

Day One (11:50 - 12:50) at Seminar Room M


Conference Keynote Speeches


ICME 2008 Keynote Speech

By Prof. Nael Barakat

School of Engineering

Grand Valley State University, USA

Day One (14:00 - 14:40) at Seminar Room M


ICEEEE 2008 Keynote Speech

By Prof. Noel Shammas

Professor, Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Technology,

Staffordshire University, UK

Day One (16:00 - 16:40) at Seminar Room M


ICMEEM 2008 Keynote Speech

By Dr. Subhas C Misra

Scientist, Harvard University, USA

Managing Editor, International Journal of Information and Coding Theory

Managing Editor, International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems

Editor, International Journal of Systemics, Cybernatics, and Informatics

Day Three (14:00 - 14:40) at Seminar Room M



Invited Talks

ICME 2008 Invited Talk

By Dr. Cristina Prisacariu

Senior scientist,

The Romanian Academy,

Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry "Petru Poni", Iasi,

Alea Grigore Ghica Voda, Nr. 41 A, 700487, Iasi, Romania.

New Developments in Thermoplastic Elastomers: The Hard Segment Inelastic Effects on The Mechanical Performance of Polyurethane Elastomers

Day One (14:45 - 15:25) at Seminar Room M



ICEEE 2008 Invited Talk

By Dr. Jeremy O'Brien

Lecturer, Department of Physics & Department of Electrical Engineering,

University of Bristol, UK

Day One (16:45 - 17:25) at Seminar Room M


ICSIE Invited Talk I

By Dr Maaruf Ali

Senior Lecturer in Telecommunications Engineering & Media Technology

Dept. of Electronic Engineering, School of Technology

Oxford Brookes University, UK

An Overview of the Fundamentals of Image Compression

Day Two (9:00 - 9:40) at Seminar Room A



ICSIE Invited Talk II

By Dr. Abdurazzag Ali Aburas

International Islamic University Malaysia,

Kulliayyah of Engineering,

Department Electrical and Computer Engineering,


Fingerprint Patterns Recognition System Using Huffman Coding

Day Two (14:00 - 14:40) at Seminar Room A



ICSIE Invited Talk III

By Dr. Christos Grecos

Reader in Visual Communication Standards,

Applied Digital Signal and Image Processing Research Centre,

University of Central Lancashire

Scalability in Video Coding: A key technology

Day One (14:00 - 14:30) at Seminar Room A


ICCIIS Invited Talk

By Dr. MNH Siddique

School of Computing and Intelligent Systems

University of Ulster at Magee, UK

E-mail: nh.siddique@ulster.ac.uk

Day Three (10:45 - 11:25) at Seminar Room M



ICMEEM Invited Talk

By Dr. Mori Vaezi-Nejad

Senior Lecturer in Communications Technology,

Department of CCTM at North Campus,

London Metropolitan University, UK

Industrial Placement as an Important Component of Engineering Education

Day Three (14:45 - 15:25) at Seminar Room M 

ICCSE Invited Talk

By Dr. Lin Guan

Lecturer, Department of Computer Science /

Research School of Informatics (RSI)

Holywell Park, Loughborough University

Stochastic Analysis of Congestion Control Mechanisms with QoS Constraints

Day Three (16:00 - 16:40) at Seminar Room M