The 2010 International Conference of Applied and Engineering Mathematics ( ICAEM )

ICAEM I [ Day One ( 16:15 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Prof. Manuel de la Sen
Line Segment Convolution
Dr. Jeff Dunne, and Mr. Kevin Ligozio
Control and Integrability on SO (3)
Dr. Claudiu C. Remsing
On the Reliability of Consecutive Systems
Mr. Spiros Dafnis
Force Characteristics of an Engaged Involute Gear Tooth
Ms. Nesrin Akman
Mine Valuation in the Presence of a Stochastic Ore-Grade Uncertainty
Dr. Geoffrey Evatt
The Stochastic Boundary-Layer in the Non-Newtonian Problem
Prof. Lei Hou
ICAEM II [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Prof. Andrei Nicolaide
Development of a New Optimal Method for Solution of Transportation Problems
Prof. Chandrasekhar Putcha
Impact of Fluid Streams on Horizontal Walls
Dr. PAUL CHRISTODOULIDES, and Dr. Lazaros Lazaris
Properties of Modified p-Cyclic Self-Maps in Metric Spaces
Prof. Manuel de la Sen
Presentation of an Efficient Parallelepiped Finite Element Based on the Strain Approach SBP8C
Dr. Djamel HAMADI
Eigenvalue Approach to Thermoelastic Interactions in an Unbounded Body with a Spherical Cavity
Web-based Application Programming Interface to Solve Nonlinear Optimization Problems
Prof. Joao Matias
ICAEM III [ Day Two ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Dr. Jeff Dunne
Optimization of Statistical Decisions via an Invariant Embedding Technique
Prof. Nicholas Nechval
A Method for Testing AQM Controllers with Probability Guaranteed Properties
Dr. Teresa Alvarez
Analytical Treatment of System of Linear and Nonlinear PDEs by Homotopy-Perturbation Method
Dr. Md. Sazzad Hossien Chowdhury
Direct-Search Penalty/Barrier Methods
Mrs. Aldina Correia
Controlling Chaotic Forced Brusselator Chemical Reaction
Mr. Ali Sanayei
A Practical Optimization Techniques for M X/D/1 Queuing Model
Dr. Chitaranjan Sharma
Weak Convergence of Ishikawa Iterates for Nonexpansive Maps
Prof. Abdul Rahim Khan
ICAEM IV [ Day Two ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Mrs. Aldina Correia
A New Approach to the Divergence of a Tensor and Application to the Curvature Tensor in the General Theory of Relativity
Prof. Andrei Nicolaide
Extended Progress Variable and Mixture Fraction Model for Turbulent Premixed Combustion
Ms. Yingyan Wu
Formulation of Response Reduction Factor for RCC Framed Staging of Elevated Water Tank using Static Pushover Analysis
Mrs. Dhara Shah
Finite Element Modeling for the Design of a Single-Screw Extruder for Starch-Based Snack Products
Dr. Ram Yamsaengsung
Explicit Group Methods in the Solution of the 2-D Convection-Diffusion Equations
Miss Kah Bee Tan
ICAEM V [ Day Two ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Dr. Teresa Alvarez
Asymptotic Expansion for Thermal Flow through a Pipe
Prof. Sanja Marusic, and Prof. Eduard Marusic-Paloka
Stability of a Numerical Discretisation Scheme for the SIS Epidemic Model with a Delay
Dr. Ekkachai Kunnawuttipreechachan
A Geom/G/1/n Queueing System with LIFO Discipline, Service Interruptions and Resumption, and Restrictions on the Total Volume of Demands
Prof. Alexander Pechinkin
Optimal Fuzzy Control with Application to Discounted Cost Production Inventory Planning Problem
Dr. Anton Abdulbasah Kamil
An Iteration Process For Two Finite Families Of Mappings
Dr. Safeer Khan
Bivariate Degradation Modeling Based on Gamma Process
Prof. Jinglun Zhou, and Dr. Quan Sun
Probabilistic Analysis of a Desalination Unit with Nine Failure Categories
Prof. Syed Mohd Rizwan
ICAEM VI [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Prof. Roummel Marcia
An Instance of Failure for the MATLAB Explicit ODE45 Solver
Prof. Riccardo Fazio
Using Interval Graphs in an Order Processing Optimization Problem
Dr. Isabel Cristina Lopes
On Waiting Time Distributions for the Occurrence of Patterns
Prof. Andreas Philippou
Optimal Replenishment Policy for Special Display Goods with Ramp-type Demand Rate
Dr. Hidefumi Kawakatsu
Curved Beams with Elastic Supports Transfer and Stiffness Matrices
Prof. Lazaro Gimena
A Direct BEM with Higher Order Boundary Elements for the Compressible Fluid Flow around Smooth Obstacles
Dr. Luminita Grecu
Subdivision Algorithm For The Triangular Spline Surface
Prof. Mohd. Nain Awang
ICAEM VII [ Day Three ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Prof. Andreas Philippou
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Notation, Representation, and Simplification, Part 1 of 6
Mr. Ashu M. G. Solo
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Multidimensional Matrix Equality, Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication, Part 2 of 6
Mr. Ashu M. G. Solo
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Multidimensional Null and Identity Matrices and Multidimensional Matrix Outer and Inner Products, Part 3 of 6
Mr. Ashu M. G. Solo
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Multidimensional Matrix Transpose, Symmetry, Antisymmetry, Determinant, and Inverse, Part 4 of 6
Mr. Ashu M. G. Solo
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Algebraic Laws, Part 5 of 6
Mr. Ashu M. G. Solo
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Solving Systems of Linear Equations and Multidimensional Matrix Calculus, Part 6 of 6
Mr. Ashu M. G. Solo
ICAEM VIII [ Day Three ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Dr. Tanya Tarnopolskaya
Polynomial Penalty Method for Solving Linear Programming Problems
Dr. Parwadi Moengin
Explicit Group Iterative Methods for the Solution of Telegraph Equations
Miss Lee Ming Kew
On Solving Unsymmetric Tridiagonal Systems Without Interchanges
Prof. Roummel Marcia
An Evolutionary Solution to a Multi-objective Scheduling Problem
Mrs. Sumeyye Samur
The Research of Hydromechanics Methods with Changing Connectivity of the Mesh in Problems with Large Deformations
Prof. Ruili Wang
ICAEM IX [ Day Three ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room G ]
Session Chair: Dr. Parwadi Moengin
Biharmonic Computation of the Flow Past an Impulsively Started Circular Cylinder at Re = 200
Dr. Jiten Kalita
Fixed Points Results via Iterates of Four Maps in TVS-valued Cone Metric Spaces
Mr. Muhammad Arshad
A Note on Chromaticity of Certain 6-Partite Graphs
Dr. Roslan Hasni
2D LARED-H Simulation of Ignition Hohlraum
Dr. Chuanlei Zhai
A Fixed Point Approach to Ulam Stability Problem for Cubic and Quartic Mappings in Non-Archimedean Fuzzy Normed Spaces
Prof. Renu Chugh
Dispersal Curves for Optimal Collision Avoidance in a Close Proximity Encounter: a Case of Participants with Unequal Turn Rates
Dr. Tanya Tarnopolskaya
Neural Network Modeling and Simulation of Sorption of Cd (II) Ions from Waste Water using Agricultural Waste
Dr. Ramakant Bhardwaj
Poster Session
Numerical Investigation on Heat Transfer of Power Law Fluids in a Pipe with Constant Wall Temperature
Dr. Botong Li
Some Oscillation Flows of a Generalized Oldroyd-B Fluid in Uniform Magnetic Field
Ms. Yaqing Liu
Flow and Heat Transfer In a Power-law Fluid with Variable Conductivity over a Stretching Sheet
Dr. Jing Zhu
Spectral Methods for Time-dependent Variable-coefficient PDE Based on Block Gaussian Quadrature
Dr. James Lambers
Joint Accelerated Failure Mode Modeling of Degradation and Traumatic Failure Times
Dr. Zhengqiang Pan
Selection of Multiphase Governmental Projects, Related Contractors and Master Planning under Fuzzy Environment
Mr. Hossein Badri

The 2010 International Conference of Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems ( ICCIIS )

ICCIIS I [ Day Two ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Mr. Younis.R.SH. Elhaddad
Fuzzy-controlled Rebroadcasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Ms. Anuradha Banerjee
MDEA: A Multi-level Dynamic Evolution Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimization
Logic Relation Refinement Using Unlabeled Data
Prof. Wai Lam
Institution-Governed and Contract-Ensured Hierarchical Self-Organization of Service Cooperation and VOs
Prof. Ji Gao
Ant Colony Optimization for Buyer Coalition with Bundle of Items
Mr. Anon Sukstrienwong
ICCIIS II [ Day Two ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Ms. Anuradha Banerjee
Parameters Identification of Nonlinear DC Motor Model Using Compound Evolution Algorithms
Prof. Shuang Cong
A New Hybrid Genetic and Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem
Mr. Younis.R.SH. Elhaddad
Integrating Incomplete Information into the Relational Data Model
Prof. JOSE NEVES and Dr. Jorge Ribeiro
Novel Heuristics for Coalition Structure Generation in Multi-agent Systems
Identifying Dyslexic Students by Using Artificial Neural Networks
Dr. T.V. Prasad
A Control Structure for Intelligent Emotion-Oriented eCommerce Systems
Ms. Simone Leon
Agent Coordination and Disaster Prediction in Persia 2007, A RoboCup Rescue Simulation Team based on Learning Automata
Mr. Mohammad Reza Khojasteh
ICCIIS III [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Miss Ganna Monakova
An Optimized Classification Model for Time-Interval Sequences
Prof. Chieh-Yuan Tsai
Using the Probabilistic Weighted Average in Decision Making with Distance Measures
Mr. Jose M. Merigo
An Effective Intelligent Educational Model Using Agent with Personality and Emotional Filters
Ms. Somaye Fatahi
Enhanced Design of a Rule Based Engine Implemented using Structured Query Language
Prof. Mohammad Sawar
An Application of Neural Networks for Forecasting Container Throughput at Bangkok Port
Mr. Veerachai Gosasang
Coevolution of Technical Trading Rules for High Frequency Trading
Mr. Kamal Adamu
Software Architecture of a Learning Apprentice System in Medical Billing
Dr. Aftab Ahmad
ICCIIS IV [ Day Three ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Mr. Kamal Adamu
RFID and Integrated Technologies for Solid Waste Bin Monitoring System
Dr. M Hannan
A Unified Model between the OWA Operator and the Weighted Average in Decision Making with Dempster-Shafer Theory
Mr. Jose M. Merigo
Contribution to Incomplete and Noisy Information Problem Solving by Artificial Intelligence Principles Applying
Ms. Assoc. prof. Stefania GALLOVA
EEG Eye Blink Classification Using Neural Network
Mr. Rajesh Singla
An Evidence Model to Enable Constraint-Based Runtime Monitoring in SOA
Miss Ganna Monakova
Path Planning for Robot Navigation using View Sequences
Dr. Mateus Mendes
Clauses Representation Comparison in Neuro-Symbolic Integration
Dr. Saratha Sathasivam
Poster Session
Multi-Agent System Approach for an Integrated Urban Wastewater Management
Miss Marta Verdaguer
Enhanced Data Topology Preservation with Multilevel Interior Growing Self-Organizing Maps
Mr. Ayadi Thouraya

The 2010 International Conference of Computational Statistics and Data Engineering ( ICCSDE )

ICCSDE I [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room H ]
Session Chair: Prof. Kamil Ali
Semiparametric Structural Equation Models with Bayesian P-splines
Prof. Xin-Yuan Song
A Two-level Structural Equation Model for Analyzing Longitudinal Responses
Prof. Sik Yum Lee
Automation and Control Engineering Laboratory: Students Perspectives
Prof. Filomena Soares
Improving the Performance of Cascade Correlation Neural Networks on Multimodal Functions
Mr. Mike Riley
PLS Path Modeling with Mode C Computational Experiments
Mrs. Alba Martinez-Ruiz
A Method For Fitting A pRARMAX Model: An Application To Financial Data
Prof. Marta Ferreira
ICCSDE II [ Day Three ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room H ]
Session Chair: Mr. Mike Riley
Improvements of Rainfall Rate Measured by Radar for Tripoli City - Libya
Prof. Kamil Ali
Multivariate Functional Regression for Classification With an Application to Geology
Prof. Vera Hofer
Assessing the Number of Clusters From a Mixture of Von Mises-Fisher
Prof. Mohamed Nadif and Mrs. WAFIA BOUBERIMA
Generalized Measure for Two Utility Distributions
Dr. Jaskaran Bhullar
Poster Session
Assessment of Entropy Based Method of Variable Choice in Cluster Analysis
Dr. Jerzy Korzeniewski

The 2010 International Conference of Computer Science and Engineering ( ICCSE )

ICCSE I [ Day Two ( 9:45 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Amar Aissani
Partitioning the Intrinsic Order Graph for Complex Stochastic Boolean Systems
Dr. Luis Gonzalez
Design of a Learning Environment for Embedded System
Prof. Antonio Espirito Santo
Forward Error Correction Concealment Method for CELP-Based Coders in Packet Networks
Dr. Fatiha Merazka
ICCSE II [ Day Two ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Luis Gonzalez
Comparing Ontology Development Tools Based on an Online Survey
Mr. M. Rahamatullah Khondoker
Comparative Study of Complexities of Breadth-First Search and Depth-First Search Algorithms using Software Complexity Measures
Vector Quantization of Microarray Gene Expression Data
Dr. T.V. Prasad
Web Server on a SIM Card
Mr. Jon Hart
An M/G/1 Retrial Queue with Negative Arrivals and Unreliable Server
Prof. Amar Aissani
Universal Technique For The Fastest Communication With The Minimum Uncertainty In Losing The Information
Mr. Mukesh Monga
ICCSE III [ Day Three ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Prof. Antonio Espirito Santo
Resolution Sequences for Geometric Beautification
Dr. Peter Varley
Aerospace-Academia: ERP-Communication Framework Strategy
Mr. asif rasdhid
Performance Comparison between Modified Prime Sequence Codes and Superimposed Optical Cyclic Orthogonal Codes for OCDMA System at 5Gbps Bit Rate
Dr. Neena Gupta and Mrs. Gurjit Kaur
A Ternary Arithmetic and Logic
Mr. Ion Profeanu
Design and Implementation of the Expert System for Balancing Team Formation on the Basis of Belbin Team Role
Ms. Somaye Fatahi
Micro Level Attacks In Real-Time Image Processing For An On-Line CBIR Systems
Dr. Wichian Premchaiswadi
Poster Session
Software Engineering Practices in Embedded System Design Using Discrete Modeling Techniques
Dr. Manuj Darbari
Information Modeling Of Urban Traffic System Using Fuzzy Stochastic Approach
Dr. Manuj Darbari
Bandwidth/Fault tolerance/Contention Aware Application-Specific NoC Using PSO as a Mapping Generator
Miss Atena Roshan Fekr

The 2010 International Conference of Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering ( ICDMKE )

ICDMKE I [ Day Three ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room H ]
Session Chair: Mr. Dinesh Govindaraj
Preliminary Analysis of AASHO Road Test Flexible Pavement Data Using Linear Mix Effects Models
Prof. York Ying-Haur Lee
On An Interpretation Of Spectral Clustering Via Heat Equation And Finite Elements Theory
Prof. Joseph Noailles, Dr. Daniel Ruiz, and Miss Sandrine Mouysset
Feature Selection by Efficient Learning of Markov Blanket
Mr. Shunkai Fu
A Model-Based Taxonomy of Knowledge Development Scenarios
Prof. Eckhard Ammann
Dynamic Fuzzy String-Matching Model for Information Retrieval Based on Incongruous User Queries
Mr. Olufade ONIFADE
A Comparative Framework for Evaluating Classification Algorithms
Mrs. Neslihan Dogan
ICDMKE II [ Day Three ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room H ]
Session Chair: Prof. York Ying-Haur Lee
Efficient Self-Organizing Map Learning Scheme Using Data Reduction Preprocessing
Miss Yang Xu
A System Dynamics Approach to Reduce Total Inventory Cost in an Airline Fueling System
Dr. Abbas Al-Refaie
Markov Blanket based Feature Selection: A Review of Past Decade
Mr. Shunkai Fu
Chi-squared and Associations in Tabular Audiology Data
Dr. Michael Philip Oakes
Email Grouping Method
Dr. Taiwo Ayodele
Customer Knowledge Co-creation Process in New Product Development
Mrs. Tanika Sofianti
Sparse Classifier Design Based on the Shapley Value
Mr. Dinesh Govindaraj
Poster Session
Data mining Aided Proficient Approach for Optimal Inventory Control in Supply Chain Management

The 2010 International Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineering ( ICEEE )

ICEEE I [ Day One ( 10:45 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Amin Malekmohammadi
Snatch Theft Detection using Low Level Features
Prof. Mohd Marzuki Mustafa
Study on Energy Storage Hybrid Wind Power Generation Systems
Mr. Hao Sun
Modelling Study Of Supercritical Power Plant And Parameter Identification Using Genetic Algorithms
High Selective Dual-band Bandpass Filter Design with Novel Feed Scheme
Mr. Xu Yong-Xiang
Automated Monitoring System for Small Scale Dual-Tariff Solar PV plant in UiTM Pulau Pinang
Mr. Nor Azlan Othman
System Design and Cost Analysis Simulation of Small Scale Dual-Tariff Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System in UiTM Pulau Pinang Malaysia
Mrs. Nor Salwa Damanhuri
FPGA Design and Implementation of Dense Matrix-Vector Multiplication for Image Processing Application
Dr. Ahmed Telba
Mr. Cosmas Ogbuka
Effect of Throughput in MANET for Static & Dynamic Network For IEEE 802.11
Prof. Subhash Chandra Sharma
ICEEE II [ Day One ( 14:00 - 15:45 ) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Mr. OMAR MOHAMED
Resource Efficient Implementation of S-Box Based on Reduced Residue of Prime Numbers using Virtex-5 FPGA
Dr. Muhammad Rais
YBa2Cu3O7-x /Nb Josephson Junctions for Superconducting Electronics
Dr. Boris Chesca
Direct Deposition of a Crystallized Si Thin Film on a YSZ/Glass Substrate at 430 Degree Celsius
Dr. Sukreen Hana Herman
A Comparative Analysis of Various Control Strategies Implemented on Heat Exchanger System: A Case Study
Dr. Yaduvir Singh, and Mr. Subhransu Padhee
Detecting & Locating Leaks in Water Distribution Polyethylene Pipes
Dr. Maninder Pal
High-Precision Solar Tracking System
Mr. Alejandro Garcia Perez
An Investigation into Protection Integrity of Distribution Transformers - A Case Study
Mr. George Eduful, and Mr. Godfred Mensah
ICEEE III [ Day One ( 17:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Muhammad Rais
Performance Enhancement of AP-DCDM over WDM with Dual Drive Mach-Zehnder-Modulator in 1.28 Tbit/s Optical Fiber Communication Systems
Dr. Amin Malekmohammadi
Multiple Signal Detection using the ESPRIT Algorithm
Dr. H. K. Hwang, and Dr. Zekeriya Aliyazicioglu
Punctual State Computation Using Discrete Modeling
Prof. Dumitru TOPAN
ICEEE IV [ Day Two ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Mr. Jesus Rubio
Numerical Computing of Reduction of SAR Values in a Homogenous Head Model Using Copper Shield
Mr. Levent Seyfi
Balancing of Unbalanced Load and Power Factor Correction in Multi-phase (4-phase) Load Circuits using DSTATCOM
Dr. Zakir Husain
Improved Modified Nodal Analysis of Nonlinear Analog Circuits in the Time Domain
Prof. Dumitru TOPAN
Properties of Leakage Current on 20 kV Ceramic Insulators and Computer Simulation Based on Electrical Equivalent Circuit
Mr. Dr Suwarno
Computer Modeling and Control System for X-ray Radiometrical Well-Logging Unit
Prof. Amandyk Tuleshov
Review and Future Trend of Energy Harvesting Methods for Portable Medical Devices
Prof. Pedro Dinis Gaspar
Modeling and Simulation of Heat Exchanger Used in Soda Recovery
Prof. Chhaya Sharma
ICEEE V [ Day Two ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Zakir Husain
Monitoring and Control of a Cooling System in a Commercial Store
Prof. Filomena Soares
Mitigation of Magnetic Field under Egyptian 500kV Overhead Transmission Line
Dr. Adel Zein El Dein Mohamed Moussa
Digital Signal Processing for the Detection and Location of Acoustic and Electric Signals from Partial Discharges
Mr. Jesus Rubio
A New Proposed Location Registration Procedure in Next Generation Cellular Networks (NGCN)
Mrs. Azita Laily Yusof
Microcontroller Based Myo Trainer System for Displaying EMG Signal on Graphical Liquid Crystal Display
Mr. A. M Gaur
A Multistage Approach to the Design of Prototype Filters for Modulated Filter Banks
Ms. Neela Rayavarapu
Poster Session
A Low Power and High Bandwidth Gm-C Anti Aliasing Filter for DAB Receivers
Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Farhad
Modeling and Simulation of Second-order Phase-locked Loop for Studying the Transient Behavior during Frequency Acquisition and Tracking
Review Article: Various Methods of Analysis on ABRs
Improvement of the Throughput-SNR Tradeoff using a 4G Adaptive MCM system
Mr. Changwoo Seo
Performance Analysis of an Adaptive-MCM System with Combining AMC and MIMO Schemes
Mr. Changwoo Seo

The 2010 International Conference of Financial Engineering ( ICFE )

ICFE I [ Day One ( 10:45 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Dr. David Liu
The Derivation and Impact of an Optimal Cut-Off Grade Regime Upon Mine Valuations
Dr. Geoffrey Evatt
Quantitative Results for a Qualitative Investor Model - A Hybrid Multi-Agent Model with Social Investors
Mr. Michael Lui
On Generalized Stochastic Differential Equation and Black-Scholes Dynamic Process
Dr. Yao Zheng
High Frequency Trading using Fuzzy Momentum Analysis
Mr. Abdalla kablan
Lower Asymptotics for the Finite Time Ruin Probability in the Renewal Model with Subexponential Claims
Mr. Bin Lai
Applying a Global Optimisation Algorithm to Fund of Hedge Funds Portfolio Optimisation
Mr. Rishi Thapar
China Stock Market Regimes Prediction with Artificial Neural Network and Markov Regime Switching
Dr. David Liu
Theoretical Model of Stock Trading Behavior with Biases
Mr. Ke Liu

The 2010 International Conference of Information Engineering ( ICIE )

ICIE I [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Michael Short
A Local Search Method Using Histogram Features for Fast Retrieval of DNA Sequences
Design and Implementation of Artificially Intelligent Microcontroller based Chess Opponent
Mrs. Gurjit Kaur
Flexible Searching for Graph Aggregation Hierarchy
Dr. Pichayotai Mahatthanapiwat
A Survey of E-Learning Platforms in Mauritius
Mr. Raj Kishen Moloo
An OOP w/ Java Course Using an Inductive Approach
Miss Duygu Cakir
Effective Information Delivery at Construction Phase with Integrated Application of RFID, GPS and GSM Technology
Mr. Javad MajrouhiSardroud
The Case For Non-preemptive, Deadline-driven Scheduling In Real-time Embedded Systems
Dr. Michael Short

The 2010 International Conference of Information Security and Internet Engineering ( ICISIE )

ICISIE I [ Day One ( 9:15 - 10:15 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Prof. Mario Spremic
Evaluating the Compatibility of a Tool to Support E-Businesses' Security Negotiations
Mr. Jason Nurse
Identification of Candidate Services for Optimization of Web Service Composition
Prof. Gopinath Ganapathy
Statistical Analysis in Evaluating STAKCERT Infection, Activation and Payload Methods
Mrs. Madihah Mohd Saudi
Cloud Data Storage for Group Collaborations
Mr. Jyh-Shyan Lin
ICISIE II [ Day One ( 10:45 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Mr. Jason Nurse
Standards and Frameworks for Information System Security Auditing and Assurance
Prof. Mario Spremic
Towards Securing Biometric Templates using Self Generated Dynamic Helper Data
Dr. Aditya Abhyankar
STAKCERT Worm Relational Model for Worm Detection
Mrs. Madihah Mohd Saudi
Network Security
Prof. SasiKumar Gurumurthy, and Mr. Sakthivel Santhakumar
Design and Implementation of Airline Reservation Web Services Using Service-oriented Architecture
Miss Fang-Fang Chua
Vulnerability of Selfish Routing to Attacks: Game-theoretic Models and Initial Results
Dr. Vladimir Marbukh
Link-based Approach to Web Service Discovery
Prof. Gopinath Ganapathy
Detection of Denial of Service Attacks against Domain Name System Using Machine Learning Classifiers
Dr. M Iqbal Saripan
Poster Session
Surveillance Issues for Security over Computer Communications and Legal Implications
Mrs. Shilpa Mehta

The 2010 International Conference of Mechanical Engineering ( ICME )

ICME I [ Day One ( 12:20 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. Alexander M. Korsunsky
The Simplest Automatic Transfer Box
Prof. Konstantin Ivanov
CFD Study of Flow Over Parallel Ridges with Varying Height and Spacing
Mr. Salim Mohamed Salim
Experimental Investigation of Sagging and Ballooning in LOCA for Indian PHWR
ICME II [ Day One ( 14:00 - 15:45 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Prof. Konstantin Ivanov
Effect of Different Design Parameters On Lift, Thrust and Drag of an Ornithopter
Mr. Farooq Ahmad
Motorcycle Steering Torque Decomposition
Mr. Matteo Massaro
Design Optimization of a Cost-Effective Micro Wind Turbine
Prof. Dennis Y.C. Leung
Vibration Suppression of a Handheld Tool Using Intelligent Active Force Control (AFC)
Mr. Mohd Firdaus Hassan
Developing Slip-Flow and Heat Transfer in Annular Microchannels with Constant Heat Flux
Prof. Hossein Shokouhmand
Scaling To Full Size Dipper Design Via Geometric and Performance Field Data
Prof. Tim Joseph
ICME III [ Day One ( 16:15 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Prof. Dennis Y.C. Leung
Turbulence Modelling of Deep Dynamic Stall at Low Reynolds Number
Mr. Shengyi Wang
The Optimization of ComeldTM Joints: a Novel Technique for Bonding Composites and Metal
Mr. Wei Tu
Acoustic Emission of a Single Bubble Activities
Mr. Shuib Husin
Singularity Analysis of the New Parallel Manipulator with 6 Degree-of-Freedom
Prof. Zhumadil Baigunchekov
Shear-Heating Effects on Piston Skirts Lubrication in the Initial Engine Start Up
Mr. Mumtaz Ali Khan
Investigation of Mixed Convection in a Vertical Microchannel Affected by EDL
Prof. Hossein Shokouhmand
Aero-Optic Effects in Turbulent Wall-Bounded and Free Shear Flows
Dr. Konstantin Volkov
ICME IV [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Konstantin Volkov
Numerical Study of Stretch-blow Molding of PET Bottles
Prof. Farid Reza Biglari
Nonlinear Oscillation of FGM plates under Aerodynamic Load
Dr. Maloy Singha
Modeling and Simulation of Kinematics for an Active Flapping and Pitching Mechanism
Mr. Muhammad Saif Ullah Khalid
Development of an Innovative Fatigue Tests Profile for Three Axle Semi-trailers
Mr. Luis Tello
Grindability Improvement of Composite Ceramic with Cryogenic Coolant
Mr. Vijayender Singh
Heat Transfer from a Micro Fin Array Heat Sink by Natural Convection and Radiation under Slip
Prof. Hossein Shokouhmand
ICME V [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Mr. Matteo Massaro
Kinematic Analysis Of Complex Gear Mechanisms
Miss Julie Penaud
Residual Modes on Non-linear Resonant Decay Method
Dr. Mehdi Sarmast
Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna Strain Sensor for Wireless Structural Health Monitoring
Prof. Sabu John
Dynamics of Transtropic Elastic Continuums with Non-Homogeneities
Dr. Lyazzat Atymtayeva
Analysis of Power and Forces in the Making of Long Tubes in Hard-to-Work Materials
Dr. Sukhwinder Jolly
A Methodology for Evaluating Mixed-mode (I + II) SIF, Combining Experimental Data Acquired by ESPI with Westergaard Type Solution
Mr. Farough Mohammadi
Experimental Flow Results in a Non-circular Duct with Heat Transfer Augmenting Obstacles
Miss Azize Akcayoglu
ICME VI [ Day Two ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Prof. Farid Reza Biglari
Metacognition Approaches to Enhance Student Learning in Mechanical Engineering Classroom
Dr. Quamrul Mazumder
Finite Element Analysis of Themalelastic Instability of Disc Brakes
Mr. Sung Pil Jung
Analysis of a Semi-trailer for Transportation of Vertically Positioned Hydrogen Cylinders: Safety Against Rollover Phenomenon
Mr. Luis Tello
Rainfall-Runoff Modeling of Citarum Hulu River Basin by Using GR4J
Dr. Dhemi Harlan
Thermal Analysis Of Cooling Process Of A High-Temperature Vertical Hollow Cylinder Using A Water-Air Spray
Prof. Hossein Shokouhmand
Improvement of Microstructure and Fractured Property of Poly(L-lactic acid) and Poly(butylene succinate-co-e-caprolactone) Blend Compatibilized with Lysine Triisocyanate
Mr. Vilay Vannaladsaysy
ICME VII [ Day Two ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Ramon Miralbes
Design of an Integrated Active Front Steering and Active Rear Differential Controller using Fuzzy Logic Control
Mr. Mohammad Behroozi
Modelling and Control of a Worm-Like Micro Robot with Active Force Control Capability
Mr. Mohamed Hussein
Sensitivity Analysis of Transfer Mechanism Considering Dynamic Characteristic of a Bushing
Prof. Tae Won Park, and Mr. Jin Hee Lee
Asia's Largest Lignite Based Power Plant's Success Story: Efficient Removal of SO2 Through A Manmade Forest Canopy
Mr. Umesh Seth
Optimization of the Cutting Fluids and Parameters Using Taguchi and ANOVA in Milling
Dr. Erhan Demirbas
To Study the Characteristics of Jute Polyester Composite for Randomly Distributed Fiber Reinforcement
ICME VIII [ Day Two ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Prof. Sabu John
A Novel Hybrid Simplex-Genetic Algorithm For The Optimum Design Of Truss Structures
Mr. Reza Najian Asl
A Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling Study of Slag Fuming in Top Submerged Lance Smelting Furnace
Mr. Nazmul Huda
Study of a Pressurized Metered-dose Inhaler Spray Parameters in FluentTM
Dr. Senhorinha de Fatima Teixeira
Investigation of Compacting and Adhesion of Plastic Materials on a Vertical Plane by Means of Vibration
Prof. Victor Zviadauri, and Prof. Merab Chelidze
Computer Aided Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Cam and Follower
Mr. Vimal Patel
ICME IX [ Day Two ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Application of Genetic Algorithms to The Optimal Design of Vehicle's Driver-Seat Suspension Model
Dr. Wael Abbas
Electro-Mechanical Friction Clutch (EMFC) Controller Development for Automotive Application
Mr. Mohamed Hussein
Dynamic Analysis Program Development for a Wiper Linkage
Dr. Wook Hyeon Kim
Design and Optimization of Cages for the Transport of Hydrogen Cylinders
Dr. Ramon Miralbes
The Impact of the Magnetic Field on the Transmission of Longitudinal Waves in a Rod
Prof. Vladimir I. Erofeyev, and Mr. Alexey Malkhanov
Analytical Solution of Pressurized Rotating Composite Disk under Thermal Loading
Mr. Farough Mohammadi
The Assessment on Differences of Vertical and Horizontal Motion in 3-axis Machine Tool: Weight and Counterweight
Prof. Kim Su-Jin, and Mr. Le Duy
Thermomechanical Response of a Thin Sandwich Composite Structure
Prof. Horatiu Teodorescu-Draghicescu
ICME X [ Day Two ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Mr. Nazmul Huda
Numerical Simulations of a Typical Hydrogen Fueled Scramjet Combustor with a Cavity Flameholder
Dr. Wei Huang, Dr. JUN LIU, Dr. Shi-bin Luo
Analytical and Experimental Investigation of a Tuned Undamped Dynamic Vibration Absorber in Torsion
Mr. Nikunj Patel
Accidents in Pressure Vessels: Hazard Awareness
Image Based Finite Element Analysis of 3D-Orthogonal Carbon-Carbon (C/C) Composite
Prof. Puneet Mahajan
A Sustainable Engineering Infrastructure Model for the 21st Century
Mr. Bassey Okon
Implementation of Ansys Parametric Design Language for the Determination of Critical Speeds of a Fluid Film Bearing-Supported Multi-Sectioned Rotor with Residual Unbalance Through Modal and Out-Of-Balance Response Analysis
Prof. Gurudatt Balepur
ICME XI [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Hadda HADJAB
An Axisymmetric Inverse Approach for Cold Forging Modeling
Dr. ABBES Boussad
Dynamic Answer and Experimental Research concerning the Mechanisms of Mowers Machine
Mr. Ionut Daniel Geonea
Computational Analysis of the Scavenging of a two-stroke Opposed Piston Diesel Engine
Prof. Francisco Brojo
Towards All-Electric FSAE Race Cars
Prof. Simon Watkins
The Analysis of Friction Effect in Automotive Wiper System Using Input Shaping Technique
Mr. Mohd Azli Salim
The Effect of Temperature Nonuniformities on Transient Behaviour of Three-Fluid Crossflow Heat Exchanger
ICME XII [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Prof. Xiaocong He
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Pipe-Soil Interaction in Current
Mr. Ibiye Iyalla
Suppression Dynamics of a Laminar Oscillating Diffusion Flame with Co-flow Air
Dr. Hamidreza Gohari Darabkhani
Effect of Core Material Stiffness on Sandwich Panel Behavior Beyond the Yield Limit
Dr. Salih Akour
Development of a Numerical Technique for Bus Rollover Test Simulation by the F.E.M.
Mr. David Valladares
On the Spatial Dynamical Model of Vibratory Displacement
Prof. Victor Zviadauri, and Prof. Merab Chelidze
Modeling of Residual Stresses Induced in Machining Aluminum Magnesium Alloy (Al-3Mg)
Dr. Othman Belgasim
Effects Of Entrance Region Transport Processes On Slip Flow Regime In A Wavy Wall Microchannel With Isothermally Heated Walls
Prof. Hossein Shokouhmand
ICME XIII [ Day Three ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. ABBES Boussad
Minimization of Exergy Destruction Costs for the Production of Hydrogen from Methane Cracking
Mr. Federico Gutierrez
Stress Analysis During Crack-Microcrack Interaction Using Complex Variables Method and Photoelasticity
Dr. Hadda HADJAB
Eutectic Microbonding of Copper Lamellar Elements of MEMS
Prof. Gabriela Demian
The Accuracy of Characteristic Length Method on Failure Load Prediction of Composite Pinned Joints
Dr. Olanrewaju Aluko
Experimental Simulation of Tribolgical Study for the Mechanism in a High Speed-Heavy Load Ball Screw
OTEC Technology- A World of Clean Energy and Water
Mr. Magesh R
Dynamics of Nonlinear Beam on Elastic Foundation
Dr. Salih Akour
Research on the Influence of Microstructure on the Initiation and Propagation of Micro-cracks of Superalloy GH4169
Mr. Guodong Wang
ICME XIV [ Day Three ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Hamidreza Gohari Darabkhani
The Simultaneous Influence of the Skin Effect, Environmental Conditions and Variable Resistivity on Current and Temperature Distribution in Overhead Conductors
Mr. Oscar Chavez
Quantifying Porosity Influence on Metallic Particle Reinforced Composite Properties
Prof. Dana Luca Motoc
A Method To Determine The Margin Of Safety For Microneedles Arrays
Effect of Mechanical Properties of Adhesives on Stress Distributions in Structural Bonded Joints
Prof. Xiaocong He
A Comparative study of Load Capacity and Pressure Distribution of Infinitely wide Parabolic and Inclined Slider Bearings
Prof. John Ajokpaoghene AKPOBI
Finite Element Analysis of Mixed Convection Heat Transfer through a Vertical Wavy Isothermal Channel
Prof. Hossein Shokouhmand
On The Temperature and Residual Stress Field During Grinding
Prof. Gholam Hossein Farrahi
ICME XV [ Day Three ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Purvee Bhardwaj and Prof. Tarek Khalifa
Effect of Boost Temperature on the Performance and Emissions of a Common Rail Diesel Engine Operating with Rapeseed Methyl Ester (RME)
Dr. Rizalman Mamat
Cam Mechanism Kinematic Analysis Used in a Human Ankle Prosthesis Structure
Dr. Cristian Copilusi
Geometrical and Loading Influence on Compression Strength of Macadamia Nut
Mrs. Ruth Renata Loprang
Solutions for Improving of the Mechanical Behaviour of the Composite Materials Filled with Wood Flour
Dr. CERBU Camelia
High Pressure Structural Properties of Cerium Monopnictide
Dr. Purvee Bhardwaj
ICME XVI [ Day Three ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Friction Surfacing of Austenitic Stainless Steel on Low Carbon Steel: Studies on the Effects of Traverse Speed
Mr. Khalid Rafi. H
Approximate Earthquake Analysis for Regular Base Isolated Buildings Subjected to Near Fault Ground Motions
Dr. Moussa Leblouba
Investigation of Package Vibration During the Repetitive Shock Test
Prof. Enayat Mahajerin
Non-Newtonian Effects on Lubricant Hydrodynamic Thin Film Flows in the Initial Engine Start Up
Mr. Usman Farooq
The Effect of Turbulence on the Aerodynamics of Low Reynolds Number Wings
Prof. Simon Watkins
ICME XVII [ Day Three ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Cristian Copilusi
An Analytical Investigation of the Physical Dimensions of Natural Convection Flow on a Vertical Heated Plate
Mr. Ali Alzwayi
Effects of the Cutting Fluid Types and Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness and Thrust Force
Dr. Babur Ozcelik
Numerical Modelling of Subsea Multiphase Plumes: An Eularian Integral Approach
Dr. Ebenezer Adom
Corrosion Behaviour of Dissimilar A319 and A356 Cast Aluminum Alloys Joined By Friction Stir Welding (FSW)
Prof. Tarek Khalifa
Air Pressure Dependence of Natural-Convection Heat Transfer
Mr. Maysam Saidi
Fractograph Examination of Superalloy GH4169 at Low Cycle Fatigue
Mr. Guodong Wang
Using Risk Assessment Tool to Evaluate the Fire-Induced Core Damage Frequency
Mr. Shahabeddin Kamyab, and Mr. Mahmoud Famourihoseinizade
ICME XVIII [ Day Three ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Moussa Leblouba
CFD Analysis of the Steady Flow across a Tapered Trapezoidal Cylinder
Dr. Amit Dhiman
Single Seven State Discrete Time Extended Kalman Filter for Micro Air Vehicle
Effect of Particle Size and Sand Inventory on Wall-to-Bed Heat transfer Characteristics of Circulating Fluidized Bed Riser
Computer-Aided Design Of Brakes
Prof. John Ajokpaoghene AKPOBI
Dynamics of Machine-automaton Jointly with Cyclegram
Dr. Assylbek Jomartov
Journal of Demerits Method to Determine the Reliability for Thermoelectric Power Station Elements
Prof. Gabriela Demian
Natural Frequencies Behavior of Pipeline System during LOCA in Nuclear Power Plants
Miss Roghaieh Mahmoodi
Poster Session
Estimation of Service Life for a Solar Chimney-Collector System
Dr. Adeola A Adedeji
Modeling of Piston Top Ring Lubrication by considering Cylinder Out-of-Roundness in Initial Engine Start up
Mr. Ali Usman
Effect of Depth Implantation of Lanthanum on The Oxidation of Fe80Cr20 based Alloys
Prof. Darwin Sebayang
Simulation of Fluid Sloshing in a Tank
Mr. Gajanan Koli
Experimental Research Concerning Mechanical Properties of Materials for Biomedical Use
Dr. Diana Cotoros
Review of Various Losses Occurring in Single Glazed Flat Plate Collector - An Experimental Study
Biomechanical Analyzes of Human Body Stability and Equilibrium
Dr. Diana Cotoros
Influence of Microfibril Angle on Thermal and Dynamic-Mechanical Properties of Acacia mangium Wood Using X-Ray Diffraction and Dynamics-Mechanical Test
Dr. Tamer Tabet
Synthesis of a Seven-Bar Slider Mechanism with Variable Topology for Motion between Two Dead-center Positions
Prof. Umesh Daivagna
Thermal Modelling in Product Design using FloEFDTMPro: From Concept to Reality
Dr. Seck Jiong Wong
Analysis of Effective Parameters in Design of CNG Pressure Vessels
Mr. Iman Rostamsowlat
Vibration Analysis of Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle Using Finite Element Methods
Mr. Munzer Qureshi
Emission Reduction on Ethanol - Gasoline Blends using 1, 4 Dioxan
Dr. C.G Saravanan
Finite Element Modeling of Residual Thermal Stresses in Fiber-Reinforced Composites Using Different Representative Volume Elements
Mr. Amir Reza Ghanei Mohammadi
Effect of Thermal-Barrier Coating plus Fuel Additive for Reducing Emission from Di Diesel Engine
Dr. C.G Saravanan
Design, Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of HRC Trays used in Heat Treatment Process
Mr. Dinkar Nandwana
Variable Volume Engine with Combined Advantage of Supercharging and Variable Compression
Mr. Hari Narayanan Soundararajan
Hexanol-Ethanol Diesel Blends on DI-Diesel Engine to Study the Combustion and Emission
Dr. C.G Saravanan
Thermal Stability Analysis of Functionally Graded Sandwich Circular Plates of Variable Thickness
Mr. S. Kamal Jalali

The 2010 International Conference of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management ( ICMEEM )

ICMEEM I [ Day One ( 9:15 - 10:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. DOLATRAI B. NAIK
Inventory Control for Stochastic Reverse Logistics with Product's Life Cycle
Prof. Che-Fu Hsueh
Surface Roughness Prediction for CNC Milling Process using Artificial Neural Network
Study on Dry Electrical Discharge Machining
Mr. Grzegorz Skrabalak
ICMEEM II [ Day One ( 10:45 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mr. Grzegorz Skrabalak
Applying Harmony Search to the Bulky Waste Recycling Network Design Problem
Prof. Mei-Shiang Chang
The Analysis and Complementarity of Abbe Principle Application Limited in Coordinate Measurement
Prof. Chen Xiaohuai, Prof. Fei Yetai and Dr. Shang Ping
The Relationship of Head Rotation Angle and SCM EMG Value for the Development of AnS2
Mr. Chee Fai Tan
Lead Time Estimation of A Production System using Fuzzy Logic Approach for Various Batch Sizes
Dr. Andi Sudiarso
Metal Cutting Optimization Using Graphical Method
Multi Objective Particle Swarm Optimization for A Dynamic Cell Formation Problem
Ms. Fatemeh Sarayloo
ICMEEM III [ Day One ( 14:00 - 16:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Rajiv Kumar
The 8D Methodology: An Effective Way to Reduce Recurrence of Customer Complaints?
Mr. Carlos Riesenberger
Web Services - Based Control Devices for Future Generation Distributed Automation Systems
Mrs. Navjot Kaur
Effects of Lightning Rod on a Substation after a Lightning Stroke
Mr. Mehdi Javdani Erfani
Performance Analysis of a Two Stage Supply Chain Network Using Simulation - A Case Study
Mrs. Ramaa A
GA-Driven ANN Model for Worker Assignment into Virtual Manufacturing Cells
Mr. Murali Venkatraman
A Survey of TQM Practices in North Karnataka Manufacturing SMEs: an Empirical Evaluation
The Determination of the Boron Amounts of Teas That Are Sold In Turkey by Using the ICP-OES Technique
Effect Of Calcination Temperature On The Morphology Of Plating Sludge
A Comparison of Ulexite Mineral and Borax Decahydrate to Synthesize Zinc Borate
ICMEEM IV [ Day One ( 16:15 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mr. Carlos Riesenberger
Capturing the Process Efficiency and Congestion of Supply Chains
Mr. Mithun Sharma
Analyzing of CPFR Supporting Factors in Retail Sector
Prof. Gulcin Buyukozkan
Comparative Study of Robust Controllers for Vibration Control of Flexible Structures by Combining Pre-Compressed Layer Damping and ACLD Treatment
Dr. Rajiv Kumar
Multiple Cluster Tools System Modelling Using Coloured Petri Net
Prof. Tauseef Aized
The Development of Quality Management Model for Implementation in Thai Organisations
Prof. Spencer Onuh, and Mr. Prawate Kluaypa
Comparative Study of Low and High-Grade Crumb Rubber Processing Energy
Dr. Tanto Utomo
A Nonparametric Analysis of Asymptomatic Hazard Rates in a Brewing Plant Using the Probability Failure Functions
Dr. Joseph Achebo
ICMEEM V [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. SADANANDA SAHU
Effect of Activated Sludge on Limestone Reactivity
Prof. Makame Mbarawa
Business Performance Evaluation Model for the Taiwan Electronic Industry based on Factor Analysis and AHP Method
Prof. Wu Wen
Modelling Demand and Supply of Cocoa Produce in Nigeria using Regression Method
Dr. Kareem Buliaminu, Dr. Basil O. Akinnuli, and Dr. S. Peter Ayodeji
The Cost Forecasting Application in an Enterprise with Artificial Neural Networks
Dr. Seher Arslankaya
On Sensitivity of EWMA Control Chart for Monitoring Process Dispersion
Mr. Saddam Akber Abbasi
Funding Structurization Based on Level of Importance in Formulating Indonesia National Standard
Mr. Arfan Bakhtiar
Machining Optimization of Sleeve and Valves of Hydraulic Steering System
Dr. Lincoln Brandao
A Study on the Blended Wax Patterns in Investment Casting Process
Dr. D. Benny Karunakar
ICMEEM VI [ Day Two ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Wu Wen
Simulation Study of Optimal Pricing on Daily Perishable Products with Reference Price Effect
Prof. Takeshi Koide
Optimization for Efficient Supply Chain Using Swarm Intelligence: an Outsourcing Perspective
Analysis of the Sustainable Supply Chain Structure with Incomplete Preferences
Miss Gizem Cifci
Game-Theoretic Coordination of Marketing and Inventory Policies in a Multi-level Supply Chain
A Buffer Stocks Model for Stabilizing Price of Staple Food with Considering the Expectation of Non Speculative Wholesaler
Mr. Wahyudi Sutopo
The Problem of Scheduling in Parallel Machines: A Case Study
Prof. Fernando Charrua Santos
Intelligent Scenario Selection in Dynamic Hoist Scheduling Problem: The Real-Life Electroplating Production Line Case Analysis
Mr. Krzysztof Kujawski
ICMEEM VII [ Day Two ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Safwan Altarazi
Cetane Number and Thermal Properties of Croton Oil, Biodiesel, 1-Butanol, and Diesel Blends
Prof. Makame Mbarawa
Theoretical Prediction of the Springback of Sheet Metal Laminates after U-Bending
Prof. Farid Reza Biglari
An Assessment of Machine Tools Utilisation Effectiveness in the Developing Economy
Dr. Kareem Buliaminu, and Dr. Peter K. Oke
Game-theoretic Price Coordination in a Three-level Supply Chain with Different Channel Structures
A Push-Pull Manufacturing Strategy: Analytical Model in the Screw Cutting Sector
ICMEEM VIII [ Day Two ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mrs. BARBARA LYONNET
Robustness-based Comparison of Reorder Point and Kanban Replenishment Strategies
Mr. Chandandeep Grewal
Deformation Evaluation of Embedded Antennas in Vehicular Components
Prof. Sabu John
Planning Inspections of Fatigued Aircraft Structures via Damage Tolerance Approach
Prof. Nicholas Nechval
A Simulation-Based Decision Making Tool for Key Warehouse Resources Selections
Dr. Safwan Altarazi
Workflow Analysis as Tool for Development of Medical Devices, a white Paper
Mr. Axel Boese
Exploiting Simulation for Call Centre Optimization
Dr. Muhammad Latif
Corrosion and Wear Behavior of ZrN Thin Films
Dr. Jyoti Menghani
Lean Revolution and the Human Resource Aspects
ICMEEM IX [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Ebenezer Adom
Influence of Process Parameters in the Direct Metal Deposition of H13 Tool Steel on Copper Alloy Substrate
Mr. Mohammad Khalid Imran
Optimal Parameter Design by Regression Technique and Grey Relational Analysis
Dr. Abbas Al-Refaie
An Investigation into Dimensional Accuracy Achievable in Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machining
Dr. Mohammad Nazrul Islam
Toward Understanding Costs and Benefits of Virtual Teams in Virtual Worlds
Dr. David Wyrick
Discount Pricing Model to Coordinate a Supply Chain under Stochastic Demand Environment
Prof. Sarada Pr. Sarmah
An Optimization Technique for the Full and Efficient Removal of Copper from Wastewater
Dr. Babatope Olufemi
Improvement of Scrap Request Process with Six Sigma Methodology
Dr. Isabel Lopes
ICMEEM X [ Day Three ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Mr. Nuno Costa
Optimization Measures for Assessing Compromise Solutions in Multiresponse Problems
Mr. Nuno Costa
Tailoring Material Properties in Layered Manufacturing
Dr. Prashant Kumar Jain and Dr. Pulak Mohan Pandey
Boiling Heat Transfer on the Outside of A Miniature Diameter Compact Tube Bundle
Dr. Ebenezer Adom
Reactive Operating Schedule in Case of a Disaster: Arrival of Unexpected Victims
Mr. Issam Nouaouri
The Estimation of Forging Load for the Closed Die Forging Process by Computer Simulation
Simulation of a Libyan Cement Factory
Dr. Muhammad Latif
ICMEEM XI [ Day Three ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. TRIPTI JOHRI
Validation of an Ontology-based Approach for Enhancing Human Simulation in General Assembly Environments
Level of Repair Analysis based on Genetic Algorithm with Tabu Search
Mr. Taoufik Bouachera
Coordinated Control of Waste Water Treatment Process
Prof. Magdi S. Mahmoud
Communication in Technical Organizations: A Designed Experiment Approach
Dr. David Wyrick
Material Selection Method in Design of Automotive Brake Disc
Dr. M Abdul Maleque
Matching Teams to Process Oriented Roles
ICMEEM XII [ Day Three ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Magdi S. Mahmoud
Applying a Two-Stage Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Shelf Space Allocation Problems
Prof. Chieh-Yuan Tsai
Analysis of the Acceptable Deviation for the Measurement Process Established by the MSA and the VDA Manuals
Prof. Sueli Fischer Beckert
Comparison of Dry and Flood Turning in Terms of Quality of Turned Parts
Dr. Mohammad Nazrul Islam
Study of Exponential Thermal Effect on Vibration of Non-Homogeneous Orthotropic Rectangular Plate Having Bi-Directional Linear Variation in Thickness
Dr. TRIPTI JOHRI and Dr. Indu Johri
Integration of Quality Cost to Economic Service Life
Dr. Jirarat Teeravaraprug
Exploiting Simulation for Product Returns in SMEs
Dr. Muhammad Latif
Relationship between Flank wear and Cutting Force on the Machining of Hard Martensitic Stainless Steel by Super Hard Tools
Poster Session
The Effect of Testing a Copper Wire and a Copper Wire Coated with SnPb Solder using a Wetting Balance Machine
Mr. Bobby Woods
Conflict between Chainsaw Rigid and Vibration Acceleration based on Conversion Bridge
Prof. Yan Wei Zhao
Optimization of a Dynamic Supply Chain Model with Budget Constraint
Mr. Hossein Badri
Minimizing Makespan for Machine Scheduling and Worker Assignment Problem in Identical Parallel Machine Models Using GA
Dr. Imran Ali Chaudhry
A Location Within Distribution Network Design Problem With Flexible Demand
Miss Elnaz Asghari Torkamani
Short-run Process Control Based on Non-conformity Degree
Miss Elnaz Asghari Torkamani

The 2010 International Conference of Parallel and Distributed Computing ( ICPDC )

ICPDC I [ Day One ( 14:00 - 15:45 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Dr. Ismael Marin Carrion
Distributed Memory Implementation of the False Nearest Neighbors Method: Kd-tree approach versus Box-assisted approach
Dr. Ismael Marin Carrion
An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Longest Common Subsequence Problem on GPUs
Mr. Yang Jiaoyun
SMASim: A Cycle-accurate Scalable Multi-core Architecture Simulator
Mr. Jari-Matti Makela
FIP over Ethernet/IP for Real Time Distributed Systems Implementation
Mr. Zakaria Sahraoui
Poster Session
Optimized Channel Assignment in Distributed Environment

The 2010 International Conference of Systems Biology and Bioengineering ( ICSBB )

ICSBB I [ Day Two ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Dr. Priti Kumar Roy
Validation of an EEG-Based Algorithm for Automatic Detection of Sleep Onset in the Multiple Sleep Latency Test
Prof. Ramon Farre
Investigate of Process Parameters on Xylanase Enzyme Activity in Melanocarpus Albomyces Batch Culture
Mr. Vipan Kumar Sohpal
Effect of Cup Deflection on Friction of Hip Resurfacing Prosthesis with Various Clearances Using Blood and Clotted Blood as Lubricants
Mr. Saeed Afshinjavid
Analysis of the Architecture and Mechanical Properties of Cancellous Bone Using 2D Voronoi Cell Based Models
Dr. Rafael Schouwenaars
Particle Hemodynamics Analysis after Coronary Angioplasty
Mr. Alin F TOTOREAN, and Mr. Vlad F VINATU
Estimation of Optical Properties of Normal and Diseased Tissue based on Diffuse Reflectance Spectral Model
Mrs. Shanthi Prince
Intelligent System to Recognize Human Brain Signals for finding Brain Diseases based on Neural Networks
Prof. SasiKumar Gurumurthy
ICSBB II [ Day Three ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Mr. Vipan Kumar Sohpal
Effects of an Enzyme, Depolymerization and Polymerization Drugs to Cells Adhesion and Contraction on Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
Mrs. Chin Fhong Soon
Novel Mechanical Occlusion Device for Transcervical Sterilization
Mr. Muhammad Rehan
Stimulus Reconstruction from a Hodgkin-Huxley Neural Response: A Numerical Solution
Mr. Mayur Sarangdhar
HIV Infection in T-lymphocytes and Drug Induced CTL Response of a Time Delayed Model
Dr. Priti Kumar Roy
The Effect of Different HCl Concentrations on Wound Healing of Bone Cell Monolayer
Mr. Farshid Sefat
Host Pathogen Interactions with Recovery Rate: A Mathematical Study
Dr. Priti Kumar Roy
ICSBB III [ Day Three ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room F ]
Session Chair: Mr. Muhammad Rehan
Optimization of Parameters for Phenol Degradation by Rhodococcus UKM-P in Shake Flask Culture
The Effect Of Ligament Stiffness On The Stability Of The Human Spine
Miss Corne Botha
Chaotic Oscillations in a Hodgkin-Huxley Neuron - Quantifying Similarity Estimation of Neural Responses
Mr. Mayur Sarangdhar
Mathematical Modeling on Immunopathogenesis in Chronic Plaque of Psoriasis: A Theoretical Study
Dr. Priti Kumar Roy
The Effect of Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-Beta3) and Sanicle on Wound Healing
Mr. Farshid Sefat
T-cell Proliferation in a Mathematical Model of CTL Activity Through HIV-1 Infection
Dr. Priti Kumar Roy
A New Approach for Removal of Caffeine from Coffee using Sunflower Oil
Dr. Md Monwar Hossain
Poster Session
Towards Building an Artificial Ventricle: Conceptual Considerations in the Design and Construction of a Novel, Totally Implantable Mechanical Circulatory Support System
Dr. Hisham Sherif
New Solutions for the Three-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Equation and its Application to the Electrical Impedance Tomography Theory
Mr. Jose de Jesus Gutierrez Cortes

The 2010 International Conference of Signal and Image Engineering ( ICSIE )

ICSIE I [ Day One ( 9:15 - 10:15 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Prof. Mohd Marzuki Mustafa and Mrs. Fadzliana Saad
Intensity Constrained Flat Kernel Image Filtering Scheme - Definition and Applications
Dr. Alexander Gutenev
Motion Estimation along The Myocardial Boundary using Boundary Extraction and Optical Flow
Prof. Mohd Marzuki Mustafa
Segmental Boundary Profile of Myocardial Motion to Localize Cardiac Abnormalities
Prof. Mohd Marzuki Mustafa
ICSIE II [ Day One ( 16:15 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Dr. Neeta Nain
Hybrid Phase Unwrapping for Three-Dimensional Surface Reconstruction Based on Pixel Quality Classification using a Laplacian Filter
Mr. Jose Ferreira
Palm Print Verification System
Mr. David B.L. Bong
Fast Search for MPEG Video Clips from Large Video Database Using Combined Histogram Features
Utilization of Similarity Metric in the Implementation of an Object Recognition Algorithm using Java
Mrs. Fadzliana Saad
Interest Point Detection to Capture Two Dimensional Intensity Changes in Images
Dr. Neeta Nain
ICSIE III [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:45 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Dr. Stuart Palmer
Efficient Chaotic Permutations for Image Encryption Algorithms
Dr. Abir AWAD
Statistically Evaluation of Mechanical Heart Valve Thrombosis Using Heart Sounds
Selection of Time-after-injection in Bone Scanning using Compartmental Observers
Prof. Fernando Tadeo
Experimental Evaluation of the Concentration Zone Widths in Cane Sugar Crystallization using Data and Image Acquisition
Dr. Eusebio Bolanos-Reynopso
Hybrid wavelet-based Video tracking using Adaptive Contrast Change Detection in night-time Visual Surveillance Systems
Prof. Sherin Youssef
Comparative Analysis of Automatic Exudate Detection Algorithms
Total Electron Content (TEC) and Estimation of Positioning Error Using Malaysia Data
ICSIE IV [ Day Two ( 11:15 - 13:00 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Dr. Abir AWAD
Statistical Analysis Of Speech Signals By Weighted ASMDF
Dr. Sagnik Sinha
Identification of Animal Fibers with Wavelet Texture Analysis
Dr. Stuart Palmer
3D Surface Roughness Measurement Using a Light Sectioning Vision System
Dr. Wael Abbas
Image Compression Preprocessing for ANN Ensemble Motion Detection System
Mr. Kevin Moorgas
Steganography Using More Surrounding Pixels
Mr. Masoud Afrakhteh
Automatic Seamless Image Mosaicing: An Approach Based on Quad-tree Technique
Prof. Ramesh Babu
Optimization of Ensemble based Decision using PSO
Mrs. Asma Kausar
Poster Session
Auditory-based Subband Blind Source Separation using Sample-by-Sample and Infomax Algorithms
Prof. Sid-Ahmed Selouani
Research of Hybrid Extraction Method Based on Multiple Image Features of Materials for Stereo Warehouse
Prof. Yan Wei Zhao

The 2010 International Conference of Wireless Networks ( ICWN )

ICWN I [ Day Three ( 14:00 - 15:30 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Prof. Pedro Mestre
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Induced in Human Heads of Various Sizes When Using a Mobile Phone
Dr. Aladdein Amro, and Dr. Adel Zein El Dein Mohamed Moussa
Multi-Classifier for WLAN Fingerprint-Based Positioning System
Mr. SHIN Ji-kang
An Ontology Approach to Construction of Identification Subsystem for Intrusion Handling Systems in Wireless LANs
Mr. Shahram Salek Zamankhani
Laboratory Performance of Wi-Fi WEP Point-to-Point Links: a Case Study
Prof. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
Trusted Wireless Sensor Node Platform
Mrs. Yusnani Mohd Yussoff
Body Area Network (BAN) with OFDM Enhances Data Transmission in Wireless Health Monitoring Systems (WHMS)
Mr. Rudra Prasad Chatterjee
ICWN II [ Day Three ( 16:00 - 18:00 ) at Seminar Room E ]
Session Chair: Prof. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
An Assessment Of The Performance Of Bluetooth As A Broadcasting Channel
Mr. PUDARUTH Sameerchand
Ontology Approach to Construction of Response and Management Console Subsystems for Intrusion Handling Systems in Wireless LANs
Mr. Shahram Salek Zamankhani
Field Performance Measurements of a Gbps FSO Link at Covilha City, Portugal
Prof. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
Incorporating QoS Awareness in Routing Metrics for Wireless Mesh Networks
Mr. Debarshi Kumar Sanyal
Performance of RFID with AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Channels for SDR Application
Dr. M Hannan
Vegetation Growth Detection Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Prof. Pedro Mestre
Techniques Of Detection Of The Hidden Node In Wireless Ad Hoc Network