The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2011 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)
Contact Authors
Eclectic Genetic Algorithm for Holistic Face Recognition in L_infinite SpaceDr. Carlos Villegas
Effect of Alumina Platelet Reinforcement on Dynamic Mechanical Properties of EpoxyDr. Dharmendra Kumar Shukla
Effect of Interfacial Contact Forces in Lateral Contact Wire StrandDr. B K Gnanavel
Effect of Muscle Active Force and Fiber Orientation on the Left Ventricle Mechanics of the Human HeartDr. Mohsen A. Hassan
Effect of Orientation on Elastic-plastic Fracture Toughness of Cortical BoneDr. Nitin Kumar Sharma
Effect of rake angle on wear of coated cutting toolsDr. Surangsee Dechjarern
Effect of trust and other relationship dimensions on Supplier Relationship ManagementDr. Manish Gupta
Effect of vacancy defect on natural vibration of single walled carbon nanotube as ultrahigh nanoresonatorsDr. A. Karami mohammadi
Effect of Varying Inlet Valve Throat Diameter at Different IVO, IVC, and OVERLAP Angles on SI Engine PerformanceDr. Osama Ghazal
Effect of voltage on Austentic Stainless Steel for the Process of TIG and MIG weldingMr. L.Suresh Kumar
Effects of Fuel Droplet Break-up, Heating and Evaporation in Diesel EnginesDr. W.A. Abdelghaffara
Efficiency of the Strain Based Approach Compared to the Displacement Formulation for the Analysis of StructuresDr. D. HAMADI
Efficient Cluster Based Security Mechanism with a Mobile Sink in Sensor NetworksDr. SETHUPATHI.B
Efficient Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithms for Multiclass Jobs in Peer To Peer NetworksMr. Pavan Kumar kolla
Efficient Record Matching Approach for Identification of Duplicates in the Query Results from Multiple Web DatabasesDr. Sini Raj Pulari
E-Governance in Bangladesh, Survey, Analysis and Proposed RecommendationsMd.Sadeque Imam Shaikh
E-governance: A Truly Practical Support for Governing a City of an Underdeveloped CountryMd.Sadeque Imam Shaikh
Elastic stress analysis of functionally graded pressurized hollow cylinders subjected to pressure and thermal shockDr. Samrand Rash Ahmadi
Electrical Insulating Properties of Developed Composite Material from Palm Kernel/SawdustDr J.O Osarenmwinda
Embedding a Low Power Test Set for Deterministic BIST using a Gray CounterDr. Santanu Chattopadhyay
Empirical Modeling the Effects of Cutting Parameters in High-Speed End Milling of Hardened AISI D2 under MQL EnvironmentDR. ASIF IQBAL
Energy Based Efficient Resources for Real Time Manufacturing SystemsDr. Usman Ghani
Energy Function Analysis of a Single-Machine Infinite-Bus Power SystemDr. Ahmet CIFCI
Energy Saving in VSD Drives Using Zero Current Transation PWM Forward InverterDr. Saeed Jahdi
Engineering Students Perception of Professor Role as a Leader: An Empirical StudyDr. Shiva Prasad
Enhanced Advancing Front Technique with Extension Cases for Initial Triangular Mesh GenerationDr. Z. Abal Abas
Enhanced Multi-Channel Active Fuzzy Neural Network Noise Control in an EnclosureDr. Abdolreza Ohadi
Enhancement of Context by Image FusionDr. Jagpal Singh Ubhi
Enhancing Grid Resource Scheduling Algorithms for Cloud EnvironmentsDr. Pankaj Deep Kaur
Enumeration of a class of cyclic number fields of degree 10Dr. Schehrazad Selmane
Evaluation of Biometric Identification Systems With New Criteria of Good Quality TemplateDr Mohamed Mostafa Abd Allah
Evaluation of Different Layouts of Online Scientific DocumentsDr. Muhammad Asghar Khan
Evaluation of Fusion and Denoising Algorithm for Multifocus ImagesProf. Milindkumar Sarode
Evaluation of the Compressive Strength of Hybrid Clay BricksDr. Olasupo Ogundare
Evolutionary Optimization Approach for Fingerprint ClassificationDr. Jing-Wein Wang
Exact Analytical Solutions of Three Nonlinear Heat Transfer ModelsDr. Mohammad Danish
Experimental Identification of Convective Heat Transfer in Machine ToolsMr. Peter Kohut
Experimental Investigation of Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of CNTs Nanofluid under Constant Heat FluxDr. N. Mosavari
Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Esterified Karanja Oil Biodiesel on Performance, emission and Engine Wear of a Military 160hp Turbocharged CIDI EngineDr. AnandKumar Pandey
Experimental Studies on the Combustion Characteristics and Performance of A Direct Injection Engine Fueled with Biodiesel/Diesel Blends with SCRDr A.P.SATHIYAGNANAM
Experimental Testing of the Strength of Wood Subjected to Higher Temperature and Moisture Conditions - TensionDr. Adam Marlewski
Extend Sensor Network Connectivity by Wakeup Scheduling based Sensor NodesDr. Princy
External Memory System Optimization for FPGABasedImplementation of Speech Signal ProcessingDr. Jakkree Srinonchat
Extraction of Method Signatures from OWL for Reusability for the given System Requirement SpecificationDr. S.Sagayaraj
Failure Analysis on Multilayered Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACF) PackagingDr. Chao-Ming Lin
Faster Investigation of Shear Modulus of Soil through Wireless NetworkingDr. Zamri Chik
Feasibility Study of Using TiCN and CrN Thin Film Coatings to Enhance Lifetime of Grippers Used in Hard Disk Drive Assembly LineDr. T. Sangkla
Features, Benefits & Futuristic Projections of Cloud with Intercloud Extensions to the NETDr. Naveen Garg
Financial Integration and Financial Efficiency: an Analysis of their Relation in the Colombian Stock MarketDr. Juan David Alban
Finite Element Modeling of Delamination Crack Propagation in Laminated CompositesDr. Vipul Ranatunga
Finite Element Modelling of Titanium Foam Behaviour for Dental ApplicationDr. Julaluk Carmai
FIR/IIR Digital Filtering Comparison for Signal Processing in VoIP system using TMS320C6713 DSP ProcessorMr. Harjit Pal Singh
First Order Fractional Fourier Transform Moment Based on Ambiguity FunctionDr. Sedigheh Ghofrani
First Order Method for Optimal Control using Parmetric OptimizationMr. Amr Radwan
FIS Based Speed Scheduling System of Autonomous Railway VehicleMs. Aiesha Ahmad
Fixed Points of Quasi-Contractive Type Operators in Normed Spaces by a Three-step Iteration ProcessDr. Safeer Khan
Flame Radiation Characteristics of Open Hydrocarbon Pool FiresDr. Emmanuel UFUAH
Flexural Rigidity Evaluation of a Large Advanced Sandwich Composite PanelDr. ing. Dorin ROSU
Flow Control of a Hydraulic Headbox of Papermaking MachinesDr. Masaru SUMIDA
Force Model Study for the Bending Actuator with Multiple Shape Memory Alloy WiresDr. Yao-Jen Lai
Formal Modelling and Analysis of Biological Regulatory Networks Using SPIN-A Discrete Modelling ApproachDr. Usman Rauf
Formantic analysis of speech signal by wavelet transformDr Falek Leila
Formulation of Flux Using Different Numerical Methods in DUNEDr. Muhammad Arsalan farooq
Formulation of Silicon Carbide Abrasives from Locally Sourced Raw Materials in NigeriaDr A.O. Odior
Framework for Implementing Sustainable Practices in SMEs in the United StatesMr. Gana Natarajan
From Beam to Chassis: How to Increase NVH Performances with an Optimized Moment of Inertia DistributionDr. Enrico Torricelli
Fuel Consumption Modeling of an Automobile with a Leaked Exhaust SystemDr. B. Kareem
Further Results on the Game of CutblockDr. Alessandro Cincotti
Fusion of Non-Contacting Sensors and Vital Parameter Extraction Using Kalman FilteringDr. Jerome Foussier
Fuzzy Estimations of Process Incapability IndexDr. Cengiz Kahraman
Fuzzy Logic Based Intelligent Control of RGB Colour Classification System For Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence LaboratoryDr. Mohd Fadzil
Fuzzy Logic Control for DVR to Counter Voltage Sag on a Distribution NetworkDr. Puneet Chawla
Fuzzy Multi-criteria Method for Revaluation of ERP System Choices Using Real OptionsDr. A. Cagri TOLGA
Fuzzy TOPSIS method in the Selection of Investment Boards by Incorporating Operational RisksDr. Elissa Nadia Madi
Fuzzy uncertainties in Human Reliability AnalysisDra. Ing. Selva S. Rivera
Gaining Competitive Advantage on the Basis of Data Warehousing and Data ArchitectureDr. Veena
Generalization of the Takacs' Formula for GI/M/n/0 Queuing System with Heterogeneous ServersH. Okan Isguder
Generation of Energy Conservation Measures for Sponge Iron PlantsDr. Shabina Khanam
Genetic Algorithm Performance with Different Selection Strategies in Solving TSPDr. Noraini Mohd Razali
Global Attractor for a System of Klein - Gordon - Schrodinger Type in all IRDr. Poulou Maria Heleni
Government Policy and SME Viability: The Heat Transfer Model for Diffusion of Government Policy for Technical SMEsDr. Chinweike I. Eseonu
Gradient-based Sharpness FunctionDr. Maria Rudnaya
Greening Data Communications and Computer Networks through the Networking AcademyEngr. Glenn Ople Avendanob
Grid Interface Design and Simulation for a Utility Interactive PV InverterDr. R.K.NEMA
Grounding Electrode Calculations Using the Matrix MethodDr. Silvio JPS Mariano
Growth of Carbon Nanotube Using Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition and Its Application to Thermal Dissipation of High-Brightness Light Emitting DiodeDr. Kwang-Jow Gan
Hall Effect on MHD mixed convection flow past an infinite vertical porous plate with mass transfer and Thermal RadiationDr. R.Srinivasa Raju
Harmonics and Interharmonics Measurement using Group-harmonic Power Minimizing AlgorithmProf. Hsiung Cheng Lin
Heat Transfer Simulation by CFD from Fins of an Air Cooled Motorcycle Engine under Varying Climatic ConditionsMr. Pulkit Agarwal
Heuristic Methods For Grid Scheduling ProblemsDr. Rajni aggarwal
Hierarchical Description of Technological DevicesProf. Neculai Seghedin
Hierarchical Sequence Clustering Algorithm for Data MiningDr. V. Umadevi Chezhian
High-order Time-stepping for Galerkin and Collocation Methods Based on Component-wise Approximation of Matrix FunctionsDr. James Lambers
Hob3D - A novel gear hobbing simulation programDr. Aristomenis Antoniadis
Homotopy Perturbation Transform Method for solving Fokker-Planck equation using He's PolynomialsDr. Sumit Gupta
How to manage and motivate staff during a strategic change project in a Chinese manufacturing operationMr. Keji Xu
Human Error Hotspots in Nuclear Power PlantsDr. Prof. Jorge Nunez Mc Leod
Human Resource Management Stress Management - Focused on Indian Information Technology ScenarioDr. Ranjith Kumar Varadharaajulu
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Design and Manufacturing Process Used for Public Transportation in Mexico CityDr. M.C. Gabriel Luna-Sandoval
Hypothesis Test for Unsuccessful Partial Explorations of State Spaces of Petri NetsDr. Eleazar Jimenez Serrano
Hysteresis Modeling in a Piezoelectric Nanopositioner StageDr Ahmed Telba
Identifying the Time of a Linear Trend Disturbance in Odds Ratio of Clinical OutcomesDr. Hassan Assareh
Imbibition phenomenon arising in double phase flow through porous medium with capillary pressureProf.Ramakanta Meher
Impact of Jet Reynolds Number and Feed Channel Geometry on Heat Transfer in a Channel with Inclined Target Surface Cooled by Single Array of Centered Impinging Jets with Outflow in Both DirectionsDr. Ali Al Mubarak
Impact of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) on Life Cycle EngineeringDr. Can Saygin
Impeller Treatment for a Centrifugal Fan using Splitter Vanes - A CFD ApproachDr. MADHWESH N.
Implementation of ARIMA Model with Fuzzy for Crime ForecastingDr. Noor Maizura Binti Mohamad Noor
Implementation of Reconfigurable Multipliers for Integer and Galois field MultiplicationDr. Mallikarjuna Reddy.A
Improving FSM evolution AlgorithmDr. Nada M. A. Al Salami
Improving Performance of Collection-Oriented Operations through Parallel FusionDr. Bruce Lester
Inclusions between the spaces of strongly almost convergent sequences defined by an Orlicz function in a seminormed spaceDr. vinod bhardwaj
Independent Power Producer (IPP) Participation: Solution to Nigeria Power Generation ProblemMr. O. Phillips Agboola
Individual-Based Model to Simulate Crowd Dynamics Using Artificial Potential FieldsDr. Mohamed H. Mabrouk
Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Logic Time Control Discrete Event (DEV) SystemDr. M. Saleem Khan
Influence of Gravity on the Performance Index of Microchannel Heat Exchangers-Experimental InvestigationsDr. Thanhtrung Dang
Influence of Proportion of Abrasive Particles in conveyor Liquid on Ultrasonic Cavitation Machining ProcessDr. Mehdi Hadi
Influence of rotation on the wake development behind a radially deforming cylinderDr Hamid OUALLI
Influence of temperature and accelerated aging factors on dielectric properties of transformer insulating oilDr. Jashandeep Singh
Infrastructure Assessment: A Case Study of Aluminium Smelting Plant, NigeriaDr. Bassey Okon
Initial Values in Estimation Procedures for State Space Models (SSMs)Dr.Raed Alzghool
Instructional Design Rationale with QOCMr. El Amine OURAIBA
Intelligent Cloud Brokerage SystemDr. Santhosh Peddi
Intelligent Modeling of Surface Roughness during Diamond Grinding of Advanced CeramicsDr. Pankaj Kr. Shrivastava and Dr. Avanish Kumar Dubey
Interfacial Reactions between the Sn-9Zn Solder and Au/Ni/SUS304 Multi-layer SubstrateDr. Yee-wen Yen
Inverse Halftoning Method Using Pattern Substitution Based Data Hiding SchemeDr. Jia-Hong Lee
Investigating Clustering Algorithms in Microsensor NetworksDr. Vrinda Gupta
Investigation into Security Issues Affecting Wireless NetworksMr. AK Ansah
Investigation of Supply Chain Risk in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: A Case StudyMr. Karthik Narasimhan
Investigation of the high-rise buildings shape on wind flow and pollutant dispersion in an urbanDr. Mohammad Amir Moharreri
Investigation of the Virial Stress Distribution and its Relation with the Macroscopic Properties of a Single Crystal Copper Plate with an Elliptical VoidDr. Iman Ebrahimi
Investigation on influence of g-jitter in experiments on board International Space Station using Bousinesq approximation and PC-SAFT EOSDr. Aram Parsa
Investment Decision based on a Genetic Algorithm to Optimize the Profitability of Fattening-sheep FarmingMr. Iracema del P. Angulo-Fernandez
Isothermal Piston Skirts EHL Using Viscous Oil at Idling Speed Engine Start Up - Small Radial Clearance EffectsDr. Syed Adnan Qasim
Kinematics Analysis of the Elbow Joint; Comparison of the Kinematics of the Left and Right ElbowDr. Mahmmad Alrashidi
Knowledge Management in Competitive Control of the Machining SystemsProf. Ghelase Daniela
Knowledge Management in Machining ProcessesProf. Daschievici Luiza
Knowledge Management in Mechanical EngineeringProf. Ghelase Daniela
Knowledge Management via Facebook: Building a Framework for Knowledge Management on a Social Network by Aligning Business, IT and Knowledge ManagementDr. Satidchoke Phosaard
Knowledge Representation and Discovery Using Formal Concept Analysis: An HRM ApplicationDr. Alp USTUNDAG
Laboratory Performance of Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 B,G WPA2 Point-to-Point Links: a Case StudyDr. Jose A. R. Pacheco de Carvalho
Lamb: a simulation software for ideal air-coupled Lamb wave based ultrasonic NDT systemsDr. Joss Luis Prego Borges
Large Deflection Analysis of Clamped Circular PlatesDr. Murat Altekin
Lean Manufacturing Implementation in Malaysian Automotive Components Manufacturer: a Case StudyMr. Rasli Muslimen
Limitations of Numerical Methods in Analysis of Contact Stresses of Joints in Mechanical EngineeringDr. Tomasz Podolski
Linear Identification of a Steam Generation PlantProfessor Magdi S. Mahmoud
Machinability of Hard Martensitic Stainless Steel and Hard Alloy Steel by CBN and PCBN tools by Turning ProcessDr.S.Thamizhmanii
Machine Learning Classification Technique for Famine PredictionDr. Okori Washington
Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of a Viscous Electrically conducting Incompressible Fluid between Two Vertical Parallel Plates in Presence of Uniform Inclined Magnetic FieldDr. Krishna Gopal Singha
Malicious Objects Propagation DynamicsDr. Dinesh Kumar Saini
Management Commitment and Employee Empowerment in Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing ImplementationDr. Perminder Jit Singh
Manufacturing of Long Thin Wall Tubes of Small Bore with TitaniumDr. Sukhwinder Singh Jolly
Markov Modeling and Availability Analysis of a Chemical Production System-A Case StudyDr. Pardeep Gupta
Mathematical Modeling of Single Stage Seven States Discrete Time Extended Kalman Filter Scheme for Micro Air VehicleDr. Sadia Riaz
Mathematical Modelling for Hydrodynamic Studies of Spouted BedProf. Abanti Sahoo
Mathematical Modelling of Bubble Nucleation in Stout Beers and Experiment VerificationDr. Michael Devereux
Maximizing Power Generation in Chemical Systems and Fuel CellsDr. Stanislaw Sieniutycz
Maximum-revenue tariff with different roles in a price-setting competitionDr. Flavio Ferreira
Measurement of Crushing Strength of Coal AgglomeratesDr. Ikebudu Kingsley O
Measurements and Correlations of the Diffusion Coefficients of Some Aqueous Solutions of Ionic Liquids at Infinite DilutionDr. Prof. Allan N. Soriano
Measuring the Success Possibility on a Frame Model of Logistic Outsourcing by CFPRDr. Raman Kakkar
Mechanical Prediction of Materials Behaviour: Towards a Sustainable Infrastructural GrowthDr. Bassey Okon
Mechanical properties and microstructural of friction stir welded aluminum alloys 5083Dr. I. Sabry
Message Encoding in NucleotidesDr. Rahul Vishwakarma
Micro- and Meso-Scale Analyses for Quantifying Hypoxemia in MethemoglobinemiaProf. Saikat Chakraborty
Microscopic Analysis of Breakage in Materials for Hard ImplantsDr. Diana Cotoros
Milk Run Logistics: Literature Review and DirectionsDr. Gurinder Singh Brar
Mixed Integer Linear Programming Models for Grid-Based Location ProblemsDr. Md. Noor-E-Alama
Mobile Payment MarketDr. Sattar J Aboud
Model Reduction for a Variable Geometry Fluid Thermal ProblemDr. Sergio de Lucas
Modeling and Control of the PFC Stage for a 50KW EV Fast Battery ChargerDr. Alon Kuperman
Modeling and Detecting Damage in Rails and Avoidance of collision in the TracksDr. S.RAMESH
Modeling and Forecasting Stock Market Volatility by Gaussian Processes based on GARCH, EGARCH and GJR ModelsMr. Phichhang Ou
Modeling and Identification of Building's Construction DefectsProf. Vitalijus VOLKOVAS
Modeling and Optimization of Precedence-Constrained Production Sequencing and Scheduling Using Multi-Objective Genetic AlgorithmsDr. Son Duy Dao
Modeling and Simulation Methodology Techniques for Advanced Low Power Communication Circuits and Systems of Wireless Sensor NetworksMr. Krit Salah-ddine
Modeling and Simulation of Manufacturing Systems in Unstable EnvironmentDr. Xiaofeng Hu
Modeling of BLDC Motor with Ideal Back-EMF for Automotive ApplicationsMr. A. Tashakori
Modeling of the Market-Manufacturing System RelationshipProf. Daschievici Luiza
Modeling repairable system failures with repair effect and time dependent covariatesDr. Jayanthi Arasan
Modeling, optimization and performance analysis of carbon nanotube interconnects for gigascale integrationDr. Arash Qodratnama
Modelling Collaboration Formation with a Game Theory ApproachDr. Gulcin Buyukozkan
Modelling of analysis of influence parameters on cycle time in a novel conical spouted bed dryer with a draft tubeDr. Maria Jose San Jose
MO-OTA based CMOS Compatible Recurrent Neural Network for Solving Linear EquationsMr. Mohd. Samar Ansari
Multi Criteria Evaluation of the Methods for Preventing Soil Erosion Using Fuzzy ANP: The Case of TurkeyDr. Tufan Demirel
Multi-Compartment Modeling of Tumor Cells Interacting With Dynamic Chemotherapeutic DrugDr. Ram Singh
Multicriteria Parametric Identification of a Mathematical Model of Metal Cutting Machine's Main DriveMr. Yuliyan Angelov
Multicriteria Sustainability Evaluation of Transport Networks for Selected European CountriesDr. Orhan FEYZIOGLU
Multifractal Height Cross-Correlation AnalysisDr. Ladislav Kristoufek
Multimodal Problems, Premature Convergence versus Computation Effort in Dynamic Design OptimizationDr. A A Alugongo
Multinomial Least Angle Regression with Application to Web PersonalizationDr. Ilya Gluhovsky
Multi-Objective Optimization Of Cyclogram Mechanisms Machine-AutomatonDr. Assylbek Jomartov
Multiple Products Partner Selection Model of Virtual Enterprise based on Multi-agent SystemsDr. Chunxia Yu
Multiple Target Tracking with C2 Symmetric MeasurementsDr. Shovan Bhaumik
Multiresolution Edge Fusion using SWT and SFMDr. S. Udomhunsakul
Multiresponse Optimization Under Adverse Variance Conditions: Applications using a desirability-based methodDr. Nuno Costa
Multispectral and Panchromatic Images Fusion Based on Integrating Feedback Retina and IHS ModelDr. S. Daneshvar
Musculoskeletal Problems in Iranian Poultry slaughters SectorsDr. Ghorbanali Mohammadi
Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Vertical Rectangular Inverted Notched Fin ArraysDr. S.D.Suryawanshi
Neural Network Based Analysis of Thermal Properties Rubber Composite Material. (Pneumatic Tire)Dr. P.BALAGURU
New Approach in Creating of Block Ciphers Based on Wavelet Decomposition of SplinesDr. Alla Levina
New Insights Into Polyurethane Elastomers Obtained by Changing the Polyaddition ProceduresDr. C. Prisacariu
New Model of Damage AccumulationDr. Carlos Alberto Carvalho Castro
New Statistics for Detecting Outliers in Pareto DistributionDr. Hadi Jabbari Nooghabi
New Technique for Road Transportation of Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) in Malaysia via Quantitative Risk Analysis ApproachesDr. Zulkifli Abdul Rashid
Non-contacting Monitoring of Respiration and Pulse Based on Capacitive Coupling with Thoracic TissueDr. Daniel Teichmann
Non-Dominated Layout Design Solutions in a Cellular Manufacturing EnvironmentDr. Massoud Bazargan
Non-linear Finite Element Analysis of a Steelconcrete Composite Beam under Cyclic Loads Considering Interface Slip EffectsDr. Jin-wook Hwang
Non-linear Predictive Control with Multi Design Variables for PEM-FCDr. Amir Shokuhi-Rad
Nonlinear Response of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Composite Columns Under Axial LoadingDr.P.Vinayagam
Nonparametric Identification of the Production FunctionsDr. Anna Kitaeva
No-wait Flowshop Scheduling Using Genetic AlgorithmDr Imran Ali Chaudhry
Numerical Analysis into the Effects of the Unsteady Flow in an Automotive Hydrodynamic Torque ConverterDr. Pablo De la Fuente
Numerical Analysis of Flow through Abrasive Water Suspension Jet: The Effect of Inlet Pressure on Wall Shear and Jet Exit Kinetic EnergyDr. Yagnesh N Sharma
Numerical modeling of oscillatory flow and heat transfer in a gas filled enclosure using IMEX LBM methodDr. H. Shokouhmand
Numerical Simulation of a Solar Flat Plate Collector using Discrete Transfer RadiationModel (DTRM) - A CFD ApproachDr. K. Vasudeva Karanth
Numerical Simulation of Induction Hardening of Torsion BarDr. Hossein Farrahi
Numerical Simulation of Nickel Temperature Field in Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)Dr. Ali Moarrefzadeh
Numerical Simulation of the Mitral Valve Opening Using Smoothed Particle HydrodynamicsDr. Muhammad Hesan
Numerical Simulation of Thermal Barrier Coating System under Thermo-mechanical LoadingsDr. Hossein Farrahi
Numerical simulation of two-phase incompressible viscous flows using phase field modelDr. Abdullah Shah
Numerical solution of sine-Gordon equation by reduced differential transform methodDr. Yildiray KESKiN
Numerical study of the battle damaged two-dimensional wingsDr S. DJELLAL
NUSA (Neat Uniform Simple Architecture): A Highly Orthogonal Programming-LanguageDr. Bernaridho I. Hutabarat