The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2012 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)
Contact Authors
E.Kesavulu Reddy Cryptosystem to Resistance against Simple Power Analysis Attacks in Mobile DevicesMr. EKAMBARAM KESAVULU REDDY
Effect of Carbon Dioxide Emission to Vehicular Traffic and Environment in Ogun State, NigeriaMr. ADEKUNLE IBRAHIM MUSA
Effect of Crushing Speed Rate on Crashworthiness Parameters of Composite MaterialsDr. Hakim Aljibori
Effect of Design Variation on Saved Energy of Concentrating Solar Power PrototypeMr. Ali H A Al-Waeli
Effect of Different Wire Electrode Materials on the Performance of WEDMDr. Jatinder Kapoor
Effect of Fuel, Compression ratios on Energetic and Exergetic efficiency of Spark Ignition (SI) EngineDr. MUNAWAR KARIMI
Effect of Incremental EM on Document Summarization using Probabilistic Latent Semantic AnalysisMiss Madhuri Singh
Effect of Interaction Caused by Relative Phase, Amplitude and Spacing on Neighboring Soliton PulsesMs. ANITA ANTWIWAA
Effect of Post Weld Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Aluminium Alloy AA6082 JointsDr. Gurmeet Singh Cheema
Effect of the Cyclic Sintering in the Mechanical Properties of the cBN-Si3N4-La2O3 CompositeDr. A.L.D Skury
Effective Estimation of Periodontal Parameters: A Fuzzy Rule-based System Aimed at Partial-Mouth ExaminationMr. Seyed Mostafa Fakhrahmad
Efficient Use of Energy in Thermal SystemsDr. Nadia ALLOUACHE
Egg's Grade Classification and Dirt Inspection Using Image Processing TechniquesMs. Ratnawati Ibrahim
E-governance: A Truly Practical Support for Governing a City of an Underdeveloped CountryMd.Sadeque Imam Shaikh
e-Health so far : Trends and Its SignificanceDr. Oyeleke O. Richie
Elaboration of a MATLB Program to Model Axisymmetric ShellsDr. Djamal HAMADI
Emergency Department Problems: A Call for Hybrid SimulationMs. norazura ahmad
Employing Clustered Wireless Sensor network with Energy Efficient and Minimum End to End DelayDr. S.Jebaraj Abraham
Engineering Students and Mathematics Achievement: a Portuguese Case StudyMs. Manuela C. Alves
Enhanced Random Walk with Choice: An Empirical StudyMr. John Alexandris, Mr. Gregory Karagiorgos
Ergonomic Analysis on WMSDs Among Sewing Machine Operators in Garments of BangladeshDr. Mosharraf Md. Hossain
ER-Track: A Wearable Device for Tracking and Monitoring Emergency ResponderDr. Preeja Pradeep
Establishment of ECC-based Initial Secrecy Usable for IKE ImplementationProf. G. P. Biswas
Establishment of Low Cost Production Monitoring TechniqueMr. Lei Wang
Estimating Coefficients of Frobenius Series by Legendre Transform and WKB ApproximationMrs. Amna Noreen
Estimating real process derivatives in on-line optimization: A reviewDr. M. Mansour
Ethical agent Implentation Towards Situation Oriented AnalysisMr. Yogendran Gandhi
Evaluation of Coating Material Structure of Screw Type Compressor Rotor Contact SurfacesMr. Gatis Muiznieks
Evaluation of Power Consumption on Topologies for a Sensor-based Home NetworkDr. Toshinori Takabatake
Evaluation of Stochastic Differential Equations Approach for Predicting Individual Tree Taper and VolumeProf. Petras Rupsys
Evidence of and Change in the Long Memory Property in Eastern European Countries: Time-Varying Hurst ExponentsDr. Sang Hoon Kang
Exact Motion Planning with Rotations: the Case of a Rotating PolyhedronMr. Przemyslaw Dobrowolski
Examining Artificial Intelligence Techniques for the Design and Implementation of a Generally Acceptable Intelligent Educational Tutoring System (IETS)Dr. Adesanya Sunday Adelaja
Existence and Stability of Periodic Solution in Impulsive Hopfield Networks with Time-Varying DelaysProf. Gui Zhanji
Experimental testing of a sliding mode control for trajectory tracking of a mobile robot including motor dynamicsDr Faiza HAMERLAIN
Exponential Barrier Method in Solving Linear Programming ProblemsDr. Parwadi Moengin
Fabrication of Paper Based Microfluidic DevicesMr. Mohamed Belaid
Fast Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Acoustic Noise CancellationDr. Madjid AREZKI
Fast Directional Median Filtering for Real Time Restoration of Degraded 1D Barcode from Webcam ImagesDr. Abderrahmane Namane
Fast Tracking Third World Countries Economic Development through Improved Mechanized Processing of Palm Oil in Farm SettlementsMr. OBIAJULU PRINCE ONWUAMAEGBU
Fast, Parallel Algorithm for Multiplying Polynomials with Integer CoefficientsMr. Andrzej Chmielowiec
Fatigue Life of Shot Peened Welded Tubular JointProf. GholamHossein Farrahi
Fault Tolerance in Energy Efficient Two Level Progressive Sensor NetworksDr. Sreedevi A. G.
Fault Tree Analysis: A ReviewMr. Prashant Srivastava
Feasibility Study of Adopting Minimal Quantities of Lubrication for End Milling AluminiumDr. Brian Boswell
Fekete-Szego Inequalities for Generalized Sakaguchi Type FunctionsDr. TRILOK MATHUR
Fine Microaneurysm Detection from Non-dilated Diabetic Retinopathy Retinal Images Using a Hybrid ApproachDr. Akara Sopharak
Flow Control of a Boundary Layer Ingesting Serpentine Diffuser via Blowing and SuctionDr. Amirreza Ghaedamini Harouni
Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer in non-Newtonian Annular Cylindrical Solidification of a Binary AlloyDr. Nelson O. Moraga
Fluid Dynamics of Nonaqueous Phase Contaminants in Groundwater: Analytical Solutions and Analogy with Zhukovsky's TrochoidProf. Yurii Obnosov
Forecasting Natural Gas Price - Time Series and Nonparametric ApproachMiss Prerna Mishra
Forecasting Optimal Production Program Using Profitability Optimization by Genetic Algorithm and Neural NetworkDr. Galal Senussi
Fractal features Classification for Texture Image Using Neural Network and Mathematical MorphologyProf. Mohammed TALIBI ALAOUI
Fractional Partial Differential Equations Driven by Fractional Gaussian NoiseProf. Mahmoud El-Borai
Fracture Analysis of DCDC and SCDC Specimens Subjected to Mixed Mode LoadingDr. MRM Aliha
Free Vibration Analysis of Rotating Euler Beam by Finite Element MethodDr. Kuo Mo Hsiao
Functionally Graded Material: An OverviewDr. Esther Akinlabi
Fuzzy Local ICA for Speaker Recognition Using Voice and Lip MotionMr. ABDENEBI ROUIGUEB
Fuzzy Unordered Rules Induction Algorithm Used as Missing Value Imputation Methods for K-Mean Clustering on Real Cardiovascular DataMr. M. Mostafizur Rahman
Fuzzy-Logic-Based Approach to Accurate Modeling of Double Gate MOSFET for Nanoelectronic Circuit DesignProf. Faycal DJEFFAL
Gas-particles Flow Transitions for High Density PowderDr. Philippe Fauquet-Alekhine
Generating Sustainable Solutions for the Urban Transportation Considering Multiple User ClassesMiss Cagla Dogru, Prof. Orhan Feyzioglu
Genetic Programming Testing ModelDr. Nada Al Sallami
HAMP - A Highly Abstracted and Modular Programming Paradigm for Expressing Parallel Programs on Heterogenous PlatformsMr. Srinivas Balasubramanian
HDL Model Verification Based on Visualization and SimulationMr. Dominik Macko
Healthcare personnel's preference for age ranges to wear Intelligent Mobile Biomedical Sensor (IMBS) for Blood Pressure MonitoringDr. Oyeleke O. Richie
Heteroclinic Bifurcation and Multistability in a Ratio-dependent Predator-Prey System with Michaelis-Menten Type Harvesting RateDr. NANDADULAL BAIRAGI
High Pressure-High Temperature Diamond Synthesis in the Al-Ni-C systemDr. Ana L.D. Skury
High speed neural network based sense amplifier design for SRAMDr. KLBaishnab
Homomorphic Encryption Applied to the Cloud Computing SecurityMiss Maha TEBAA
How to Coach Chief Executive Officer of Manufacturers Dealing with RecessionDr. Keji xu
Human Locomotion System Design Based on Cam MechanismsMr. Silviu-Ionut Dumitrache
Hydromagnetic Pulsating Flow of Blood in a Constricted Porous Channel: A Theoretical StudyDr. Gopal Chandra Shit
Image Processing Techniques for Diagnosing Paddy DiseaseProf. Agni Senthilrajan
Impact of Disinflation on Profitability: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach for Turkish Commercial BanksDr. S. Emre Alptekin
Improved Adaptive Tumbling Bacterial Foraging Optimization (ATBFO) for Emission Constrained Economic Dispatch ProblemDr. Zuhaina Zakaria
Improved Controller Design for Turbocharged Diesel EngineProf. Magdi S. Mahmoud
Improved Portfolio Optimization Combining Multiobjective Evolutionary Computing Algorithm and Prediction StrategyProf. Ganapati Panda
Improved SDM-based Robot Navigation Using Image Processing TechniquesProf. Mateus Mendes
Improved Temporal Error Concealment Algorithm for H.264Dr. Hou Yan-yan
Improvement in the Spectral Efficiency Achieved in OCDMA using 1-Dimensional OOCsMr. Joseph Ofosuhene Anaman
Improving the Performance of the Networks Using Genetic AlgorithmDr. Alaa Obeidat
In Situ Pressure Probe Sampling of Single Cell Solution from Living Plants for Metabolite Analyses with UV-MALDI MSProf. Hiroshi Nonami, Prof. Rosa Erra-Balsells
Increases in Low Speed Response of an IC Engine using a Twin-entry TurbochargerMr. Denis Marchant
Individual Application System for Computer Aided Process PlanningMr. Peter Monka
Indoor Test Cell of a Microjet Engine as a Support for Propulsion EducationDr. Alireza Alihosseini
Influence of 0.1%Al on the Properties of the SAC405 Lead-free Solder AlloyMr. Martin Provaznik
Influence of Surface Roughness Factor in Modeling Isothermal Piston Skirts Lubrication in Initial Engine Start UpMr. SYED ADNAN QASIM
Influence of Temperature and Molecular Structure on Organics-Biodiesel Interactions using Group Contribution MethodsMr. Mohamed Belaid
Injection-Abstraction Well Pair in a Porous Formation with an Eccentric Skin Effect of a Gravel Pack and Damaged ZoneProf. Yurii Obnosov
Instructive Of Ooze InformationMr. KOTHA SUDHEER KUMAR
Intrinsic Order and Hamming WeightDr. Luis Gonzalez
Investigating Effect of Inlet Flow Distortion on a Micro-Jet Engine PerformanceDr. Alireza Naseri
Investigating the Effect of Copper Chromium and Aluminum Electrodes on EN-31 Die Steel on Electric Discharge Machine Using Positive PolarityDr. Harpuneet Singh
Investigating the Relative Importance of Design Criteria in the Evaluation of the Usability of Educational Websites from the Viewpoint of StudentsDr. Layla Hasan
Investigation of the Reaction of Rh2(CO)4Cl2 with 2,3-dimethyl-1,3-butadiene/isoprene by In-situ Vibrational Spectroscopies, BTEM Analysis and DFT CalculationsDr. Feng Gao
Investigation on the Microwave Performance of a High-Speed Opto-Electronic Hybrid Integrated PlatformDr. WEI HAN
Investigations on Unit Distance Property of Clebsch Graph and Its ComplementProf. Pratima Panigrahi
Irregular Acoustic Streaming Formation in Symmetrically Heated EnclosuresDr. Murat Aktas
Isolated Zeta Converter Based single phase PMBLDCM DriveMr. Jeevitha.K.R
Juran Quality Improvement Methodology - A Case StudyDr. Tushar desai
Key Fuel Injection Parameters and Diesel Engine Emissions for Constant Speed Application EngineDr. Bhalchandra S. Deshmukh
Layout of the Engine Mounts on the Vehicle Chassis for Elastic Axis DecouplingDr. Tabrez Musheer
Least-squares Spectral Element Methods for Parabolic Problems on Smooth Domains using Parallel ComputersDr. Pankaj Biswas
Light Transmission Patterns in Occluded Tissue: Does Rouleaux Formation Play a Role?Prof. Karen Reynolds
Linear and Non Linear Analysis of Central Crack Propagation in Polyurethane Material - A ComparisonMr. Mubashir Gulzar
Literature Survey On The Implementation Of OCR For Handwritten Hindi Curve Script Using Soft Computing TechniquesDr. Madhu Shahi
Load Forecasting for Power System Planning using Fuzzy-Neural NetworksDr. Swaroop.R
Locomotion System Dynamic Analysis with Application on Children Orthotics and Prostheses DevicesProf. Copilusi Cristian
Machine Learning and Missing Attributes ValuesProf. Stefania GALLOVA
Machine Translation Based on Data Mining and Deductive SchemesMr. Seyed Mostafa Fakhrahmad
Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of a Viscous Electrically conducting Incompressible Fluid between Two Vertical Parallel Plates in Presence of Uniform Inclined Magnetic FieldDr. Krishna Gopal Singha
Mathematical Modeling of G type Seismic Waves in a Homogeneous Layer over a Transversely Isotropic Half-space under Initial StressDr. Santimoy Kundu
Mean Absolute Deviation about Median as a Tool of Explanatory Data AnalysisDr. Elsayed Elamir
Mechanical Properties of WC-Co-Diamond Composite Doped With Chromium BorideDr. A.L.D Skury
Mechanical-Assessment of Locally Fabricated Portable Generators for Production of Acetylene Gas in Abeokuta, NigeriaMr. ADEKUNLE IBRAHIM MUSA
Mechanisms of Fracture Toughness Enhancement in Nanocrystalline SolidsDr. Alexander Sheinerman
Method of Visualization of Two-Dimensional Histogram Set of a Color ImageDr. Alexander Gutenev
Microstructural Characterizations of Dissimilar Friction Stir WeldsDr. Esther Akinlabi
Minimizing a Function Using a Sequence of Interval VectorsProf. Geetanjali Panda
Mining Wellness and Performance Data to Identify At-Risk First-Year Engineering StudentsDr. Alten Du Plessis
Mixed Mode Analysis of Raised Buried Oxide Tunnel FETMrs. Brinda Bhowmick
Mobile GIS: For Collection of Socio-Economic Data and Water Resource Management Information (Case Study: Rural Maharashtra State, India)Mr. MADHAV BOKARE, Prof. SURYAKANT THORAT
Mobile Social Computing as Assistive Technology for Improving Elderly CareMr. Ahmad Hassan Afridi
Mobile Social Computing: Swarm Intelligence based CollaborationMr. Ahmad Hassan Afridi
Modeling an OBS Network in OMNeT + + and the Impact of Data Channels in such NetworkMr. Fahd LOUKDACHE
Modeling and Simulation of Piezoelectric Energy HarvestingProf. Wahied Ali
Modeling Microfibril Angle and Tree Age in Acacia mangium Wood using X-Ray Diffraction TechniqueDr. Tamer Tabet
Modeling of Extreme Temperature Using Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) Distribution: A Case Study of PenangDr. Husna Hasan
Modeling Road Accidents using Fixed Effects Model: Conditional versus Unconditional ModelMrs. Wan Fairos Wan Yaacob
Modeling the Low Initial Engine Start Up Speed 1st Compression Ring EHLMr. SYED ADNAN QASIM
Modelling of Drying of Wet Coarse Particles of Sludge in a Conical Spouted Bed DryerProf. Maria Jose San Jose
Modelling of Hip Resurfacing Device Contact under Central and Edge Loading ConditionsMr. Murat Ali
Modelling Out-Of-Sequence Measurements Using a Grey Relational Anaysis and Copulas HybridProf. Bhekisipho Twala
Modified Newton's methods with fifth or sixth -order convergence and multiple rootsDr. Husnia Mohamed Eldanfour
Monitoring Carbon Monoxide Emission in the Air Using Wireless ApplicationDr. Norhayati Hamzah
Multi objective optimization in cluster based routing for large scale wireless sensor network using genetic algorithmDr. Biswanath Dey
Multi Population Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for University Course Timetabling ProblemDr. Meysam Shahvali Kohshori
Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Shifts and Overtime Strategies using Choquet IntegralMs. Engin TASKAN
Multilevel Privacy Preserving in Distributed Environment using Cryptographic TechniqueMr. Fuad Al-yarimi
Multi-objective Algorithm for Optimal DesignMr. Abubaker Elbayoudi
Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms Based Approach to Optimize the Small Signal Parameters of Gate Stack Double Gate MOSFETDr. Toufik Bendib
Multiobjective Programming Problem Involving B-(p,r)-Type I FunctionsDr. Anurag Jayswal
Multi-phase Design Optimization of a Long Range Aerial Lift Boom StructureDr. Henry Panganiban
Multi-server Queuing Maximum Availability Location Problem with Stochastic Travel TimesProf. Noraida Abdul Ghani
Multi-symmetric Ciphering System Module Based on MicrocontrollerDr. Ghada Abdelhady
Multivariable Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Identification Using the MIMO Dynamic Neural Wavelet UnitsDr. Lyes SAAD SAOUD
netic Algorithm Sequential Monte Carlo Methods For Stochastic Volatility And Parameter EstimationMr. Muhammad Shakir Hussain
New cubical dimension of embendding TreeDr. Hamida BENMEZIANE
New Dual-Dielectric Gate All Around (DDGAA) RADFET Dosimeter Design to Improve the Radiation SensitivityProf. Faycal DJEFFAL
New Genetic Operator for Dynamic OptimizationMr. Khalid Jebari
New Results In Fractional Differential Equations TheoryProf. Zoubir DAHMANI
New sixth-order iterative method solving for nonlinear equationsDr Waseem Asghar Khan
Nodules segmentation in breast ultrasound using the artificial neural network self-organizing mapMiss Karem Marcomini
Noise Reduction Of Biomedical Signal Using Artificial Neural Network ModelDr. Y.B.Gandole
Non-Destructive Testing of Dissimilar Friction Stir WeldsDr. Esther Akinlabi
Nondifferentiable Convex Optimization: An Algorithm Using Moreau-Yosida RegularizationProf. Nada Djuranovic-Milicic
Non-iterative and pure RNS division algorithmDr. mansoureh labafniya
Novel Channel Estimation Algorithm Using Various Filter Design in LTE-Advanced SystemMr. Saransh Malik
Novel Cooperative Relaying Algorithm in LTE-Advanced SystemMr. Saransh Malik, and Mr. Bora Kim
Numerical Determinations with Finite Differences Method of Prismatic Beams Subjected to TorsionDr. Marin Lupoae
Numerical Investigation on Effect of Operating Parameters on Plate Fin Heat ExchangerMr. Manish Rathod
Numerical Modeling of Heat Effects during Thermal Manufacturing of Aero Engine ComponentsDr. Loucas Papadakis
Numerical simulation and Experimental validation of non-linear deformation of GLAREDr. P.Balachandra Shetty
Numerical Simulation of Compressible Two-phase Flows Using an Eulerian Type Reduced ModelMr. Ahmed Ballil
Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Abruptly Flows in Open ChannelsDr. Fourar Ali
Numerical Solution of Extended Block Backward Differentiation Formulae for Solving Stiff ODEsMs. Siti Ainor Mohd Yatim