The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2012 are listed here:

A_D, E_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
Object Oriented Methodology based SimulatorDr. Rahul Kosarwal
Ocean Thermal Energy Stirling Power Plant (OTE-SPP)Mr. Ramkumar Gurumurthy
On Equations of State for Simulations of Multiphase FlowsMr. Shaban Jolgam
On plick graphs with point-outercoarseness number oneDr. Sunilkumar M Hosamani
On Selecting the Optimal Bayesian Network Model Construction ApproachDr. Ifeyinwa E. Achumba
On the Chaoticity of a Class of Tent-like Interval MapsDr. Bau-Sen Du
On the Control of Generic Abelian Group CodesDr. Jorge P Arpasi
On the Determinants of Profitability of Indian Life Insurers - An Empirical StudyDr. Charumathi Balakrishnan
On the existence of mild solutions of fractional differential equations with nonlocal conditionsDr Mohamed Abbas
On The Implementation of Crowbar less Solid State Modular Klystron Bias SupplyDr. Koushik Guha
On The Oscillatory Behavior of Transient Rayleigh Benard Convection of Air for 2D Channel Flow at Moderate Rayleigh NumbersMiss REIHANEH NEISHAPOURI
On the Potentialities of Reduced Structure Inverter Integrated in Robot ApplicationMs. Lilia Zouari
On the Structure of Some Groups Containing L2(13)wrL2(17)Dr. Basmah Shafee
One Dimensional Generalized Magnetothermoelastic Problem : For a Half-SpaceDr. Abhijit Lahiri
Online Credit Card Fraudulent Detection Using Data MiningDr. S.Aravindh
Ontology-based Solution for Data Warehousing in Genetic Neurological DiseaseMiss DOUNIA AWAD
Optimal Bidding in Electricity Markets with Carbon Emission by using MRS StrategyDr. Kaustubh Dwivedi
Optimal Control Problem for Stochastic Switching Systems with Controlled DiffuzionDr. Charkaz Aghayeva
Optimal Inventory Control under Parametric Uncertainty via Cumulative Customer DemandProf. Nicholas A. Nechval
Optimal Prediction Intervals for Future Order Statistics from Extreme Value DistributionsProf. Nicholas A. Nechval
Optimal replenishment policy to mitigate hi-tech products risks under declining marketDr. P.C. Yang
Optimization model for products with limited promotion periodPing-Hui Hsu
Optimization of an Air-Cooled Engine Fin Using CFDDr. B. ARAVIND
Optimization of Fluence Energy in Relation to Weld Properties Based on Vogel Approximation MethodDr. Joseph Achebo
Optimization of Linear Array Antennas by the Kalman Filtering MethodDr. M. Siva Priya Mala1
Optimization of Neural Predictor for Air PollutionDr. Lakmmissi Cherroun
Optimization of Process Factors for The Biodegradation Of DWTP Sludge in Large Scale Using Low Mixing RatesDr. Hind Barghash
Optimization of Process Parameters for Castor Oil ProductionMr. Mohamed Belaid
Optimum Design of Composite Thin-Walled Closed Section Beam Element for Strength and StabilityMr. S.R.mohammadi
Orthopaedic Implant Selector ExpertDr. Meteb Altaf
Parallel and Distributed Information Processing using Intelligent Software AgentsDr. Ahmed Baita Garko
Parallel Architecture for Binary Images RecognitionDr. Saul Martinez Diaz
Perceptions of Ergonomics Importance at Workplace and Safety Culture amongst Safety & Health (SH) Practitioners in MalaysiaMrs. Rozlina Md Sirat
Performance Analysis of Energy Consumption of Mobile Station in Three-Tier NetworkProf. Yun Won Chung
Performance Analysis of New SNR Estimation Methodology Based on Preamble ApproachDr. Sangmi Moon
Performance comparison of domestic refrigerator using HFC134a and HFC134a/HC refrigerant mixtureDr. J.Thavamani M.E
Performance Evaluation & Analysis of Table Driven and On´┐ŻVDemand Routing Protocols for MANETS based on Traffic ModelsDr. Gitanjali Sinha
Performance Evaluation of a Sweet Potato Peeling MachineMr. P. O. Ojo
Performance Evaluation of Recuperative Heat Exchanger in Rotary FurnaceDr. Adekunle Oyelami
Performance Evaluation of Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 A,G WPA2 PTP Links: a Case StudyProf. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
Performance of OCDMA Systems with Different Detection Schemes Using Enhanced Double Weight (EDW) CodeDr. Feras Alattar
Performance of Time-Bound Negotiation in Agent-Based Manufacturing ControlDr. WING LOK YEUNG
Performance Prediction Model for Distributed Applications on Multicore ClustersMs. Nontokozo Portia Khanyile
Periodic Solution of a Non-autonomous Neutral Delay Two-species Competitive SystemProf. Gui Zhanji
Phase Change Materials in Buildings Material for Energy ConservationDr. EH Bouguerra
Phenotypic Screening of Nigerian Rainfed Lowland Mega Rice Varieties for Submergence ToleranceDr. Benjamin Oluwole Akinyele
Physics Based Surface Potential Modeling of Triple Metal Cylindrical Surround Gate (TMCSG) MOSFETsDr. Santosh Kumar Gupta
Post-Limit Deformation Behaviour of Materials and the Analysis of Zonal Disintegration of Rocks around Underground ExcavationsProf. Anvar Chanyshev
Power Enhancement for Piezoelectric Energy HarvesterProf. Wahied Ali
Power-Law Adjusted Failure-Time ModelsDr. William J. Reed
Predicting Construction Labor Productivity Using Artificial Neural NetworkDr. Arazi Bin Idrus
Predicting Wave Velocity and Stress of Impact of Elastic slug and Viscoelastic Rod Using Viscoelastic Discontinuity Analysis (Standard Linear Solid Model)Dr. A.B. Musa
Prediction of Construction Labor Productivity using Fuzzy Expert SystemsDr. Arazi Idrus
Prediction of Milling Forces by Integrating a Geometric and a Mechanistic ModelDr. S. ABAINIA
Prediction of the Damage Coefficient in a Prostate Cancer Tissue during Laser Ablation Using Artificial Neural NetworksMr. Sandeep Rao, Mr. SUHRID DEV, Mr. VIVEK SHRIVASTAVA
Prioritization of Applications for Software-as-a-Service Migration Using Total Life Cycle Costs and the Analytic Network ProcessProf. Eugene Rex Jalao
Process Parameters for Bio-oxidation of Sulphur in the Pre-treatment of Bioleaching Residues Destined for Cyanide Gold ExtractionMr. Mohamed Belaid
Production and Optimization of Aluminum-Basalt Composites by Hand Lay-out TechniqueMr. Seyyed Mohammad Mohsen Sabet
Production of Lactic Acid from Cassava Starch Hydrolysate using Immobilized Lactobacillus Casei in a Fibrous Bed BioreactorMr. OLUGBENGA SOSU-MOBEE, Prof. Ayo Afolabi
Prov Exponential Decision MethodProf. Anabela Tereso
QFD based Information Technology Planning Approach for Collaborative Product DevelopmentProf. Gulcin Buyukozkan, Miss Sezin Guleryuz
QoS Monitoring and Dynamic Trust Establishment for Cloud ComputingDr. Karthik Chandrasekar
Quantitative Study on the Effect of Gender and Age on Brainstem Auditory Evoked ResponsesDr. Sandhya Dass
R & D Effect on Innovation in Product and Process Concurrent EngineeringDr. Lida Haghnegahdar
Rainfall Prediction Using Hybridization of Fuzzy-Inference and Case Based ReasoningMr. Saroj Kr. Biswas
Recent Perspectives Into The Study of Copolyurethane Elastomers With Varying Hard and Soft SegmentsDr. Cristina Prisacariu
Recommendations Generated about Human Reliability Analysis on Biodiesel PlantsDr. Selva Rivera
Reconnaissance Mission: Development of an Algorithm for Indoor Localisation System with Collaborative Multi-RobotMr. Md. Masum Billah
Recovery of Aluminium Oxide from Flint Clay through H2SO4 LeachingMr. Mohamed Belaid
Recursive MEG and EEG Source LocalizationProf. Hasan Al-Nashash
Reducing CO2 Emissions from a Gas Turbine Power Plant by using a Molten Carbonate Fuel CellMr. Rafal Bernat
Reducing the Shrinkage in Plastic Injection Moulded Gear via Grey-Based-Taguchi Optimization MethodMiss NIK MIZAMZUL MEHAT
Reduction Crystallization of Manganese and Aluminum from Waste Water using HydrazineMr. Mohamed Belaid
Removal of Digital Envelopes in SET Protocol Using Diffie Hellmann Key Exchange AlgorithmDr. Sachin Tripathi
Removal of Nitrate from Wastewater Using Trentepohlia Aurea MicroalMiss Laila Al Balushi
Repair Analysis for Embedded Memories Using Block-Based Redundancy ArchitectureDr. Stefan Kristofik
Report Generation on ECGs Survey Data Analysis Using Threshold Based Inference EngineDr. Saria Safdar
Research on the Matrix-based Version Validity of BOM in Aviation IndustryDr. Sheng Leng
Resolution Scaled Quality Adaptation for Ensuring Video Availability in Real-Time SystemsDr. Krishnapriya.S
RNS Overflow Detection by Operands ExaminationDr. H. Siewobr, Dr. K.A.Gbolagade
Routing VoIP traffic in Large NetworksMr. Martin Hruby
RSS and LEA Adaptation for Indoor Location using FingerprintingProf. Pedro Mestre
Scalable and Secure Cloud Storage Built on HBaseDr. Sujitha.G
SCB Configuration Operational PerformanceDr. Luis F. Romero D
Security Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks using Machine LearningDr. Aswathy B. Raj
Security Management System for 4G Heterogeneous NetworksMr. Hani Alquhayz
Selection of Material for Bicycle Chain in Indian Scenario using MADM ApproachDr. Harwinder Singh
Semantic and Color based Image RetrievalDr. Renuka Devi.D
Semantically Intelligent Semi-Automated Ontology IntegrationMr. Qasim Umer
Sequential Tuning of Power System Stabilizers for Improving the Small Signal Stability in Multi-machine Power SystemsDr. A. Mahabuba
Series Active Power Filter Using Generalised Instantaneous Power TheoryProf. Mahmadasraf Mulla
Service Restoration in Distribution Systems with Priority Customers using NSGA-IIDr. Yogendra Kumar
Simulation of Left Main Coronary Bifurcation Lesions using 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Model and its Comparison with 2DMr. Binu L.S.
Simulation of the Registration and the Base Exchange Protocols in HIP Layer with Estimation of the Handover LatencyDr Ch D V Subba Rao
Singularity Analysis of a Parallel Manipulator with Cylindrical JointsProf. Zhumadil Baigunchekov
Singularity-based Approach in a Pade-Chebyshev Resolution of the Gibbs PhenomenonDr. ARNEL TAMPOS
SLA Business Management Based on Key Performance IndicatorsDr. Sarmad Al Aloussi
SMC: An Energy Conserving P2P File Sharing Model for Mobile DevicesDr. Karthik Chandrasekar
Software Failures and Chaos TheoryProf. Moinuddin Ahmad
Software Platform for Reporting, on the Internet, Data Stored from Sensors Used to Monitor Production ProcessesMr. Catalin Mateias
Solid State Friction Stir Welding (FSW) On Similar and Dissimilar MetalsDr. STHAMIZHMANII
Solidification of Porous Material under Natural Convection by Three Phases ModelingProf. Hassan Basirat Tabrizi
Solving Limited-Memory BFGS Systems with Generalized Diagonal UpdatesProf. Roummel Marcia
Some Issues of Development of Intelligent System for Information Security AuditingDr. Lyazzat Atymtayeva
Some Numerical Representations on Biometrical Identification SystemProf. Mariam Haroutunian
Some Properties of Lyapunov Exponents for Almost Periodic Hamiltonian SystemsDr. FAROUK CHERIF
Sparse Matrix Approximation Technology for Concept Decomposition on Large DatasetsDr. Chi Shen
Sphere Decoding Complexity Reduction Using an Adaptive SD-OSIC AlgorithmMr. Bora Kim
Stability of Numerical Schemes for the Delay Blowflies EquationDr. Ekkachai Kunnawuttipreechachan
Statistical Ensemble Interactions in Microstructures where Damage Events PresentDr. Gang Qi
Stochastic Volatility Analysis using the Generalised Kolmogorov-Feller EquationProf. Jonathan Blackledge
Strategic Planning for the Textile and Clothing Supply ChainProf. Manuel Figueiredo
Strict Stability Criteria for Impulsive Functional Differential EquationsMr. Dilbaj Singh
Structure-Dependent Integration Algorithms for Time History AnalysisProf. Shuenn-Yih Chang
Studding of Multi Interaction Effect of Machining Parameters In CNC-Turning on Surface Roughness of 304- Austenitic Stainless Steel Using Response Surface MethodologyDr. G. H. SENUSSI
Studies on Rheological and Thermal Properties of Treated Waste Natural Rubber Latex/Polystyrene BlendMr. Orathai Boondamnoen
Study of active soldering of Al2O3 sputtering targets on copper substratesMr. Martin Provaznik
Subsidy Driven Decision Procedure to Mitigate the Tragedy of the Commons and Anti-commonsMr. Mbuyu Sumbwanyambe
Suggestions for Tele-Seismic Hypocentre Location using Table-driven ScanningDr. George Daglish
Surface Energy and Crystallite Size Comparisons by Applying Direct Current and Pulse Direct Current on Substrate Bias in PVD ProcessDr. Hanizam Hashim
Surface Quality Improvement in CNC End Milling Machined Aerospace AL-2017-T4 Alloy Using Carbon Onion Nanolubrication with DLC cutting toolMr. Mohd Sayuti Ab Karim
SVD-based Privacy Preserving Data Updating in Collaborative FilteringMr. Xiwei Wang
Swarm Intelligence for Decision Support in supply chain managementDr. Yi Wang
Synthesizing Models of Power Yield in Thermo-Electro-Chemical SystemsProf. Stanislaw Sieniutycz
Systematic Improvement of Splitting Methods for the Hamilton EquationsMr. Asif Mushtaq
Systemic Risk : Modeling and MeasurementDr. Shulin Zhang
Temperature Prediction Based on Genetic Radial Basis Function (GRBF)Dr. Sina Dami
Ternary Tree Based Group Key Generation using Elliptic Curve Diffie-HellmannDr. Tanmay Ghorai
The Advantage of Using Audio Amplifiers Class-D for The New Generations of Mobile SystemsDr. Krit Salahddine
The Application of Grey Theory to Taiwan Pollution PredictionProf. Chen-Fang Tsai
The Bivariate Inverse Weibull Distribution Its Characteristics and PropertiesProf. Muhammad Aleem
The Comparison of Outlier Detection in Multiple Linear RegressionMiss PIMPAN AMPHANTHONG
The Cube Root EngineDr. Sahabaz Kathewadi
The Effect of Length and Location of Heater in a Porous Annulus: Thermal Non Equilibrium ApproachMr. Salman Ahmed N.J.
The Effect of Raw Materials and Production Conditions on Glass QualityProf. Ayo Afolabi
The Effects of the Greek Economic Crisis on Eating Habits and Psychological Attitudes of Young People: A Sample Survey among Greek University StudentsProf. Christos Frangos
The Experimental Studies of Transient Free Digital SVC Controller With Thyristor Binary Compensator At 125 KVA Distribution TransformerProf. Dadgonda R. Patil
The Grey Forecasting Model on the Forecast of Green GDP Accounting in TaiwanProf. Shin-Li Lu
The Impact of Initial Network Topology on Performance of Routing Algorithms in MANETsDr. Ronit Nossenson
The Influence of CaCO3 Doping on High Pressure High Temperature Diamond SynthesisDr. A.L.D Skury
The Influence of the Reinforcement on RC Elements Demolition using ExplosivesDr. Marin Lupoae
The Influence of Walls in Dual Structures on the Columns Structural ResponseDr. Tiberiu PASCU
The Interaction between Convective Flow and Interface Morphology of the Particle GrowthDr. Mingwen Chen
The micro-scopic and macro-scopic modeling on the contact interfaceDr. Lei Hou
The Self-Excitation Damping Ratio in Variable Speed MillingMr. Khaled Saleh
The Shortcomings of Existing Root Cause Analysis ToolsDr. Hari Agung Yuniarto
Thermal Concentrator Fresnel Controlled by Fuzzy LogicProf. Gustavo Jesus Ozuna Huerta
Thermal convection of nanofluids. A non-Fourier perspective and linear stability analysisProf. Roger Khayat
Thermophoresis of Particles over Flat Plate Turbulent Flow based on Two-fluid ModelingProf. Hassan Basirat Tabrizi
Tool Condition Monitoring using Acoustic Emission and Vibration Signature in TurningProf. IMTIAZ CHOUDHURY
Towards Requirements Analysis and Assessment of Pervasive SystemsDr. Sajjad Mahmood
Towards the Anti-Ageing Model for Application SoftwareDr. Jamaiah Yahaya
Traffic Engineering and Optimization Routing for VoIP Traffic in Wireless Mesh NetworksMiss Houda ZARHOUNI
Transformations with Right Skew DataDr. Lakhana Watthanacheewakul
Treatment of Lane-Emden Type Equations via Second Derivative Backward Differentiation Formula using Boundary Value TechniqueProf. Solomon Okunuga
Triple Security Generator in Smart Authentication Using Data Mining TechniquesMiss Priyadharshini Duraisamy
Ultrasonic Signal Processing Hybrid Technique for Analysis of Alcoholic Fermentation ProcessMr. JULIAN ANTONIO VILLAMARIN MUNOZ
Unsteady Piston Skirts EHL at a Small and a Large Radial Clearances in the Initial Engine Start UpMr. Muhammad Shoaib Ansari
Unsupervised Learning of Opinion Targets from Customer Reviews: A ReviewDr. Khairullah Khan
Using Six Sigma to Improve Complaints HandlingDr. Sergio Sousa
Utilization of Web Services as Multi Agents in HealthCare SystemDr. Mijal Mistry
Virtual System of Speaker Tracking by Camera Using an Audio-Based Source LocalizationProf. Halim Sayoud
Wastewater Management for Sustainable DevelopmentMiss Amal Al Saadi
Weights of Road Accident Causes using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy ProcessDr. Lazim Abdullah
Worked-out Examples in a Computer Science Introductory ModuleDr. Isabel Moura
Working on the Threshold of the Human Error in Maintenance TasksDr. Selva Rivera