The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2013 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)
Contact Authors
ECG Beat Classification with Mutli-Agent System and Artificial Neural NetworkMr. Belgacem Amar
Effect of Bone Composition and Apparent Density on Inhomogeneity in Energy Dissipation during TensionDr. N K Sharma
Effect of Crushing Speed Rate on Crashworthiness Parameters of Composite MaterialsDr. Hakim Aljibori
Effect of Different Nanofluids Volume Fraction Ratio on Boundary Layer and Heat Transfer CharacteristicDr. Emad Jamil Elnajjar
Effect Of Magnetic Field On Convection Of Radiating Gas in A Vertical Channel Through Porous MediaMrs. RUCHI CHATURVEDI
Effect of Radiation on the Mechanical Properties of MaterialsMiss Priyanka Gadhave
Effect of Sintering Parameters and Powder Characteristics on the Performance of Metal-Injection-Molded SKD11 PartsProf. Kuan-Hong Lin
Effect of the Entrainment Zone on the Solid Cross-flow in Conical Spouted Beds with a Draft TubeDr. Maria J San Jose
Effect of trade credit on a two-warehouse inventory model for deteriorating items with time dependent demand and backlogging rateDr. Neeraj Kumar
Effective Feature Selection for Multi-class Classification ModelsDr. Hung-Yi Lin
Efficient Implementation of KECCAK (SHA-3) Algorithm on FPGADr. Arshad Aziz
Efficient Learning of Random Forest Classifier using Disjoint Partitioning ApproachMrs. Vrushali Kulkarni
Efficient NLP Approaches for Direct Computation of Collapse Load Bounds of Structures under Interval InputsDr. Sawekchai Tangaramvong
Efficient Remote Data Possession Checking in critical information infrastructures ensuring data storage security in Cloud ComputingDr. T.Nalini
Efficient Repair Rate Estimation of Redundancy Algorithms for Embedded MemoriesMr. Stefan Kristofik
Eigenenergies of a Nanoscale Symmetric Double Triangular Quantum Well in Double Gate InAlAs/InGaAs HEMTDr. Jyotika Jogi
Elasto-diffusive Body Waves Propagation in Rotating Semiconductor MaterialsDr. D Grover
Electrical Quantities in Terms of the International System of UnitsDr. Hala Mosaad
Enactment of Stochastic Model Stream Mechanism on Multi class Queueing SystemDr. K.Sivaselvan
Energy Management in the South African Sugar IndustryProf. Charles Mbohwa
Enhancement of Coir Fiber Fire Retardant PropertyDr. Mohammad Hosseini Fouladi1a
Enhancement of Network Capacity and Spectral Efficiency Using Transposed Uniform Cross-Correlation Modified Prime CodeDr. Mohammad Hossien Zoualfaghari
Enhancement of Rectangular Shape Antenna using Metamaterial Structures with Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG)Dr. Norhayati Hamzah
Ergonomic Assessment Methods for the Evaluation of Hand Held Industrial Products: A ReviewMr. Dhananjay Singh Bisht
Estimate Filter Tank Fault Effects for Satellite Power SystemMr. CHECHENG HUANG
Estimation of the Diffusivities and Mass Transfer Coefficients for the Drying of D. Joaquina PearsProf. Raquel Guine
Evaluating Marketing Campaigns of Banking Using Neural NetworksDr. Qeethara Al-Shayea
Evaluating the Mechanical Reliability of Ball Grid Array (BGA) Flexible Surface-mount Electronics Packaging under Isothermal AgeingDr. Sabuj Mallik
Evaluating the Performance of State University, National Important Institute and Private Deemed Universities in Chennai (India) by using Data Envelopment AnalysisMr. VENKAT PRANESH
Evaluating the Side Force in Oseen Flow Slender Body Theory and Comparison with CFD Simulation ResultsMr. Hamid Mehmood Khan
Evaluation of Automated Phonetic Labeling and Segmentation for Dyslexic Children's SpeechDr. Husniza Husni
Experimental Investigation of Addition of Combination of Admixtures on the Properties of Retempered ConcreteDr. DILIP KULKARNI
Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Effectiveness on Finned-Tube Thermoacoustic Heat ExchangerMr. Wasan Kamsanam
Experimental Investigation of the Performances of a WRS-BTU Seismic IsolatorDr. Salvatore Strano
Experimental Research on Dynamic Characteristic of the Vehicle Magnetorheological DamperProf. Jin-qiu Zhang
Experimental Segregation of Binary Particles Using Gas-Solid Fluidized BedProf. Hassan Basirat Tabrizi
Experimental Study of Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Bio Dual Fuel Blends in Diesel Engine for Variation of Injection PressuresMr. VENKAT PRANESH
Experimentation of Measuring Three Dimensional Ultrasound ResolutionDr. Rahmita Wirza O.K. Rahmat
Exploring Long-range Correlations for Text Classification Using a Sparse Distributed MemoryProf. Mateus Mendes
Extended Elatrash Solution for Game Theoretic ProblemDr. EKAMBARAM KESAVULU REDDY
Fabrication of ZnO Nanorod Modified ITO Electrode and its Characteristic on Electrochemical BiosensingMr. Ho-Chun Hsu
FACT: A Formative Assessment Criteria Tool for the Assessment of Students' Programming TasksDr. Rami Rashkovits
Factor Analysis and Performance Indicators of TQM Implementation in the North Karnataka SMMEs: Evidence through Survey ResultsDr. S.B. MALLUR, Dr. Nagraj L Hiregoudar
Factors influencing Progression Rate in Higher Education in Oman - Data Engineering and Statistical ApproachMrs. Lakshmi Sunil, Mr. Sunil Prakash Pillai
Fast Feature Selection for Naive Bayes Classification in Data Stream MiningDr. Patricia Lutu
Fast Frontal View Gait Authentication Based on the Statistical Registration and Human Gait ModelingDr. Kosuke Okusa
Fast Motion EstimationDr. ZINE-EDDINE BAARIR
Feedrate Optimization Using Dexels Geometric Model and Predictive Cutting Forces Model in Three-Axis Milling MachineDr. S. ABAINIA
Finding Real Semantic of Replaced Words Using K-gram and NGDDr. Sachin Deshmukh
Finite Design for Critical Stresses of Compressed Biomaterials under TransportationProf. Christopher Chukwutoo Ihueze
Finite Element Analysis of the Cutting Forces in Turning of Femoral Heads from AISI 316L Stainless SteelDr. Nikolaos Galanis
Finite element convergence analysis of two-scale non-Newtonian flow problemsDr. Hou Lei
Fire Detection Using Spatial-temporal AnalysisProf. Liang-Hua Chen
Flexural Analysis of I- Shaped Ferrocement BeamsDr. Azad A. Mohammed
Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer in Non-Newtonian Annular Cylindrical Solidification of a Binary AlloyProf. NELSON MORAGA
Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Parachute in Low Speed AirdropDr. Xinglong Gao
Fourier Approximation of Functions Conjugate to the Functions Belonging to Weighted Lipschitz ClassDr. UADAY SINGH
Fourth-order Modified Basto-Semiao-Calheiros method free from second derivative for nonlinear equationsDr Waseem Asghar Khan
Free Convective Boundary-Layer Flow over a Vertical Truncated Cone in a Bidisperse Porous MediumProf. Ching-Yang Cheng
Free Vibration Of Antisymmetric Angle-Ply Laminated Annular Circular PlateProf. Viswanathan Kodakkal Kannan
Frequency-Domain PTEQ for MIMO OFDMCDMA CommunicationsDr. Fang-Biau Ueng
Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Materials between Aluminium Alloys and Copper - An OverviewDr. ESTHER AKINLABI
Function Approximation of Seawater Density Using Genetic AlgorithmMr. Abdulrahman Ahmed Bobakr Baqais
Fuzzy Controller Parameter Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm for a Real Time Controlled SystemDr. Turker Tekin Erguzel
Fuzzy Delay Differential Equation in Predator-Prey Interaction: Analysis on Stability of Steady StateDr. NORMAH MAAN
Fuzzy-Logic-based Approach for Organic Solar Cell Parameters ExtractionMr. Toufik BENDIB
Gate-Passing Detection Method Based on WiFi Significant PointsDr. Katsuhiko Kaji
Gene Silencing of Class III Chitin Synthase Affects Hyphal Development and Penicillin Production in Penicillium ChrysogenumDr. Zhiming Zheng
Generalized Interaction Principle Implemented in the Kron's MethodProf. Philippe Durand
Generating a Multiplying Factor to Determine Capacitor Value for all Range of Power Factor Correction in Industrial EnvironmentMr. Samuel Ibikunle Osafehinti
Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polyamide for Rotating Band ApplicationProf. Abdel-Salam Eleiche
Global Stability of Neutral-Type Neural Networks with Discrete Time DelaysDr. Zeynep ORMAN
GPU Acceleration of a Basket Option Pricing EngineMr. Sean Trainor
Grade Query System Using Mobile Devices for Students of the Juarez Autonomous University of TabascoMrs. Jorge Alberto Gomez
Graph Representations of Three-dimensional Chiral ObjectsDr. Ottilia Fulop
Gravity Currents in Non-rectangular Cross-section ChannelsDr. Tamar Zemach
Grey box system identification and optimal control of a single link flexible manipulator with ACLD treatmentDr. Rajiv Kumar
Harvesting Energy from Galloping OscillationsDr. Mustafa Arafa
Holistic Approach for Governing Information System SecurityProf. Mario Spremic
Home Healthcare Worker Scheduling: A Group Genetic Algorithm ApproachMr. Michael Mutingi
Homotopy Perturbation Method for Solving Some Initial Boundary Value Problems with Non Local ConditionsDr. A Cheniguel
Human Error on the Risk Reduction Actions during the NPP MaintenanceDr. Selva Rivera
Hybrid Intelligent Model for Software Maintenance PredictionMr. Abdulrahman Ahmed Bobakr Baqais
Hybrid Orthonormal Bernstein and Block-Pulse Functions for Solving Fredholm Integral EquationsProf. Khosrow Maleknejad
Hybrid Vibration control of rotating beams treated with layer damping treatmentDr. Rajiv Kumar
Icon-Based Interaction System using Fuzzy Rule-Base for Disease DiagnosisDr. Satya Ranjan Das
Identification Method of Human Movement Intention based on the Fusion Feature of EEG and EMGMiss Xiaoling Chen
Identification of Key Causal Regulators in Gene NetworksProf. Bin Zhang
Image Processing Techniques for Denoising, Object Identification and Feature ExtractionDr. ADEWOLE PHILIP
Immune Based Feature Selection for Opinion MiningMrs. Norlela Samsudin
Impact Assessment of MEMS Application on Automobile Driveability and FunctionalityDr. OLUWAFUNBI SIMOLOWO
Impact of Information and Knowledge Architectures for Systems Management on Stability of Global Reserve CurrencyMr. MARIO CARDULLO
Impact of Security Algorithms on Various Performance Metrics of Wireless LANMr. Vinay Bhatia
Implementation of a Logistics Process Improvement System - a Case StudyMr. Eduardo Rodrigues
Implementation of Graph Theory Algorithms-Java Tool KitDr. Sabapathy Krishnakumar
Importance of Tool Configuration in Incremental Sheet Metal Forming of Difficult to Form Materials using Electro-PlasticityMr. Javed Asghar
Improving Warehouse Layout Design of a Chicken Slaughterhouse using Combined ABC Class Based and Optimized Allocation TechniquesDr. Korrakot Yaibuathet Tippayawong
Incorporation of Computational Fluid Dynamics into the Effect of Building Layout on the Wind Environment-A Case Study of Shezi Island in TaipeiProf. Ying-Ming Su
Indoor Air Quality and Cardiovascular Effects in the Taiwanese General Population: Generalized Additive Mixed Models AnalysisProf. Kai-Jen Chuang
Infection Load Structured SI Model With Exponential Velocity And External Source of ContaminationDr. Antoine PERASSO, Dr. Ulrich Razafison
Influence of Clearance Joints on the Elements Position of Planar Six-bar Mechanisms with Complex ChainDr. Mohamad YOUNES
Influence of Feed Rate and Threaded Length in Thread Forming and Tapping OperationsMr. Igor Cezar Pereira, Prof. Marcio Bacci Da Silva
Influence of Slope Angle on Thermal Stability of Embankment in Permafrost RegionsDr. Dongqing LI
Information Behaviour Characteristics of Project Actors in Organisation ManagementMr. Frank K. Dzokoto
Inhibition of Corrosion of Mild Steel in 1M HCl by Jatropha Curcas Leaf ExtractDr Jamiu K. Odusote
Integral Equations in Cohesive Zones Modelling of Fracture in History Dependent MaterialsMiss LAYAL HAKIM
Integration of the Real-Time Remote Wireless Sensing System for Glucose Flexible BiosensorMr. Jie Ting Chen
Interest-Based Product Recommendations along Temporal DimensionProf. Yu-Chin Liu
Internal Control of Secure Information and Communication Practices through Detection of User Behavioral PatternsMrs. Suchinthi Fernando
Investigating Damaged Capacitor Bank at a Quarry Processing PlantMr. George Eduful
Investigating Performance Management in Postal SystemsDr. Thabiso Mokoena
Investigating Topic Models for Mobile Short Messaging Service Communication FilteringMr. Abiodun Modupe
Investigation of the Seismic Performances of an FRBs Base Isolated Steel Frame through Hybrid TestingDr. Salvatore Strano
Investigations on Hierarchical Web service based on Java TechniqueDr. Tulshi Bezboruah
Is it Possible to Predict Usability of a University Website from University Ranking Systems?Dr. Layla Hasan
Iterative Solution of Large Sparse Linear Systems Arising from Application of Interior Point Method in Computational GeomechanicsMr. Mohammad Omid Kardani
Kinematics of a Spatial RCCC Parallel ManipulatorProf. Zhumadil Baigunchekov
L1-induced Performance Analysis and Sparse Controller Synthesis for Interval Positive SystemsMiss Xiaoming Chen
Lap Time Optimization of a Sports Series Hybrid Electric VehicleDr. Simos Evangelou
Large Eddy Simulation of Wind Events Propagating through an Array of Wind TurbinesDr. John Cater
Latent Failures on Biodiesel PlantsDr. Selva Rivera
Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Wave Propagation and Reflection in the Presence of Walls and BlocksProf. Hassan Basirat Tabrizi
Life Cycle Assessment of a Coal-fired Old Thermal Power PlantProf. Charles Mbohwa
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis and Optimization of Health Clinic PV System for a Rural Area in OmanDr. Hussein A Kazem
Load Balancing in Green Cloud ComputationDr. Nada Al Sallami
Load Shedding Application within a Microgrid to Secure its Islanded Mode of OperationDr. Ricardo Leon Vasquez-Arnez
Logistics Network Simulation DesignMr. ABHILASH SAKSENA
Low Jitter Circuits in Digital System using Phase Locked LoopProf. Ahmed Telba
Low-cost Ultrasonic Probe to Assess Wood Defects and ParametersProf. Pedro Mestre
Macro and Micro Structural Characteristics of Dissimilar Friction Stir Welded AA7075 T651-AA6061 T651 Butt JointMr. VENKAT PRANESH
Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of a Viscous Electrically Conducting Incompressible Fluid Between Two Vertical Parallel Plates in Presence of Uniform Inclined Magnetic FieldDr. Krishna Gopal Singha
Maintenance Costs of a Pitch Control Device of a Wind TurbineProf. Mariana Carvalho
Managing Complexity in RemanufacturingMrs. Sandra Seifert
Manufacture of 3D Mobius-Listing Models with a 3D PrinterDr. V. M. Chapela
Markov Modeling for Microvascular Renal Complication of NIDDM and Hypertension to Evaluate the Use of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor (ACEI) and Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (ARB)Dr. Yosi Agustina Hidayat
Mathematical Determination of the Critical Absolute Hamaker Constant of the Serum (As an Intervening Medium) Which Favours Repulsion in the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-Blood Interactions MechanismDr. Chinonso Achebe
Mathematical Modeling and Algorithms to Simulate The Economy's BehaviorMr. Belal Amin
Measurement of Electromagnetic Signal Strengths of Four GSM Base Stations at 900 MHz in a Pilot RegionDr. Levent Seyfi
Mechanical Stress Evolution during Post-Deposition Thermal Treatment of CVD Polycrystalline Silicon FilmsDr. Gagik Y. Ayvazyan
Mechanical Variable Valve Actuation Systems for Motorcycle EnginesDr. Carmelina Abagnale
Merafong City and Randfontein Municipalities Community Perspectives on Waste ManagementDr. Edison Muzenda
Method of Building Thermal Performance Identification Based on Exponential FiltrationDr. Dmitry Shnayder
MFCC and TW Approach For Accent IdentificationMr. Santosh Gaikwad
Microstructural Development during Mechanical Forming of Steel SheetsDr. ESTHER AKINLABI
Minimization of Burr Height and Tool Wear in Drilling of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites Using Desirable-Fuzzy ApproachDr. Venkataramaiah Pathi
Mining Economic Prosperity and Environmental Empathy Indicators to Classify EmpathyDr. Muhammad Shahbaz
Model of Damage Accumulation Using Different Amplitudes of Loads for GeosyntheticsProf. Carlos Alberto Carvalho Castro
Modeling an OBS Network in OMNeT + + and the Impact of Processing Speed of Control Packets in Such NetworkMr. Fahd Loukdache
Modeling and DNA-Protein Docking studies of hTRF2 protein - An In silico ApproachDr. KOEL MUKHERJEE
Modeling and Software Implementation of PID Controlled Higher Order PLLDr. Tulshi Bezboruah
Modeling Dry DLC Coated Piston Skirts Elastic Behavior at Low-Speed Initial Engine Start UpMr. ZAHID UR REHMAN
Modeling of Drying Kinetics of ChestnutsProf. Paula Correia
Modeling Spray Pyrolysis DepositionDr. Lado Filipovic
Modulus of Rupture Correlation Study by Acoustic Signal Analysis during Impact TestMr. Zailan Karim
Molecular Filtration of Rubber Derived FuelDr. Edison Muzenda
Motion Planning for Car-like Robots Using Hierarchical Genetic AlgorithmsProf. Nouara ACHOUR
Motivators of Adopting Social Computing in Global Software Development: Initial ResultsDr. Mahmood Niazi
Multiclassifier System with Competence and Diversity Measures Applied to the Recognition of Multimodal Biosignals in the Control of Bioprosthetic HandProf. Marek Kurzynski
Multilevel User Authentication and Identification Scheme for e-mail ClientsProf. Artan Luma
Multiple fault detection and isolation approach applied to a kraft recovery boilerDr. Yvon Tharrault
Multiple Winding Transformer Model for Power Supply Applications in Circuit SimulationsProf. Carl Michael Odulio
Multi-Viewpoints Semantic Annotation of XML DocumentsProf. Boufaida Zizette
NARMAX_OLS Representation of a Semi-active Dynamic Leg Joint Model for a Paraplegic Subject Using Functional Electrical StimulationMs. Maryam Bijanzadeh
Network Coding for 2-Hop Neighbor Based Broadcast in Mobile Ad-Hoc NetworksDr A.Nagaraju
Neural Networks for Intrusion Detection and Its ApplicationsDr. EKAMBARAM KESAVULU REDDY
New Analytical Error Rate Bounds for GSM PHY Layer in CCI Limited and Rayleigh Faded ChannelsMr. Ahmed Alaa
New Approach Based on ANFIS Computation to Study the Threshold Voltage Behavior Including Trap Effects for Nanoscale DG MOSFETsProf. Faycal DJEFFAL
New Approach of Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Polymer GearsDr. Samy Yousef
New Method to Predict the Volumetric Changes in the Odiel Marshes (Huelva, Spain)Dr. Emilio Ramirez Juidias
New Security Perspective for Virtualized PlatformsMr. Abdelmajid Lakbabi
Nonlocal Singular Problems and Applications to MEMSProf. Luisa Fattorusso
Normalization of Face Image Using Large- and Small-Scale FeaturesMr. P. Karthika
Numerical Modelling of an Adsorption Solar Cooling SystemDr. Nadia ALLOUACHE
Numerical Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer in Spent Fuel Cooling PondsDr. Reaz Hasan
Numerical Simulation of Flow Past a Circular Cylinder Undergoing Figure-eight-Type Motion: Oscillation Amplitude EffectDr. Qasem M. Al-Mdallal
Numerical simulation of Grazing Flow over a Self-Excited Helmholtz ResonatorDr. Fazrin Ghanadi
Numerical Simulation of Sintering in the Ceramic OxideProf. Mohammed M Kadhim Al-Tameemi
Numerical Solution of Fractional Integro-differential Equation by Using Cubic B-spline WaveletsProf. Khosrow Maleknejad
Numerical Study of Flutter of a Two-Dimensional Aeroelastic SystemMr. Riccy Kurniawan