The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2013 are listed here:

A_D, E_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
On parallel and H-projective curvature tensor on almost hyperbolic Hermitian manifold admitting semi-symmetric metric connectionDr. Sushil Shukla
On a Robust Estimator in Heteroscedastic Regression Model in the Presence of OutliersProf. HABSHAH MIDI
On an Orthogonal Method of Finding Approximate Solutions of Ill-Conditioned Algebraic Systems and Parallel ComputationMiss Dinara Zhussupova
On Combating Content Poisoning in Peer-to-Peer NetworksDr. Mohammed Hawa
On multivalued contractions in cone metric spaces with out normalityDr. Muhammad Arshad
On second order parallel Ricci tensor on almost hyperbolic Hermitian manifold admitting semi-symmetric metric connectionDr. Sushil Shukla
On Signal Restoration by Piecewise Monotonic Data ApproximationProf. IOANNIS DEMETRIOU
On Solution of Nonlinear Cubic Non-Homogeneous Schrodinger EquationDr. Sherif Eid Nasr
On the Convergence of Some Numerical Methods for Solving Stochastic Differential EquationsDr. Adegboyegun B. J.
On the Mechanical and Elastic Properties of Anisotropic Engineering Materials Based upon Harmonic RepresentationsDr. Cigdem Dinckal
On the Solutions of First and Second Order Nonlinear Initial Value ProblemsMiss Sita Charkrit
On the Stability of Piecewise Genetic Regulatory NetworksMr. Jiewei Li
On the Stokes Flow over Ellipsoidal Type BodiesDr. NINO KHATIASHVILI
On the Structure of Some Groups Containing 11 PSL(2,7)wrM11Dr. Basmah H Shafee
On the Use of Quality Tools: A Case StudyDr. Sergio Sousa
One Pot Synthesis, Growth Mechanism and Optical Properties of PbS/Cu2S Core-shell NanoparticlesMiss Thelma Serrano
Ontology Driven Auto-E-LearningDr. NACIMA MELLAL
Opposing Mixed Convection of Bingham Fluid in Differentially Heated Square Cavity with PartitionMr. BENMALEK TOUFIK
Optimal Asset Allocation in the Turkish Electricity Market: Down-side vs Semi-variance Risk ApproachMr. METE EMIN ATMACA
Optimal Control Using State-dependent Riccati Equation (SDRE) for a Hydraulic ActuatorDr. Salvatore Strano
Optimal Mobile Data Offloading Policy through Delay Tolerant Networks with Selfish NodesDr. Zhen Liu
Optimal Plan for Inspection and Maintenance of Structural Components by CorrosionProf. Cesar Ortega-Estrada
Optimal Routing Service for Wireless Network security and ManagementDr. V.Senthilvel
Optimization of Gate Location in Injection Molding with Higher Order Response Surface ApproximationsDr. Kun-Nan Chen
Optimization of the CBSMAP Queueing ModelDr. Elizaveta Kondrashova
Optimized and Phase-fitted Zero-Dissipative Hybrid Methods for Solving Oscillatory ProblemsDr. F. Ismailb
Optimizing the Efficiency in Direct Laser Deposition Process using Vibrations to Control the Flow of PowderDr. Muhammad Ali
Order-interval Hypergraph of the N-free PosetDr. Fatma Kaci
Orthonormal Decomposition of Third Rank Tensors and ApplicationsDr. Cigdem Dinckal
Oscillatory Flow and Heat Transfer Within Parallel-plate Heat Exchangers of Thermoacoustic SystemsMrs. Fatimah Mohd Saat
Out-of-plane Constraint Based Fracture ToughnessDr. Osama Terfas
Output-Feedback Control for Networked Systems with Probabilistic DelaysProf. Magdi S. Mahmoud
Over-height Vehicle Detection System in EgyptDr. Mohamed Ahmed Massoud
PalmPrint Recognition System Based On Wavelet Transformation And Artificial Neural NetworkDr. Bindu Madhavi Mishra
Parallel Iterative Solution of the Hermite Collocation Equations on GPUsProf. Emmanouel Mathioudakis
Participatory Design and Usability: A Behavioral Approach of Engineering Design Intervention in an Oil RigDr Dierci Silveira
Performance Evaluation of ZigBee Protocol for High Data Rate Body Sensor NetworksProf. Jose Afonso
Performance Measurement Design for a Parcel Delivery CompanyMr. Murphy Choy
Performance Measurements of Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 B,G WEP Point-to-Multipoint LinksProf. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
Performance of a Bayesian Predictor-Based Procedure of an Additional Trial After a Non-Significant ResultProf. Takemi Yanagimoto
Performance Studies of Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 A,G WPA Point-to-Multipoint LinksProf. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
Phase Field Modeling of Drops and Bubbles in Electric FieldsProf. Ben Li
Phase Transition Models based on A N-Body Complex StatisticsDr. David Ni
Photoacoustic Tomography with Diffusion ApproximationMrs. Verena Margitta Moock
Photo-thermal Modeling of Plasmonic Heating of Concentric NanoparticlesProf. Ben Li
Phytochemicals of Some Members of the Family Hyacinthaceae and their Significance in Plant ProtectionProf. Benjamin Oluwole Akinyele
Piezoelectrics - A Potential Electric Source for AircraftsMr. Shivaraj Kumar Velayudhan
Placing a Liaison with Short Communication Lengths between Two Members of the Same Level in an Organization StructureProf. Kiyoshi Sawada
pMDI Spray Plume Analysis: A CFD StudyMr. Ricardo Oliveira
PNets - the Verification Tool based on Petri NetsMr. Miroslav Siebert
Possible Solutions of the Generalized Plane Deformation at the Multilinked Rock Massif under the Actions of Elastic WavesDr. Lyazzat Atymtayeva
Power reduction by suppressing reactivation noise in MTCMOSDr. Prof. Moorthy Selvakumaran
Pre-computation Architecture with T-Algorithm for Viterbi Decoder DesignDr. Prof. Moorthy Selvakumaran
Predicting Queues and Delays at Toll Plazas by Computer Simulation (Case Study: Cililitan Toll Plaza, Jakarta)Prof. Ahmad Munawar
Prediction of Amyloid Fibrillar Aggregates of Polypeptide Sequences: A Soft Computing ApproachProf. Smitha Nair
Prediction of Bilinear Stress-Strain Curve of Thin Hard Coating by Nanoindentation Test and Finite Element MethodProf. Tung-Sheng Yang
Preliminary Study of Knowledge Management Implementation Strategy for the Automotive Industry in MalaysiaDr. AZMI JAAFAR
Probabilistic - Optimal Power Flow for Radial Distribution Systems with Wind GeneratorsProf. Bala Venkatesh
Process of Building Reference Ontology for Higher EducationMrs. LEILA Zemmouchi-Ghomari
Process Optimisation with the Aid of Artificial Neural NetworksDr. M. Mansour
Product Architecture and Technology Selection in Dynamic Business EnvironmentMr. Anton Sabaleuski
Quality and Operation Management System for Steel Products through Multivariate Statistical Process ControlDr. Hiroyasu Shigemori
Quality Tools: Importance and Utilization Levels in the Portuguese IndustryDr. Paulo Sampaio
Quasilinear Heat Equation in Three Dimensions and Stefan Problem in Permafrost Soils in the Frame of Alternating Directions Finite Difference SchemeDr. Taras Dauzhenka
Query Answering over OWL Knowledge base with SPARQLDr. Meena Unni
Radiographic Analysis of Lower Limb Axial AlignmentsDr. Bin Wang
Reagent Optimization across a UG2 PlantProf. Ayo Afolabi
Real-Life Vehicle Routing with Non-Standard ConstraintsProf. Wee-Leong Lee
Recognition of Single Handed Sign Language Gestures using Contour Tracing DescriptorDr. PRITEE KHANNA
RedTacton: Enhancing Ubiquitous Computing ServicesMr. Saheed Adewuyi
Reducing the Congestion Control Problem of TCP/IP Wireless Networks by using Pole PlacementProf. Teresa Alvarez
Reduction in the Fuel Consumption of Car by Polypropylene CompoundDr. Mayur R. Mogre
Reduction of High Frequency Vibration of Brush Cutter by Structure OptimizationDr. Junji Yoshida
Reflection and Transmission of Acoustic waves: Semiconductor-Fluid InterfaceDr. Amit Sharma
Regeneration of Used Engine OilDr. Abubakar Isah
Relationship among Poverty, Education Expenditure, and Education Status: Empirical Evidence from PakistanDr. ZAHID AHMAD, Mrs. Tayyaba Batul
Reliability Assessment of 33kV Kaduna Electricity Distribution Feeders, Northern Region, NigeriaDr. Jibril .Y
Research on the Reliable Replica Creation Technique Based on Virtual Ring StrategyDr. Liu Dong
Reversible Reactive Flow Displacements in Homogeneous Porous MediaProf. Jalel Azaiez
Review in Research Based on Swarm Intelligence Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocol and their OptimizationMr. Arun Kumar
Revisiting Methods and Potentials of SAR Change DetectionMr. ABUBAKR ABDULHADI
RFID Application on Digital Library ServiceProfessor Ruey shun Chen
RFID Application on Manufacturing Process Control in Semiconductor IndustryMr. Ruey-Shun Chen
Rheology and processability of Diglycidylether of bisphenol-A (DGEBA) and Polyurethane (PU) based Isotropic Conductive Adhesives filled with different size-distributed silver flakes and silver particlesDr. Rajkumar Durairaj
Risk Management - Comparison of Islamic and Conventional Banks in GCCDr. Aqila Rafiuddin
Road Transport Emission Inventory in a Regional Area by Using Experimental Two-Wheelers Emission FactorsDr. Paolo Iodice
Robust Reduction Dimension for Mapping of Rice FieldDr. Dyah Erny Herwindiati
SAARC Monetary Union - A PerspectiveDr. Prerna Mishra
Scaling Free CORDIC Algorithm Implementation of Sine and Cosine FunctionMs. ANIS SHAHIDA MOKHTAR
Searching Log Records in Outsourced Databases using Matrix MethodDr. Sunil B. Mane
Secured Video Data Using Frequency Domain Transformation with Live TechnologyMr. K.kalpana
Seizure Inhibition in an In-Silico Model of Epilepsy Applying BELBICDr. Naghmeh Mostofi
Selective Harmonic Elimination Technique for a CMLI with Unequal DC SourcesDr. Jagdish Kumar, Mr. Nishant Jindal
Self-exited resonant bolometerDr. Svetlana Nikitenkova
Sensorless Field Oriented Control of SVM Inverter Fed Induction Machine in Field Weakening Region using Sliding Mode ObserverMrs. NISHA G.K.
Sentiment Classification of Malay Newspaper Using Immune Network (SCIN)Miss Norulhidayah Isa
Sentiment Mining of Malay Newspaper (SAMNews) Using Artificial Immune SystemDr. Mazidah Puteh
Services Discovery Frameworks for Dynamic Environments: An Overview and LimitationsMr. Furkh Zeshan
Settling Studies of Underfill Particles for Flip-Chip Solder InterconnectionsProf. Chiang-Ho Cheng
Shadow Model Construction with Features Robust to Illumination ChangesMr. Shuya Ishida, Dr. Shinji Fukui, Dr. Yuji Iwahori
Short-Run Multivariate Control Charts for Process Mean and VariabilityDr. Luan Jaupi
SI Engine Simulation Using Residual Gas and Neural Network Modeling to Virtually Estimate the Fuel CompositionMr. KinYip Chan
Silage without Supplementation: Problems, Advantages and Lactic Acid Bacteria Green ApproachMiss Abd-Talib Norfahana
Simulating Dam-Break Flooding with Floating Objects through Intricate City Layouts Using GPU-based SPH MethodDr. Jiansong Wu
Simulation of Analog Phase-locked Loop for Frequency Hopping ApplicationDr. Tulshi Bezboruah
Slow Strain Rate Testing to Evaluate the Susceptibility of Welded Low Alloy Steel to Environmentally Assisted CrackingDr. Fathi Abusaa
Smart Grid Security Concepts and IssuesDr. Kevin Daimi
Solar Panel Optimization of a Parabolic Channel to Generate Electrical EnergyDr. Francisco Domingo Calvo Lopez
Solar powered vapour absorption refrigeration system under optimised operating conditionsDr. Abdul Basit Kirmani
Solving Semi-Explicit Index-1 DAE Systems using L-Stable Extended Block Backward Differentiation Formula with Continuous CoefficientsDr. Olusheye Akinfenwa, Prof. Solomon Okunuga
Some Logical Conditions and Probabilistic Characteristics as a Guide for Fault-Tolerant Systems VerificationProf. Sergey Frenkel
Sound Absorption Properties of Particle Mixed Polyurethane CompositesDr. Haluk Kucuk
Spatial Collaborative System for Wind Power Plants using Service Oriented ArchitectureProf. Adela Bara
Speed Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Using an Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy ControllerDr. Hany Hasanien
Spike Dynamics of FHN Neuron with Time Varying ParametersMrs. Anindita Bhattacharjee
Spreadsheet Heuristic for Stochastic Demand Environments to Solve the Joint Replenishment ProblemMs. Buket Turkay
Stability and Convergence of a Difference Scheme for a Singular Cauchy ProblemMrs. Ademi Ospanova
Stabilization and Control Applied to an Indoor Micro Quadrotor AR.DroneDr. Kamel BOUDJIT
Starting hybrid Stomer-Cowell more accurately by hybrid Adams method for the solution of first order ordinary differential equationsDr. Adewale James
State of Art in Ultra-wide Band with Band Notched CharacteristicsDr. Aysha Maryam Siddiqui
Statistical Analysis in Enrichment of Total Whey Protein by Continuous Foam Fractionation MethodDr. Goutam Mukhopadhyay
Statistical Model to Evaluate the Weldability, Mechanical and metallurgical Properties of the Processes GMAW and FCAWDr. Carlos Alberto Carvalho Castro
Statistical Performance Analysis of the RLS Estimator for Retinal Oxygen Tension EstimationDr. Isa Yildirim
Stochastic Multi-item Lot Sizing for the Shareholder Wealth MaximisationMr. Xiaojun Wang
Straightening Locus of a Curved Bimetallic Strip Subjected to HeatingMr. Geoff Angel
Strain Analysis of a Human Tooth with Support Tissues ResorptionDr. Radu-andrei Moga
Stress Corrosion Cracking of a Mild Steel in Orange JuiceProf. Ayo Afolabi
Structual Change Point Detection for Evolutional NetworksProf. Mineichi Kudo, Mr. Sadamori Koujaku
Structural Topology Optimization Using Genetic AlgorithmsProf. Ting-Yu Chen
Study of Access Control ModelsMr. ENNAHBAOUI Mohammed
Study of Phase Change Modeling for a Rectangular PCM Container Exposed to Constant Heat FluxProf. Hassan Basirat Tabrizi
Study of the Bond Behavior of Concrete Beam Strengthened with NSM-CFRPProf. Nasr-Eddine Chikh
Sustainable Machining of Aerospace MaterialDr. Nazrul Islam
Synthesis of Superfine Powders Using Sol-Gel TechniqueDr. Pradeep Dighe, Miss Priyanka Gadhave
Synthesis of ZnO Nanorods using Hydrothermal Method for Natural Dye Sensitized Photovoltaic CellDr. S.Kumar
Teaching Global Software Engineering: Planning and Preparation Using a Bloom's TaxonomyDr. Mahmood Niazi
Test methodology and wear characteristics of austenitic stainless steel AISI type 316 at cryogenic environmentDr. Hossein Farrahi
Test on Big Data Processing Capabilities of Chinese Hardware and Software PlatformDr. Cui Yun-fei
The Application of the Hybrid Method to Solving the Volterra Integro-differential EquationDr. Mehriban Imanova
The Behavioural Analysis of a Pulse in an Optical Fiber Over a Distance of Several KilometersMr. BENJAMIN BONSU
The Comparison of the Reduced Differential Transform Method and the Homotopy Perturbation Method for the (1+1)-Dimensional Nonlinear Boussinesq EquationDr. Ahmad Kazemlou Sheikhi
The Convergence Iterative Scheme for Quasi-variational Problems and Fixed Point ProblemsMrs. Yaowaluck Khongtham
The Effect of Clustering in the Apriori Data Mining Algorithm: A Case StudyMiss Nergis Yilmaz
The Effect of Hybrid Crossover Technique on Enhancing Recall and Precision in Information RetrievalDr. Ammar Al-Dallal
The Effects of Information Systems on Management Decision-Making In The Nigerian Insurance SectorDr. ENGR. MOSUD Y. OLUMOYE
The Effects of Product Information Signals to Product Uncertainty of Agro-based Online Product DescriptionsMiss Nor Farzana Abd Ghani
The EFQM Model in the Portuguese CompaniesDr. Paulo Sampaio
The Impact of Culture in Enterprise Resource Planning System ImplementationMr. Light zaglago
The Investigation of the Electrochromic Characteristics for the PANI Thin Film by Cyclic Voltammetry and Potentiostatic MethodProf. Jung-Chuan Chou
The Markov Binomial Distribution: an Explicit Solution by a Regenerative ApproachMr. Alexander Karalis Isaac
The Performance of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in Fluctuating Wind - A Numerical StudyDr. Louis Angelo Danao
The physiological index for fatigue driving based on wireless body-area networkDr. Wang Hong
The Research on Data-Intensive Resource Scheduling in Intelligence ProcessingDr. Cui Yunfei
The Responses of Human Cancer Cells on Functionalized Silicon NanostructuresDr. Chung-Yao Yang
The Status of Used Vegetable Oil (UVO) Biodiesel Production in South AfricaProf. Charles Mbohwa
The Study on the Nanocutting by Rigid Body Tool and Elastic Body Tool Using Molecular Dynamics SimulationsProf. Jen-Ching Huang
The Success of Knowledge Sharing Culture: The Leadership FactorMr. Light zaglago
The Trust Factor: Design Team Knowledge Sharing CultureMr. Light zaglago
The Use of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Methodology in Product DesignMr. Sheikh M Shahrizal Mohd Rafique
The Use of Statistical Methods to Analysis Exports of Libyan Iron and Steel CompanyDr. Ramadan A. Abugeddida
Thermal Characteristics of Offset-Halves Bearing With Offset FactorDr. Amit Chauhan
Thermal Deformation Estimation for a Hollow Ball Screw Feed Drive SystemProf. An-Shik Yang
Thermal Properties of Maize Fiber Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester Resin CompositesMr. Saravana Bavan
Thermoacoustic Refrigerator Driven by a Combustion-Powered Thermoacoustic Engine - Demonstrator of Device for Rural Areas of Developing CountriesDr. Xiaoan Mao
Three Component Cutting Force System Modeling and Optimization in Turning of AISI D6 Tool Steel Using Design of Experiments and Neural NetworksProf. John Kechagias
Three-dimensional Stress Analysis of a Plate Weakened by an Inclined Diamond Hole Under Various Loading ConditionsDr. Reza Afshar
Threshold of Isoperimetric Ratio based on Compressibility via Invertible Affine TransformationsProf. Toshio Suzuki
Toward a Green Campus with the Internet of Things - the Application of Lab ManagementDr. Hsing-I Wang
Traffic Flow Optimization and Visualization in MPLS NetworksMr. Martin Hruby
Translating Interaction Design Guidelines for Dyslexic Children's Reading ApplicationMr. Fakhrul Anuar Aziz
Transportation Demand Analysis of Coal from Hwange Coal FieldsMr. Samson Mhlanga, Prof. Jan Pretorius
Travelling Wave Thermoacoustic Electricity Generator for Rural Areas Using a Side-branch Alternator ArrangementMr. Kalid Abdoulla
Tree-Based Management of Revoked Certificates in Vehicular Ad-hoc NetworksProf. PINO CABALLERO GIL
Triple-Diffusive convection in Rivlin-Ericksen fluid with varying gravity field in porous mediumDr S K Kango
Ultrasound Power Meter with a Three Axis Positioning System for Therapeutic ApplicationsDr. Sumet Umchid
Using Clarke and Wright's Algorithm to Minimize the Machining Time of Free-Form Surfaces in 3-Axis MillingMiss Djebali Sonia
Using Knowledge Ontologies and Neural Networks to Control Service-Oriented RobotsDr. Wei-Po Lee
Using Project Six Sigma and Lean Concepts in Internal LogisticsDr. Sergio Sousa
Utilising Wayang Kulit for Deep-Learning in MathematicsMr. JASNI AHMAD
Validation of Circumferential Notched Tensile (CNT) Test Procedure for KISCC DeterminationDr. Phillips Olaleye Agboola
Vector Representation of Context Networks of Latent TopicsMr. Ondrej Hava
Vehicle Detection for Outdoor Car Parks using IEEE802.15.4Prof. Pedro Mestre
Video Matching Using DC-image and Local FeaturesMr. Saddam Bekhet
Visualizing the Execution of Programming Worked-out Examples with PortugolDr. Isabel Moura
Warm Hydrocarbon Gas Flare Burners - Corrosion AnalysisMr. AUSTIN IKECHUKWU GBASOUZOR
Water Cost in Electricity Generation:Short Term Operation PlanningDr. Roberto Navarro P.
Wavelet Power Spectrum Analysis for PVC DiscriminationDr. Nopadol Uchaipichat
Web Service Selection through QoS Agent Web ServiceMrs. susila sampath kumar
Wind Field Analysis for a High-rise Residential Building Layout in Danhai, TaiwanProf. An-Shik Yang
Workload Control and Order Release: The Influence of the Location of Protective CapacityProf. Silvio Carmo-Silva
3D Periodic Foundation-based Structural Vibration IsolationProf. Y.L. MO