The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2014 are listed here:

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Titles (A_D)
Contact Authors
A Balanced Deployment Strategy for consensus based clock synchronization in wireless sensor network: An evolutionary ApproachMr. Niranjan Panigrahi
A CBR Methodology for Autonomous Navigation of a Mobile Robot using Sonar RingsDr. Salvador Ibarra Martinez
A Comparative Analysis of VAT and Opti-VAT in Network Partitioning of Hydro Quebec Power GridDr. Subham Sahoo
A Database Sanitization Algorithm for Hiding Sensitive Multi-Level Association Rule MiningDr. Dr. Saad M. Darwish
A Deterministic Model to the Two-Stage Stochastic Programming of Disaster-Relief Supply Chain Transportation and Distribution PlanningMr. Caglar Utku Guler
A Fast Clustering Algorithm for Mining Social Network DataProf. Kai Yang
A Framework For Fingerprint Authenticated ATM ApplicationsDr. Iwasokun Gabriel Babatunde
A full hybrid approach of detection intrusion in a Cluster-based Wireless Sensor NetworkDr. YASSINE MALEH
A General Iterative Scheme for Variational Inequality Problems and Fixed Point ProblemsDr. WICHAN KHONGTHAM
A Mechanical Slope for Flowslide InvestigationsProf. Stefano Pagano
A Metamodelling Perspective on the Users of a Service-Oriented Hydrology SystemProf. Anca Daniela Ionita
A Mixed Variational Formulation for a Slip-dependent Frictional Contact ModelDr. Andaluzia Cristina Matei
A Multi-Level Security Architecture for Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworkDr. Mustafa Saed
A Multivariate Hierarchical Bayesian Framework for Healthcare Predictions with Application to Medical Home Study in The Department of Veteran AffairsProf. Kai Yang
A n Imperceptible Secured On Demand Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc NetworkDr. Vinothini.V
A New Family of Transformations for Lifetime DataDr. Lakhana Watthanacheewakul
A New Kind of ComplexityMr. Rade Vuckovac
A New Method of Forecasting of Economic ProcessesMr. Berik Tuleuov
A New Modified Gradient-Projection Algorithm for Solution of Constrained Convex Minimization Problem in Hilbert SpacesMr. Cyril Enyi
A Novel High Performance Nanoscaled Dual Oxide Doping Less Tunnel Field Effect TransistorProf. Shuja Abbasi
A Novel Noise Reduction Algorithm for Hyperspectral ImagesDr. Y.Syed Sha Mohamed
A Novel Technique of Securing Images using Chaos and EZWDr. T Venkata Sainath Gupta
A Performance Review of the Different Path Loss Models for LTE Network PlanningMr. Adeyemi Alatishe
A Piecewise Linear Production Cost Functions Applied to Flat Panel Display Industry in MalaysiaMr. Khaled Al-kuhali
A Portfolio Optimization Model of Credit Risky Bonds with Simulated Credit RatingsMiss Arti Singh
A Problem in homogeneous isotropic Microstretch Thermoelastic Half space with mass diffusion using GL, LS theoriesDr. Devinder Singh
A Process Mining Approach in Software Development and Testing Process: A Case StudyDr. Ozgur Koray SAHINGOZ
A report on Returns to Scale in UAE BanksDr. Aqila
A Review and Discussion of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis and Derived ProductsDr. KALALA JALAMA
A Review of Effects of Design Parameters on Aerodynamic Performance of Small Wind TurbinesDr. Sandip A Kale
A Risk Estimation Method for Airborne Infectious Diseases Based on Aerosol Transmission in Indoor EnvironmentMr. HAN ZHUYANG
A Robust Copy-move ImageForgery Detection Based on Dyadic Wavelet Transform and Scale Invariant Feature TransformDr. Vijay Anand
A Secure TFTP Protocol with Security ProofsDr. Habibah Hashim
A Simplified Overview of Text-To-Speech SynthesisMiss Oluwadamilola Adu
A Simulation-based Portfolio Optimization Approach with Least Squares LearningDr. Chenming Bao
A Smart Camera Network with SVM Classifiers for Crowd Event RecognitionDr. Wei-Po Lee
A Stiffy Stable Second Derivative Block Multistep Formula with Chebyshev Collocation Points for Stiffy ProblemsProf. Solomon Okunuga
A Study of Phase Transformation at the Surface of a Zirconia CeramicProf. A.M. Korsunsky
A Study of Unsteady MHD Vertical Flow of an Incompressible, Viscous, Electrically Conducting Fluid bounded by Two Non-conducting Plates in Presence of a Uniform inclined Magnetic FieldDr. Krishna Gopal Singha
A Study on Effective Communication Strategy in Developing Brand Communication: Analysis of Social Networking SiteDr. TINA VUKASOVIC
A Study on the Causes for Failures in Mathematics by Engineering Students Using CFRM ModelMr. Bennilo Fernandes.J
A Study on the Causes of Child Trafficking Using Combined Disjoint Block Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (CDBFCMs)Dr. M.P.Kannan
A Study on the Distortion Correction Methodology of Vision SensorMr. Young hoon Kho
A Survey of Project Risk Assessment and Estimation ModelsDr. Mahmood Niazi
A Survey on Fault Node IdentificationDr. R. Kingsly Stephen
A Survey on Security in Wireless Sensor Networks: Attacks and Defensive MechanismsDr. Hossein Jadidoleslamy
A Thermal Interface Crack Problem for Dissimilar Functionally Graded Isotropic MaterialsDr. David Clements
A Type-2 Fuzzy MCDM Method for Ranking Private Universities in IstanbulDr. Melike ERDOGAN
Accessibility of E-Cloud: An Algorithm for Implementing Interface Specification for Visually ImpairedDr. Sufian Yousef
Acoustic Analysis of the Impact of Moist Spherical ParticlesDr. Peter Mueller
Advanced Fuzzy Control in Industrial Wastewater Treatment (pH and Temperature Control)Mr. TAWANDA MUSHIRI
An Algorithm for Concurrent Location of Earthquake Epi- and Hypocentres using P-arrivals in an Interpolative Tabular ScanDr. George Daglish
An application Support Vector Machine model (SVM) technique for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) PredictionDr. Ali Najah Ahmed
An Approach to Common Roots and Elimination of Variables by Using a Symbolic Programming LanguageProf. Andrei Nicolaide
An Efficient Auditing Protocol for Secure Data Storage in Cloud ComputingMiss Prasanthi T
An Efficient Scheme for Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media Including Dynamic Capillary PressureDr. Mohamed El-Amin
An Embedding Theorem for Difference Weighted SpacesMrs. Ademi Ospanova
An Enhanced Least Significant Bit Steganography Method Using Midpoint Circle ApproachDr. Vikas Verma
An Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Microstructure on Wear Characteristics of Fe-Cr-C Hardfacing AlloysDr. KENCHI REDDY K M, Dr. C.T. JAYADEVA
An Experimental Study of Cryptography Capability using Chained Key Exchange Scheme for Embedded DevicesMr. Syed Farid Syed Adnan
An Exploration of the Application of Usability Evaluation Methods by Disabled UsersDr. Ahlam J. Al-Khiebari
An Implementation of Case-based Reasoning to Control Traffic Light SignalsProf. Jose Antonio Castan Rocha
An Information System Model for the e-Government of Digital BangladeshMd. Ansiur Rahman
An Innovative Design of ADC and DAC Based Phase Locked LoopProf. Lili He
Analysing Issues of Cyber Threats in NigeriaDr. Boniface Kayode Alese, Mrs. Aderonke Thompson, Mr. Victor Owa
Analysis and Simulation of LTE Downlink and Uplink TransceiverMrs. Temitope Takpor
Analysis of Abrasive Electrochemical Grinding Process (AECG)Prof. Jerzy Kozak
Analysis of Active Failures and Latent Conditions on Biodiesel Production FacilitiesDr. Selva Soledad Rivera
Analysis of QoS of VoIP Traffic through WiFi-UMTS NetworksMr. Mahdi Miraz
Analysis of Retinal Fundus Images for the Detection of MicroaneurysmsDr. Y.SYED SHA MUHAMED
Analysis of Software Project Reports for Defect Prediction Using KNNMs. Abha Jain
Analysis of the Human Reaction to Odors Using Electroencephalography ResponsesMiss Rita Pinto
Analysis of Unsteady MHD Thin Film Flow Of A Third Grade Fluid With Heat Transfer Down An Inclined PlaneDr. Lawal O. W
Analysis of Windowing Technique for Congestion Control in TCP using Self-Clocking PrincipleDr. JAGADEESH . K
Analytical Analysis of a New Graphene-based Sensor for High-performance Biomolecule Sensing ApplicationsMr. Mohamed MEGUELLATI
Analyzing the Patellar Tendon Force During Quadriceps Muscle ExerciseDr. Ahmed Imran
Application of Back Propagation Algorithm to Medical DiagnosisDr. Gbenga Fashoto
Application of CFD Simulation in the Design of a Parabolic Winglet on NACA 2412Mr. AYUSH OHRI
Application of Laplace Transform For Cryptographic SchemeDr. Anil P Hiwarekar
Arabic Goal-oriented Conversational Agent Based on Pattern Matching and Knowledge TreesMr. Zaid Noori
Asynchronous Sequential Symbol Synchronizers based on Pulse Comparison by Both Transitions at Half Bit RateProf. Antonio Reis
Automated Switching Mechanism for Indoor and Outdoor Propagation with Embedded RFID and GPS in Wireless Sensor Network PlatformMrs. Farhana Ahmad Poad
Automated Test Data Generation For some types of AlgorithmDr. Hitesh Tahbildar
Automatic Number Plate Recognition: A State-of-the-artDr. Pawan Kumar Dahiya
Autonomous Recovery Technique of Software Bus Based on VxWorks Operating SystemMrs. Xing Weiyan
Balancing Class for Performance of Classification with a Clinical DatasetMiss Nongnuch Poolsawad
Barriers to Knowledge Sharing Culture among Design TeamDr. Light. Zaglago
Barriers Virtual Design Team Knowledge SharingDr. Light. Zaglago
Biodiesel Production from Waste Vegetable Oils over MgO/ZrO2 CatalystDr. KALALA JALAMA
Biodigester Development and Kinetic Study of Biogas Production from BiomassDr. Sherwin T. Sepe
Branch and Bound Method for Scheduling Precedence Constrained Tasks on Parallel Identical ProcessorsDr. Natalia Grigoreva
Building a Bioprinter from Scratch for Bioprinting TestingMiss Rita Pinto
Building a Secure Environment for Client-Side Ecommerce Payment System Using Encryption SystemDr. Boniface Kayode Alese
Capacity Integration into a Microgrid, a Tool for Electrical Energy Supply Cost Reduction in Nigeria-Covenant University as a Case StudyDr. Francis Idachaba
Cardiovascular Parameters as an Appraisal to the Stress Caused Due to Clamorous Work-place Environments in Metal Machining UnitsMiss Priyanka Gadhave
Change of Mobility and Stress Morphology due to Different Types of Artificial Cervical Spine Implementation: a Finite Element AnalysisProf. SAI WEI YANG
Characteristics of Corona Discharge in SF6-N2 Gas MixtureDr. Ahcene Lemzadmi
Characterization of Additive Manufactured ObjectsMr. Hari Vithasth Yagani
Classification of Brain Tumor Grades using Neural NetworkMiss Sudha B
Classification of Simulation Methods in Machining on Multi-axis MachinesMrs. Khadidja BOUHADJA
Cloud Computing and Unknown RisksDr. Tariq Ahamad
Cloud Forensics IssuesDr. William Simpson
Comparative Analyses of the Effects of Triethanolamine and the Trisopropanolamine Combined with Calcium Nitrate on the Short-Term Properties of Cement PastesDr. M. Cheikh-Zouaoui
Comparative Analysis of Secure Routing in WSNMiss OUAFAA IBRIHICH
Comparative Analysis of the Challenges of Generic Engineering Logistics to Humanitarian Logistics in Disaster Response and Relief Support in South AfricaDr. Esther Akinlabi
Comparison of Different Techniques to Design an Efficient FIR Digital FilterMr. Bharat Naresh Bansal
Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification of Sentence Semantic SimilarityMr. Meysam Roostaee
Comparison of Video Compression Mechanisms Based on 3D-DWT and EZWDr. Ch. Naveen
Computational Modelling of Wire Biosensor with Competitive Substrates ConversionDr. Vytautas Aseris
Computational study and wear prediction of steam turbine blade with titanium-nitride coating deposited by physical vapor deposition methodDr. Sasithon Bland
Computer Science Instruction Assisted by a Visualization ToolDr. Isabel Moura
Concentric Elliptical Jet Diffusion Flames with Co- and Cross-FlowsDr. M. M. Kamal
Conducting Materials Effect on UWB Wearable Textile AntennaDr. Mohammed Elbasheer
Confinement of High Strength Concrete Columns with CFRP SheetsMr. Abdesselam Bourouz
Congestion Management in Hybrid Electricity Market for Hydro-Thermal SystemDr. Yajvender Verma
Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Developing Laminar Boundary LayerDr. Desmond Adair
Connectivity Driven Virtual Path Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc NetworksDr. Hasan Mahmood
Control and Design of High Frequency Power Distribution SystemDr. Almond D Souza
Controller Design for Congestion Control: Some Comparative StudiesDr. Teresa Alvarez
Core Variation in the Entrance Region Flow of Herschel- Bulkley Fluid in an AnnuliProf. Adiyapatham Kandasamy
Coupled Orbital and Thermal Evolution of Major Uranian SatellitesMr. Attique Ur Rehman
Creating Intelligent Electronic Textbooks based on Knowledge ManagementMrs. Assel Omarbekova, Mrs. Alma Zakirova
Customer Behavior on RFMT Model Using Neural NetworksDr. Qeethara Al Shayea
Data Detection for Multi-Carrier Communications in Multipath ChannelsDr. Fang-Biau Ueng
Data Encryption and Decryption Using New Pythagorean Triple AlgorithmProf. Artan Luma
Data Engineering by the Best l1 Convex Data Fitting MethodProf. Ioannis C. Demetriou
Decision Directed Phase Noise Suppression Scheme For CO-OFDM SystemsDr. G.Binu
Decision Regions for Natural Resource Investment under UncertaintyDr. Chenming Bao
Description and Analysis of New Motion Conversion Mechanism for Heavy-Loaded Reciprocating PumpsMr. Johan Sol
Design and implementation of a control system for a walking robot with color sensing and line following using PIC and Atmel microcontrollersDr. Ibraheem Kasim Ibraheem
Design Equations for Vierendeel Bending of Steel Beams with Circular Web OpeningsDr. Pattamad Panedpojaman
Design of a Signal Conditioning Circuitry for Low Powered Pellistor Gas SensorMrs. HAUWA TALATU ABDULKARIM
Design of a Traveling Wave Thermoacoustic Engine Driven Cooler with Hybrid ConfigurationMr. Ali Al-Kayiem
Design of an Automatic Optical Power Control Circuit for Biomedical ApplicationsDr. Congo Tak-Shing Ching
Design of High-power AC Motor Controllers using Sine Wave Pulse Width ModulationProf. Guo-Shing Huang
Design of Software User Identity Module (SUIM) for Preventing Software PiracyMr. Michael Adu, Dr. Boniface Kayode Alese
Design of Static Synchronous Series Compensator with CES for Interconnected Power System Considering GRC and GDB using Fuzzy Logic ControllerDr. Balraj B
Design of substrate integrated waveguide power divider, circulator and coupler in [10-15]GHz bandDr. Bouchra Rahali
Detect and Filter Traffic Attack through Cloud Trace back and Neural NetworkDr. Mansaf Alam
Determination of Efficiency of Converging-Diverging Nozzles with Transcritical and Transonic Flow of CO2Dr. Menandro Berana
Determination of Losses in Conductors Carrying Higher Order Harmonics of Significant AmplitudesMr. Kapila Warnakulasuriya
Determination of Optimum Parameters for Multi Responses in Drilling of Al7075-10% SiCp Metal Matrix Composite under MQL Condition using Taguchi-Fuzzy ApproachDr. Vijaya Kumar .G
Developing of a 1-D Combustion Model and Study of Engine Characteristics Using Ethanol-Gasoline BlendsDr. SIMEON ILIEV
Development and Field Testing of an Inclined Flanged Compact Diffuser for a Micro Wind TurbineDr. Sandip A Kale
Development of A GSM - Based Fire Detector SystemDr. Oke Alice Oluwafunke
Development of Briquettes from Waste Wood (Sawdust) for Use in Low-income Households in Piura, PeruProf. Eduardo Sanchez Ruiz
Development of Pedagogical Courseware for Mobile Learning SystemDr. Adeolu Afolabi
Development of UMAIR the Urdu Conversational Agent for Customer ServiceMr. Mohammed Kaleem
Development of Velocity Flow Field Measurement Method Around a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Blade Using Particle Image VelocimetryDr. Louis Angelo Danao
Discovering Hidden Themes in Symbolic Music TextDr. Michele Della Ventura
Discrete and Continuous Growth of Hollow Cylinder. Finite DeformationsProf. Sergei Lychev
Distance-Based Approaches to Pattern Recognition via EmbeddingProf. Nicholas Nechval
Dominant Problems of Rural Deprived Persons with Disability Using Fuzzy Cluster AnalysisDr. A Praveen Prakash