The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2014 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)
Contact Authors
ECC Secured Voice TransmitterProf. Artan Luma
Effect of cap plate connections on the behavior of steel framesDr. Dia Eddin Nassani
Effect of Corona on the Wave Propagation along Overhead Transmission LinesDr Ahmed Abugalia
Effect of Cyclic Loading on the Temporomandibular JointMr. Mahmoud Chizari
Effect Of Number Of Laser Scans On The Corrosion Behavior Of Laser Formed Titanium AlloyDr. Esther Akinlabi
Effect of Olefins and Aromatics on HCl Removal in Refinery Off-gas using Zeolite NaYDr. Christina May Tolentino
Effect of Post Weld Heat Treatment on Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of TIG Welded Aluminium Alloy JointsDr. Gurmeet Singh Cheema
Effect of Quench Immersion Speed in Water on the Mechanical Properties of C30 Carbon SteelDr. Segun Adedayo
Effect of Superficial Velocity of Air and Riser Cross Sectional Area on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Circulating Fluidized BedDr. RANJIT PATIL
Effective Frame Switching using a Network Traffic OscillatorMr. Yuen Kwan Mo
Effectiveness of Using CFD for Comparing Tool Cooling MethodsDr. Brian Boswell
Effects of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining on Fracture Toughness of Grade 5 Titanium AlloyDr. Esther Akinlabi
Efficient Power Saving Algorithm to Detect Collision Based on Statistics of Received Packets in Wireless Sensor NetworksMr. Fawaz Alassery
Electrical Equivalent Analysis of Microcantilever Beams for Sensing ApplicationsDr. B.G.Sheeparamatti
eMaintenance Solutions for Railway Maintenance DecisionsMrs. Ravdeep Kour
Encryption Image Using Small Order Linear Systems and Repeated Modular NumbersDr. Adil AL-Rammahi
Energy System Calculation of Automobile Plant Supplying from 200MW Thermal Power CentreDr. Aynur Baharova
Energy-Efficient System of Feedstock Transport Operating in a System of Particulate Material Forming Press � Compact Sintering FurnaceDr. Ryszard Moszumanski
Enhancement of Rectangular Shape Antenna using Metamaterial Structures with Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG)Dr. Norhayati Hamzah
ERP System Implementation and Tacit Knowledge SharingDr. Light. Zaglago
Estimating Multiple Step Shifts in a Gaussian Process Mean with an Application to Phase I Control Chart AnalysisProf. Kai Yang
Estimation of Power Losses in Photovoltaic Array Configurations under Passing Cloud ConditionsMs. Vijayalekshmy S
Euler's Constant: New Insights by Means of Minus One FactorialMr. Ufuoma Okoh
Evaluating the Performance of Sectoral Optimal Investment using Second Order Stochastic DominanceMiss Amita Sharma
Evaluation of Big Data Processing Capabilities based on Chinese Hardware and Software PlatformProf. Li Yi
Evaluation of Corporate Network Performance and Smoothing Spline InterpolationDr. Danladi Ali
Existence and Uniqueness of the Navier-Stokes Problem in Infinite SpaceDr. Kaliyeva Kulyash
Existence of xed points of certain classes of nonlinear mappingsDr. Johnson.O.Olaleru
Experimental Investigation on the Multistage Particle Classification in a Zigzag Air ClassifierMr. Hannes Glockner
Experimental Performance Comparison of Indoor Positioning Algorithms based on Received Signal StrengthDr. Helder Silva
Experimental Studies on Thermal Behavior of Downdraft GasifierDr. RANJIT PATIL
Experimental Study on Impact of Ship Electric Power Plant Configuration on Power Quality in the Ship Power SystemProf. Tomasz Tarasiuk
Experimental Study on Machinability of Ti-6Al-4V in Micro End-MillingProf. Sang Won Lee
Exploring Mathematical Equation with Graphical Data Visualisation using PythonDr. Nirmal Sahuji
Fabrication of Pilot Multi-Tube Fire-Tube Boiler Designed For Teaching and Learning Purposes in Mechanical LaboratoryMr. Austin Ikechukwu Gbasouzor
Factors affecting Gold Recovery from Secondary OreDr. OLUWAGBENGA JOHNSON
Failure Inference and Optimization for Step Stress Model Based on Bivariate Wiener ModelDr. S. Shemehsavar
FASTER: A Hybrid Algorithm for Feature Selection and Record Reduction in Rare Frequent ItemsetDr. Usman Qamar
Fekete-Szego Inequality for Subclasses of a New Class of Analytic FunctionsProf. GURMEET SINGH
Finger Based Technique (FBT): An Innovative System for Improved Usability for the Blind Users' Dynamic Interaction with Mobile Touch Screen DevicesDr. Sufian Yousef
Fingerprint Matching Using Spatial CharacteristicsDr. Boniface Kayode Alese
Finite Element Analysis of the Cutting Forces in Turning of Femoral Heads from AISI 316L Stainless SteelDr. Nikolaos Galanis
Fluctuating Inlet Flow Conditions for Use in Urban Air Quality CFD StudiesDr. Salim Mohamed Salim
Fluctuation Analysis for Photographs of Tourist Spots and Music Extraction from PhotographsProf. Hidefumi Kawakatsu
Fractal Fourier Transforms Based Image AuthenticationProf. Nadia M. G. Al-Saidi
Free Convection Boundary-Layer Flow over a Vertical Wavy Surface Embedded in Bidisperse Porous MediaProf. Ching-Yang Cheng
Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium and Copper: Fracture Surface CharacterizationsDr. Esther Akinlabi
From Single to Multi-Clouds Computing Privacy and Fault ToleranceDr. Maha TEBAA
Fusion of Multi-slice MR-Scan Images with Genetic Algorithm with Curvelet-transformDr. Dhanesh kumar Solanki
Future Trends in Fiber Optics CommunicationDr. Francis Idachaba
Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Control of Continuous Stirred Tank ReactorDr. Saurabh Kumar Bajpai
Fuzzy multi-component DEA with shared and undesirable fuzzy resourcesDr. Jolly Puri
FuzzySRI-II: A Fuzzy Rule Induction Algorithm for Numerical Output PredictionDr. Ashraf Afify
Game-based Analysis of the Network Attack-Defense InteractionDr. Boniface Kayode Alese
Gammachirp Filterbank Based Perceptual Linear Prediction for Speech Recognition in Noisy EnvironmentDr. Hajer Rahali
GARCH Model with Jumps: Testing the Impact of News Intensity on Stock VolatilityDr. Sergei Sidorov
General Parameterization of Stabilizing Controllers with Coprime FactorizationsDr. Kazuyoshi MORI
Geometric Correction of Airborne Radar SAR Image on a Digital Terrain Model, and Overlay with Satellite SPOT DataProf. Durand Philippe
Giga-fab Scale Determination Model for Wafer Fabrication Based on Production PerformancesProf. Ying-Mei Tu
Goertzel Algorithm BasedShunt Active Power Filter Using Sliding Mode ControllerDr. Dadgonda Patil
Groundwater Water Level Prediction in Wadi El Jezzy Catchment Using ANNDr. Bessaih Nabil
Handling Complexity of System Higraph-Based Model: Formalism, Transformations and EntropyDr. Hycham Aboutaleb
Handover Management in Next Generation Networks: A Cross Layer SolutionDr. Bhaskar S
Hardware Keys Exchange Protocol in Wireless Sensor NetworksMiss Kahina CHELLI
Harmonic Emission Limits and Selecting PCC Location Based on the Type of Distribution SystemMr. George Eduful, Mr. Joseph Ekow Cole
Hearing Profile Based Speech EnhancementDr. Shridhar
Hedging Motives, Hedge Ratio and Hedge Effectiveness: Evidence from Indian Options MarketDr. Sanjay Kumar Thakur
Heuristics for Robust Allocation of Resources to Parallel Applications with Uncertain Execution Times in Heterogeneous Systems with Uncertain AvailabilityProf. H.J. Siegel, Mr. Timothy Hansen
High Frequency Trading for Gold and Silver Using the Hilbert Transform and Event Driven Volatility ModellingDr. Abdalla Kablan
High Performance Carbon Nanotube based Cascode Operational Transconductance AmplifiersProf. Shuja Abbasi
High Performance Computing: The Compass for Research and DevelopmentDr. DADA KAYODE S. JOHN
High Throughput Access Control based on Groups of Visible Terminals for Wireless NetworkProf. Yasushi Wakahara
Human Error Quantification of Railway Maintenance Tasks of Disc Brake UnitMr. Sarbjeet Singh, Prof. SUNAND KUMAR
Hybrid approach for face recognition combining Gabor Wavelet and Linear Discriminant AnalysisDr. Vaidehi. V.
Identification of Some Tubular Topologies of Linear Switched Reluctance Generator for Direct Drive Applications in Ocean Wave Energy ConversionMiss Rita Pinto
Impact of Temperature and Doping Concentration on Avalanche Photodiode CharacteristicsProf. Faycal Djeffal
Implementation of Navigation and Autonomous Visual Tracking for a Quadrotor AR.DroneDr. KAMEL BOUDJIT
Imprecise DEA Framework for Evaluating the Efficiency of State Hospitals in IstanbulProf. E. Ertugrul Karsak
Improved Mechanized Gari Frying Technology for Sustainable Economic Development in NigeriaDr. Austin Ikechukwu Gbasouzor
Improvement of Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Cement Industry in NigeriaDr. Esther Akinlabi
Improvement of Quality through Six Sigma A Case StudyDr.RAJENDRA M. BELOKAR
Improving Lost-Wax Casting with Six Sigma MethodologyDr. Wimalin Laosiritaworn
Improving the Efficiency of Thin-film SiGe Solar Cells Through the Optimization of Intrinsic Layer ParametersProf. Faycal Djeffal
Influence of Filtering upon Precision and Trueness in Conoscopic HolographyDr. Pedro Fernandez
Influence of Sampling Strategies upon Accuracy when Measuring PolyJet PartsDr. David Blanco
Information Gain as a Feature Selection Method for the Efficient Classification of Influenza Based on Viral HostsMiss Nermin Shaltout
Integrated Model of Two-Echelon Inventory System Considering Lead Time Acceleration and Component CommonalityDr. Sujan Piya
Interpretation of Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) Traces for the Earth Fault Damage which is Practically Simulated on 10 KVA Power TransformerProf. Akshay Pandya
Interval Improved Fast Decoupled Method For Load Flow SolutionsDr. T.Srinivasa Rao
Investigating the Effect of Cryogenic Pre-cooling on the Friction Stir Processing of AZ31BProf. Ramsey Hamade
Investigation into Working Mechanism of Molecular Spring IsolatorProf. Qian Chen
Key Points For Large Structures Fire Tests ModelingMiss Anne-Charlotte Goupil
Key Success Factors for the Apparel Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study at Company XMr. Callychurn Devkumar Sing
Laboratory Performance Measurements of IEEE 802.11 b, g WEP PTP LinksProf. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
Laser Metal Deposition of Ti6Al4V/Cu Composite: A Study of the Effect of Laser Power on the Evolving PropertiesDr. Esther Akinlabi
Layout of the Engine Mounts on the Vehicle Chassis for Elastic Axis DecouplingDr. Tabrez Musheer
Linear Stability of Poiseuille Flow in a Vertical Pipe Filled with Porous MediumDr. Ashok Kumar
Localization of Indoor Areas Using Wi-Fi Signals, Type-2 Fuzzy Inference Systems and Data MiningProf. Manuel Castanon-Puga
Low Cost Automation : Deburring Setup with Feedback CapabilityDr. Kale
LTE Network Planning using the Hata-Okumura and the COST-231 Hata Pathloss ModelsMr. Adeyemi Alatishe
LTE Networks: Benchmarks, Prospects and Deployment LimitationMr. Adeyemi Alatishe
Market Turning Points Forecasting Using Wavelet AnalysisMr. Limiao Bai
Mathematical Modeling of Additive Manufacturing TechnologiesProf. Alexander Manzhirov
Matlab-Simulink of Photovoltaic System Based on a Two-Diode ModelDr. Messaouda AZZOUZI
Measuring Supply Chain Using SCOR Model in Palm Oil Downstream Industry: A ReviewMr. Fitra Lestari
Medical Drill Wear Classification Using Servomotor Drive Signals and Neural NetworksDr. Tomislav Staroveski
MHD Free Convective Heat Transfer Flow Past Vertical Plate Embedded in a Porous Medium with Effects of Variable Fluid Properties in the Presence of Heat SourceDr. RAJA RANI
Micro-mechanisms of Cortical Bone Failure under Different Loading ConditionsDr. Nitin Kumar Sharma
Microstructure and Properties of Al2O3-SiC NanomaterialsDr. OLUWAGBENGA JOHNSON
Mining Weights of the Combat Capability Evaluation Indexes Based on Cloud Theory and Correlation AnalysisDr. Li Xiaoxi
MIPS, ARM and SPARC- an Architecture ComparisonMs. Merihan El Hefnawi, Ms. Sarah El Kady, Ms. Mai Khater
Mixed FEM-BEM Formulations Applied to Soil-Structure Interaction ProblemsProf. Joao Batista Paiva
Modeling and Simulation for a Micro Silicon Pressure Sensor whit direct frequency outputDr. Mohamed .M. Shaglouf
Modeling Resource Availability in Dynamic Grid ComputingDr. Khalid Abdelkader
Modelling and Analysis of a Small-Scale Organic Rankine Cycle System with a Scroll ExpanderMr. Peter Collings
Modelling of Risk Management Procedures for Cybercrime Control SystemsDr. Boniface Kayode Alese
Modified Fuzzy Hyperline Segment Neural Network for Pattern Classification and RecognitionProf. Uday Kulkarni
Modified Structure of Yagi-Uda with Improved Gain and Bandwidth at 866MHzDr. N. Anvesh Kumar
Monitoring of Moisture Contents in Korean Traditional Wooden HousesProf. Yeong-Min Kim
Monte Carlo Pricing Scheme for a Stochastic-Local Volatility ModelDr. Geoffrey Lee
Motion Investigation of a Tendon Graft's Limbs using Video Tracing MeasurementMr. Mahmoud Chizari
Motor Speed Control Using FPGAProf. Ahmed Telba
Multi Spectral Medical Images Enhancement using a Weber's lawDr. muna alsammaraie
Multithreaded direction preserving preconditioneDr. Pawan Kumar
Natural and Forced Convective Heat Transfer Analysis of Nanostructured SurfaceProf. Ali Khabari
NCM: The Integration Approach for NN-VANETsMrs. Vijayalakshmi G
Neural Activity Modulation via Ultrasound Stimulation Measured on Multi-Channel ElectrodesMr. HAN HEE-SOK
Neural Network Modelling of Cytotoxic Activity of 17-Picolyl and 17-Picolinylidene Androstene Derivatives Towards Human Prostate Cancer Cell LineMr. Strahinja Kovacevic
New Iterative Method for Variational Inclusion and Fixed Point ProblemsMrs. YAOWALUCK KHONGTHAM
New Parabolic Inequalities and Applications to Thermal Explosion and Diffusion ModelsDr. Anil P Hiwarekar
Non-Contact Measurement of Surface Roughness by Conoscopic Holography SystemsDr. Pedro Fernandez
Noninvasive Detection of Bilirubin in Discrete VesselsProf. Karen Reynolds
Numerical Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction between Wind Flow and TreesDr. Salim Mohamed Salim
Numerical Investigation of Conjugate Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Discrete Heat Sources in Rectangular EnclosureMr. FAROUQ GDHAIDH
Numerical Simulation of Rayleigh Benard Convection in an Enclosure: Effect of Vibrating Side WallMr. Semih CETINDAG
Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Different Tube DesignsMr. Taiwo Oni