The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2014 are listed here:

A_D, E_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
Observation Consisting of Parameter and Error: Determination of ParameterDr. Dhritikesh Chakrabarty
Observations on the Geometric Distribution of Micro-structural Features in Cortical BoneProf. Ramsey Hamade
Obtaining artificial boundary conditions for fractional sub-diffusion equation on space two-dimensional unbounded domainsProfessor Seyed Mohammad Hosseini
Oil Well Performance Diagnosis System Using Fuzzy Logic Inference ModelsMr. Timothy Odedele, Dr. Doko Ibrahim
On *- mue - Closed Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy *-mue-Closed Maps, Fuzzy * - mue - Irresolute Maps and * - mue -Homeomorphism Mappings in Fuzzy Topological SpacesDr. Sadanand Patil
On Algebraization of Classical First Order LogicDr. Nabila Bennour
On Bianchi type cosmological models in Lyra�s geometryDr.R K Dubey
On Dynamics of an Externally Pressurized Air Bearing with High Values of Clearance: Effect of Mass Flow RateMr. Abdurrahim DAL
On Fuzzy g-mue - Closed Maps, Fuzzy g-mue -Continuous Maps And Fuzzy g-mue- Irresolute Mappings In Fuzzy Topological SpacesDr. A S Madabhavi
On Global Solution of Incompressible Navier-Stokes EquationsDr. Algirdas Maknickas
On Modeling Non-homogeneous Poisson Process for Stochastic Simulation Input AnalysisProf. Kai Yang
On the Cyclic Deformation and Residual Stress in Ni-base Single Crystal SuperalloysProf. A.M. Korsunsky
On the Embedding Problem for Three-state Markov ChainsProf. Marie-Anne Guerry
On the Hydrodynamic Long Journal Bearing TheoryProf. Marco Tulio Faria
On the Inversion of Vandermonde MatricesDr. Yiu-Kwong MAN
On the Modeling of Wireless Communication NetworksProf. Lela Mirtskhulava
Operational Study and Simulation of a Biogas Upgrading PlantDr. KALALA JALAMA
Optimization Criteria Ability to Depict Pareto FrontiersDr. Nuno Ricardo Costa
Optimization of Process Parameters of Turning Operation of EN 24 Steel using Taguchi Design of Experiment MethodMr. Rahul Davis
Optimization of Processing Data Time for Stephens Bread Industries Owerri, Imo State, NigeriaDr. Okolie Paul
Optimized Nanometer Size Nonlinear SOI Slot Optical WaveguidesDr Iqbal M
Overall Progress for Thailand's intelligent Carbon Credit Registry SystemMs. Akekaluck Hemtanon
Parameters affecting Arsenic Recovery from Copper SmeltingDr. OLUWAGBENGA JOHNSON
Performance and Emission Testing of Neem (Mellia azadirachta) Oil on Four-Stroke Diesel Engine by Using Low Cost AdditiveDr. Akshaya Kumar Rout
Performance Comparisons of Equalizers for MC-CDMA UWB Communication SystemsProf. Fang-Biau Ueng
Performance Evaluation of Advanced Selective Encryption Algorithm for MANETDr. V.Dinesh
Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11 a, g Laboratory WPA2 Point-to-Multipoint LinksProf. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
Physicochemical Screening of Tagetes erecta LinnDr. DEVIKA REGASWAMY
Phytochemical Studies and Genetic Diversity in Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)Prof. BENJAMIN OLUWOLE AKINYELE
Power Flow Control Using UPFCMr. Niranjan Panigrahi
Predictive Inferences for Future Order Statistics Coming from an Inverse Gaussian DistributionProf. Nicholas Nechval
Prefilter Bandwidth Effects in Asynchronous Sequential Symbol Synchronizers based on Pulse Comparison by Both Transitions at Half Bit RateProf. Antonio Reis
Preliminary Studies of Transient Stability for the 380KV Connection West-Central of Saudi Electricity CompanyDr. Sumsudeen RajaMohamed
Proactive Autonomous Defense Shield (PADS) for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)Mr. Ankur Zilpelwar
Problems of Housemaids in Chennai City: A Study Using Combined Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (CFCMs)Mr. Laksmipathy N
Production and Characterization of Biodiesel from Nigerian Mango Seed OilMr. Aliyu Aliyu
Production Planning under Hierarchical Workforce EnvironmentDr. Sujan Piya
Project Management Methodology Selection Using SWOT-Fuzzy AHPDr. nurgul demirtas
Project Schedule Optimization by Critical Chain Approach in a Fuzzy EnvironmentDr. Pawel Blaszczyk
Quad band Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for S and C-band ApplicationsDr. Ambresh P A
Radio Frequency Identification Design and SimulationProf. Ahmed Telba
Real Time Application Specific Image Processing HardwareDr. Abdul Raouf Khan
Real Time Copyright Protection and Implementation of Image and Video Processing on Android and Embedded PlatformsMr. Mohammad Farukh Hashmi
Rediscovering, Redefining, and Rebuilding Manufacturing in the Education SectorDr.RAJENDRA M. BELOKAR
Reduction Behaviour for Co/Al2O3 Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst in Presence of H2 or CODr. KALALA JALAMA
Refarming 1800MHz GSM Spectrum to LTE: The Effects on Coverage Based on Pathloss EstimationMiss Oluwadamilola Adu
Relative Study of the Effect of the Temperature Gradient on Free Vibrations of Clamped Visco-Elastic Rectangular Plates with Linearly and Exponentially Thickness Variations Respectively in Two DirectionsDr. Harvinder Kaur
Reliability Analysis of Band Saw Cutting Machine by Weibull Distribution ModelDr. Rajkumar Patil
Reliability Study of Subsea Electronic Systems Subjected to Accelerated Thermal Cycle AgeingMr. Jude Njoku
Research on Construction Methods of Big Data Semantic ModelDr. Li Kang
RFID Laptop Monitoring and Management SystemDr. Francis Idachaba
Risk Management: A Comparison of Islamic and Conventional Banks in GCCDr. Aqila
Role of Bitcoin in EconomyDr. Anu Singhal
Role of Bitcoin on EconomyDr. Anu Singhal
Role of formants for Text Independent Language RecognitionDr. M.Sadanandam
Rolling model simplifiedDr M ZAAF
SAVMDS: A Software Application Vulnerability Management Dashboard SystemDr. Huiming Yu
Scattering Parameter Approach to Insertion Loss Prediction for 40GBASE-T Systems over Structured CablingMr. OLUSEGUN OGUNDAPO
Security Challenges in Cognitive Radio NetworksDr. Mustafa Saed
SEEKER: A Conversational Agent as a Natural Language Interface to a Relational DatabaseMiss Emma Smith
Segment size Optimization to Guarantee Healthcare Application perceived QoS over TCPDr. Vikram Jeet Singh
Segmentation on Brain Tumors in PET Images for Radio surgery ApplicationsDr. Y.SYED SHA MUHAMED
Segmenting the Ventricle from CT Brain Image using Gray-Level Co-occurrence Matrices (GLCMs)Dr. Bunyarit Uyyanonvara
Self-exited Resonant BolometerDr. Svetlana Nikitenkova
Sensor Less Speed Control of PMSM using SVPWM Technique Based on MRAS Method for Various Speed and Load VariationsDr. Surender Dahiya
Simulation and Analysis of Ventilation Flow Through a Room Caused by a Two-sided Windcatcher Using a LES MethodMr. Amirreza Niktash
Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer of Humid Air in Spent Fuel Cooling PondsDr. Reaz Hasan
Simulation of the Dynamic Model of a 3-Axis Stabilized SatelliteDr.Safeen Yaseen Ezdeen
Simulation of tracking behavior of second order analog phase-locked loopDr. Nazrul Haque
Simultaneous Gene Selection and Cancer Classification using Chemical Reaction OptimizationDr. Jayaraman Valadi
Software Development Problem Using Modified Waterfall ModelDr. V.C.Ramya Priya
Software for the Quantification of Glistenings in Intra-Ocular LensesMiss Teeranoot Japunya
Solid State Friction Stir Welding Using Dove Tail Groove Butt JointProf. SULAIMAN HASAN
Some Aspects of Finite Length Dipole Antenna DesignMr. Prabir Banerjee
Spring Based Kinetic Energy Recovery SystemMr. Mayuresh Thombre
Statistical Analysis of Predictors of Myocardial Infarction After Total Hip Replacement in Patients Over 60 YearsDr. Solodushkin Svyatoslav
Statistical Analysis of Processing Data for Premier Bread Industry Using Chi-Squared and Goodness-of-Fit TestDr. Okolie Paul
Stochastic Modeling of k-out-of n: G Robot Safety System with Common Cause FailureDr. Madhu Jain
Strategic and Financial Risk Model for Small and Medium EnterprisesProf. Alvarez Vazquez
Stress Concentration Around Countersunk Hole in Isotropic Plate Under Transverse LoadingDr. Parveen Kumar Saini
Structural Performance of RC Beams Strengthened with NSM-CFRPMr. Abdelkrim LARABA
Structure-Property Characterization of the Dentine-Enamel Junction (DEJ)Prof. A.M. Korsunsky
Student Preferences of Teachers and Course Importance Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process ModelProf. CHRISTOS FRANGOS
Study of Small Hydro Power based Rural Electrification for IndiaDr. Akshaya Kumar Rout
Study of Students' Attitude towards the subject Mathematics in XIIth StandardDr. Mrinmoy Goswami
Superb Methods to Increase Damping for Steel Cantilever BeamDr. IYD EQQAB MAREE
Supply Chain Configuration Using Hybrid SCOR Model and Discrete Event SimulationMr. Fitra Lestari
Support Vector Machine Classification and Sorting System for Cigarette BrandsDr. POOBALAN GOVENDER
Swarm Intelligence based Hybrid Active Filter for Harmonic Elimination of 3-Phase 4 Wire System under Distorted MainsDr. Satya Prakash Dubey
Swarm of Intelligent Control Objects in Net-centric EnvironmentProf. Viacheslav Abrosimov
System Suggestions for Hypocentre Location using Tabular Data with some Illustrative ResultsDr. George Daglish
Tan-Cot Function Method to Solve New Coupled ZK and mKdV SystemsProf. Anwar Jawad
Taxonomy of Clustering Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks: A SurveyDr. s susila sakthy
Technology Selection of Biogas Digesters for OFMSW via Multi-criteria Decision AnalysisDr. KALALA JALAMA
Test Methodology and Wear Characteristics of Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI Type 316 at Cryogenic EnvironmentProf. G.H. Farrahi
The Architecture of Mobile Agent Based Distributed Intrusion Detection System (MABDIDS)Dr. Ozgur Koray SAHINGOZ
The Comparison on Tool Wear, Surface Finish and Geometric Accuracy when Turning EN8 Steel in Wet and Dry ConditionsDr. Zulfiqar Khan
The Effect of Minimum Temperature Difference in the Design and Optimization of heat Exchanger Networks of a Brewery Based on Pinch MethodologyProf. Reynald Ferdinand Manegdeg
The Effect of Process Variables on the Transesterification of Refined Cottonseed OilMr. Aliyu Aliyu
The Experimental and Numerical Approch of Two-phase Flows by a Wall Jets on Rough Beds in Open Channel FlowDr. Mohamed Ghoma
The Impact of Climate Variables on the Incidence of Scorpion Stings in Humans in M'Sila's Province in AlgeriaDr. LEILA BENFERHAT
The Potentials of Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSTP) in Meeting Saudi Future Energy GapDr. Phillips Agboola
The Study of Half-Bridge Currents ConverterProf. Guo-Shing Huang
Theoretical Study of Engine Performance Working on Methanol-Gasoline BlendsDr. SIMEON ILIEV
Thermal Modeling and Economical Analysis of a Solar Desiccant Assisted Distributed Fan-Pad Ventilated GreenhouseDr. ARITRA GANGULY
Thermosolutal Natural Convection in Horizontal Elliptical Annulus Containing a Fluid-saturated Porous Medium: Effects of Aiding Buoyancy for Low Rayleigh-Darcy NumberMr. Hichem BOULECHFAR
Time Complexity of Proposed Evolutionary Algorithm in Artificial Neural NetworkDr. G.V.R. Sagar
Towards Human Factor Taxonomy with Cognitive Generic TermsDr. Selva Soledad Rivera
Traffic Light Control Utilizing Queue LengthProf. Venus Samawi
Transient Dynamical Problem for a Accreted Thermoelastic ParallelepipedMr. Alexander Levitin
Translator Glove for Fingerspelling AlphabetDr. Carlos Pesqueira Fiel
Transverse Vibration of Non-homogeneous Rectangular Plates of Variable Thickness Using GDQDr. Renu Saini
Two Day Ahead Short Term Load Forecasting Neural Network BasedDr. Firas Mohammed Tuaimah
Type-2 Fuzzy Inference System Visual Components for Building Java Intelligent ApplicationsProf. Manuel Castanon-Puga
UAV Path Planning with Parallel Genetic Algorithms on CUDA ArchitectureMr. MUSA AYDIN
Undergraduate Student Retention Using Wavelet DecompositionDr. Manohar Mareboyana
Universal Adaptive Spatial Parallel Robots of Module Type Based on the Platonic SolidsProf. Sergey Sayapin
Urbanistic Subsidies for a Metropolitan Drainage Plan, Belem, BrazilProf. Juliano Pamplona Ximenes Ponte
Uses and Gratifications of LinkedIn: An Exploratory StudyMiss Ecem Basak
Valuing Multi-asset Spread Options by the Lie-Trotter Operator Splitting MethodProf. Chi-Fai Lo
Variable Selection Methods for Multivariate Process MonitoringDr. Luan Jaupi
Why not use images or other format files as input to search engine?Dr. R. Priya
Wide Band Noises: Invariant ResultsProf. Agamirza Bashirov
Word Sense Disambiguation based on Gloss ExpansionDr. Mahsa Hazrati Fard
Zombie Detection and Countermeasure Selection in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloudDr. Y.SYED SHA MUHAMED