The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2015 are listed here:

A_D, E_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
New Benchmark Instances for the Staff Rostering ProblemDr. Kimmo Nurmi
New Homomorphic Platform for Authentication and Downloading Data in MCCMr. Karim ZKIK
Non-Subsampled Contourlet based Feature level Fusion using Fuzzy Logic and Golden Section Algorithm for Multisensor Imaging SystemsDr. V. Vaidehi
Novel Low-Complexity and Power-Efficient Techniques for Fast Collision Detection in Wireless Sensor NetworksDr. Fawaz Alassery
Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer Characteristics of an Orthogonal and Obliquely Impinging Air Jet on a Flat PlateMr. Abdulrahman Alenezi
Numerical Analysis of the Scapula at the Interface of the Glenoid in a Reverse Shoulder ImplantDr.Nesreen Abulkhair
Numerical Modeling of a Deep Submicron Gas Sensor Based on Double-Gate Graphene Nanoribbon Field-Effect TransistorProf. Faycal DJEFFAL
Numerical Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Volterra Integral EquationDr. Melusi Khumalo
Occupational Health and Safety in the Biofuels Industry: The Case Study of Small Scale Biodiesel Plants in Gauteng Province, South AfricanDr. Sebonkile Thaba
Off-target Possibility Prediction of Efficient siRNA: A WorkflowProf. Reena Murali
On Counting Planar ModelsProf. Stefan Porschen
On Optimum Pressure Computing by Prescribed Displacements in Elastic-Creep Material. Finite DeformationsDr. Evgenii Murashkin
On Quantifying Manufacturing Flexibility: An Entropy Based ApproachMrs. Ozlen Erkal Sonmez
On Space-Frequency Water-Filling Precoding for Multi-User MIMO CommunicationsProf. Fang-Biau Ueng
On the maximum clique number problem of P-graphsDr. Hacene AIT HADDADENE
On the Question of Mathematical Model of an Overrunning ClutchDr. Sergei Aliukov
Ontology-Based Requirement Conflicts Analysis in Class DiagramsProf. Chi-Lun Liu
Open Library of IP Module Interfaces for AMBA BusProf. Angel Barriga
Optical Flow Estimation Using Local FeaturesMr. Adulmalik Danlami Mohammed
Optical, Material, and Electrical Characterizations of High-K Tantalum Pentoxide (Ta2O5) Dielectric Deposited on the Polycrystalline SiliconMr. Ching Pang Chen
Optimization and Characterization of Biofuel from Waste Cooking OilProf. Ayo Samuel Afolabi
Optimization of Segment Size Assuring Application Perceived QoS in HealthcareProf. Kishori Lal Bansal, Mr. Vikram Jeet Singh
Optimum Allocation of DG Unit to Reduce Production Cost in Radial Distribution Systems using Fuzzy - A Case StudyDr. B. Srinivasa Rao
Packing Application Using Printed Carbon Nanotube Based Super CapacitorsMs. Pooja Pragati
Parabolic Concentrator Controlled by Fuzzy LogicProf. Gustavo Ozuna
Parallel Performance Analysis of Encryption Algorithms using Message Passing InterfaceMr. M. Naveed Akhtar
Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11 a, g Laboratory Open Point-to-Multipoint LinksProf. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
Performance Evaluation of JPEG XT Standard for High Dynamic Range Image CodingProf. Oh-Jin Kwon
Performance Evaluation of The Quality of VoIP Over WLAN CodecsDr. Francis Idachaba
Performance of Enugu Sub-Bituminous Coal in Fluidized Bed CombustorDr. Abdulkarim Nasir
Performance of Hybrid Optical Amplifier and Conventional Optical Amplifier in the Scenario of Long Haul Ultra-Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexed SystemMs. Yugnanda Malhotra
Performance of the Lee-Carter State Space Model in Forecasting MortalityMrs. Wan Zakiyatussariroh Wan Husin
Performances of 6-Pocket compensated conical hydrostatic journal bearing under micropolar lubricationDr. S. S. Gautam
Pitch Angle Analysis of NACA 2415 AirfoilMr. ANIL CAN TURKMEN, Mr. Cenk Celik
Portable Lubrication Analytical Instrumentation for Maintenance ApplicationDr. Daragh Naughton
Portfolio Selection Problem Considering Behavioral StocksProf. Kuo-Hwa Chang
Post-Quantum Crystography Framework for Secure Electronic Voting in developing countriesDr. B K Alese
Predictive Analytics of Student Graduation Using Logistic Regression and Decision Tree AlgorithmDr. Shaneth C. Ambat
Prefilter Bandwidth Effects in Asynchronous Sequential Symbol Synchronizers based on Pulse Comparison by Both Transitions at Quarter Bit RateProf. Antonio Reis
Preparation and Characterization of Nanocomposite Soy-Carbon Nanotubes (SPI/CNTs) Adhesive from Soy Protein IsolateProf. Ayo Samuel Afolabi
Preventive Maintenance Development: A Case Study in a Furniture CompanyProf. ISABEL LOPES
Principal Issues in Human Reliability AnalysisDr. Selva Soledad Rivera
Production and Characterization of Bioethanol from Sugarcane Bagasse as Alternative Energy SourcesProf. Ambali Saka Abdulkareem
Proper and Goodness of Probability Error of a CodeDr. mandev Singh
Propylene Oxidation Using Pt-alumina Impregnated Catalytic Membrane ReactorMr. MOHAMMED KAJAMA
Quantifying CO2-eq Emissions of Ore-based PGM Concentration Process in South Africa and Identification of Immediate Environmental ImpactsDr. Mabiza, Junior
Rate of Convergence for Generalized Szasz-Mirakyan operators in exponential weighted spaceDr. Sevilay Kiric Serenbay
Realization of Program Motion of a Gyrostat with Variable Inertia MomentsProf. Sergey Bezglasnyi
Relationships between Main Accidental Variables at Ethanol Fuel IndustryDr. Selva Soledad Rivera
Replacing Conventional Wall with Windows in Tropical CountriesDr Salim M Salim
Research on the Use of Matlab in the Modeling of 3-phase Power SystemsDr. Tawanda Mushiri
Return Loss Prediction for Category 8 Cable using Pseudorandom Impedance GenerationDr. Olusegun Ogundapo
Reverse Engineering Design of a Hydraulic Turbine RunnerMr. Alper Kaplan, Dr. Selin Aradag
Rotated Hybrid, Energy-Efficient and Distributed (R-HEED) Clustering Protocol in WSNDr. V. Nivedha
Rough Sets and Genetic Algorithm Using for Diagnostic Problems SolvingDr. Stefania Gallova
Scalable Truly Random Number GeneratorDr. Wang Liao
Securing Commercial Ad Broadcasting in Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksDr. Kevin Daimi
Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks: Attacks and CountermeasuresMiss Kahina Chelli
Shape Deformation Induced Stress Variation in Throughwall Critical Cracked Pipe Bends Loaded by Internal PressureMr. SUMESH SASIDHARAN
Simulation Based Error Rate Analysis of ICI Self Cancellation Schemes for OFDM Based Wireless SystemsDr. Vaishali Bahl
Six Sigma Methodology in a plastic injection molding industry-A case studyMr. Pankaj Mishra
Social impacts of Biofuels Production in the Kwa-Zulu Natal and Western Cape regions of South AfricaDr. T Chingono
Solving Discontinuous Collocation Equations for a Class of Brain Tumor Models on GPUsProf. Emmanuel Mathioudakis
Space Advantage Provided by De-Laval Nozzle and Bell Nozzle over VenturiMr. OMKAR DESHPANDE
Speech Enhancement using Non negative Matrix Factorizationand Enhanced NMFDr. Akarsh K.A.
Stabilization of Gyrostat Motion with Cavity Filled with Viscous FluidProf. Sergey Bezglasnyi
Statistical Analysis on Earthquake Fatality Vulnerability in ChinaMiss Yuanyuan Li
Statistical Process Control Methods for Individual ObservationsDr. Luan Jaupi
Steady Analysis of NACA Flush Inlet at High Subsonic and Supersonic SpeedsMr. Taimur Ali Shams
Stochastic Modeling Simulation to Represent Thermal Physics of Abrasive Machining Based on Parallel Computation TechnologyProf. D`yakonov Aleksandr
Stochastic Models for Assets Allocation under the Framework of Prospect and Cumulative Prospect TheoryDr. Sergei Sidorov
Stress Analysis of Uniform Circular Cylindrical Shells with Large Circular HolesMiss Rishicca Kamalarajah
Structural Characteristic and Permeation of Gases through a Supported Silica Inorganic Ceramic MembraneMrs. Ngozi Nwogu
Structural Optimization of a Total Replacement Hip ProsthesisDr. Marzio Grasso
Study of Students' Attitude towards the subject Mathematics in XIIth StandardDr. Mrinmoy Goswami
Study of Wear and Life Enhancement of Hot Forging Dies Using Finite Element AnalysisDr. Sasithon Bland
Subdiffusive Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes and Applications to FinanceProf. Omer Onalan
Survey on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Steel Industry in ZimbabweMrs. Loice Gudukeya
Sustenance of Dark Fermentative Hydrogen Production by an Undefined Bacterial CultureProf. Ayo Samuel Afolabi
Swing Effect after the Static Deployment of a Space Tether for Return Mission of a Guided Re-entry CapsuleProf. Vladimir Aslanov
Synthesis, Characterization of Ordered Mesoporous WS2 using CTAB Surfactant Assisted via Solvothermal MethodDr.Vattikuti
Tensile Properties and Microstructure of Friction Stir Welded Cast Al-Mg-Sc AlloyDr. K.SUBBAIAH
The Design of an Adaptive Incremental Association Rule Mining SystemDr. Adewale Ogunde
The Dynamics of the Global Market: A Knowledge Acquisition and Application ApproachMr. Nelson Sizwe Madonsela
The Effect of the Implementation of Six Sigma in Reducing Obsolete Stock and Controlling Stock Inventory at a Flavor Manufacturing Company: A Case StudyDr. P. Kholopane
The Effectiveness of Health and Safety Management in Chinese Shipping: From the Perspective of a Shipmaster's Decision-making PowerDr. Conghua Xue
The Impact of Feature Vector Length on Activity Recognition Accuracy on Mobile PhoneMr. Sulaimon Bashir
The Partial Order on Category of Semigroups and Endo-Cayley DigraphsDr. Chanon Promsakon
The PDBO Algorithm for Discrete Time, Cost and Quality Trade -off in Software Projects with Task Quality Estimated by COQUAMOMr. Abdulelah Saif
The Performance of Re-descending Weight Based Partial Robust M-Regression Methods under Numerous Outlying ConditionsDr. Mazni Mohamad
The Study and Analysis of Using Wing Dihedral on the Side of an Aircraft's Static StabilityMiss Erika Teixeira
The Unified Transform for a Class of Reaction-Diffusion Problems with Discontinuous Time Dependent ParametersProf. Yiannis Saridakis
The Use of Nano-composite Ceramic Membranes for Gas SeparationsMrs. Habiba Shehu
Thermal Stress Analysis of a Dam Wall by Finite Element ModelMrs. Loice Gudukeya
To Design and Implement a Reliable Sugar Evaporation Control System that will Work in an Energy Saving WayDr. Tawanda Mushiri
Tool Development for Support Lean Manufacturing Implementation in Intermittent Production EnvironmentProf. Fernando santos
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) - An approach for Indian SMEs to improve manufacturing performanceMr. Abhishek Jain
Unified Computational Analysis of Conventional Numerical Methods for Time Dependant Heat EquationMr. M. Naveed Akhtar
Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to the selection of tractor truck brand for refrigerated trailerDr. Graciela Pelegrini, Dra
Utilization of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines on Remote IslandsMr. Argyrios Stouras
Vibration Fault Diagnosis Of Gearbox Using Wavelet Trans And FIS formDr. Hojjat AHmadi
Waste Vegetable Oils to Biodiesel over Al2O3 - Supported SnO2 Catalyst: Effect of Support Pore SizeProf. KALALA JALAMA
Wear Characterization of a Coated Sintered Steel for MouldsDr. Giovanni Pio Pucillo
Wear Rate Determination of Diesel Engine FM13 Using Oil AnalysisDr. Hojjat AHmadi
Web-based Portal for Vehicle Licensing ManagementMrs. Oluwadamilola Oshin
Webportal Applications: Automated Student Clearance PortalDr. Francis Idachaba
Weld Procedural Effect on the Performance of Ferrous Based Hardfacing Deposit on Mild Steel SubstrateDr. Kenchappa,Munisami Kenchi Reddy
Wheel Force Transducer for Shimmy InvestigationProf. Stefano Pagano
Why Weibull Distribution Can Be Used To Describe Belt Segment and Belt Loop Operating Time and Why It Is Not Enough To Use It To Predict Remaining Belt Life?Dr. Witold Kawalec, Dr. Ryszard Blazej, Dr. Leszek Jurdziak
Wide Area Network Acceleration in a High Assurance EnterpriseDr. Wiiliam Simpson
Window Analysis and Malmquist Index for Assessing Efficiency in a Pharmaceutical IndustryDr. Abbas Al-Refaie
Wireless Cycling Posture Monitoring Based on Smartphones and Bluetooth Low EnergyProf. Jose Afonso
Wireless Monitoring and Management of Energy Consumption and Power Quality EventsProf. Jose Afonso
3GPP LTE: An OverviewMrs. Oluwadamilola Oshin
3GPP LTE: The Relevance of InterworkingMrs. Oluwadamilola Oshin