The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2017 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)
Contact Authors
Effect in performance and emission of Jatropha Biodiesel added with DEE fuelled in Electric generatorDr. Indraj Singh
Effect of different anode materials on form of micro structures fabricated by ECDMDr. Tarlochan Singh
Effect of Extended Fins on Heat Transfer in a Bubbling Fluidized BedDr. Saeid Rasouli Jazi
Effect of Heating Rate on the Density, Hardness and Microstructural Properties of Spark Plasma Sintered Ni-Fe-Cr AlloysDr. Mxolisi Shongwe
Effect of honeycomb geometry on natural frequency of the honeycomb sandwich structureMr. Claudio Cancedda
Effect of Internal Green Supply Chain Practices on Environmental Performance of SMEs of Wooden Furniture IndustryDr. ARIES SUSANTY
Effect of Resins and Membrane Permeation for Improved SelectivityMs. EDIDIONG OKON
Effect of weld pool vibration on fatigue strength and tensile strength of stainless steel butt welded joints by GTAW processDr. Jaspal Singh
Effective Use of ICT for Teaching, Learning and Research: A PAPER REVIEWDr. ABDULLAHI SALIHU MUSA
Effectively Improve Nonparametric EWMA Sign Charts Based on EPQ ModelDr. Shin-Li Lu
Effects of fulgurites on the earthing systemMr Tshubwana RP
Effects of Polarization Tracker on 80 and 112 Gb/s PDM-DQPSK with Spectral Amplitude Code LabelsMr. Isaac Adjaye Aboagye
Effects of Some Structural Parameters on the Vibration of a Simply Supported Non-prismatic Double-beam SystemMr. OLASUNMBO AGBOOLA
Elastodynamic Analysis of a Mechanism with Flexible LinksProf. Dumitru Nicolae
Empirical Analysis of the Energy Potentials in Co-Substrates from Cassava Peels, Cow Dung and Saw DustMr. Oluwaseyi Jessy Balogun
Enabling Human Activity Recognition with Smartphone Sensors in a Mobile EnvironmentDr. Wei-Po Lee
End-to-end DNN-CNN Classification for Language IdentificationProf. Ian McLoughlin
Estimation of the Vehicle Sideslip Angle by Means of the State Dependent Riccati Equation TechniqueProf. Mario Terzo
Evaluating the Performance of Harmonic Neutral Blocking Filter in ECG Electric Power Distribution SystemMr. Kingsford Joseph Akwasi Atanga, Dr. George Eduful
Exact solutions of some complex non-linear equationsDr. Sachin Kumar
Experimental Validation of Bridge Screening Method based on Vehicle Response AnalysisDr. Kyosuke Yamamoto
Factors Affecting the Transition Time Between Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Levels in Software Industry of Pakistan: An Empirical StudyDr. M Noman Riaz
Fast Real Time 1D Barcode Detection From Webcam Images Using the Bars Detection MethodProf. Abderrahmane Namane
FEA Based Vibration Characteristic Analysis of Conventional and Composite Material Single Piece Drive ShaftMr. Neelesh Sharma
Feasibility and Econometrics Assessment of Standalone and Hybrid RE Facilities for Rural Community Utilization and Embedded Generation in North-West, NigeriaDr. Oluseyi Ajayi
Fiber Bragg Gratings for Strain and Temperature Measurements in a Smart TireProf. Mario Terzo
Fingerprints Authentication Using Grayscale Fractal DimensionProf. Dr. Nadia Al-Saidi
Finite Difference Method and Laplace Transform for Boundary Value ProblemsMr. Abiodun Opanuga
Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis over Co/gamma-Al2O3 Catalyst: Activation by Synthesis GasProf. KALALA JALAMA
Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis over Fe/Al2O3 Catalyst with Low Fe Loading: Effect of Reaction TemperatureProf. KALALA JALAMA
Force Profile Comparison for Various Stator Teeth Configurations and Translator Material in Linear Switched Reluctance Motor (LSRM)Prof. PATTATH NARAYANAN KAPIL
Forecasting Demand in Blood Supply Chain (Case Study on Blood Transfusion Unit)Dr. Fitra Lestari
Forecasting Short-Term Wind Power Generation by An Improved Radial Basis Function-based Neural NetworkDr. Gary Chang
Free Energy Generation using Neodymium Magnets: An Off-Grid Sustainable Energy Solution for Sub-Saharan AfricaProf. Aderemi Atayero
Frequency Diverse Array Transmission for Secure Wireless CommunicationDr. SHADDRACK YAW NUSENU
Frequency Optimization in some Control Systems including on-off systemsDr. Azz Nor el houda
Friction Modelling of a Hot Rolling Process by means of the Finite Element MethodMr. Alberto Murillo
Frontalis Muscle Strength Calculation Based On 3D Image Using Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (GLCM) and Confidence InterfalDr. Hardianto, Wibowo, S.Kom
Further Applications of a New Finite Element Applied to the Analysis of Thin PlatesDr. D.hamadi
Generating the Skew Normal Random VariableProf. Durand Philippe
Global Stabilization of Gyrostat Program Motion with Cavity Filled with Viscous FluidProf. Sergey Bezglasnyi
He-Laplace Method for the Solutions of the Navier-Stokes ModelMr. S. O. Edeki
High Empirical Study of Strong and Robust Passive UHF RFID Tag Based Distributed AntennaDr. Ali Saleh
High Resolutions of Medical Images using Enhancement TechniqueDr. Vikram Karimella
High Speed Duobinary Modulation in Hybrid DWDM with Raman-EDFA Hybrid AmplifierDr. Yugnanda Malhotra
Homogenization of an Optimal Control Problem in Fixed DomainsDr. Bituin Cabarrubias
Hydraulic Fracturing Design Optimization and Post Fracture Performance Prediction Using Hybrid Intelligent Evolutionary Computing and Fuzzy Support Vector MachinesDr. Doko Ibrahim, Mr. Timothy Odedele
Identifying Trends and Patterns in Incidence of AIDS in Bangkok Using Generalised Linear Mixed ModelsDr. Pianpool Kirdwichai
Improved metaheuristic for clustering in wireless sensor networksDr. P. S . MANN
Improvement of Cross-country Capability of All-wheel Drive Vehicles by Means of Decentralization of Regulation of Air Pressure in TiresDr. Sergei Aliukov
Infant Mortality and Economic Growth: Modeling by Increasing Returns and Least SquaresProf. IOANNIS DEMETRIOU
Integration of Environmental Impact Assessment through Web Based Information SystemDr. S. M. Khalid
Intelligent Ecosystems to Increase Urban Traffic QualityProf. Jose Antonio Castan Rocha
Interlinking OF IoT, Big data, Smart Mobile app with Smart Garbage MonitoringDr. Ravi Gorli
Investigating and Analyzing Speech Signal through EEG Brain ImagesDr. Priyanka Abhang
Investigations into Friction Stir Welding Parameters on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of AA6061aluminium Alloy Butt Welded JointsDr. Mohd Majid
Investigations into friction stir welding parameters using square pin tool on mechanical properties and microstructure of AA6061 jointsDr. Mohd. Majid
Irreversibility Analysis of a Radiative MHD Poiseuille Flow through Porous Medium with Slip ConditionMr. Abiodun Opanuga
Large Eddy Simulation of Hydrogen-Enriched Methane-Air Premixed Flames in a Confined Swirl BurnerProf. CK Chan
Logistic Integration of Trading Service Facilities: Spatial AspectDr. Sergei Aliukov
Long Range Correlation in Time Series of News SentimentsProf. Sergei SIDOROV
Low Frequency Induction Simulation of Power Transmission Lines and Pipelines: A Comparative StudyDr. BOLANLE ABE
Management Models of Efficiency of Development of Resource and Energy Saving Systems Using Methods of Approximation of Step FunctionsDr. Konstantin Osintsev
Management of Option Investment Projects: Theory and PracticeDr. Sergei Aliukov
Mathematical Analysis of the Relative Speedup Dynamics of the Service Layered Utility Maximization Model as Applied to Dynamic Workflow Oriented Webservice CompositionDr. Abiud Wakhanu Mulongo
Mathematical Model for the Study of the Equilibrium State of Renewable Systems Based on Functional Operators with ShiftProf. Oleksandr Karelin
Maximization power coefficient of horizontal axis wind turbine blades (HAWT) using blade element momentum theory BEMDr. Younes EL KHCHINE
Measures of Entropy based upon Statistical ConstantsMr. Gurcharan Singh
Mechanical Analysis of an AM Fabricated Viscoelastic Shaft under Torsion by Rigid DisksProf. Alexander Manzhirov
Method of Homogenization for the Study of the Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in a Composite Part 1: Modeling, Scaling, Existence and Uniqueness ResultsMrs. CANOT HELENE
Method of Homogenization for the Study of the Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in a Composite Part 2: HomogenizationMrs. CANOT HELENE
Minimizing Makespan in a Class of Two-Stage Chain Reentrant Hybrid Flow ShopsMr. Lowell Lorenzo
Mobility Condition to Study Performance of MANET Routing ProtocolsDr. Enneya Nourddine
Modeling and Design of Automatic Test System for AircraftDr. Hang Yu
Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of Residual Stresses in Tube Bending of Strain Hardening MaterialDr. Islam El-Galy
Modeling and Performance Analysis of a Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting System from Manhole, Logger Housing and Chamber Structure for Water Utility Company ApplicationsMr. Victor Valdez
Modeling of Particles Migration and Nanofluid Flows in Boundary LayerProf. Tulegen Amanbayev
Modelling and Analysis of Power Generation from Low Grade Industrial Waste Heat Using Ejector Trilateral Flash CycleMr. Celden Co
Modified Weibull-G Family of Probability DistributionsDr. M. Aleem
Modular Delay-Optimized Mantissa-Multiplication Architecture for 32-bit Single Precision Floating Point MultiplierDr. Priyesh Shukla
Multi-class Classification and Clustering based Multi-object TrackingMr. Nii Longdon Sowah
Multi-criteria Approach to Justification of Production Technology of Hydrogen FuelMr. Andrey Shchelkonogov
Multi-Perspective Ant Colony Optimization for Mining and Understanding the Topology Oriented Big DataDr. Usman Qamar
Multiple Solutions of Slip Flow and Heat Transfer over an Exponential Shrinking Sheet with Stability AnalysisDr. Rajesh Sharma
Multi-target CFAR Detection Based on SAR Imagery of Complex BackgroundDr. YINGYING KONG
Mutually nearest vertex clusters for solving TSPDr. Govindaraj Pandith T.G
New Methodology for Improving Quality Management in Healthcare Environment using a Hybrid Knowledge-Based SystemProf. Mohammed Khan
Noise Reduction Techniques for Processing of Medical ImagesDr. Luis Cadena
Noise Web Data Learning from a Web User Profile: Position PaperMr. Julius Onyancha
Numerical Analysis of Latent Heat Storage with an Internal Fin using FlexpdeDr. SUSHANT SAMIR
Numerical Investigation of Flow Past a Circular Cylinder for Various Computational Domain and Reynolds numbersDr. Amer Farhan Rafique
Numerical Method of Microwave Heating to Modified for Lifting Condensation Level of Clouds FormationDr. Samran Santalunai
Numerical modeling of thermal transfer in thermoelectric generatorDr. Emetere Moses E.
Numerical Modelling for Process Investigation of a Single Coal Particle Combustion and GasificationMr. TATA SUTARDI
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Characterization of a Leg Exoskeleton for Motion AssistanceDr. Alexandru Dima
Numerical Simulation of Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow through a Rock Scanned with High Resolution X-ray Micro-CTDr. Moussa Tembely
Numerical Solution to Strong Cylindrical Shock Wave in the Presence of Magnetic FieldDr. Addepalli Ramu