The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2017 are listed here:

A_D, E_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
On a Modified Iterative Method for the Solutions of Advection ModelMr. S. O. Edeki
On Computing the Vandermonde Matrix InverseDr. Yiu-Kwong MAN
On Solution Of Generalized Fractional Kinetic Equation Involving I-Function Of Two Variables Using Sumudu TransformDr. Shailesh Jaloree
On the Application of Martingale theory to Investment StrategyDr. Enahoro Alfred Owoloko
On the Exponentiated Generalized Inverse Exponential DistributionMr. Pelumi Oguntunde
On the Flexibility of the Transmuted Inverse Exponential DistributionMr. Pelumi Oguntunde
On the Singular Integral Equation Connected with the Stokes Gravity WavesDr. NINO KHATIASHVILI
On the Solution of the Cahn-Hilliard Equation via the Perturbation Iteration Transform MethodMr. S. O. Edeki
On the Upper and Lower Bounds of Correlation Window Size in Digital Image Correlation AnalysisProfessor Alexander M. Korsunsky
Optimization Model and Solution Method for Operational Aircraft Maintenance Routing ProblemProf. Felix T.S. Chan
Optimization of Cutting Parameters in the Wire Electrical Discharge Machining of VC131 Tool SteelDr. WALLYSON THOMAS ALVES DA SILVA
Optimization of extrusion cooking conditions for the manufacture of fish feeds' extrudates with respect to extrusion temperature, extruder die diameter and steam/feed conditioning timeDr. Francis Gichuho
Optimizing Hydroelectric Power Generation: The Case of Shiroro DamDr. Olawale Olaniyi Emmanuel Ajibola
Optimizing Performance of Injection Molding Process Using Fuzzy Goal ProgrammingProf. Abbas Al Refaie
Orthogonal Metal Cutting Simulation of Steel AISI 1045 via Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic MethodDr. Seyed Hamed Hashemi Sohi
Parametric Analysis of Co-pelletization of Corncobs and Algae at Moderate ConditionsDr. Nakorn Tippayawong
PAT Framework to Optimize Performance of Extrusion Process for uPVC PipesProf. Abbas Al Refaie
Pathway Model for Location of Semantic Web ServicesDr. Saidu I. Rambo
Perfect Equitable Domination of Some GraphsDr. Mark Caay and Dr. Esperanza B. Arugay
Performance Analysis of the Fast-NLMS type AlgorithmDr. Madjid AREZKI
Performance Evaluation of 5 GHz IEEE 802.11n WPA2 Laboratory LinksProf. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11a 54 Mbps Open Laboratory LinksProf. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
Performance Evaluation of Medical Device Suppliers with Fuzzy DEA TechniqueMs. Michele Cedolin
Performance Measurement for Halal Food Certification: A Research AgendaDr. Fitra Lestari
Performance of Tool Wear Using Cryogenic Treated CBN InsertsDr. Sivaprakasam Thamizhmanii
Performing Hierarchical Clustering on Distance Matrices in OptiMLProf. Srdjan Skrbic
Phase-Noise and Jitter in High Speed Frequency SynthesizerProf. Ahmed Telba
Piecewise linear yield criteria in the problems of thermoplasticityDr. Evgenii Murashkin
Plastic Mannequin-Based Robotic Telepresence for Remote Clinical Ward RoundingDr. Victor Matthews
Precision Method of Velocity Determination basing on Measurements of Car Body Deformation - non-linear Method for Intermediate Vehicle ClassDr. Marek Wozniak
Prefilter Bandwidth Effects in Asynchronous Sequential Symbol Synchronizers based on Pulse Comparison by Hybrid Transitions at Quarter Bit RateProf. Antonio Reis
Printing and Curing of Conductive Ink Track on Curvature Substrate using Fluid Dispensing System and OvenDr. Rd Khairilhijra Khirotdin
Prioritizing The Smart Operation Room Development for Smart City Based on Analytical Hierarchy ProcessMr. Fachrul Kurniawan
Process Monitoring of Vibropolishing in Trough SystemMr. Kunal Ahluwalia
Production Distribution Planning in a Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Using Carbon Policies: A Review and ReflectionsDr. Vijaya Kumar Manupati
Propagation Delay Analysis of Multi-layered GNR and Multi-walled CNT Through-Silicon Via at Different Technology NodesDr. Pankaj Kumar
Properties of New Adaptive Suspension of VehiclesMr. Alexander Alyukov
Putrefied Retinal Inquisition on Support Vector Machine for Glaucoma CurativeDr. PSJ Kumar
Rail Power Conditioner Based on Indirect AC/DC/AC Modular Multilevel Converter Using a Three-Phase V/V Power TransformerProf. Jose Afonso
Relating Knee Laxity with Strain in the Anterior Cruciate LigamentDr. Ahmed Imran
Repair Workshop Queue System Modification Using Multi Priority SchemeDr. Ugochukwu C. Okonkwo
Residual Stress in Girth Welding of Subsea PipelineBridget E. Kogo
Residual Stress Simulations of Girth Welding in Subsea PipelinesMrs. Bridget Kogo
Robust-adaptive Synchronization of Drive and Response Systems using Coupled Chaotic Adaptive Synchronous ObserversMr. Muntazir Hussain
Role of Partial Velocity in Cold Spray: A ReviewDr. Sukhminder Kalsi
Scalable Engineering Calculations on The Example of Two Component Alloy SolidificationProf. Norbert Sczygiol
Secure Multimodal Biometric Authentication System - A Case Study and AnalysisDr. Parimala Suresh
Securing RESTful Web Services using Multiple JSON Web TokensProf. Pedro Mestre
Semi-supervised Segmentation of Sea Ice SAR Image Using IGLCM-MRF ModelDr. YINGYING KONG
Simulated Control System Design of a Multilevel STATCOM for Reactive Power CompensationDr. N.H. MATE
Simulation and Experimental Validation of Common Mode Voltage in Induction Motor driven by Inverter using Arduino MicrocontrollerProf. Reddy Sudharshana K
Simulation Modeling of the Multi-Axle Truck DynamicsDr. Sergei Aliukov
Simulation of Low Pressure Carburizing and Low Pressure Oil Quenching Process using ABAQUS for Finding Distortions in ComponentMr. Swapnil Wadkar
Simulation with Experimental Measurement of Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion and Harmonic Frequency in Three-Phase Induction Motor fed from InverterProf. Reddy Sudharshana K
Smart Assistive mHealth System for Medication Adherence in Patients with Alzheimer's DiseaseProf. Aderemi Atayero
Smart Home Automation Based On IOT and Android TechnologyDr. Gayathri dana
Smart Vehicular Traffic Management System using RFID TechnologyDr. Victor Matthews
Smart Weather Station for Rural Agriculture using Meteorological Sensors and Solar EnergyProf. Aderemi Atayero
Solar Cell and Comparison of its Different TypesDr. hafiz tariq mehmood
Solar Concentrator from a Parabolic Grid Antenna for Industrial ApplicationsDr. SELVA RIVERA
Solar thermal brooding mechanism for an early aged chickDr. Cherotaw Abate
Solving Linear Schrodinger Equation through Perturbation Iteration Transform MethodMr. S. O. Edeki
Spatial Modulation - Filtered-OFDMDr. SHADDRACK YAW NUSENU
Spectral Efficiency Analysis of GSM Networks in South-South NigeriaDr. Promise Elechi
Stability Analysis of Air Springs Subjected to Lateral LoadsProf. Stefano Pagano
Stability of SEIR Model of Infectious Diseases with Human ImmunityDr. Palwinder Bolina
Stabilization of Equilibrium State of Nonlinear Hamiltonian SystemsProf. Sergey Bezglasnyi
Statistical Indoor Location Estimation for the NLoS Environment Using Radial Extreme Value Weibull DistributionDr. Kosuke Okusa
Stochastic Risk Analysis and Cost Contingency Allocation Approach for Construction Projects Applying Monte Carlo SimulationMrs. Fahimeh Allahi
Studies of Stability and Control of Movement of Multipurpose VehicleDr. Sergei Aliukov
Study of Parallel Image Processing with the Implementation of vHGW Algorithm using CUDA on NVIDIA'S GPU FrameworkDr. Sanjay Saxena
Study of the mechanical alloyed Fe-Ni and its magnetic propertiesDr. Iman Farahbakhsh
Study the Porosity Analysis of Eutectic Al-12Si-xCu AlloyDr. Ranjit Barua
Superconducting Electrokinetic Storage for Energy Saving and Energy Enhancement in the Local Electric NetworksDr. Aleksandr Kartashev
Superconductive Electrokinetic Energy Storage UnitDr. Aleksandr Kartashev
Surface Mechanical Coating of Cu, Fe and Nano SiC powders on Stainless steel plateDr. Iman Farahbakhsh
Synthesis of Marathi numerals using Unit Selection approach through festivalDr. Sangramsing
Testing the Equality of Two Pareto DistributionsDr. Husam Bayoud
The Application of New Quartic Trigonometric B-spline for Solving Second-order Singular Boundary Value ProblemsDr. MUHAMMAD ABBAS
The Burr X-Exponential Distribution: Theory and ApplicationsMr. Pelumi Oguntunde
The Dynamical Behavior of Drilling Masts during the Hook Load VariationDr. CHERGUI Said
The Exact Specification for Consumption of Blood-Pressure Regulating Drugs with a Numerical Model of Pulsatile Micropolar Fluid Flow in Elastic VesselDr. Soroush Maddah
The Impact of Quality Management System in Laboratory Certification of Smartcards and Emerging Payment TechnologiesMr. Nsima Udoh
The Integrated Framework of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics for Organizational Performance Management in Public SectorDr. Jamaiah Yahaya
The Interaction between a Coated Foundation and a Rigid Punch with Rough SurfacesProf. Alexander Manzhirov
The Nigerian Telecommunication Industry; Analysis Of The First Fifteen Years Of The Growths And Challenges In The Gsm Market (2001 - 2016)Dr. Nsikan Nkordeh
The Research of WSN Routing Algorithm for Ground Battlefield Reconnaissance SystemMr. Qing-qing Wang
The State of Art in the Field of AC Interference caused by Transmission Power-Lines affecting buried Metallic PipelinesDr. BOLANLE ABE
The Universal Personalized Approach for Human Knowledge ProcessingProf. Oliver Moravcik
The wave scattering analysis of flexible trifurcated waveguide using Mode-Matching approachDr. Rab Nawaz
The Weibull-Inverted Exponential Distribution: A Generalization of the Inverse Exponential DistributionMr. Pelumi Oguntunde
Theoretical Evaluation of the Effect of Internal Heat Exchanger in Standard Vapor Compression and Compressor-Driven Ejector Refrigeration SystemsDr. Menandro Berana
Thermodynamics Analysis of Radiative Hydromagnetic Couple Stress Fluid through a ChannelMr. Abiodun Opanuga
Thermoelastic Analysis of Sigmoid-Orthotropic FG Plates using Airy Stress FunctionDr. Fatemeh Farhatnia
Three-Dimensional Modeling of Innovative Socio-Economic EntitiesDr. Sergei Aliukov
Toward the design of Automatic translation system from an Arabic Sign Language to Arabic TextDr. Abdo Abdeen
Towards recommendation system for logistics using multilevel network analysis approachDr. Jose Parra
Towards recommendation system for work-group formation using social network analysis approachDr. Josue-Miguel Flores-Parra
Towards Sustainable cities: Prospects and dangers of cycling bicycles in the city of JohannesburgDr. Thaba, Sebonkile
Trigonometrically Fitted Semi-Implicit Fourth Order Hybrid Method for Solving Oscillatory Delay Differential EquationsDr. Fudziah Ismail
Ultrasonic Measuring Water Quality as a Tool for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)Dr. N. Hamzah
Unified Architecture of Single-Phase Active Power Filter with Battery Interface for UPS OperationProf. Jose Afonso
Using Hamaker Coefficient Concept as a Surface Energetic tool for interpreting the Interaction mechanisms between HIV and Blood cells treated with Antiretroviral DrugsDr. Okwy Ani
Variational Iteration Method for Natural Frequencies of a Cantilever Beam with Special Attention to the Higher ModesMr. OLASUNMBO AGBOOLA
Vibration Model of the Mobile Platform with Serial Industrial Manipulator for the Purpose of Suspension DesignMr. Alexander Alyukov
Vibration of an Elastically Connected Nonprismatic Double-beam System Using Differential Transform MethodMr. OLASUNMBO AGBOOLA
VLSI Architecture for impulse noise Removal and image Enhancement of Digital ImagesDr. Chidadala Janardhan
Walk Distance Estimation Using an Ankle-mounted Inertial Measurement UnitProf. Jose Afonso
Wide Band Printed Ring Circular Slot RadiatorMs. KAMANI SNEHA
Wind Resource Classification and Economic Feasibility of Distributed Generation for Rural Community Utilization in North Central NigeriaDr. Oluseyi Ajayi
XWUMF: Towards an Extensible Web Usage Mining Framework for Actionable KnowledgeDr. Pushpa Latha