The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2018 are listed here:

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Titles (A_D)
Contact Authors
A Consolidated Economic Analysis of Alternative Fuel for Public Utility JeepneysProf. Jose Gabriel Mercado
A Fast Path Planning Algorithm for a Mobile RobotDr. PATIENCE ADAMU
A FMECA-Based Analysis of the Complex Plant Controlling a Variable Pitch PropellerProf. Roberto Revetria
A Mathematical Model for the Biological Treatment of WastewaterDr. Ahmed Msmali
A method for solving linear programming problem through fuzzy environmentDr. Sapan Das
A Methodology to Develop AI Software in an OrganizationMr. FRANCESCO RAGO
A Mixed QFD-ANP Approach to Mitigating Bullwhip Effect by Deploying Agility in the Supply Chain SystemProf. An-Yuan Chang
A Model for Identifying Relationships of Suspicious Customers in Money Laundering using Social Network FunctionsDr. Abdul Shaikh
A Multicast Routing Algorithm for 3D Network-on-Chip in Chip Multi-ProcessorsProf. Fen Ge
A New Hybrid Model for Heart Disease Prediction Using K-means Clustering and Two Class Neural NetworkDr. ANIMESH HAZRA
A New One-Dimensional Electrostatic Model for Membrane MEMS DevicesProf. Luisa Angela Maria Fattorusso
A Novel On-Line Test Scheme for Avionics Controller Based on SBSTDr. YING ZHANG
A Numerical Investigation of VMS-POD Model for Darcy-Brinkman EquationsMrs. Fatma Guler Eroglu
A Parametric Study of the Effect of the Leading-Edge Tubercles Geometry on the Performance of Aeronautic Propeller using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)Mr. Fahad Butt
A Preliminary Survey on Project Manager's Skills as a Success Factor in Software Project ManagementDr. YUSMADI YAH BINTI JUSOH
A Review of System Dynamics Models Applied in Social and Humanitarian ResearchesProf. Roberto Revetria
A Review: Hyperspectral Image Processing TechniquesDr. Kiran C Gowda
A Simple Approximate Method for Predicting Impact Force History and Application to Pyroshock SimulationMr. Mun-Guk Kim
A Spherical Placement and Migration Scheme for a STT-RAM Based Hybrid Cache in 3D chip Multi-processorsProf. Fen Ge
A Study of Unsteady MHD Vertical Flow of an Incompressible, Viscous, Electrically conducting Fluid bounded by Two Non-Conducting Plates in Presence of a Uniform inclined Magnetic FieldMr. MRINMOY GOSWAMI, Dr. KRISHNA GOPAL SINGHA
A Study of Water Quality of Ghaggar River, IndiaDr. Shakti Kumar
A Study on the Behavioral Characteristics of Traditional Timber House under Lateral LoadsMr. Bum-Soo Park
A Survey on Optimizing Smart Home Appliances in Internet of ThingsDr. M.R. Sundara Kumar
A Theoretical Review on the Importance of Stakeholders and Sources of Financing Public Urban InfrastructureProf. Clinton Aigbavboa
Academic Performance Evaluation Using Hybrid Clustering TechniquesDr. Ramjeet Singh Yadav
Accurate Ratio Computation using Abstract Chemical Reaction NetworksMiss Joyun Tseng
Almost Compact Sets and Almost Continuous MapsDr Asha Goel
An Algorithm for Multidimensional Optimization and Robustness Evaluation within a Rescheduling ProcedureProf. Roberto Revetria
An Analysis of the Co-movement of Price Change Volatility in Forex MarketMr. Watthana Pongsena
An Investigation into the Labour Productivity Trends in the North-West Province of South AfricaProf. Clinton Aigbavboa
Analysis of Die Tilt Effect on the Stress Distribution in a Small Outline Transistor Using Finite Element MethodMs. Jennifer Fabular
Analytical Investigation of Axial and Bending Stiffness of Woods as an Anisotropic Material for Structural Building ComponentsDr. Michael Agarana
Analyzing the Effect of Trip Pattern on the Mode Choice Decision of LRT in Palembang CityDr. Muhammad Zudhy Irawan
Anomaly Detection Framework for Big Data; Ghana PerspectiveDr. Gyamfi Nana Kwame
Application of Break-Even Analysis In Industrial Development through Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)Mr. CHIBUZOR ARINZE OKPALA
Application of Computer Algorithms for Their Use in Chemistry for Elucidation of Protein Ligand DockingDr. SARLA KALYANKAR
Application of Factorial Design to Study the Effect of Moisture and Rice of Varieties on the Production of Paddy Husker MachineDr. Suwattanarwong Phanphet
Archive System to Browse the Roads in Miyagi Prefecture with Delayed Recovery after the 2011 Tohoku EarthquakeProf. Noriaki Endo
Assessment of Drivers to Implement Green Manufacturing in Indian manufacturing SMEs through IF-TOPSIS ApproachDr. Amaresh kumar
Automatic Positioner control System For Motorized Parabolic Solar DishDr. Asif Ahmed Rahimoona
Availability Analysis of Repairable Pumping System in Oil Refinery Gas PlantDr. PAUL AMAECHI OZOR
Buckling Analysis of Laminated Composite Shells with Circular Reinforcements around CutoutsDr. Aamir sultan
Carrier Phase SynchronizersProf. Antonio Reis
Characterization of Sewage Treatment Plant in an Emerging TerritoryDr. PAUL AMAECHI OZOR
Characterizing the Interactions of a Multinational Engineering Services Company on TwitterDr. Stuart Palmer
Child Friendly RoboticsDr. Rina Zviel-Girshin
Classes of Ordinary Differential Equations Obtained for the Probability Functions of Logistic and Log-Logistic DistributionsDr. Hilary Okagbue
Classifiers for Predicting Undergraduate Computer Science PerformanceDr. Sherrene Bogle
Cloud and Application Programming Interface - Issues and DevelopmentsDr. Isaac Odun-Ayo
Cloud Computing and Internet of Things: Issues and DevelopmentsDr. Isaac Odun-Ayo
Cloud Computing Security: Issues and DevelopmentsDr. Isaac Odun-Ayo
Clutter Analysis for Forward Scatter Micro-SensorsMrs. NOR AYU ZAKARIA
Collaborative Optimization of Testing and Mapping for Network on ChipDr. YING ZHANG
Comparative Mechanical Microscopy of Mn-Ni-Co 4:1:1 Li-Ion Battery CathodesMr. Leon Romano Brandt
Comparative Studies of Relative Motion in a CARTOSAT-2C Mission with Clohessy-Wiltshire EquationDr. Thangavel Sanjeevi
Comparative study of dual fuel downdraft gasifier by using agriculture wastes as a fuel for powerDr. Indraj Singh
Comparative Study of Reliability Prediction of Compressor System by ANN and TTF Time Series TechniquesDr. PAUL AMAECHI OZOR
Comparison of Experimental Data and Isotropic Sky Models for Global Solar Radiation Estimation in Eastern NigeriaDr. PAUL AMAECHI OZOR
Comparison of Retinal Vessel Segmentation Techniques: A ReviewMiss Mishal Bansal
Construction Employees' Interpersonal Relationship: A Review of the LiteratureProf. Clinton Aigbavboa
Construction of the First Component of a New Information System Security Governance Framework: 4D-ISS Risk Management ModelMiss Mounia zaydi
Context-Aware Food Recommendation SystemDr. Joao Ferreira
Context-Aware Information in Mobile DevicesDr. Joao Carlos Ferreira
Contraction on Some Fixed Point Theorem in bv(s) - Metric SpacesMrs. Yaowaluck Khongtham
Convergence speed of some random implicit-Kirk-type iterations for contractive-type random operatorsDr. Hudson Akewe
Corners Restrictions and its Application in the Analysis of Thin Plates by the Boundary Element MethodProf. Joao Paiva
Corrosion Behavior of Ferritic Stainless Steel in Locally Prepared Biodiesel MediaDr. FEYISAYO VICTORIA ADAMS
Crossbar Architecture for Memristor Based Memory SimulationDr. Lili He
Cryptography and the Improvement of Security in Wireless Sensor NetworksMr. Kennedy Okokpujie
Cyber Security Challenges in Digital EconomyProf. Mario Spremic
Data Phase Synchronizers of Closed LoopProf. Antonio Reis
Decentralizing Software-Defined Wireless Mesh Networking (D-SDWMN) Control PlaneMr. Hisham Elzain
Deep Learning for Glistening Quantification in Intraocular LensMs. Kay Thwe Min Han
Density and Cost-Sensitive Materials Selection of Transtibial Prosthesis Using TOPSIS MethodDr. Hannah Angelica Del Rosario
Design and Construction of a Laboratory Scale Lantern for Bio fuel-Biodiesel Combustion and Flame Structure AnalysisDr. Emmanuel Chinagorom Nwadike
Design and Development of a Monitoring System for Saline AdministrationDr. Sumet Umchid
Design and Development of Modular Arm Cast Using Additive ManufacturingDr. Sachin Bagde
Design and Implementation of 0.5kw Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for Domestic UseMrs. Imhade Okokpujie
Design and Off-Design Operation and Performance Analysis of a Gas TurbineDr. Abdulkarim Nasir
Design and Performance Evaluation of a vortex tube form by Copper MaterialDr. G.Ramesh kumar
Design of a Prototype for Detection of Seismic Motion Based on an Embedded System Using FPGADr. Ronald Alberto Ponguillo Intriago
Design Solutions for Human Legs Motion Assistance ExoskeletonsDr. Geonea Ionut Daniel
Design, Development and Performance Analysis of a Friction Welding for Dissimilar MetalsMr. Murat Kilic
Designing Femoral Implant Using Stress Based Topology OptimizationMiss Rajaa Abbas
Developing a FMEA Methodology to Assess Non-Technical Risks in Power PlantsMiss Sahar ALMashaqbeh
Developing a FMEA Methodology to Assess Risk Indicators in Power PlantsDr. Sahar Almashaqbeh
Development of a Design Tool for a Two-Degree of Freedom Gear Train with Sun-Planet-Planet-Sun ConfigurationProf. Ralph Jose
Development of polymeric aerogel using plastic wastes for oil cleanup from wastewaterDr. Junaid Saleem
Development of Precise Multichannel Device for Dynamic Measurements with Incremental Encoders on NI PlatformMr. Jan Brandt
DFPT Calculations on Phonons and Thermodynamic Properties in Mg-IV-N2Dr. Atchara Punya Jaroenjittichai
Discordant Voting Protocols for Cyclically Linked AgentsProf. Andras Pongracz
DMS Way of Finding the Optimum Number of Iterations for Fixed Point Iteration MethodMr. Dhairya Shah