The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2018 are listed here:

A_D, E_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
On a modified Picard-S-AK Hybrid iterative algorithm for approximating fixed point of Banach contraction mapDr. Hudson Akewe
On Diatom Colonization of Porous UHMWPE ScaffoldsDr. Joris Everaerts
On New Solutions of Impulsive Quantum Stochastic Differential InclusionDr. Bishop Sheila
On Optimal Control of Quasi-Linear Elliptic Equation with Variable p(x)-LaplacianProf. Ciro D'Apice
On random multistep-type iterative algorithms for approximating the random common fixed point of contractive-type operatorsDr. Hudson Akewe
On the maximum clique number problemDr. AIT HADDADENE Hacene
On the Microstructure Size Effect in SLS-built 316L Stainless Steel PartsMr. Benjamin de Jager
On the Shift-HSS splitting method for nonsingular saddle point problemDr. Zhuo-Hong Huang
One and Two-parameters Lindley Distributions: Ordinary Differential EquationsDr. Hilary Okagbue
Optimal Design of Earthmat for 110kV Substation using ETAP 12.6Dr. JIGYESH SHARMA
Optimal Feeder Design of Pressure Vessel from Gunmetal Using Investment Casting - A Case StudyMr. Enil Kansagra
Optimization of Cluster Head Election in Zone based Wireless Sensor Networks using Genetic AlgorithmDr. Jasmine Beula
Optimization of Thermal and Flow Characteristics of R-410A Vapor Condensation inside Smooth Horizontal TubeProf. Hari Narayan Singh
Overrunning Clutches in Designs of Inertial Continuously Variable TransmissionsDr. Sergei Aliukov
Parametric Vibration of a Cardan Shaft and Sensitivity AnalysisProf. Alfayo Anyika Alugongo
Pattern to Build a Robust Trend Indicator for Automated TradingDr. Salah-ddine Krit
Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11a 54 Mbps WEP Laboratory LinksProf. Jose Pacheco de Carvalho
Performance Verification of Multi-Master AHB Bus SystemProf. Lili He
Positioning Algorithm for Deployment of Femtocell Network in Mobile NetworkProf. Meera Joseph
Precision Method of Velocity Determination based on Measurements of Car Body Deformation - Non-linear Method for Intermediate Vehicle ClassDr. Przemyslaw Kubiak, Dr. Marek Wozniak
Predicting Horizontal Well Collapse Gradient in Deep-Water FormationDr. Nwonodi Roland Ifeanyi
Predicting Solar Flares by Converting GOES X-ray Data to Gramian Angular Fields (GAF) ImagesMr. Tarek Nagem
Prefilter Bandwidth Effects in Carrier Phase SynchronizersProf. Antonio Reis
Prefilter Bandwidth Effects in Data Phase Synchronizers of Closed LoopProf. Antonio Reis
Process Layout Design with Association Rule Mining: A Case of a Built-in Furniture FactoryDr. Wimalin Laosiritaworn
Propagation Delay Comparison between Single-Walled CNT Bundle and Multi-Layered GNR for Global VLSI InterconnectsDr. Pankaj Kumar
Quality Aspects in Resin Bonded Sand - A ReviewDr. Shailee Acharya
Query and Update Efficient Presort Range Tree based Indexing of Mobile Tracking SystemMrs. Thu Zan
Rapid Prototype of the Expert System to Environmental Quality Indicators EstimationMrs. ELVIRA ROLON
Residual Stresses Computing in Blood Vessels in virtue of Pathological Growth ProcessesMr. Nikita Stadnik
Resource Allocation Model Based on Interval for Wireless Network with Guaranteed QoSDr. Marwan Alakhras
Rethinking Supply Chain as a Driver for Efficient Operations and Strand of Linked Operations in South African Steel Production PlantsMs. Makhala Mpho Motebele
Retinal Degeneration Detection using Iris Image by Machine LearningDr. D.Nagarajan
Robust Object Visual Tracking Using Part Based Kernelized Correlation FiltersDr. Manahil Waheed
Sample-Free Measurement of Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Aluminum-Matrix Composites Using Speckle-Interferometry MethodDr. Evgenii Murashkin
Secure D2D Communication in 5G NetworksDr. RAJESH YADAV
Securing Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemDr. Kevin J Daimi
Security Enhancement through the Comparison of Frequency Domain TechniquesDr. RITA CHOUDHARY
Semi-analytical Solution for Postbuckling Behavior of Highly Deformable NanobeamsProf. S. Ahmad Fazelzadeh
Sensitivity Analysis of Linear Programming Optimization of a Manufacturing BusinessDr. Michael Agarana
SERVQUAL Based Intuitionistic Fuzzy Cognitive Map to Analyze Airline Service QualityDr. Celal Alpay Havle
Shortest Path Planning Algorithm - A Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) ApproachDr. PATIENCE ADAMU
Simulation and Analysis of a Switched Reluctance Machine for Flywheel ReplacementMr. Daniel Cardoso
Smart Refrigerators in Return for Energy EfficiencyDr. Yurii Baidak
Smartphone based Improved Floor Determination Technique for Multi-Floor BuildingsMr. Sushil Tiwari
Smoothing Yield Curve Data by Least Squares and Concavity or ConvexityProf. Ioannis Demetriou
Softcodes of Parallel Processing Milne's Device via Exponentially Fitted Method for Valuating Special ODEsDr. Jimevwo Godwin Oghonyon
Solar Radiation Polyhedron Sensor with Self-calibration FacilityProf. Pedro Mestre
Solution of Differential Equations of Dynamics of Inertial Continuously Variable TransmissionsDr. Sergei Aliukov
Solution of Fractional Gas Dynamic Equation by Using Homotopy Perturbation with Natural Transform MethodDr. Wichan Khongtham
Solutions of Nonclassical Ordinary Differential Equations and the associated Kurzweil EquationsDr. Bishop Sheila
Stability and Electrical Modeling Study of the Internal Multi-Range TVCDr. Rasha Sayed
Stakeholder Preference Based 2-Tuple Integrated Method for Sustainable Hospital DesignMiss DENIZ UZTURK
Structural Performance of CFRP Confined Circular Concrete ColumnsProf. Nasr-Eddine Chikh
Structural Planning of Long-span Hanok Considering Lateral LoadsProf. Yeong-Min Kim
Structuring Challenges in Requirement Engineering TechniquesMr. Kennedy Okokpujie
Studies on Properties of Al-SiC Metal Matrix Composite Material for Making IC Engine ValvesMr. Nilamkumar Patel
Study the Influence of Atmospheric Drag and J2 Effect in a Close-proximity Operation at LEODr. Thangavel Sanjeevi
Sun-tracking System Design for Parabolic Dish Solar ConcentratorDr. Selva Soledad Rivera
Surface Curvature Effects on Performance of a Laboratory Scale Tidal TurbineMr. Kaiming Ai
Survival Model With Doubly Interval-Censored Data and Time-Dependent CovariatesDr. Jayanthi Arasan
SWOT Based Integrated Fuzzy MCDM Method for Digital Transformation of Turkey Aviation IndustryProf. Gulcin Buyukozkan
Synthesis of coconut shell derived activated carbon NBR composite for automobile applicationProf. ABHIJIT JADHAV
Techno-Economic Analysis of NERC's Feed-in-Tariff for Sustained Grid-Connected Renewable Power Supply: Case of 3 Selected Sites of Northern NigeriaProf. Oluseyi Ajayi
The Behavior of Dam Foundation Reinforced by Stone Columns: Case Study of Kissir Dam-JijelDr. Toufik Karech
The Flow Reactor Technology as a modern Synthetic tool for preparation of Pd/Fe3O4 Nanoparticles as a High Efficient Magnetic Catalyst for CO OxidationDr. Hany El Azab
The Influence of Unsteady Flow to the Performance of a Horizontal Axis Tidal TurbineDr. Binoe Abuan
The Integrated Framework of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics for Organizational Performance Management in Public SectorDr. Jamaiah Yahaya
The Interaction between a Surface Nonuniform Foundation and a Regular System of Punches with Rough BasesDr. Dmitry Parshin
The Link Between Roll and Steering Torque in MotorcyclesMr. Thomas Lane
The Logistic Inverse Exponential Distribution: Basic Structural Properties and ApplicationDr. Pelumi Oguntunde
The Observation and Interpretation of Crack Closure under Plain Fatigue ConditionsMr. Pengbo Qi
The Performance of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Camber and Tubercle Leading Edge as Blade Passive Motion ControlsMr. Ian Carlo Lositano
The Spatial-temporal Dynamics of the Land Cover of the Inner Delta of Niger through Landsat ImagesDr. Abdramane Dembele
The Use of Demand Forecasting Techniques for the Improvement of Spare Part ManagementMrs. Mariya Suyunova
Thermal Residual Stresses Computing in Elastic-Plastic Ball with Rigid Inclusion under Heat TreatmentsDr. Evgenii Murashkin
Thermodynamics Analysis of Rotating Poiseuille Flow with Internal Heat GenerationDr. Abiodun Opanuga
Three Axis Attitude Control of RASAT by Magnetic TorquersMr. Yusuf Acar
Tool Wear Investigation in CNC Turning OperationMr. Yousuf Al Kindi
Towards Domain-Specific Modeling Methodology for Avionic Safety-Critical SystemsDr. Emanuel Grant
Traffic Accident Analysis in the City of Yogyakarta, IndonesiaProf. Ahmad Munawar
Training Process Automation for Computer VisionDr. Irakli Kardava
Ultrasonic Measuring Water Quality as a Tool for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)Mrs. NORHAYATI HAMZAH
Valuation of a Stock with Different Growth RatesDr. Abdulnasser Hatemi Jarabad
Varying Lot-Sizing Models for Optimum Quantity-Determination in Material Requirement Planning SystemDr. Babatunde Omoniyi Odedairo
VAWT Cluster Parameter Study on Overall Cluster Performance, Part I: Model Development and Rotor SpacingMr. Jeffrey Silva
VAWT Cluster Parameter Study on Overall Cluster Performance, Part II: Oblique Angles and Direction of RotationDr. Louis Angelo Danao
Vehicle Detection, Tracking and CountingDr. Safoora Maqbool
Vibration Isolation System Design for Mobile Platform with Serial Industrial ManipulatorMr. Alexander Alyukov
Wave Dynamics of Orthotropic Elastic Media under the Action of Impulse Forces and LacunaDr. Gulmira Zakiryanova
WiFi Access Point Selector Based on the Network DelayProf. Pedro Mestre
2-Tuple Based VIKOR Methodology for Green Building Certification SelectionMiss DENIZ UZTURK